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Less than perfect credit
I have less than perfect credit. Is there a mortgage lender willing to take a chance on me?
Do all Good Faith Estimate forms actually say "Good Faith Estimate" - or is there a standard one everyone uses?
Also, maybe I'm answering my own question but this should be the GFE that everyone talks about right:
What kind of loan do I need to looking for to buy just land?
Looking for unrestricted land to put a travel trailer to start and start builing a house.
Will I need to submit more bank statements?
So I have submitted what I think is all the paperwork that my loan officer needs-- 3 tax returns, 2 W2's, a paystub, and 2 months of bank statements. He has gotten back to me and let me know what…
I need a 41,000 dollar mortgage to buy a house, can;t find a lender.
There will be a cash payment of 35,000 on our house, I need a 41,000 dollar mortgage in order to get the house. It seems impossible to find a lender below 60,000 and when they will loan me 60,000 the selling…
How long is the normal turn around once a loan has been submitted to RDA in Tennessee?
Our loan was just submitted on Tuesday 5/5/09 to RDA for approval. Was wondering how long it took to here back whether or not it has been approved.
Has anyone had any success with doing an FHA streamline refinance?
I'm having a hard time finding a bank that is even familiar with it. I ran across Trust One Mortgate Banker in Irvine and they are quoting some pretty good rates. Was also wondering if anyone has had…
should i change my investment property from an FHA to a conventional loan?
I own a home which i rent out and it is an FHA loan, my fiancee and I are looking to purchase a new home and since I already have an FHA loan we can not qualify for another one. We do not have much money…
Mobile Home Financing
I have a buyer that has found a newer mobile home that is affixed to the land. Does anyone have a lender that can do this type of loan for her?
We're going to buy soon and was wondering what type of loan to get...
We had one VA loan about 25 years ago. Can we get another? Whats the best type of loan to get? -- This question was asked from this property:…
I have a question. We rented our home out and it's leased for 5 years min. We purchased our permanent home in Coarsegold, CA June 2010; escrow
closed. Our plumbing business as "exploded" back in Bakersfield and my husband is and has been living there for over a year hardly ever coming home. He is staying in a 30' trailer in our…
VA loans and manufactured homes?
I desperately need to find a lender for a VA loan that manufactured homes. I am looking to buy in PA.
Hard money or private money loan in Dallas for 24 months
I am looking for a private money or hard money loan in Dallas to finance purchase of a single family investment property.
As a real estate professional, what characteristics do you want in a preferred lending partner?
Services offered: Marketing support, In-home appointments, 7 day a week availability, Open house co-hosting in L.A., Orange, San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, Pre-qualification letters…
can I close on my home with out my spouse texas?
have been separeted for 5 years may be able to get him to sign a poa but I close in 7 days and I may need longer to get it, also will the title company accept an anullment from mexico
Please advise on FHA streamline refi!
Currenly in a 5.5% 30 yr fixed FHA $282k for a year now. Should I refi to 4.5% same terms? Lender said they'd pay the fees, but I noticed the MIP rates (both for up front and monthly premium) are…
Is it worth it to do an FHA Streamline on an existing FHA loan?
We are at a decent rate, high 4s, but rates have dropped to lows. At the same time, MIP is up ours is a newer 2010 loan so, we don't get the reduced MIP as of March 2012) with closing costs, it…
fha streamline refinance no closing costs
I'm looking for a fha streamline refinance no closing costs Please let me know if you know lender that provide this Thanks
FHA Streamline Refinance
I purchased a home in Aug. 2009 w/ a FHA loan. At the time, my parents cosigned on the loan. I would now like to remove their names if possible. I have been considering an FHA streamline refinance, but…
Hi, Can anyone give advice on property investment in Long Beach,CA? I'm a foreign national, what requirements do I need to meet for a loan?
I am a foreigner wanting to buy two small condos in downtown Long Beach CA. I worked in a science laboratory in California 2011 but now as a financial analyst/trader in Hong Hong. Does anyone know what…
I'm a Young professional moving to Houston for new Job (starting in July). I'm looking into buying vs renting in the memorial to katy area
of town. I would be a first time home buyer. My credit is excellent, I have little money at this time to put down. Is there any options out there for me in purchasing a home.
Any lenders that works with sub 620 credit scores in Minneapolis area on conventional loans?
Currently making 135k a year household (wife has over 720 credit score). Have 2 years of W2 showing 85k for me personally. Wife purchased FHA Duplex in 2012 (even though I make the majority of the money…
Stuck in underwritting after closing????
I closed on a refinance on 1/31/13. Two days before closing the loan officer told me that underwriting wanted a roof inspection performed. He stated that it did not need to be done prior to closing,…
We want to purchase 5 plus acres in Temecula, does anybody do land loans anymore?
We would like to retire in Temecula in about ten years, we would like to get the land bought now.
I had a few questions about mortgages and if my idea was realistic
I currently own a home in Hialeah, Fl worth approximately 80,000. I am not currently employed but I do have cash as a down payment and my significant other is employed. I am currently a student and I plan…
I just got turned down for my student loans :(. They're not in repayment til 4/2017. I wanted to refinance my fha -> conventional. Anyway to bypass?
