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This is about Closing date and USDA
Ok So we are working with a loan officer and we were told by them that they could close on the house we want by the 31st but now their saying that its gonna be pushed back. Can closing be pushed back by…
I need help finding a USDA lender in the Tulsa area. Someone help me please!
My husband and I are first time home buyers trying to purchase a particular home in Beggs, OK. I have already talked to Chase and since they do not participate in USDA loans she could only give me limited…
USDA Home Mortgage in Indiana
Hy house appraised out and the papers were sent to the USDA for underwriting. The bank says they cannot give me a closing date because they have to wait to hear back from the USDA underwiters. What does…
Living in CA trying to purchase a home in OR - but can't get pre-appoved for a loan?
I currently live and work full time in California but plan on moving to Oregon next year. I want to buy instead of rent because after doing research a mortgage payment would be less then monthly rent.…
i cant find anyone who will finance a 50000 dollar loan . who do i turn to for help? the problem stems from
the fact that my x-wife will not refinance the house that she lives in with her new husband so that my name isnt on the loan that we took out when we were married help
How long to close on a USDA Rural loan?
We are selling our home and our buyer is pre-approved for a rural housing loan. Our appraisal is today. Once that is done how long should it take to close?
i am a single mother with no money to put down. is it possible to still get a house.?
just moved to loveland and i dont want to rent. But I dont have any money to put down, is it still possible to get a loan?
How can I found a 100% finance morgage?
I am a first time home buyer shopping around for the best morgage. How can I find morgage companies that offer 100% financing?
Is it true that with a USDA loan the pool value is not included in the appraisal value and the buyer needs to come up with the difference in cash?
The seller's agent advises that the USDA appraisers do not include the value of a pool in the appraisal. If the house does not appraise the Buyer will be required to come up with the pool value of…
Real estate LLC needs financing
A few of my friends and I were talking, we each complained about having money on the sidelines sitting in banks making no returns. So we all formed a LLC with the intent to invest in some real estate.…
I need help finding a USDA lender.
I'm trying to find a lender that works with USDA home loans. So far, I have been hitting a wall everywhere I turn. I am approved according to the USDA website, and I've already found a home…
How long does the USDA take to underwrite a RD loan?
I'm purchasing a home with the USDA rural development program in Missouri. We were expecting to hear something back on Tuesday 4/28/15. It is now 5/4/15 and all we have heard is that our loan is in underwriting.…
Advice on USDA loan
I was looking at new builds in the Crowley area and was wondering if they'd qualify for USDA loan. And what the process was to get such a loan.
Is there down payment assistant program available in OliveBranch, MS?
I have been approve for a FHA loan and I am a first time homebuyer, but dont currently have the downpayment to get in a home.
Why is it that VA loans no one wants to work with them/?
I have a client approved for up to 250k and no agent wants to deal with this type of Loan?
Is it impossible to purchase a home with low income?
I am a first time buyer who is rebuilding my credit now. Is it impossible to purchase with low income (20,500)?
Is it true that banks won't approve mortgage loan less than 65k?
I want to buy a condo/townhouse for around 30-40k, I have been with my job for 4 years, credit score is 720 and income is 50k. I was told that banks don't give loans less than 65k, is it true? If…
USDA loan using one spouse's score and both our income to qualify?
We've been researching the requirements to obtain a USDA loan. My credit is shot (slowly rebuilding but not fast enough) but my income is the highest b/w my wife & I ($45,000/yr). My wife's credit is 660…
Where can I get a home equity loan at 90% LTV for an owner occupied home in Southern California?
Anyone know of lenders who will do this? Thanks for any help.
HELOC to 30 years mortgage
I purchased an investment property using my HELOC and now that it has been repaired and ready to be rented I am trying to see how I could obtain a 30 years mortgage which would pay off part of the heloc. Not…
HELOC to 30 years fixed Loan.
I purchased an investment property using my HELOC and now that it has been repaired and ready to be rented I am trying to see how I could obtain a 30 years mortgage which would pay off part of the heloc. Not…
I need a 2 million dollar construction to perm loan in Naples, FL.
Here are the details; Loan Amount: $2,200,000 Lot Value: $600,000 (own free and clear) Credit Score: 800 I am looking for the BEST 30 or 15 year fixed construction to perm loan.
Looking for 2.5 mil Hard money commercial new construction loan 100% ltv for 36 units near university TX in San Marcos.
low credit, low liquid assests, 500,000 pluss in owned equity on other properties. Client was offered 300k on properties to sell need current appraisal. need steps to acquire loan. open to ideas client…
FHA Question about how long a bad appraisal with an attempted purchase stays on record with the house..
Our home was for sale and the buyers were gettingan FHA loan. The FHA appraisal came back 10K too low. We did not want to come down because we hadabout 6-7 comps from another appraiser confirming our…
Can I refinance my Ginnie Mae backed loan after 15 months?
Bought a home for $250,000 but only put 3.5% down so paying $227 on PMI. Trying to Refinance since my home is now worth $350,000 and wanted to go conventional loan to remove PMI. I had a Foreclosure home…
Need help getting a loan
I'm 19 years old and my boyfriend is 21. I have been at my current job since March 2014 and I'm a server. I don't have to claim all of my tips just 10% of my sales. For example if I served $1,000 in food…
looking for a good hard money lender what % do you need for these loans
I am looking to purchase a new home aspa looking for hard money lenders
Desperately need to get mortgage/loan with a 589 credit score
I had to move out of state in order to find a job and my wife and I have been seperated because of this. We own 10 acres in Maine which I have been living in an rv on. In order to get my wife up here,…
if my father was a veteran can we qualify for a va home loan
I and my husband wanted to know if it was possible to qualify for a va loan
Can I refinance again under HARP program?
