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Can you get mortgage loan if you are new to the area?
I will be moving to Orlando in October. Will I be able to get a mortgage loan if I'm new in town?
Fractional ownership is becoming a big trend. When will we see financing options again for fractionals?
For instance, The Marsh Harbour Fractional Development on Bald Head Island has outsold all other real estate on the island combined, plus the price have appreciated over the last 2 years.
Investment property loans for foreign nationals?
Does anyone know about banks that offer investment property mortgages to foreign nationals? I am looking to buy a 1 or 2 bedroom condo in Chicago as a rental property and I can afford 10-50% downpayment.
Loan against 403b and obtaining new credit: Did I mess up?
I have a seller credit for $2500, but this amount cannot show as funds required for cash to close. Therefore, I'm short $2500 for cash to close condition. How is taking a loan against your 403b different…
I have just been notified that I am the victim of identity theft with the IRS. Originally, I was told by the lender to file the affidavit and that
Should suffice. Since then, I have been told that is not sufficient to close the loan. Has anyone else had an experience like this with a positive outcome? I have a tax advocate assigned to my case,…
I am looking to do a short refinance. I have looked at all other options, and feel this to be the best way to go.
We are current on our mortgage. We owe $150,000, but we are upside down by 40,000-50,000. Both of our credit scores are good. His is in the 700's and mine just about the same. We have a 3rd child…
Earnest money protection with job loss
Are there any laws to protect home buyers and their earnest money if they lose their job or get a pay cut during new home construction? We signed a contract with a builder and had a 30 day financing contingency.…
can any one tell me who can refinance my investment property with Debt to Income 70%?
bought the property with cash and value at $150k in CA. would like to cash out refinance, have full time job for 2 months only. and just bought the property.
Need help- getting a loan with a Co signer. 1 year since Foreclosure. Current credit score is 699. I may have a willing relative co-signer.
Can I get a FHA loan only? Is down payment minimum 3.5% with a co signor? Any good lenders that I should contact. I appreciate your help. - Rob
i have a forclosure in 2011, im disable, ,can i buy a house , now
will like to buy a house , in kissimmee,florida , will like to know, by an expert if i can buy now,
Would having someone cosign increase my pre approval?
I recently was denied a pre approval of 130k. Although I have enough for closing costs saved and could comfortably afford the payments my proven income is a bit less. My debt to income ratio was too high.…
can a appraisal on commercial property be appealed?
We had our comercial property appraised in 2007 and it appraised at $800,000 at the time of that appraisal we were during construction on an additional 5,000 sq ft. bldg. we are seeking refinancing for…
Hi I am a non-US investor who is looking to buy in Chicago. How much financing would I be able to obtain?
My credit score in my home country is clean. Is there any difference if a property is rented out?
Portfolio Loans
Does anyone know of small banks or credit unions in SE Michigan that do portfolio loans? Thank you,
Mortgage Lenders in Eagle Mountain / Saratoga Springs
So we're looking at getting a USDA loan for Eagle Mountain/Saratoga Springs. Where can i find a list of great mortgage lenders for these areas? It seems most of the major institutions, don't do RDA loans.…
"No Doc" Hard Money Lender Las Vegas
Looking for a "no doc" hard money lender in Las Vegas. I own my home outright, purchased for 130k six months ago. Interested in borrowing 60k for a 6-10 year term. Any help would be…
Is anyone aware of lenders offering construction-to-permanet loans?
I am looking for contruction loan lenders for a construction-to-permanent loan of about $350,000 to build on a property in Gainesville.
How do I get a mortgage on an H1B visa as soon as possible?
I'm Canadian moving to the US and have 30% downpayment ready for a home. I want to buy one as soon as possible instead of renting. I have read elsewhere you need 2 years of employment before you can get…
Would I be able to purchase a home If I have a foreclosure?
House went of foreclosure on Aug, 15th, 2012 due to a divorce.
