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Need a flexible mortgage in Florida that is not Fannie Mae compliant due to seller policy of no turning on water for inspection
Hello, We have a situation where we have a purchase agreement to buy a house but our lender has backed out because the seller has it in the contract that they will not allow the water to be turned…
Buying a House with Garnishemnt on Credit
I want to buy a house with in the next couple months. I have a great credit score 750 or higher. I dont make a lot of money. My boyfriend on the other hand makes more money than me but is being garnished…
Refinance VA IRRRL without Clear CAIVRS
I am looking to refinance my VA loan but did a short sale in 2010. Is there a lender out there that will do a VA IRRRL without a clear CAIVRS? Thanks
Trouble!! Coop lenders for Margate Edison NJ
I am planning to buy a coop unit in Edison NJ. Getting trouble in finding lenders. Most are not lending money For coop on NJ. Please suggest few lenders
How can I find a home loan for under $50,000?
I want to sell my Condo in Murrells Inlet, SC for $90,000 but the purchaser only needs to borrow $30,000? Where do I find a place that will finance this small amount? The loan to value is excellent and…
I need information on rent to own properties in San Antoio and the programs that offer this option.
Please advise the details of these programs. Is a down payment required, and how much if so? How does it work? Are there agencies that can help locate properties and walk us through the process? How…
besides Wells Fargo, where else can I look for a construction loan?
I own the land and would like to build a new home on it. Inside the loop - 77025
How can a Canadian get a mortgage in the United States?
I am canadian looking to obtain mortgages to by single family houses in the United States. I have very strong credit, very high income and own commercial retail plazas with strong leases in Canada. Does…
how do i get a portfolio mortgage loan?
I've heard portfolio loans don't adhere to the same guidelines as conventional or FHA. With a business bankruptcy 4 years ago and a short sale two years ago, is a portfolio loan with large %…
FHA May Waive Foreclosure, Short Sale, and Bankruptcy Waiting Periods
To facilitate this shift in the mortgage market, the FHA is considering a policy change, loosening mortgage guidelines by waiving the traditional “waiting period” that follows a credit damaging…
I know that when we do multiple mortgage inquiries in a month to get best interest rate they are considered as one inquiry by the credit score company
Do all the inquiries we do in a month show up on the credit report? How many lenders is a good number to shop before deciding the best pick?
Can My husband get a home loan in WI and leave me off of it?
I have really bad credit. We want to buy a house in WI. My husband has great credit, we having trouble getting a home loan in just his name, we are being told that they must run my credit as well as his…
Currently have FHA loan on residence. Can I use my (full eligibility) VA loan for a retirement home to occupy as primary within 12 mos of purchase?
After moving to retirement home would then list current residence for sale. In interim would live in retirement home while trying to sell current residence. In other words would have two mortgages for…
I live in vermont I am looking to put a basement under my double wide.not sure how much more it will apraise for? we already have the double wide.
I live in vermont.I am looking to put a basement under my double wide.can anyone tell me how much more will my house be appraised at.
iam trying to get a tax loan
is there a tax loan out there
Can you get a 85% ltv jumbo in Michigan?
Trying to find a jumbo in Michigan at a 85% ltv have very high CS Is this possible ?
“I have a 659 FICO Score with one good trade line of 10 months.
“I have a 660 FICO Score with one good trade line of 10 months. I also have a few old collections. While I can provide some alternative lines of credit like electric bills and such, I cannot prove…
My wife has a high enough credit score for the FHA loan but I have a thin file of credit due to being an immigrant. Can we still get a home loan?
I am an immigrant so I am new here and I have worked since January and I realize the FHA requirements says 2 years of work history. Would we still be able to get a loan with a co-signer?
I am looking to refinance to remodel the house but dont know where to begin....any suggestions???
The house is one we inherited when mom passed in 2010. I am the only one here and want to move home as it is where I grew up but need to refinance to have the money to put back into the house.
Can you recommend an experienced mortgage person in the Concord, NH area? We have questions about obtaining a mortgage after a short sale 2 yrs ago.
Also would like to talk to someone who knows about backup plans/options - lease-purchase option for existing homes or new construction. Thanks.
Are lenders making FHA insured loans to borrowers immediately after a short sale when the homeowner had been current on the loan?
We are current on all our debts. Will meet the FHA's rule that says that you need to be current the 12 mo before the short sale to qualify for an FHA loan on your next home. That rule from FHA has…
How does fainancing a mobile home work in new braunfels tx.?
Hi, I live in new braunfels tx and I was thinking on buying my first mobile home, but I don't know anything about getting a mortgage loan. I would like to now if I would need a down payment, and if…
If my credit score is 740-780 after a short sale do I have to wait to get financed for a new mortgage?
I currently have my home up for Short Sale, no delinquencies or late payments in the 4 years I have owned the home( some hardships approaching). After credit counseling it is recommended to apply for…
What if the balloon payment on the 2nd is due, and there's no equity in the house to refinance?
I have a 1st and 2nd mortgage, the 2nd has a balloon pmt due in a couple years. The house is underwater by more than the 2nd, meaning I owe more on the 1st mortgage than I could sell the house for. What…
My bank in SW Georgia wants 7.5% on 2-yr balloon note for $75,000. Any lenders nearby willing to re-finance for 10 yr balloon for waterfront lot?
