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Equity loan for back taxes
I own my property free and clear but I was recently discharged fro a chapter 13 bk, my bank stated that I would not qualify for a equity loan any advice on what to do I don't want to lose my home
Why is the consumer penalized if the loan underwriting dept does not complete their paperwork within the loan lock period?
We applied for a very good refinance rate and promptly submitted all necessary paperwork (within one day of all info requested). Two days before the loan lock expired, I called the loan officer and asked…
Can i get a first mortgage on my house if it shows no loan on it. What kind of interests rate will i get.?
I bought the house from a friend, he is carrying the loan for me for 90000 I want to borrow some money on the house and pay him off. it might be worth about 180000 right now. I want to pay him off and…
Looking for a mortgage for a 610-625 credit score.
we are looking for a mortgage, preferably Fha but we are open to others, for a credit score between 610-625. We will be selling our current home so will have a nice size down payment. Any help would be…
Can you buy a 4 plex with an FHA loan, and later convert it into a single home? What distinctions must be met to consider a house a 4-family unit?
I want to custom build a house in Southern Florida. I've decided to go with an FHA loan for the small down payment. But I'd like to get the 4-family max rather than the single family max which…
ITIN loans in California
I'm looking for lender that can do ITIN loans in California. Please help
Hello. We are almost ready to purchase a home(1-2 months). Looking to go FHA. I have gotten different answers to my question:My wife has been at her
job for 1 year. Laid off for 2 years prior. Has been doing the same type of work for 12 years. Can we use her income? I know FHA guidelines is 2 years, can we get around that? I just need an honest answer.…
Can I get preapproved for a loan from any lender and then keep searching for a better loan rate? Do preapprovals from multiple lenders hurt my credit?
We are looking for homes and would like to get preapproved asap but then continue shopping for best interest rates
If a family of 8 has bad credit due to a foreclosure in Michigan, how can they qualify to rent/buy another h
My son is having difficulty renting a house in Mass. (he just got a job there for $90K yr. full time permanent work ) due to his bad credit from losing contract jobs in Michigan for computer work. What…
i have a customer with sallie mae loan deferrment. She needs a 30 days extension.
She was able to speak to SM by phone, but cannot seem to get it in writing. Any SM experts out there ?
Hi, I am a permanent resident here in the US with my US citizen husband. My dad who is citizen in Japan and lives there is trying to help us to buy a
Hi, I am a permanent resident here in the US with my US citizen husband. My dad who is citizen in Japan and lives there is trying to help us to buy a house in south Florida. Since we do not have a big…
how does cash for keys work?
Upside down on our mortgage
I am going to get laid off - is it possible to qualify for a construction loan with just my husband's income, but also factoring in my savings?
My husband and I bought a lot back in January - paid cash. We are now getting ready to get a construction loan, and I just found out that I am going to get laid off. My husband owns a medical practice,…
Home mortgage documents
Hi, I am currently looking to buy a house and have everything sorted out. I am at the stage of getting my mortgage sorted out. As apart of the process, I am required to submit a 12 month lease agreement…
Rate lock in question
My wife and I were pretty qualified for a 300k home. My middle score is 719 and at the time we prequalified my wife did not have any credit. She is 23 and is two months shy of being at her job for two…
what is the average cost to build a 2000 sq ft house in San Marcos?
what is the true cost (less land) to build a single level home in (northern) San Marcos on an improved lot. Electricity and water are already present on site.
Any lenders out there familiar with San Marcos, CA down payment assistance programs?
Hello there -- I'm trying to find information about San Marcos, CA down payment assistance programs. We are going to be first time homebuyers, and I know that San Marcos had a good DPAP. Last I…
Are there coventional loans for rehabilitation.?
I'm looking to resale, and know that 203 (k) Loans can be used to for investors. Are there any other coventional programs for flipping.
lease property, los angeles county
Can one find a lease property in los angeles county with bad credit?
Will anyone help refi. with bad credit from divorce
Add some detail about your question
80-10-10 mortgage
Any lenders out there today that could still do 80-10-10 mortgage? I’m looking for a broker that still has these kinds of loans and did one recently.
Lake County's last flood was the winter of 1996. 500 homes (sub-divisions mainly were built at lake level flooded What will vineyard run-off do NEXT?
I am dreaming, but I would like to own a health food store/café/bookstore W/seated massage. A certified holistic doctor. *sigh*Finances are holding me back and I have an excellent credit rating too.
Does anyone have access to a reputable lender that will service manufactured home loans for Wisconsin or in the Midwest in general?
We have a lot of manufactured home (vs. modular) inventory, and qualified buyers, but no lender seems to want to touch the topic. And no one is going to pay cash for a manufactured home. Any advice?
Seller missed a signature on a form and is not responding to our Agent. This is holding up loan docs and delaying closing. What can we do?