Where do the Caruso"s live? Is their home for sale?
I heard that the Caruso home in Oyster Bay Cove is in forclosure. I am interested in it.
I have a 786 score and 20% down. Does anyone know of a lender or mortgage broker in South Carolina who will finance a condo that is non-warrantable?
I am in the process of purchasing an investment property (condo) in Columbia, SC. My loan application with Bank of America Home Loans has recently has been halted due to a single entity at the project…
What if I don't have a U.S. credit rating?
I am considering a move to Athens in the next 18 to 24 months. I am Canadian, currrently living in Europe. I spent 7 years in New York in university and graduate school. I had some U.S. credit cards…
I am putting my house on the market and expect to break even.....meaning walk away with no money. Can I buy another house with no money down?
I put $30K down on the home we are living in now, but I have been transferred. I know that I will barely break even when I sell. Since we are selling and have no money in savings, how am I going to buy…
Take 2.. Can I get a mortgage based on non occupant co borrowers income?
I have an income of almost $0 and a credit score of 660-680. Can I get a mortgage based on a non-occupant co borrower as a first time home buyer and only put down 3.5-5%? Is this also available for a…
Buying a new house after recently refinancing ours.
We recently refinanced our house (living here for 5 years). We weren't planning on moving any time soon, but a couple houses have come on the market recently that we're very interested in. We currently…
Do any banks offer high LTV HELOC's in Maryland?
We would like to consolidate some of our higher rate credit cards, but it seems like that most banks cap the LTV at 80%. Do any in the Maryland area go higher than 80%, higher than 90% ?
Can Anyone Refiance My Home?
I bought a property of 10 acres in Oroville, CA March 2007. Always made payments on time with a owner finance loan. Put a 1995 manufactured home on permanent foundation, well, electric and permits. My…
I am looking for someone who speacializes in USDA loans.
Looking to qualify for this loan and se if it is doable. I will send information throu gh email. Property is located in rural area and I would like to see if IT qualify. Thank you. location Oroville…
My client is looking for a loan on a non-warrantable condominium. Facts are...
Only 72 of the 184 units are completed before the new developer bought the undeveloped lots in the project. Only 15 of the 72 unit are non owner occupied. Complex has good reserves Borrower is…
refi after foreclose rental
i foreclosed one of my rentals in feb'11 now I want to refi my other rental (loan 350K value 825K) can I do this?
FHA 203B with repair escrow for non-HUD REO?
We are in the process of trying to purchase an REO property that is not through HUD. Do FHA 203(b) loans allow a repair escrow if the house is not being sold through HUD?
Looking to pull cash out of 4 Condos. Own 2 properties that are financed, bought 4 condos cash I would like to pull cash out
The 4 condos were bought 10 months, 5 months, 4 months and the last one this month. How long do you have own before I can pull out 70% loan/value cash out?
Employment verification after close?
I just closed on a new home. I plan on giving notice to take a better paying position. However my lender warned me not to Chang jobs because the verify employment again after close. Is it safe for me…
My husband and I currently own our home for the past 11 years. We have never missed a mortgage payment, but our credit card payments are in default.
Because of this, our credit scores are not good at all. If we sold our current home, what would be the chances of us getting approved to buy a new home afterwards?
Can I co-sign on a HELOC for my mom since she is on a fixed income from pensions and SS? She owns the home and has no outstanding debt but lack income
The home is a vacation property worth approx. $250,000. Mom's annual income from SS and pensions total approx. $30,000/year and she has a home loan on her primary residence that cost $5,000/year.…
creative financing for morthage
Where can I go to get creative financing for a mortgage? My credit score is about a 500. Preferably in nys or someone willing to work with me.
my fiance and i are both on SSI- his credit score is a little better than mine-i believe- we both have credit that isn't the the best
i have paid rent for 6 yrs in the same residence- doesn't this show good faith on paying a mortgage note for a home? i would love to own a home instead of renting one- we don't have any savings,…
Is it bad to switch jobs just before closing? it is the same line of work- CDL Driver- just with a better company and more pay?