Owned property since 2006. Tax Value is $77,000. Appraisal is $85,000. Cleared, ready to build on Lake Walter F. George (near Alabama line and same lake as Lake Eufaula.) Gated community. Lot next…
10% down in San Ramon
Hi..looking for a 10% down loan in San Ramon for a $650k property..780 credit score, no debt, $230k income. Interested in ARM or fixed. What would my options be..thanks!
Reverse Mortgage on a condo in Florida
I am looking to get a reverse mortgage on my condo which has been paid cash. . Does the condominium have to be FHA approved? I live in Florida. I have also heard that if the condominium satisfies FHA…
Is Kentucky a spousal state?
Does a non borrowing wife have to sign critical loan documents in Kentucky?
Looking for Melbourne area lender familiar with DPA programs.
I have a buyer looking for a local lender in Melbourne familiar with local DPA and first time buyer programs. It will be a very low priced purchase. No need for an agent. Just a lender, preferably with…
90% LTV mortgage on purchase price of 760K
Is there any loan program available in San Diego for 10% down with 760K purchase price? What are the different options and whats the interest rate?
How do I purchase a home in the next year?
-I have cc debt that is to be paid off within the next 10 months including my car loan -I have student loans but I am still going to school and won't be moving anytime soon -I should have 5% to…
Can I be approved for a mortgage without my spouse? I have worked to repair my credit and he lost his job. We have equity in our home about $20-30g.
My income 70,000 credit score 690 Chap 7 discharged in 2010- Looking for FHA in Fall of 2012. Have current mortgage, Motor vehicle loan and one revolving credit card with a 0 balance
Lender That Will Do Manual Underwriting?
Hi, do you know of any lenders that will do manual underwriting? We need one!
Conventional Loan under 50k
Has anyone used and successfully closed a transaction with a loan officer for less than 50K? If so, please provide their information.Thank you
Looking for CA lender that can lend with the following issues:
* Current CAIVRs claim (HUD rep indicated I fell into exception process (HUD 4155.1 4.A.7.e (Divorce) and I am eligible for an FHA loan) * Low FICO (<640 middle score) * Prior modification (6/2010…
I'm looking to refinance my current mortgage, which is with BofA. I'm looking for the best 15-yr fixed rates with a reputable lender.
Credit scores 800 ; very low loan/mortgage ratio (loan is about 25% of the value of the house).
If I purchase a home with an appraised value that is 20% or greater than the purchase price i.e. a foreclosure, will I need pmi?
Im looking to buy a home that appraises out at 500,000 for 400,000 and have 20,000 for a down payment making the purchase price 380,000.
Is refinance a good option to do for me?
My mortgage is around 600K and my mortgage interest rate is 4.75%. I have been living the house for a couple of years and my neighbor (her house is the same model) did appraisal and it was around 690K…
The house i bought is classified as condo instead of single family by appraiser. Anything I can do?
I bought house in Castellija community in Fremont. When I bought the house, the appraiser mentioned and it is a single family detached home. Apparently the build registered it as townhouse community and…
Trying to refi but lender asking for repair on nonexistant security latch.
We are trying to refinance our house we have been in for 6 years. The lender is saying we need to repair a security latch that does not exist. It is in a den and has never had a release/latch due to where…
Which banks specialize in lending for investment property?
I'm a first-time buyer looking to purchase a 4-plex in the near future here in the Austin area. I started my quest at the credit union where I have my savings but they don't really do that kind of lending…
I am India Girl unmarried working in Chantilly .Software Engineer earning $4000 Nett income per month. on H1B upto 2014.
I was living in Rental Apt in Arlington for $1500 inclusive all. for the past 2 years.I wish to own an Apat. in Chantilly,since now i work there.I cannot pay any down credit score is 620. Can…
what is involved in doing a refinance? what are the similarities and differences of a refinance compared to a fha loan for a fist time home buyer?
im a first time home buyer looking to refinance my fha loan with wells fargo closed in june 2011. my interest rate is at 4.25% and im looking to lower to 3.75%. fico score of 729 and my annual income is…
Is it possible to refinance an fha loan into another fha loan?
First time home buyer in June 2011. Current FHA loan with Wells Fargo @ 4.25% 30yr fixed.
I need a lender that works with 203k loans for someone in the Houston area with a 629 credit score, was self employed the last 2 years.
He grossed 39k, netted 19k in 2012, grossed 19k, netted 14k in 2011. Has made over 17k so far in 2013, has 4-6k to put as down payment. He is also a first time home buyer. He is looking for rehab properties…
Need mortgage broker
I am self-employed, own same business for 7 years, moved to TX 18 months ago. Looking for purchase a house at 400k in Katy, can put down up to 40% down-payment, fico score around 760. As all self-employed…
Need a hard money lender that will finance up to 75k. My client can put down 5-6k.
Is looking for homes between 40k-75k with after repair values of 90k-120k. He has a 629 credit score with $40 balance on $300 credit card, $1200 medical collection, and $1100 deferred (3yrs) student loans.…
Reverse Mortgage For A Purchase??
Hello everyone. I met some potential buyers yesterday, retired seniors, who say they want to purchase a home with a reverse mortgage. They own a home that has considerable equity, but wish to sell it and…
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