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So, what is the additional value, when selling my coop, of topa floor apt., expansive view of NYC, and being 2 blocks from L.I.R.R. station, with bus?
oops, top floor, (6th), sunny, sunny, sunny.....super who lives on premises, his apt. adjoins gorgeous 24 hr., heated laundy room...bus on next block
need a three bedroom home for myself and two children in so.glens falls district asap
this would be my second purchase unfortunately i forclosed on my first home can i be helped
Is there any way to buy a new house with the equity in the one we own now? We would sell the old one once we have the new one.
We need to move 5 mins away from where we are now for a better school for the 3 kids we have and really dont want to rent for 6 months or a year after we sell our current house.
HUD No. 12-045 Refinance - How much in closing costs?
Hello, Our mortgage is with Wells Fargo and we would like it to stay there since all our banking is there. We want to take advantage of the new HUD No. 12-045 streamline refinance program. Thankfully…
Does Fannie Mae has a standard contract for the sales of foreclosed properties?
Is iths part of Fannie Mae's standard contract. and does this mean that they can "reneg" if the property appraised for higher then the bid price? " APPRAISAL WILL BE ORDERED UPON VERBAL…
I just began my house search. When should I explore pre-qualifying for a mortgage?
I am in no hurry, as I have 9 months left on a lease and am willing to wait for the right property. I don't want to begin mortgage shopping too early in the event that my search outlasts my pre-qualification…
Can I qualify for a mortgage with a part time job, or a contract position?
I'm in a bit of a unique position. I recently qualified for a mortgage based on a full-time job. However, I didn't buy anything and I just left the job. My industry is very hot right now and…
Are the Low Mortgage Rates Going to Hold Until the End of the Year?
The last time my credit was pulled was in April 2012 by a mortgage lender. My scores were 543 (Experian), 481 (TransUnion), 480 (Equifax). I've made some progress since then, and CreditKarma reports my…
What does Va do about temp employees?
My boyfriend and I (we would qualify as common law married) are looking into getting a home with the VA since he is a veteran. He has been employed for 11 months at his current position, I have been employed…
How can a good credit history help you?
How can a good credit history help you?
Any lenders willing to handle a 44% debt/income ratio on a jumbo coop purchase?
Price is $900k and we are putting 20% down. Would prefer a 30 year fixed product. The only reason the ratio is so high is because we don't want to make the deal contingent on our selling our current…
I have exceeded my credit limit. How it will affect my credit score?
I have exceeded my credit limit. How it will affect my credit score?
I own a 6 acres in Gilroy, CA, M1 Zone, Hwy 101 expose, paid off. I need a 50% partner. Where do I search? I am willing to sell and carry 50%.
I'm flx The land is worth over 1M but I am letting it go for $850,000 Looking for a 50% partner or a buyer and I will carry 50% note. Where can I search or advertise, any suggestions??
I own a house on 113th street, Richmond Hill Queens thats in foreclosure
I own a house on 113th street, Richmond Hill Queens that is in the foreclosure process. I previously decided filing bankruptcy would be the best course of action since no payments have been made on the…
Equity Loan questions
Hello I just went through a lengthy equity loan process only to be denied at closing because my comparative adjustments were great on my appraisal. It was an internet loan, and I believe the appraisal…
Owner financing and refinancing
I am in a owner finance deal. My term is about to expire. Is there financing available to me?
Refinance home not primary residence
Hi My husband and I recently bought a new house and have leased out our previous property. My question/problem is the rent we get from that property does not cover the mortgage and we spend close to $600(including…
How do we get around this mess? We acquired a home that has been in my husband's family since 1865. The structure is sound be in need of
updating and cosmetic work. ie: repair attached barn, new floors, new chimney, etc. We've gone thru the loan process twice already for an equity loan or first mortgage of $80,000. Town assessment…
UCC3 filing fees
I was going with the bank to get the mortgage, but the deal didn't go thru. now, there is UCC1 placed on the co-op that bank failed to finance. I am now going with another bank and need to file UCC-3.…
Need HARP 2.0 refi on NLV condo
Need some help finding a good lender to do a refi on my condo in Aliante. Zillow says it's worth $56k, I owe $118k. Excellent credit, no late payments, military, and the condo is renter occupied. It…
I have a 633 credit score and one year from a shortsale that I was late on. I'm looking for an 80% LTV
I have a 633 credit score and one year from a shortsale that I was late on. I'm looking for an 80% LTV does anyone know of a portfolio lender that might do it?
i have a 670 credit rating could i still be able to get a mortage for a 40,000 thousond home with 20 percent down
i found a home for about 20,000 could i still get a mortage with 20 percent down
Home Path Renovation Financing
WIll they approve a buyer who had a short syears agoale 2.5
Anyone have any experience with obtaining a loan modification? What was the outcome? Did you use an attorney?
How much did the attorney cost? I just want to start a general discussion about the topic so save your sales pitches. Thanks for sharing!
