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Anybody know hard money lender for owner occupied property?
Looking for 2-3 years private/ hard money financing. 20- 30 % down payment.
Down payments in South Carolina
Are there programs for single parents and first time home buyers that help with down payments
can u use harp more than once?
we are thinking refincing our new home.we used harp cpl yrs ago on other house.Is it 1 time using harp.or seen we moved can we used it in new house. plz let me know asap ty
can u get Harp more than once?
we used harp cpl of yrs ago ,we have moved into our new it just 1 time using harp/we are thinking refinacing/can we usse harp on this house or no/ plz let me know ty
What financing is available for a non resident foreign national?
I am a foreign national interested in buying a residential property in Dallas? I can make good size down payment, but need financing for balance. Can arrange monthly payments
If you still owe, say $150,000 on you home, and you know you can likely only sell it for $125,000, can you carry the balance over to your new mortgage
In other words, if you owe more for your current home, can you add the difference on to the mortgage for your next home? I don't want to pay cash for the difference. How do people handle this situation,…
Cash Loan,BG/SBLC,Discounting,Project Funding,MT103
Bank Instruments are issued from TOP PRIME AAA RATED BANKS and we can also monetize same BG/SBLC for cash if you do not have a monetizer,we can lease/sell and monetize same BG/SBLC on your behalf. Contact…
Lease car for Salary Sacrifice
Benefits of Lease car for Salary Sacrifice ?
Reverse requirements for 12 months in savings account
Have brought a Jumbo loan and have put a down payment of 23% and now after the loan approval at the last minute before closing the lender is asking me show to reserve requirements for 12 months in my…
Possible to get a home loan?
My credit score is 692 (I have low revolving debt and lots of accounts in good standing, got hit with some medical bills that are now paid in full and am awaiting an update to the credit boards. My husband's…
Seeking re-finance hard money trust deed mortgage on property.
I am looking for re-financing of a hard money mortgage loan - trust deed mortgage I have. I have had this loan for a few years now and it is due soon. Seeking a no hassle loan for another 2-3 years.…
New credit cards before closing
Hi, I think I made a huge mistake. I am purchasing a condo with a VA loan. It has taken over a year since it is new construction. I have had my credit pulled twice and approved by underwriter both times.…
I am attempting to close a mortgage. 2010 and 2011 Tax transcript was requested from me. I had just recently filled 2010 because I did not believe
I would receive any thing on the return. Now the lender is requesting 2010 transcript. I did file it but the IRS says it will not be ready for three weeks. However I did send the lender 2011 and 2012.…
VA Loan while Retiring
My husband retires from the air force in 11 months, he put in 20 years of service, and we would like to buy a home, after talking to one lenders it seems as though we will not be able to get a home loan…
Anyone close of a USDA loan recently, Do you know if you can get the loan at the appraised value at closing and get escrow deposit back?
I am purchasing a new construction and using USDA loan. The loan is currently at USDA office for review. Originally I paid down $8000 because my LO encouraged be to go for a FHA loan in October and then…
Whats the best way to keep income records to buy a house as a freelancer?
My husband is a designer, he has very few expenses. So he has become lazy about using a business account for business expenses. He collects almost all of his money through PayPal. Then he transfers that…
We are currently unable to live in our house because it needs major renovations. The bank will not work with us. What do we do?
Our house in NY sat empty for two years while we were living in PA. The friend who was supposed to be taking care of it dropped the ball. Our oil tank ran out of fuel, the pipes froze and burst, flooding…
USDA lender for BAD credit
My husband and I are looking to buy a mobile home and land for about $60,000, the address qualifies as rural, but are there any lenders that will approve a USDA loan for a couple with a low 500 credit…
hi i just want to ask if you have heard of new england regional mortgage company corporation. are they?
reliable? we just got our pre approval letter in mail but there's no signature. we haven't met them in person yet. we just talked via phone then they processed it. need an advice
Refinance for investment property with low owner occupancy rate
Hi, I am an owner of high rise condo in Chicago as an investment property. It has only 40% owner occupancy rate (including 2nd home), which makes hard to do refinance. Can I ask if there are any way…
Premier Lenders
How do you get promoted on the page for premier lenders?
I need help finding a hard money lender in Chicago for a bridge loan on a residential property, a foreclosed 2-flat.
Traditional financing is not available, property is not currently habitable, former owner removed kitchens and fixtures. The loan amount would be between $150- $200k. Most hard money lenders I've been…
What are the pros and cons of doing a reverse mortgage?
I will be turning 62 in 4 months and am wanting to purchase a new home in a very tight real estate market. I don't want to sell my current residence until I find what I want to purchase because I… is a company engaged in the field of what
Gadai BPKB Mobil, pinjaman dana jaminan bpkb mobil, pinjaman dana cepat, proses mudah dan bpkb mobil aman, kendaraan anda di asuransikan dibiayai oleh leasing terbesar di Indonesia bunga kompetitif
Loans for Pharmacists
Several lenders offer "doctor loans" - mortgage loan programs specifically for MDs and often DPMs, DOs, ODs, JDs and CPAs are listed as eligible for these loans. Usually they offer special LTV…
I have been trying to refinance a rental property that is at 8%. I have never been late, have credit score per bank, not consumer report, of 746 and
30k in the bank. The property more than cash flows and has a mortgage balance of 179k but value if 324k. I started my own business in 2008 after I lost my job rather than sitting on mu duff or taking…
Conventional loan with $5,000 down?
We would like to buy our first home and would be happy with something in the range of $70-90,000. We would like a conventional loan. We have saved $5,000 so far. I have frequently read of conventional…
how does the ARV loan works?
I am thinking of buying a fixer-upper. Some extensive work needs to be done. Just wondering how does the ARV loan works?
