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Are there any lenders that provide regular homepath or homepath renovation financing in Georgia with loan amounts in the $30,000 to $50,000 range?
This would be property number 5 through 10 as I already own 4 existing financed investment properties.
If I buy a fixer-upper home for cash, and the money I have saved does cover the repairs, how soon can I get a home equity loan?
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What is the best way to carry two mortgages?
We currenly have a condo that we have listed. We have had it listed for awhile and it now at a price point that is only about $7k more than what we owe. We just found a house that we really like and got…
I have an FHA loan that was recently streamline refinanced we have lived there 4 years. Can I buy another home (conventional) and rent out this home?
Do you have to live in the home for one year from the original purchase date or one year from the streamline refinance date. Where would I find this information?
Can the bank tell me my payment book was wrong after having made payments for almost a year?
My home closed Jan 20012. I've been making my payment on time and always a little more.Taxes/home owners are not escrowed. A couple weeks ago I was looking to refinance my home at a better rate.…
im trying to find lot whit owner finance
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are stated loans availible in california?
I'm looking for a refi or home equity stated loan.
How is value of a similar-sized house of $ 400K in Rialto, Jupiter, compared to those 5-9 miles south ?
How much time does it take to drive down from Rialto to Ronald Ross Road area ? Many thanks.
What do you do when you own a house outright, have a $100K downpymt, but no credit to speak of (everything has always been paid for)?
I own my home, have total equity & can get approx. $140K. But because I never wanted any pymts for anything, I've always had everything paid for when we got it. How do I change that?
Need out of high mortage and association dues and into something lower!
I want to sell my house and purchase something a little bigger (older is okay) for the same or possibly less. We have been having a hard time keeping up with the current mortgage due to the amt and assocationa…
I am a Canadian investor that has multiple properties paid for in cash and I am interested in refinancing.
I have properties in the Lehigh Acres and Sarasota area. They are 5 single family homes and I am interested in refinancing all of them. Can someone assist me?
Do I have to have my fiancé as a co-applicant on FHA?
My Fiance doesn't have a strong score. I believe it is around 612. I however have a fico score around 770. I know if I apply for FHA they will look at both our income since he is a member of the household.…
i have found a house i really like it is 160,000 i would like to put a down payment of 80,000
i dont have really good credit what are my chances of getting the rest financed.
Are piggyback mortgages available these days?
My wife and I are looking to purchase a $599k home and believe we'll be able to make a downpayment of ~$140k. That leaves us with >20% down, but over the $417k loan balance threshold for a conventional…
Will someone please give me the name of a lender whom you trust for FHA loans?
I need someone well versed in FHA guidelines. Thanks in advance!
Transfer of ownership to a family member through quick claim deed?
Who is responsible for HOA fees and fines prior to transfer?
Who are HARP 2.0 lenders for second homes/investment homes in Orlando?
We have a loan backed by Freddie Mac. 112% LTV. We would prefer to roll closing costs into loan. Our lender is currently only processing HARP 2.0 for primary residences "due to high volume." I would…
Mortgage for Non US Citizen
Hi, we are wanting to buy an investment property in Tracy CA as this is where our friends live. We would like to get a US mortgage to purchase this property, what deposit would we need to provide and who…
VA Loan - Trying to find finance a home while transitioning from Active Duty to VA Retired 100% Disability
Trying to buy a home in Omaha. The lender we are working with (Military Family Home Loans) has pre-approved us and we put an offer on a home. The buyers accepted and we continued with inspections and…
My scores: 612, 639, 645. I have 40K to put down on 120K investment prop. My monthly net income 3.8K, no debt. Would a national lender consider me?
Where should I search for a lender. How about Hard money Lenders? What are my options at present (other than working on my credit)? Thank you.
How do "after completed" appraisals work? Are there formulas that determine the value? Do lenders consider multiple appraisals?
I'm working on a renovation, the architectural plans are nearly complete. I have contractor that I like and he/we are putting together costs. I already have a mortgage on the house and I'm going…
Do banks loan with poor to alright credit?
I do not have the greatest credit anymore. Do you think anyone will loan to me
Where can I get a mortgage for an investment home in Florida? I live in Florida and my own home's mortgage is paid off. My credit score is 800.
Where can I get a mortgage for an investment home in Florida? I live in Florida and my own home's mortgage is paid off. My credit score is 800. I'm looking at at a mortgage of $150,000 maximum…
When you can buy again?
If you did a Bk 7 then a year or two later a short sale?
Can an FHA appraisal be changed because of inaccuracies in the initial report from the appraiser?
I am trying to purchase a multi-unit building with two apartments and a in-law unit in the basement. The appraiser sited the property as a three unit, not a two unit. The basement unit and the main floor…
Any lenders doing FHA loans on existing mobile home/land packages in Florida?
We have no problem getting a $180k mortgage for a traditional home (FHA or conventional), or a loan on a new mobile home/land package, but I can't find any banks that will do an FHA loan on an existing…
Where can I find lender willing to accept 10% down on investment property?
I am looking to purchase an investment property in Livonia. I have been doing a good amount of research and some sources say that there are lenders willing to give loans on Investment properties for less…
asset based loans questions.
