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U.S. mortgage for Canadian buyer
Can anyone recommend a bank or lender that deals with mortgages for Canadians .
Do I qualify for a Conventional Loan?
I can put >30% down, 1st timebuyer, good $, at job 3 yrs, paid off student loans, no current debt, but heard that a Conv Loan won't be approved if FICA is <680.
Is there anything we can do?
We're in a terrible situation, and not sure what to do! My husband bought a house before we met. Sixty-thousand is listed at the bank and I believe 60k is listed as a CD. He bought it from his parents…
How do I find a reputable FHA agent to apply for first time buyers loan? What will they require to process an app?
I have a 600 credit score, good job, steady rental history paying $750-1000/month for many years, with few assets.
If i refi my coop in clinton No cash out i sit subject to NY transfer tax..we own the ccop now
I need to refin my coop no cash out ,is that mortgage refi subject to transfer tax ?thks
If i refi my coop in clinton No cash out i sit subject to NY transfer tax..we own the ccop now
I need to refin my coop no cash out ,is that mortgage refi subject to transfer tax ?thks
Will the banks lend money to overseas investors?
I live in Australia, recently bought investment property in Jacksonville, if it will be possible for me to get a loan to buy another one? using that one as a security? what will be the best way to…
i need a bankrupcy loan for a house
have good down payment
Refinance Investment Property in CT using HARP 2.0?
I would like to refinance my Connnecticut 3 family investment property using HARP 2.0. I have two mortgages and I understand that one of the mortgages qualify through HARP since its either Fannie or Freddie.…
Can i get earnest money back?
My loan officer told me I qualified for a conventional insured loan and I put that as a contingency on my purchase agreement. However, I found out that I don't qualify and that the pre approval letter…
If I meet credit score requirements (no tax income) and my partner meets financial reqs, why am I being told to apply by myself for a USDA home loan?
I have no taxable income, but my credit score is high. My partner meets the income requirements, but his credit score is below 620. We've filled out an application, but now they're telling us…
Need refinance to get my ex out of the mortgage.
house value 160000. mortgage 127000. my income is 1380 social security monthly. good credit fico 740. no other bills. What can i do with this numbers?
fha approved condos on long island, ny
i'm trying to see if my condominium is fha approved. i live in Copiague and the condominium name is Cambridge Square Condominiums. Inc. The condo was built in 1985 but incorporated in the state of…
Mortgage after Chapter 7 Discharge
I have a chapter 7 discharged July 2009, included was my house with 2 mortgages, 2nd mortgages states paid in full in MN. We just moved here in Marysville 6 mos. ago. Have a stable good income as an RN.…
For what reasons would a lender/UW verify your employment status after closing on a refinanced mortgage?
If they are receiving payments regularly, would there be any reason for them to do a VOE if there was full proof of employment at the time of closing? Does this happen? How do they even find out your…
I went to my bank Chase to get a HELOC, loan officer said I needed to wait 4 yrs. from date of my short sale.
Short sale was in jan 2010. My FICO is 640. Own my home out right, need a 20k loan for home improvement & pay off CC's. Any help would be Appreciated!
cna my husband and i qualify for a home loan if his middle score is 562 and his highest score is a 583 and the income is definatley there any help
we have three credit repair working on our credit lexington law , sentry legal and home loaan assist ,which are doing a great job , but i want to know is there anyone who can qualify us for this house…
BOA wants me to sign doc’s on my wife’s refi in AZ. I just completed my own refi with Wells Fargo and wife did not sign anything.
BOA stated that I would be vested but not on the mortgage and it's because AZ is a community property state. Both homes are in AZ, why wasn't this an issue with Wells Fargo?
Is it possible to get a loan approved through DU after an initial denial ?
