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Need mortgage finance advice
I have a seller carry back loan that will mature in 6months and they have provided an option for me to pay out the loan = (Principal-Current Interest). I don't have the full capital to do this and thinking…
ITIN financing in Tampa or Fla (no hard money)
Hi, I'm a French investor that's been investing in Tampa for a 18 months. I bought 14 houses cash and am looking to refinance them. The houses are in a LLC, I have rental income (7k/month…
Any refinancing with reasonable rates and terms for Canadian owned investment property in Phoenix?
I am Canadian investor looking to refinance existing 100%owned properties in Phx to purchase more.
Buyer is late 6 months on second loan. What should I do ?
7 year @ 7% on $59,200.00 interest only
Are loans available for a non-owner occupied home for an investor who has not established credit?
Prospective buyer would like to buy an investment property in Auburn, CA. He has 25% for the down payment, no debts, good income but never used credit cards, car loans, etc.
land contracts in fenton
i'm looking for a land contract house up to 50,000 in or near fenton.i have no credit history but have 10% -or more depending on price-for a down it possible?
Can a HOA take out a loan for improvements in Texas and if so what steps must I take.?
I live in condo complex and we want to get the placed paved and have gates installed. The quote we got to do everything was 100K. Since it would take several years to save that money we wanted to take…
What should a first-time home buyer do to secure the best interest rate possible on their loan?
Clearly educating yourself as much as possible is key, but how many different people should you talk to? Who exactly should you talk to? Are referrals enough?
Is it worth adding heat to our finished attic to create two extra bedrooms (currently have a 3 bed, 1 bath) before we refinance?
We consulted with a mortgage broker last week about refinancing our 3 bedroom, 1 bath house. The previous owners finished the attic (not great, but livable) and there is an option for two more bedrooms.…
How can we get prequalification for a housing loan if we are new immigrant status in U.S A. and what possible documents we could present?
What other options that are possible with regards to making a loan if we don't have a credit history yet?
Investment Loan for Foreign National
I own a property in Phoenix which I purchased for cash, I want to refinance it so I can get some money back to purchase more properties.
Is securitization of a mortgage loan permitted by Illinois statute?
If so, how does a buyer prevent this from ever occurring?
No Doc / Low Doc Refi or Heloc -- NO current mortgage 760/780 Score. SE Florida
SE Florida. Single family, detached home. Primary residence - owner occupied. House was purchased in May 2012 w/cash. House appraised for $460k. Borrower and Co-Borrower (Husband/Wife) have Credit scores…
I want to refinance my home and property and buy a second home
I have an existing mortgage of 40K and want borrow an additional 60K for the purchase of a second home in another part of Florida
What should a first-time home buyer do to secure the best interest rate possible on their loan?
Clearly educating yourself as much as possible is key, but how many different people should you talk to? Who exactly should you talk to? Are referrals enough?
how can i get a deceased owners property when they still show as the owner on the deed?help help help
when i purchased the home right before the owner died under a land contract.i want to stay on the property,cant get the financing,the heirs of the owner want me to leave.the heirs refuse to ever sign the…
I need a Commercial Lender in Orange County area.
If you are a commercial lender that pays a good commission, or you know one, please contact me.
Where can I find lenders willing to consider loaning on a condo where one person owns most of the units in the building?
I have owned a four-unit SF building for many years, and recently completed condo conversion, so now I own the four condominium units. I live in one, two are rented, one is vacant and I want to put it…
Looking to purchase land/modular in woolwich. My husband and I both have credit scores in the 530 area.. But do not have any big debts but a small
car payment which is usually on time.. How easy will it be to qualify for a loan of about 150,000? In my budgeting I know we can afford a mortgage payment of at most 1200 amonth. Will our credit hold us…
Can I qualify for an FHA loan with this scenario?
I was discharged from a Ch 7 bankruptcy more than 3 years ago. I had three properties in my name that were included in the bankruptcy and were discharged with a zero balance and subsequently sold in short…
Can my wife qualify for a mortgage even though I'm a student?
I am about to be a dental student in the Boston area and my wife is looking to buy a $300k condo. She has about $100k to put down and has a steady job at $45k/yr, plus she is completely debt-free and has…
Is there a lender that can refinance a loan for someone with a low credit score, but on time with mortgage payments for past 20 months?
I'm in a wrap mortgage and must be refinanced by Feb 2013. I put down $20,000 on the original loan and have paid on time, everytime for 20 months. My fico score has come up quite a bit, but now the…
What should a first-time home buyer do to secure the best interest rate possible on their loan?
Clearly educating yourself as much as possible is key, but how many different people should you talk to? Who exactly should you talk to? Are referrals enough?
Do any builders accept a USDA direct loan as financing for a new construction?
My husband and I own our building lot and have all the paperwork filed and finished for a USDA Direct Loan we were hoping to use to build. We have been looking for a contractor for sometime now and even…
looking for a good mortgage broker in Daytona, FL. Trying to buy a home w/rental that covers the mortgage. I have almost no credit but a good job.