HUD has confirmed that I qualify for their FHA loan but no one will give me one!
Though I qualify for the FHA loan no one I've applied with will give me one! At the last minute they all said that their loans start at 100k, 150k, they don't email me about my application at all or get…
How do I go about getting a home equity loan to purchase a foreclosed house up for aucion.?
am looking at house to be autioned Apr. 26. I have a home I'm fixing up to sell. The balance owed on my house is less than 13,000. I want to get a home equity loan to buy auctioned house until I sell this…
do you list any owner financing homes for sale?
just have bad credit but good job and looking to buy a house without credit in question
How to go about bidding on a forclosed aution?
this property was foreclosed on by Regions Bank and is now going up fpr aution and county courthouse. Never been to an auction so now sure how o go about bidding
In Desperate need of a home improvement loan... with poor credit
TU fico 656 for myself and TU fico of 598 for my husband... we have tried refinancing but the LTV is to low and credit score is not high enough..we have excellent income and low debt to income ratio....…
Mortgage question for Self-Employed buyer
I am self-employed and, as such, write off quite a bit on my taxes. From what I understand this makes it difficult to get a home loan. Does the process become easier for lower cost homes? I am looking…
Purchasing a share in a resident-owned (co-op) MH park. What are the federal or state (FL) laws/regs that regulate the financing of a share?
The park/association/co-op offers financing of shares being purchased. What are the laws and specific regulations that govern the financing that the park/association/co-op can do? Since the park/association/co-op…
mortgage company that would accept Canadian Tax Returns
I have credit in US. Not having past 2 years returns seems to be locking me out of getting a mortgage.
What can we expect if we wanted to take out a home equity loan?
What is the process? We bought in canton, mi. And have equity to borrow from. But what is the process?
How much downpayment do I need for a Jumbo loan in Charlotte, NC?
Hi, I am looking at some houses in Charlotte priced between 600k - 700k. Couple of big banks stated that they do jumbo loans with 25 - 35% down. Is there an option of getting a jumbo loan with 10% or maybe…
Are closing cost covered in a VA Home loan?
I've had mixed responses to this question talking to my peers. Some of my veteran friends say yes and the others say no.
Closing Costs Negotiable?
My primary residence and rental property is with my credit union. I want to buy a condo in New Orleans but my investments company's mortgage house appears to have a lower closing costs then my credit…
Jumbo mortgage with less than 20% down in Northern Virginia
We are looking for a jumbo mortgage with less than 20% in Fairfax County. Is there anything available these days?
Our home is in our daughters name. What is the easiest way to get the home out of her name and into our names?
At the time of purchase our credit was bad and we could not get approved. We would like to know have it transferred to our names but don't know how.
Is there a lender out there that can give a 5% down loan?
My credit union reran our credit again and we were informed that we have dropped a tier. He said that Fannie Mae wont approve us because of a referal in caution? (i think thats what was said) our mid…
Buying a condo as a grad student: How much "job history" is necessary to get a mortgage?
I'm about to start graduate school across the country in September. My income this year is quite low as I'm in a service program (i.e. Americorps), but my salary in graduate school (research…
I'll be retiring in the next couple years and want to move. Can I get a mortgage in retirement without using my savings (IRAs) as collateral?
I will have pensions and social security as income but nothing like what I bring home from my job. I will supplement my income from savings (IRA's).
Awful Credit Military Loans: Everything You Need to Know
The issue that a great many people, both military and regular citizen have with getting any kind of faxless payday loans ontario spins around the strict FICO rating capabilities that most banks and credit…
Lender backing out 50/50 residential commercial property 2 weeks before closing
Our lender indicated to us that they would handle a 50/50 residential/commercial building as a standard loan with 20% down. After appraisal they say the condition of the building disallows this and they…
Jumbo loan ($600k) with 5% down in Chicago North-Center foreclosed property?
We are looking to purchase a foreclosed multi-unit (2 flat) in an excellent neighborhood (great school district). The neighborhood has been mostly shielded from the housing crash - next door homes are…
Refinancing my current home while purchasing a new home that hasn't been built yet. Would it work?
I'm in contract to purchase a new home from a builder. According to the contract, I need to start the loan process right away and obtain a formal loan approval with no contingencies before they will start…
Refi on an rental property
My interest rate on my rental property is quite high -- compared to what the rates are now. I should have quite a bit of equity in this property. Would someone advise me to let me know if I could get an…
Condotel loans in Carolina Beach North Carolina
is it possible to obtain a condotel loan on a unit with approximately three hundred and fifty square feet, a kitchenette with full size refrigerator and a substantial down payment? We have great credit!!
What is the easiest type of mortgage loan to get approved for in Dutchess County?
Loan of $550k, no VA status, first time buyer, (ARM, fixed, even interest only). Credit score about 700, 5 % down, high-ish debt/income
Any home path lender in NJ?
I am looking for home path lender in NJ. Any one know any lender for it?
Buying a home to rent
I would like to buy a home and rent it for a year. Till I retire and move to that state. I already have a mortgage with little Equity in it. I would put down 50,000 can I use the rent I will collect on…
should I wait to apply for a loan?
I am a single mom and only make $12.50/hr. My credit score is 605. I'm currently working on paying down credit cards to raise my credit. Should I wait to apply for a loan after I pay down my credit…
Condo not approved for FHA- are there other options for financing?
Property is not on the FHA approval list nor did it past spot check approval. any options that may help when FHA is not approved?
I sold my house last year, however, I ran into some problems with buyer who kept putting off the closing date, so my mortgage payment was late for two
months. Of course, this is showing up on my credit report. this is now kicking me in the behind, because I am trying to buy another house and my credit is shot because of this. I there any way…
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