The house I am buying is $450,000 I am making the difference to meet the 417,000 and have approx 4 mos reserves . My broker said this is most likely because my credit cards were at about 65% He had me…
If someone from outside the US wants to rent/lease the house for a year because of his/her job posting here,
how does one do the credit /background check. Should one go with a real estate attorney or property management company? Which is wise? Thanks
How can a Canadian get a loan in CT?
I am Canadian who's living and working in Asia. I am wondering if I could get a loan for apartment or house in Stamford, CT.
how do I email my searches to my emaill address?
I'd like to have a copy of this for my inbox
Self-employed looking for a loan. Good credit, no debt, looking at 2-3 family Brooklyn townhouses with an FHA loan.
I am looking to purchase a 2 or 3 family townhouse in Brooklyn (Bushwick/Bed-Stuy areas) and want to apply for a mortgage soon. My credit scores are in the low-mid 700s and I have no debt. I would like…
What are the requirement for a USDA loan?? And does your credit score need to be a 620?
I would like to apply for a USDA loan, but my credit score is a 614....I am wondering if I can still apply for a USDA Loan? And where do I go to apply?
new job,4 months will this work? trying to get a home loan.
have been at new job 4 months. middle credit score is 620.
Is it possible to refinance my co-op loan with my existing loan company?
I noticed they're advertising very low refinancing rates (I know co-op rates are slightly higher) and would love to refinance. I bought in March 2008. Purchase price $147,500, 10% down, 5.875%. Loan…
Is there any way a lender will loan my husband and I 75,000.00 for the purchase of a home, with little to no money down?
To Whomever This May Concern: I am borderline desperate to purchase a home; however, there are problems. I have only been employed 11 months at the same job (with the state of Louisiana). Prior to…
Is a 30 year fixed FHA loan better than a 30 Fixed Conventional Loan (10% down) ?
I qualify for both types of loans so I need to decide which option to go to. I am looking to buy a place in California for $250,000 and my interest rate would be 3.875%. Please advise.
Why Does a Short Sale take So Long?
The word, Short Sale, implies that a sale will take a short time ... at least that's what alot of buyers believe when starting to look for a home. If the Banks want to move out their inventory, why…
Mortgage broker or bank to purchase a home?
From what I read online, mortgage brokers tend to be more expensive than a bank. However, when I request a quote on for a specific loan it seems the best quotes are coming from mortgage brokers.…
Trying to refinance an underwater rental property. Any suggestions?
My business partners and I have been trying to refinance our current mortgage with our current provider, but they keep telling us there is nothing they can do to help us. We are desperate to get some…
Asking for a friend residing outside the country - refinance for owner with 10 properties?
A friend of mine bought 12 homes in Phoenix area and she is now residing in China for a US company from there. This person is in need of money ($15k) for personal health reasons. Her realtor here called…
Difficult to get mortgage on condo in community that's still under construction?
I'm buying into a condo that's several years old. Some buildings are still under construction, but mine is long finished. The mortgage company affiliated with the builder said that I would…
Lender messed up my FHA Streamline refi. They pulled case number too soon. Who's fault is it? Lender's UW or FHA? Do I have recourse?
Hi, I applied for FHA Streamline refi right after making the 6th payment in March. Loan settlement was 8/12/11, first payment was 10/1/11. I was told by LO it was OK to obtain new case number then…
hi, I am looking to purchase a home in Manteca,Lathrop or Antioch area but wanted to know should i get FHA loan or conventional loan. I do have 20%
down but would prefer to put less down if possible. Someone told me that it's very hard to get foreclosure or short sale properties with FHA loan since it takes long time to close and seller/bank… rate quotes seem incredibly good. Proceed with caution?
I noticed that on zillow that I am being quoted in some cases a 50-75 basis point difference on a mortgage rate than what I have been offered at that banks. Compass lending, innovative mortgage alliance,…
I received the first time homebuyer tax credit in 2008.
This was a tax free loan which has to be repaid over the next 15 years. I recently sold my home and I did have a capital gain. If I take the money I made from my sale and put it back into the purchase…
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