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Where do Canadians get mortgages in the US for investment property?
Do you know any banks that are loaning to Canadians? I am a Canadian in Phoenix and I want to get a mortgage on an existing property that I own outright. It is a small multi-family residence - 5 units.…
Mortgage or Personal Loan
What are the rules on buying lots with intentions of building personal residence, but waiting 2 or more years to do so?
mortgage for renovations
We live in a house my husbands grandfather owns. With his permission is there a way to take out a renovation loan of some sort?
Where can I refinance a vacation ownership mortgage?
I have a 10 year. $32,000 11 1/2 % mortgage on a floating 2 bedroom lock off Starwood time share that I'd like to refinance for a much lower interest rate.
Does anyone know of a good Credit repair person or company? I have looked into a few, but they look shady. I want to someone reputable.
I have been asked this several times recently as well as seen it asked here on Trulia several times. I have never used credit repair myself, so it is difficult for me to know who is reputable and I really…
Where can i get a super jumbo 7/1 refinanced? Pristine credit borrower
I am looking to refi my 2.875 jumbo ARM for single family home. Prefer an IO loan, prefer 80LTV or close, prefer 7/1 IO but will do amortizing if rate is lower Refinancing a recent 80 recent LTV loan 800…
How can I qualify for a self-employed mortgage?
I am a first time homebuyer working and living overseas, wanting to buy a house in MA. I have good credit, low overhead, and am self-employed for 8 months. Before that working for 5 years in the same…
Looking for a reliable lender-
Looking for a LEGITIMATE bank/lender who can help with a first time home buyer. We are looking to down 10-15%, no PMI on a condo less than 400k in Atlanta suburb. Good credit score (high 700s). I've heard…
doctor mortgage
is there special terms for Doctors
I need to find a Hard Money Lender in san Antonio, does anyone know of a good one?
I am a real estate investor, I flip houses and I have found several really good deals!!! I'm looking for a Hard Money Lender that does 70%. Please help!
Are there any homes for sale in southern Florida either on the gulf or Atlantic side that offer owner financing?
Also do any places allow pets? It seems all of the places I check out do not.
Do i make enough to qualify for a $400k loan to buy a new house?
I intend to put down $130k from the sale of my previous home. I make $80k and my fiance makes $60k. I also made $25k in bonus this year but since last year was my first year with the company i only made…
The main question we are asking you to help us answer is theTIMING involved.
If there is a chance that our credit union will not approve an equity loan if they know we are approved for a lower % rate from our mortgage lender due to medical financial hardship (they will pay for…
looking for a mortgage company or bank to write a Rural Development Guaranteed Construction Mortgage in New Hampshire
Looking for a loan that will allow me to purchase land and build a house through Rural Development Guaranteed Loan
Looking for a hard money loan for owner occupied residence in MA?
property owned and is currently worth $250K, owes builder $125K, and needs another $125K to complete project. Will be worth $450K when completed.
Preapproval for a house in another state
Can you get preapproval for a property in Idaho if you are currently living in Washington? (We are planning to move from Washington to Idaho.
Can somebody refinance a home if they have been discharge from bankruptcy in 2014?
The home was not included in the bankruptcy payment.
Refinance your home
Are you required to put 20 percent down when you are refinancing your home
Mortgage insurance
Can I avoid mortgage insurance on an FHA loan?
What lenders do balloon mortgage?
What lenders in the San jose CA areas do Balloon mortgages? Also, is a down payment required for that kind of mortgage? Thanks
Do upfront costs for an FHA 203k for a 4-unit include "3 months of reverse mortgage payments on top of the down payment"?
I'm looking at purchasing a 4-unit property with an FHA 203k loan for an owner-occupied situation. The lender I've been working with told me that I'd need to pay "3 months of mortgage payments on top of…
How can I get a lender to reconsider the current value of my home ($180K) against the balance owed ($96K) to drop my PMI on my FHA loan?
When I bought my house 5 years ago I paid $108K with an FHA loan 3.5 % down. Now I owe around $96K. This is not below 80% of the original loan, so I still pay like $900 a year in mortgage insurance. My…
Stated income mortgages in Oregon
Hi, My husband and I are looking to buy a house and have the required 20% down as well as savings to show 12 months of cash for a mortgage payment so are interested in stated income mortgages. Currently…
"Lease Purchase Option" vs "Owner Financing"
Am desiring to buy the Th I'm renting, however, my Credit has dings. Owner of TH tried to sell with no success after a number of months. She lives out of State and I strongly believe she wants to…
FHA 203K - 3.5% down? Any fees for low down payment?
We are looking at buying a fixer-upper in Maryland. I've been reading about the FHA 203K loans, and they sound perfect for this situation. I read that you only have to put 3.5% down on a 203K loan -…
USDA Loan Question
I am looking into a direct loan through USDA. My credit score is a 660, income at $72,000 (with 4 kids), so I would qualify for the direct program. I also have about $10,000 in savings and money in 401K.…
Are there any home equity loan lenders for VERY bad credit?