I just got turned down for my pending student loans. They're not in repayment til 4/2017. I wanted to refinance my fha into conventional. Is there any bank that would accept me despite my student loans?
My mother left a home in a living trust. It has a mortgage rate of 6.25%??
about 70K left to pay on a home worth about 100k. any advice? should i try to refinance and how difficult is it to sell.
Any special financing programs for recently divorced mom's?
I am still on the ex's mobile home mortgage and he's not able to refinance that loan. I am paying $950 in rent per month and would much rather put that towards a home loan.
Short sale closed on October 30, 2010...When would be a good time to begin looking for a FHA loan to buy a new house?
My husband and I short saled on a house in 2010. It closed on October 30th. We'd like to buy again with a FHA loan. When would be the best time to begin looking for a FHA loan?
We know we're going to need an extension on the Loan Contingency... When should we ask for it?
A few details of note: -Our RA advised us to go in with 14 day contingency's, at the time, we had no idea that this would leave us exposed for so long until our loan funds. - The seller just agreed…
Is the USDA 100% financing loan still available with no pmi in Coatesville's rural areas?
I heard the "no pmi" part of the USDA loan expired or changed last September. Has it renewed?
Does it make sense to purchase a house with CASH?
I'd like to avoid paying mortgage interest to a bank; this seems to be more harmful than helpful.
Possible Refinance
I'm currently having work completed for a collapsed sewer. Everything obviously is not covered by my insurance (only sewer back-up etc). To complete repair and replace damage, I am running short on funds.…
I Need a ITIN lender in California? can someone help me please!!?
I need a ITIN in California please help!!
Need to refiance my Fannie Mae owned mortgage that I have since before 2009. Need to do the HARP program. Need a bank to manually underwrite.
My current servicer said it will take upwards of 6 months to get my missing info into Fannie Maes system. Therefore a manual underwrite is necessary and they won't do it.
Can I get an FHA loan for new construction loan in planned development. Price $400,000 and my income is $400,000 per year. Poor credit all debt paid.
Had a foreclosure in 2008 and have worked since then to pay off all debt. Still have poor credit due to various old bills popping up on credit report. We have paid them all. Other than our car payments…
Looking to refinance with an FHA streamline
I have an FHA and looking to refinance with a streamline. I've contacted 13 various financial institutions (banks and credit unions) in the last 30 days and everyone has a minimum credit score which…
Must you accept any financing offer to satisfy a contingency?
My loan application for a conventional mortgage will be denied as the property appraisal did not meet the contract price. However, the mortgage broker said I could get a loan with 86% loan-to-value ration…
Lower than 620 score VA Home Loan
What lenders are willing to work with a married active duty military couple for a VA loan when one spouse has less than a 620 average and the other spouse has around 700? The active duty member is the…
Are deferred student loans counted toward your debt to income ratio?
My husband and I are both starting back to school this fall to pursue Doctorate and Specialist degree respectively. We are both education administrators and our incomes will increase substantially with…
Last minute closing fee of 1700 in points. I have to purchase points and take lower interest rate or bank will not go through with loan
Refi closing costs incl unexpected 1.666 pt fees not originally quoted. I am not living in my house but am renting it out. Does NY State have mand law req purchase of pts? Rate is (3.25%) 1700 pt fees…
Conventional Programs for ~650 Credit? DELRAP Approval Process?
I'm looking to buy a condo in Long Island with ~650 credit. I can easily qualify for an FHA loan, but no available condos are FHA approved. Are there lenders that can do a conventional loan with ~650…
Does anyone know of a lender that offers Non-Warrantable condo financing?
I have a 786 score and 20% down. Does anyone know of a lender or mortgage broker in South Carolina who will finance a condo that is non-warrantable? I am in the process of purchasing a primary residency…
Why does FHA loans only cover what the listing price is???
I was approved for an fha loan however my agent states that the loan only covers what the house is listed at anything extra that I want to offer on a house I have to pay out of pocket even if I have the…
Can loan papers be re-written after the appraisal is done?
I have applied for a reverse mortgage. The loan officer wrote up the papers based on an estimated value of $100,000. The appraisal came in at $93,000.00.
Hello, I want to help my parents refinance their house. They live in Illinois, I live in California.
What is the best way to help my parents get this done while I'm out of state?
what is the closing cost on $185k property with FHA loan?
Will be closing on a property soon, and the still unsure how much closing cost is. Seller is willing to pay $5500 towards closing costs? From experience, does anybody know if this is sufficient for FHA…
I'm looking for investors interested in financing 5 purchases of single family homes around $50k.
My wife and I are moving to St Petersburg and won't be eligible for bank financing on investment properties. We are looking for small investors who want to finance an overall package of about $160k over…
Any FHA lenders for mobiles on land in WA?
Two homes on 1 parcel. 1 is a '78 mobile and 1 a stick built. I have 50% to put down and so far lenders are telling me FHA won't do mobiles.
What percentage of loans being originated are FHA loans?
Will a right of first refusal clause in a condo building prevent and FHA purchase?
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