VA LOAN $45K with Credit score of 580 in Georgia
Trying to find a VA loan for $40-45k with credit score 580, no deragatory credit just inquires, with 12 months credit history and 12 month employment. Will wells fargo or anyone do this type of loan... Thanks
Realstate investment via LLC
We would like to purchase investment realstate via LLC. We are looking to make a 30% downpayment. Are there any bank that are willing to finance and are agents that work with investment properties. The…
seeking Private Investors for residential properties need of rehabing. wanting to grain solid relationships with solid deals in the future.
Interested 12 mths term negotiateing 5 mths of payments in to loanwith and exit plain to be out in 3mths with and ARV OF$123.800 WITH RM TO WK, with and 65% LTV . .
First time home buyer with less than perfect credit
My husband and I are thinking about purchasing our first home. I'm just not sure if it's even worth looking at right now because of our credit (we are around 640). We are definitely trying to pay our…
This might be a dumb question, but where/who do you go to get a FHA loan?
My initial thought was to just walk into a bank but after looking online, are we supposed to go to a mortgage broker instead?
$550K home in Ann Arbor, MI with less than 20% down --> Mission Impossible?
My wife and I currently live in Augusta township, and have a goal to move to west Ann Arbor by the time our son will start school in 2 years and to significantly reduce my wife's commute. Naturally,…
Refinancing the home when working overseas
Hi, I purchased a home when I was working in California. Now I am working for another company in overseas (Australia). I wanted to refinance the house. I have 20 % equity in the house. Ready to increase…
Does any oone know If Quicken stills does loans with score of 580?
I know some Mortgage companies do VA loans with score of 580, but its a combination of a loan at $45k, 580 score, with no deragatory credit... just a bunck of inquires over several months had a score of…
if you get 6% sellers assist is there a cap on how much the assist can be
on a sales price of 220,000 the sellers assist would be 13,200.00 is it caped at 10,000.00
With Over $1,000,000.00 in equity & a Credit score of 588, I want to refi fo $400,000.00
Have a $500k home with $180k bal. Also an 8 unit rental property Tax assessed @ $650k with a bal of $125k. Equity of over $1.1mm. Credit score of 588 due to fraud reporting on banks part (fighting to…
A friend of mine and I own a home. The mortgage balance is $85,000.
He and his girl want to buy me out. The home is valued at $170,000 and I'll take 60k to get out which the other party will pay me. What are the logistics then for the two of them. Will the mortgage…
I want to raise my credit score by minimum 5 point within a month. Is it possible?
I want to raise my credit score by minimum 5 point within a month. Is it possible?
What is the best FHA rate with a FICO score of 672, 647, 639 and 10% down?
Planning on putting down about 10%. What is the best rate FHA rate I can qualify for right now?
Mortgage or home loan using ITIN?
Does anyone know of any lender that will finance a home mortgage with an ITIN?
Advice for being a Hard Money
I am working on a deal to be the hard money lender for a contractors flip of a residential house. I have never done this before, so I am not really sure what I should be checking on the person that I…
are they any forgivable loans or grants to help people with disabilities buy a home?
i have ms & have heard talk about loans & grant for people with ms, i live in idaho
Pre-Approved for an FHA. Just gave Title Co 10,000 in Earnest $ (my down payment)
4500 still in savings for closing. Will the lender need to see additional $ in savings? I keep an average of 1500 in checking. Loan amount is 164,000.
Take equity out of investment properties
We are Canadian, current own a few investment properties in Florida. We want to take equity out and re-invest. Please kindly advice if any America banks, or financial institues are willing to deal with…
Could employment from a foreign company affect my mortgage approval?
I'm in contract on a property (short sale, long process) and I'm pre-approved for a mortgage. Now, I'm preparing to take a new job. The company is overseas, and I will be one of only two…
Wire Money Before funding?
When do I need to wire money to title company? Before funding or after funding?
Refinancing 80/20 loan
I have a home that is worth approximately 150,000$. I have an original 80/20 loan and recently refinance just the 80% since I was unable to consolidate both loans to to the high loan to value ratio. With…
standard closing costs in Florida
What are the standards costs for buyer closing on sale in florida
Financing Options, Oviedo
I am looking to move to the area and wish to buy a 4 bed with pool; details are credit scores in the 620-650 range I think, permanent resident visa holders, approx 10% for downpayment, secure employment,…
30 year fixed FHA, 55% DTI on 2-family in Brooklyn with family member co-borrower. Is this at all possible?
After getting Pre-approved my broker just informed me I was turned down because of a guideline he was not aware of after I had an offer on a house accepted. Is this loan at all possible?
Refinance Investment Property in CT using HARP 2.0?
I would like to refinance my Connnecticut 3 family investment property using HARP 2.0. I have two mortgages and I understand that one of the mortgages qualify through HARP since its either Fannie or Freddie.…
Are there any programs that help first time homebuyers buy condos in Brooklyn? (joint income 100K)
Looking to buy (Gravesend/Midwood area) hopefully in 2009, joint married income around $100K. My credit is good but I have a loan I took out 2 years ago that I'm paying off.
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