I'm a 28 US citizen, 0 debt, had about $600k in foreign assets, just spent it to purchase 2 homes in colorado springs and one in boulder, one I currently live in and the others rented. I have another $400k…
appraisal fee refundable on a refinance if the lender denies the loan
primary residence refinance. lender charged the appraisal fee to my credit card. appraisal was done. loan was denied but not due to the appraisal results. under regulation z, am i entitled to a refund…
Can anyone recommend a lender who will offer a new home purchase mortgage, 15 year fixed rate, around $200k, 65% LTV, using assets instead of income?
I'm young (45) and semi-retired. I have some self employment/business income but my wife recently quit her job. We have $3MM assets, $2MM liquid, zero debt. Assets earn significant annual investment…
Dormer Financing
So I purchased my house (which is a cape in franklin square). Originally is had 2 bedrooms on the first floor, kitchen, dining and living room, full bathroom,. When I first moved in, i remodeled the entire…
Putting in an offer on Tuesday for a single family property in Marblehead; have several options from LendingTree but would be happy to consider all
options, particularly if there are any local options. Here are the details: Seeking 5/1 ARM 90% LTV 570,000 Purchase Price (513,000 Loan) Co-Signing with wife, both have excellent credit. Best we have…
Is there a limit on how many properties you can finance?
I've heard you can only finance 4 properties at once? Or is it 4 properties per lender, max 10?
Owner financing
I purchased a property with 100 percent owner financing, the seller owned the home outright. I can no longer afford to live there but have made all payments on time. The seller has agreed to take the home…
My husband and I are looking to purchase a new home. Our situation is a bit complex and we are looking for some advice from seasoned brokers.
Between my husband and I, we own 4 rental properties in another state with the rental income about breaking even. One of the mortgages was also modified through HAMP back in March 2009. We also own our…
If your mortgage rate lock expires,do you have to wait a specific time period to lock in with the same lender?
I signed a contract with Taylor Morrison for a condo back in October. I was getting an FHA loan, and the community was still going through the approval process. My interest rate for the FHA loan was…
Looking for a house in the local area for owner financing.
I am looking for a house with owner financing in the Inman and Boiling Springs SC area, can anyone help?
We're Canadians looking to buy a home in Florida. Are there Florida based banks that will give mortgages to Canadians?
There is no where on your post a question form to enter Canada as my location
What lenders will offer a 5% down loan for a home purchase in orange county california?
My family would occupy this home, this would most likely need to be conventional loan as we do not qualify as 'first time' buyers. Are there any realistic options for a 5% down loan?
Refinacing and if it will be possible....?
I purchased my home (single family) in January 2006 for $620,000 dollars in Lake Forest, CA. I have a jumbo loan as they say and a HELOC. My HELOC is not fixed. The first loan is fixed and I wanted…
We are Canadian investors, we have few investment properties in Florida, they are all cash purchasing and are all rented out.
We would like to get some equity out of those currently owned properties, and use the funds, to purchase more investment properties. Please advice if any American banks or lenders are willing to lend…
On Reverse Mtgs.does the interest accumulate on the unpaid the same rate-if so,does that mean you pay int.on the compound amt.ea.month?
On Reverse Mtg.,does the interest accumulate on the unpaid balance at the same rate... If so,does that mean your paying int. on the compounded amt. each month?
Are there Banks or Private Lenders in the Sacramento, CA Area that loan 65% LTV based off future ARV?
I am currently trying to finance a rehab and need to find a loan for at least 65% LTV of ARV. Also, ideally with a lender that requires no upfront payment or points paid at the end. Any help/recommendations…
Debt to income maximums?
Does anyone know the DTI maximums for a Fannie Mae homepath loan with no MI? I am a little over 45% (45.7%) and don't have any reserves.........but my credit score is around 750. Is there ever any…
Looking forward finance for $100,000 for an investment property in Miami. I have no credit history as I've just moved to the US.
Have a ITIN soon also a SSN. Have a an LLC investment company established. Options available?
bankruptcy question
I went through a bankruptcy over two years ago? I have no credit history since then? Is it possible to receive a loan of 50,000 or less? I am more responsible now with a steady job.
I need a 5% down conventional loan on a flipped house near Seattle, who can help me?
I have an offer in on a house, but recently discovered that the lender we planned to used would not be able to get us a conventional loan because the house has been purchased about a month ago by a realtor…
What are "Other Financing (P&I) and Insurance costs THANKS Orlando in Milwaukee?
I understand the P&I and the Real Estate Taxes but not those two items
How is a FHA converted to Conventional Loan?
I just realized that I was converted to a Conventional Loan, can this be converted to a FHA again?
Are there any banks that require less than 2 years of proof of rental income?
My house has been rented for almost a year now, and I recently relocated to VA and wanted to buy a new home since the rental payment is almost the same as paying a morgage. Is there any lenders consider…
I'm thinking of buying a home (1st time). Is a DTI ratio of 17/32 good enough to ask for a loan and get pre-approved?
Hello, I'm thinking of buying my first home. According to DTI calculator, my ratio is 17/32. With a credit score of approx. 700, do you think it would be reasonable to look for financing?…
We are buying a HomePath home & looking for an experienced lender with HP/FHA/Conv to evaluate & compare our options. .
We only want to deal with someone who is the best & has a lot of experience on these types. Which loan is better for us? Does HomePath or FHA pay part of the closing costs? Will this weaken our offer?…
hi, I am interested in purchasing a home, but my credit is bad, but getting better.
My approx credit score 580 and I just started a new job. I have been looking into lease purchasing, but I am not sure if that is an option for me. Although my credit history has been consistantly positive…
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