We are lender clear to close but not legal clear- waiting on a document to show his open mortgage was paid off. The new compant called today and said to put 2 weeks in at the other job.
Will anyone approve a manufactured/HUD home on land for under $50,000? It is a 2008 & I've been approved for a conventional loan! Help
2008 Model ---- in great shape - missing well pump, dishwasher & stove - that is it. If I win the bid today I have to get a pre-approval letter by Monday. I am having trouble finding anyone to do it…
Moving to Philadelphia for new job, have job offer, can I get a mortgage?
I'm moving to Philadelphia-area for a new job beginning in September. I also have a job offer showing my start-date and salary. I also have very good credit. However, some mortgage lenders have mentioned…
Any lenders doing 203K loans?
I'm looking for a lender who can do a 203K loan. My client is buying a property from a builder...right now its an empty lot and the builder is building a home to my buyers specifications. Supposedly…
Why does Wells Fargo offer a 203k Construction loan saying they've teamed up with Home Depot and Lowe's if?
Home Depot and Lowe's have never even heard of a 203k loan? Wells Fargo makes it sound like you can just call the 800# and get bids for the work and that is clearly not the case.
I filed 7 in 2006 did not reaffirm 1 or 2nd mortgages. stopped paying on second then settled to release the lien sept 2012.
Can I refi the first? I owe 175, value is 180 and it is not fanniemae or freddy. credit score is 720.
how much is needed these days for a downpayment to qualify for a loan for a mortgage?
my husband and I have good credit above 750 and we did put down the 5% down. The condo will not be ready until Oct or November of 2008. There's all this talk with sub-prime mortgages that lenders may…
Can you finance a 203(k) loan through the VA?
I just read an artical ( about 203(k) loans that allow you to finance both the purchase of a home and needed improvements through a single…
If I apply for a 30 VA home loan and prior to closing (but after application) am approved to recieve disability compensation, must I reappy?
I am currently going through the process of applying for VA disability benefits. I have completed physicals and am told that my claim will be approved or denied within 10 weeks (but I'm not holding…
Can I qualify for a mortgage if i have a medical collection?
I have one unpaid medical collection on my credit report for 2900 dollars. Will this keep me from getting a mortgage?
Homepath renovation question I have a buyer who wants to put a offer in on a farmette that needs a lot of work.
I have a buyer who wants to put an offer on a property with seven out buildings. It was previously a farm so i has a lot of buildings that are in need of repair. Do they require the outbuildings to be…
verifiable legal employment with non-taxable income, was told by a lender that it can't count toward mtg loan because it's not on a w2.
True, or not? My wife works for my Grandmother, as a caregiver and companion, handling her affairs and household. She has for three years. It is full time, legal employment, she is there M-F 8-3. This…
If I purchase a property with two homes can I use an FHA loan.
There is a double wide and a single wide on the 13 acre property? If not what financing options do I have
I have a client that did a loan mod 18 months ago. Had pre-qual, sent him to get pre-approval and he was told waiting period.
Prior to mod he was 120 days late (currently trying to have changed to 90 as he believes error). Good ratios, decent credit score and 15-20% down payment. Would he have any chance with direct lender or…
How long should short refinance stay on your credit report?
My former mortage holder has it on my credit report as "settled for less than full" and it won't clear for 7yrs.
va occupancy rules
I am disabled and my dad pays my rent. My rent is becoming too high and Dad wants to buy a house. He doesnt have a mortgage, but he can not afford to pay 20% down payment which is what the lender said…
I have a co op in New York City ( Brooklyn) that is rented and would like to refinance and take cash out.
We have excellent credit and it wont be a problem with the coop. We also have a lot of equity in the property. anybody know a bank/lender who can help us?
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