I have been sick w/a congenital liver disorder for some yrs, finally on my feet again. I have issues w/student loans that lost control of during illness - getting this back on track. Working now but…
Is there such a thing as 20% down when buying investment property? I heard of 25-30%. If so, can I purchase 5 unit rental property?
I currently own a home and have some cash to put down for an invest rental property. My mortgage broker who refinanced my house gave me a pre-approval letter with only 20% down, albeit at a higher rate…
I have a subprime loan which became adjustable April 2008. My lender has negotiated to repeat my loan from
2 years ago. Interest only lock in for another 2 yrs. I am 100K negative equity. All payments made on time. Is there any help for my situation?
I'm interested in buying a house in Va. After moving here 3 years ago. I have terrible credit -520 but have a great job.
I'd like to buy a house with my son and pay him rent. He's never owned a house. We had to short sell our house when we moved to Va. 3 years ago.
What lenders currently offer VA IRRRL/Streamline no appraisal refinance loans?
Loan currently serviced by GMAC. i owe 130k and the home is worth 90k. las vegas, nv 89149
Are these closing costs excessive?
I'm buying a property in Arlington Heights, IL for $225K with 10% down payment. We are 1 week away from closing and I just got an estimate of closing costs through the seller's title company.…
How long after you buy a house can you refinance?
We are buying a house in preforclosure and should get some built in equity. We have a credit card that we would like to rope into the loans so we would like to refinance. How long after purchase can we…
Both my wife and I are first time home buyers. My Fico score is 735, and her score is 637. What is the likely hood that we would qualify for a loan?
As I said my Fico score is 735 and has fluctuated from 747 to 735 for over a year. my income (net income) is from 2 part time jobs and comes up to about $663.69 monthly for a yearly income of $7964.28…
Home loan with low score
Wondering if it is possible to get a home loan with a 550's credit score? There are so many that post on their sites that they do, but when you call they say the bare minimum is 640. Wondering if…
I am foreign buyer (US citizen) and I want to buy condo around $200,000 and downpay 50%.
What are my options for a mortgage and what would be the rent payment for this condo?
Portfolio lender needed!
To refinance several rental homes for borrower who already has 13 mortgage loans.
How much does owning a condo impact my chances of buying another house?
I have a score of 640, no credit card debt and a $150k mortgage on a condo I rent out. We want to buy a new house about $400k. Will I have a hard time getting approved?
I'm going through a divorce and will be signing a quit claim deed on the current house leaving her the house and taking cash.
My concerns are that my old mortgage will still be on my credit report, the cash from the settlement will provide the downpayment and my available income will include child support I will be recieving…
Assuming an FHA Loan
I bought a home with my first husband and it was an fha loan. He left less than a year after we married and left the house with me. I lived in the house a total of 3 years before moving and renting it…
Which Bergen County Banks offer no-PMI loans with 90% LTV?
looking for local banks in Bergen County that offer no-PMI loans with 10% down. I know of Trustco Bank, but any other names? Thanks in advance.
need home financing
I would like to purchase a home for myself and my family, My credit will not allow me to get a bank to help, the home is priced at $ 240,000 and the tax value is $ 499,000. it has 13 acres of land and…
houses for sale 140,000 and under
need mother-in-law quarters
I have asked several lenders and they all confuse modular with manufactured or mobile and RUN. The house is attached to the land via builder's pier. I am told this can be done and all I need is an FHA…
Can anyone Help me with a Loan, I'm being Evicted and Have nowhere else to go. I am Currently on Vacation from my work.
I tried going to the banks to get a $1000 loan just to cover the rent until i start back working next month. But all the loan Applications are being denied cause of the bad credit. I tried posting on craigslist,…
Separating after refinance...Can I move out ?
We (me and my wife) recently refinanced our condo in Jul 2011. Marriage is not working out and I want to move out....So this won't be my primary residence (for 12 months as stated in the loan documents).…
Recommend good mortgage brokers in Morris/Essex county area in NJ? Have Testimonials?
Can anyone recommend some good mortgage brokers you've worked with in the Morris/Essex county aria in NJ? Also, if you have any testimonials from clients that would be great...Ty.
How can we get out of our current mortage even when our home is valued at less than we owe?
My husband is currently unemployed and his unemployment will run out next year. At that point he will have to get a job fo rless than what he is making now...He also has health issues (cancer survivor)…
is it possible for underwriter to deny a loan for not providing requested source of funds?
Our source of funds was an inheritance. We provided underwriter with the account belonging to the deceased person. Then the underwriter asked us to provide inheritance documentation to prove we were…
Where can I get financing under $50k in Metro Detroit?
I am looking to begin the home buying process but the homes I am looking at are in the 25-40k range. I know many banks want home loans of at least $50k. Where can I get a mortgage for my price range?…
iim in southern ca. Ontario. Upland, Rancho Cucamonga and im trying to buy a home or even lease with option
my credit is poor because i went along with a plan that did work which was a flip and i was fliped after i signed the contract. a big mess. the person that i did this with had made a personal loan and…
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