Hi All, We are in the 2nd week of a 30 day escrow which is set to close the first week of July. We were contacted by our lender yesterday informing us that the sellers questionnaire was missing a sellers…
Foreign National Mortgage Under 100,000.00
I am looking for Foreign National Mortgage for investment RE under $100,000.00 per property We have 3-6 properties we are interested in now and more to come. We prefer 30% DP but can go to 40% if needed.…
I have a 30 year conventional loan at 8 3/4%. I have called mortgages company, banks and no one can help me lower my interest.
How do I get my conventional mortgage changed to a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac so I would qualify. Everyone says I'm not egiliable,
GFE...has $2k origination fee in error and lender says its only estimate that he will credit $2k back and to sign it so he can get loan submitted...
GFE...we are not suppose to be charged an origination fee but the lenders GFE states $2000 orig. fee. (with no credit noted on GFE). We asked him to update and he said this is only estimate and he emailed…
Lookin for a VA LOAN with Credit score of 628 $40-$45k no deragatory credit just inquires, with 12 months credit history and 12 month employment.
Lookin for a VA LOAN with Credit score of 628 $40-$45k no deragatory credit just inquires, with 12 months credit history and 12 month employment. Can this be done.... ayone know who can do this loan...…
Construction to perm loans in GA
We own the land and are looking for construction loan option in the area. We plan to use the land for 20% down using land as equity. We do not have stellar credit. Are there any bank/lender out there doing…
Any mortgage brokers out there doing any fixed Home Equity Loans up to 90% LTV?
Helping a client out and trying to find them a fixed rate Home Equity Loan with up to 90% LTV. They are well qualified.
Looking for construction loan in Atlanta area
We own the land and are looking for construction loan option in the area. We have 20% down already using land as equity. Some banks we talked to require 25% down with loan amount all the way to a million.…
Home is owned outright. I want to do a cash out refi within 90 days or less of ownership to get 80% of my cash back out of the home. Can you help?
I just purchased a home outright from an auction. I am now looking to do a cash out refi for 80% of the value within 90 days or less from the time purchased the property. If you can do this or know someone…
Can you get a mortage well being ssd,ssi? and a zero downpayment?
im trying to get a house,i want to start to the right way and find out all the information i can. and i already took a first time homebuyers class
My question is about a certain Home builder
So I wanted to know if Avex home builders are a good home builder to buy?
NSF fee reversed
Quick question. I'm trying to purchase a home. Already was pre approved but bank gave rwo NSF fees and returned checks. Then reversed them both were done in error. How ever it shows on statement where…
VA Loan and Bankruptcy
Hi, although I recently purchased a home I was curious about bankruptcy and how one can recover. If I declare bankruptcy, how much time would I have to wait before I can purchase another home?
this is a question about lennar homes lending
Ok so I really like the lennar homes floor plan . SO here is my question . Im working with a realtor and the home price is 234,990 can my realtor or will lennar homes drop that price by a lot or just alittle?…
Can I get qualified?
Upsidedown in AZ home, want to buy here, less than 20% down for $250K home, great credit and work history, but only six months on new job in IE. Need advice all options
Refinance after a foreclosure
I had a couple of rental properties in Vegas, one was foreclosed on and one went through a successful short sale. My primary residence is in the Reno area, and I'm at 6.5% and would like to refinance.…
Less than perfect credit
I have less than perfect credit. Is there a mortgage lender willing to take a chance on me?
Do all Good Faith Estimate forms actually say "Good Faith Estimate" - or is there a standard one everyone uses?
Also, maybe I'm answering my own question but this should be the GFE that everyone talks about right:
What kind of loan do I need to looking for to buy just land?
Looking for unrestricted land to put a travel trailer to start and start builing a house.
Will I need to submit more bank statements?
So I have submitted what I think is all the paperwork that my loan officer needs-- 3 tax returns, 2 W2's, a paystub, and 2 months of bank statements. He has gotten back to me and let me know what…
I need a 41,000 dollar mortgage to buy a house, can;t find a lender.
There will be a cash payment of 35,000 on our house, I need a 41,000 dollar mortgage in order to get the house. It seems impossible to find a lender below 60,000 and when they will loan me 60,000 the selling…
How long is the normal turn around once a loan has been submitted to RDA in Tennessee?
Our loan was just submitted on Tuesday 5/5/09 to RDA for approval. Was wondering how long it took to here back whether or not it has been approved.
should i change my investment property from an FHA to a conventional loan?
I own a home which i rent out and it is an FHA loan, my fiancee and I are looking to purchase a new home and since I already have an FHA loan we can not qualify for another one. We do not have much money…
Mobile Home Financing
I have a buyer that has found a newer mobile home that is affixed to the land. Does anyone have a lender that can do this type of loan for her?
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