Hi, I refinanced my house in GA under the HARP program in April 2010 at a rate of 5.375%. Am I allowed to refinance at a lower rate? My loan amount is going to be higher than the appraised value…
Mortgage Broker that specialize in VA Loan
I'm looking for a Mortgage Broker that has experience in VA Loans that can get me an approval letter today.
Lenders in Georgia that can finance FHA mortgage loans with a 594 middle score and 3.5% down payment?
Hello! My husband and I are currently trying to buy our first home. His credit score is far from perfect. I have been able to raise his Equifax by 59 points and his Transunion by 48 points over the past…
Are there loans available for people who are self employed and don't show making much money on their tax returns but have excellent credit?
I own and manage several rental properties, so I am self employed. Have been for about 2 years now. I have an 800 credit score, but only showed making about 18k on my tax returns from last year. The…
hello, i have done 3D designs which are on your site, i can show you which one. i am searching for a 3D job. i was working with Odd Einar.
hello, i have done 3D designs which are on your site, i can show you which one and i can show 3D to prove it. i am searching for a 3D job. i was working with Odd Einar. i want to know, do you have any…
Tearing down house with mortgage options
My husband and I have a small cottage on a lake that we'd like to tear down. We owe about $230,000 and the lot alone is worth that. Obviously we can't tear the house down as that is the bank's collateral.…
I am located in New Orleans and am in the market for a hard money renovation loan on a 4 plex I own. I am a licensed real estate agent and contractor
I have been getting the run around by middle men that are not loan processors but commission seekers.
Owner Financing Provide suggestions on the entire process. Use title company for closing? Hold title with seller and transfer title at loan payoff?
Selling with 10% down, Interest Only loan @ 6.5%, with 7 yr ballon note. If buyer fails to perform it seems the best would be a loan agreement without transferring home into buyer to save hassle of foreclosing…
can anyone recommend a hard money lender in NJ or NYC?
Can anyone recommend a hard money lender in NJ or nYC
How many credit checks for mortgage application?
Hi, I am trying to strategize how to start getting pre-approved. In order to get the best rate i might be talking to 3-5 lenders. My question is if each of them run my credit how badly does it hurt…
what % ..CDD fees are tax deductible?
We are planning to buy a house that has $ 4,000 annual cdd. How much deductation can we get?
Down payment assistance
Trying to purchase a house need help with down payment assistance
Hello, can a foreign national secure a home loan for a multi-unit building in Chicago?
The ideal scenario would be for my Ecuadorian father to secure a loan in the US to purchase a 3-flat and have me and my husband (who live in Chicago) to renovate the units, live in one of them and manage…
Down Payment Assistance
The the property I am looking to purchase requires conventional loan financing because I already have a FHA mortgage. The problem that I'm finding is that my income is too great to receive any assistance…
How long should a simple refinancing take?
I started my refinancing in August turned everything in was told I was approved and it is still not done
Right now my credit is not really all that great but I was wondering if in a rent to own situation, does the credit score matter?
I'm tired of paying rent to other people and if I could rent to own then at least in the long run it would be mine.
Does anyone refinance mobile homes?
Does anyone refinance mobile home property?
We are selling our home and planning to buy a home in the Palm Desert/La Quinta area for $450k or less with cash down of 80% of the value.
We are retired and living on Social Security of $2800 per month. We plan on spending a max of $700 on HOA/property tax/home insurance. My FICO credit score is good....730. Will we be able to get a fixed…
I am trying to refinance and have been on hold since July sending papers etc. I can't get any answers
The settlement fee is over 14,000 on a 290,000 loan. Isn't that excessive. They had me call the appraiser to determine what needs to be fixed, he said they had to call FHA. Shouldn't they know that?…
stated income loan for multiplex?
Is anybody giving stated income loans anymore? I want to buy a multiplex and live in 1 unit. 30% down, 710 fico, lots of equity in other properties. Possibly more down if thats what I need. Looking…
Hard money lenders
Looking for a loan to purchase. Need less than$25000. Will have$1500 of my own to put down. Single family home on 1 1/2 acres
I am looking for hard money or private money lenders in the Syracuse, New York market or those that may be
out of that market but would lend in the Syracuse market for investment/cash flow purchases, any suggestions? My investors are typically strong in credit score and historical background, but have purchased…
Looking for hard money lender/private investor for acquisition and rehab for a property in Royal Oak.
Offer has not been made yet. Bank Foreclosure Single Family Home Listing price: 69k Last Sale Price: $117,500 Taxable Value: $113,200 Total Sqft.: 1,113 I have a downpayment available.…
Hard money or private money loan in Dallas for 24 months
I am looking for a private money or hard money loan in Dallas to finance purchase of a single family investment property.
Private Money Lenders
Hello, Looking for Private Money, hard Money lenders that work with investors. We are buying 3 houses in Tennessee and need financing. Great LTVs, Looking for 65% ARV loan, 100% financing. Either…
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