I've owned my home for almost 5 years, no mortgage, free & clear- worth about $150k I'm told. I've also been employed with the same employer for 5 years. Unfortunately, my credit has…
How does the FHA standard mileage rate "add back" work?
Hello, I'm currently working with a lender and struggling to understand the FHA policies concerning the standard mileage rate deduction that I take as a self employed individual and how the lender…
Can I refinance my principle mortgage if I had a short sale on an investment property 1.5 years ago?
Hello, I want to refinance my principle mortgage (owe about $259,000, valued at about $300,000) but I had a short sale on an investment property 1.5 years ago. Are there any lenders that will do this?…
Do both owners need to sign loan application? I own 50% in a tenant in common. My partner filled out loan application and paid a fee.
Is the initial fee and the rate lock fee refundabe if i do not submit a loan application?
"Demand Feature" checked on Closing Disclosure
Our lender just sent me Closing Disclosure and it has "Demand Feature" checked saying that "has a demand feature, which permits your lender to require early repayment of the loan. You should…
what are the closing costs?
this is a property of 45,900
In December 2014, I purchased my parents' home (they were going through a divorce and wanted the home out of both of their names).
Currently, my father and I live in the home, with both of us splitting the bills. I have recently come across another home that I would like to purchase with my fiance, but I'm not sure if I would…
Lower interest rate or lower closing costs?
Given these two loan options, which would be the better choice if I'm planning to stay in the house for more than 5 years?: 3.625% with $2500 in closing costs or 3.250% with $9000 in closing…
Refinancing a home
What is the best way to go when refinancing? Is it better to go with a local and or a big known bank? And do we have to pay anything out of pocket when we do refinance?
Need financing options and recommendations for investment property ?
Hi, we own primary residence which now has a LTV of 13%. We want another single family home for investment purpose. 1) We are willing to put down 20% but need to know the options we have since I am self…
Any SC lenders whom approve people with credit scores of 530 & less? We've contracted the property,with earnest fee,and shopping for
mortgage,lender? My husband and I won a bid of 95k on a HUD Foreclosure property, have the property under contract with earnest deposit, and we're now shopping around for a mortgage lender. We're…
Financing Options For First Time Homebuyer With Credit Challenges
I am looking to purchase a home in the Raleigh area in the coming months, preferably around June or July. My FICO scores are in the 510-515 range and I have been working on improving my credit scores…
How long does the underwriting process takefor a home loan? And what does it entail?
I am trying to see what is the typical time underwriting takes? I was submitted to underwriting yesterday, and just trying to see when I should expect to hear something back on my approval? I am hoping…
What is SEO and how its helps to increase ranking of any website?
Seo means way of introducing search engine and with my website, ranked of website that is used for increased traffic.Firstly to identify and choose the definite and unique keyword that is used title, site…
Is a standard refi in CA recourse or non-recourse?
I'm refinancing a single family residence in CA that is the only home I own. The original purchase money loan was entered into 2 years ago, and no additional money will be taken out during the refinance…
Do banks consider "cancellation of debt" income that is reported on your taxes as a part of your annual income when seeking mortgage?
pre-approval? I recently received notice of a rather large cancellation of a credit card debt. This of course is reported on my taxes and goes towards my total income. It actually makes my total income…
are there any programs in Irvine to help buyers?WE
We have lived in Irvine for 20yrs our children have grown up here. Lost our home here a number of yrs ago. Would like to purchase again here.
Mortgage with 10% down?
Our mortgage broker has us approved for a $1,100,000 loan with 15%down, but we only have 10%. Are there options out there for us? Are there mortgage brokers that are better than others with more resources?…
I have 2rental SFR 25% convention(2013, 2015) NapervilleIL. Without my job history into account,credit790, I want cash out $300k 21days(?). Possible?
For 2013, 2015: Purchase $437=265 172. Loans $323=190 133, Appraisals est. $615=325 290, Rents $4.4k=$2.3 2.1. In the '15 purchase, I put $75k cash into to gut it.
Can I submit multiple application for refinancing to two seperate lender underwriter?
I've been trying to refinance my primary and investment properties through one lender and got approved and then later denied because of some numbers I've reported in my 1040. Now, I have to…
Hi, I'm looking for lenders (Banks, Credit Unions, etc) in the Milwaukee/Waukesha area that do loans for for non-warrantable condos.
I'm looking to purchase a condo in the Waukesha county area but the condo is listing as non-warrantable. I have a credit score of 800 and roughly 60% LTV to put down on the purchase so my loan would not…
Jumbo loan options with under 20% down payment available in Atlanta?
Are there any loan programs now available for loans over the jumbo mark but that require less than 20% down and perhaps no MI? Any ideas of going interest rates on these too?
It's closing day, and Quicken Loans has not approved our mortgage. What to do?
I signed a purchase agreement (subjected to mortgage approval), and had a set closing day (today!). I was assured by Quicken Loans everything would be done in time. They even pressured me into giving them…
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