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need a va loan but I have have bad credit and a low score of 550.. need to move soon... michelle from colorado
nothing seems to work. in contract and need to move soon. michelle in colorado
Can F1 student apply for mortgage?
My husband and I are both PhD students with F1 visa. We have been lived in Toledo, Ohio for almost two years. We are planning to buy a house around $125,000. We already have 20% down payment. Good credit…
Mortgage broker needed that will service all 50 states
I am actively seeking a mortgage broker that is local in Portland, OR. or Vancouver, WA. that is licensed in all 50 states. I am looking to build a long term business relationship with someone local,…
Interested in purchasing a home, but don't have great credit. I have heard of going with a Mortgage company who uses rapid rescoring?
Would like to find a lender to work with ASAP. I'm in Livingston, Tx 77351, & would prefer someone close to this area.
Refinancing a duplex
I have about 15% equity on the original mortgage amount (80/20 loan - mortgage and equity loan - both at HIGH INTEREST RATES) on my owner occupied duplex. Going by the odds of my house appraisaing for…
looking for a solid FHA 203k lender with good experience.
Hello. I am looking for an experienced lender for a 203k project (not streamline) in Washington DC Some details: - Project involves turning crawl space into a fully legal one bedroom apartment…
Where can i find Hard Money Brokers in Memphis,tn?
I'm a new trust deed investor looking for a local Memphis,Tn hard money broker with experience brokering loans in the Memphis,tn area. Thanks in advance
Will they ask for additional documents if they haven't asked by now?
I sent the bank a contract and all requested documents; check stubs, w2s bank statements, etc......I was pre approved with these documents. the only thing they recently asked for was updated check stubs.…
Mortgages over 417k in Atlanta for less than 20% down payment available?
I have seen some posts from 2010 about jumbo mortgages with less than 20% down payment available but wanted to see if these 5-10% programs still exist? Who can I contact? Thanks.
Jumbo loan options with under 20% down payment available in Louisville Ky?
High income earner Relocating from Ft Lauderdale to Louisville and selling $950k primary residence in Florida at a loss. After covering the gap I will likely only have 10% cash to put down on a home in…
Jumbo loan without 20% down. Is it possible in today's market?
My wife and I are looking to buy our first house. We have great scores and income ratios (front and back ended) to pay for jumbo loan. However, we were told that we need to put 20% down in order to qualify…
Jumbo loan options
I am looking to purchase a home in Atlanta for approx 650k. I will have to rent my current home (will not be a problem) as it is near 30k underwater. I have the means for the 20% down payment but after…
Jumbo loan options with under 20% down payment available in Atlanta?
Are there any loan programs now available for loans over the jumbo mark but that require less than 20% down and perhaps no MI? Any ideas of going interest rates on these too?
5/1 JUMBO ARM....10% down payment??
I am being told I need to put 20% down on a 5/1 JUMBO ARM. Selling price is $510K, my credit score is 760 and debt to income ratio is fine. The BPO came back from the bank at $585K. I only wanted to…
10% Down Jumbo Loan in OC at ~$900k purchase price?
I am looking for a jumbo loan in the Orange County area for a home with a purchase price near $900k and about 10%. Do these types of programs still exist in the current market? I have been told that…
Rumors of 5% down for jumbo loans?
I have credit score of 800 and an income of $450k. I'm looking to buy in the $1.2M to $1.6M range. I heard that 5% down 95% LTV loans are back out there? Is this rumor true? If so, are they 30 yr…
Any lenders doing 5% down on jumbo loans" in Arizona.?
I am having a hard time finding any lender who are doing 5% down on jumbo loans? Both my husband and I have credit scores in the 800s and have very little debit. Any info would be great.
I have a 850K jumbo loan, that I got with no downpayment, at 6% interest. Is it possible to refinance with a different lender at a lower percentage?
Is it possible to refinance with a different lender at a lower percentage, still without any downpayment? 6% interest seems high, given the current interest rates. Thanks.
Looking for a 95% Jumbo loan in St Louis Mo
I am trying to find a 95% Jumbo is the St Louis MO market. The loan would be around 550k. Any info would be appreciated.
95% LTV Jumbo loan needed with 5% down. Willing to pay PMI--excellent credit!
My wife and I want to purchase a home for $1.75k in Vienna, VA with 5% down & 95% LTV mortgage w/ PMI. Is this possible? Credit score of 806 w/ $450k solid annual income between us. All savings…
Purchasing price potentially well below appraisal
We have an opportunity to buy a townhouse that is a new build for cost. The housing market where we live is very strong right now. I think the home will appraise for significantly more than what we will…
Urgent! Can anyone give me a checklist to prevent VA cash out refinance VA appraisal issues?
We are refinancing with a cash out VA loan and the VA appraiser is coming in 4 days. Can anyone please tell me if there is a checklist of items that can delay it being approved by the appraiser? Also,…
Is there any VA home loan lenders that will approve someone with a FICO of 577?
My husband is active duty army and we have gotten his COE from the VA. We have found a home that we really want and its 94000. His FICO is 577, will any bank or lenders take us?
Is it possible to buy a manufactured home using a VA home loan with zero down?
? Will the first-time home buyer credit be possible to use towards the down payment? We like this property:
Can closing costs be rolled into a VA loan?
My daughter is planning on buying a home in SoCal. Her husband is in the Navy. They do not want to put any money down, thus they planned to use his VA. Their realtor has informed them that if they want…
10/15% down Jumbo in IL (North Shore)
I had a short sale 5 yrs ago this August. Have high income 750 credit. Loan amount in the 800-900K range. If you can help let me know. Thanks
VA Loan minimum credit score
Someone told me that the minimum credit score to qualify for a VA Loan was 680, is this true? I would really like to use my VA Loan to get into a house within the next year but if the minimum score is…
Hello! Is there a way to know if any of these listings will do Rent to Own or Owner Financing?
Poor and Fair credit, but school loans hurt our chances of a decent mortgage and very little money down.
Need recommendation of some good lenders to refer my clients to for financing of their new homes, good, bad & fair credit scores. I am in Georgia.
I want my clients to 1st of all get financed, instead of being denied and I want them to receive great service.
Want to start a Hard Money/Private Lending Business
I want to start a hard money/private lending business for Real Estate and business lending here in Georgia, Florida, Texas, and California. I am in business school and very young, so I do not have the…
I'd like rates for a $700k purchase. 20% down, jumbo loan.
Looking for rates below 4% with lending fees < $2k. What rate & fees can you quote?
Need jumbo 80-10-10 mortgage for newly built home to close on 7/31/2015 scores 696, and 670.
Hello All. My wife and I have a 696, and 670 score respectively. We've been working with a credit repair company to remove some incorrectly reported mortgage payments. We have a combined income $204K.year,…
Jumbo with 5% down?
Qualified for a $650K jumbo with Suntrust (760 FICO, good documentable income) but they are requiring 20% down...any lenders offering something with 5% down for a reasonably rate? Preferably without…
Can we get financing if we are holding student visa (F-1)?
Here's my background and status: - I was a part-time employee, working for the (government) university for 2.5 years - After that, I got a full-time job in another (government) university. I've…
What's the best way to utilize my veteran/first time home buyer status?
I am a veteran who was denied a VA loan for being just shy of the income requirement. I am also engaged. Is there a way, as a first time home buyer, to qualify for a VA or other no/low down payment mortgage,…
Is anyone doing 75% ARV Hard Money loans in California?? It is an REO with no rehab. I need anything close to $692k.
The home is a newer home with no rehab. Comps in this community value around 950-1.08M. Please email me at and we will be in touch shortly. Thank you
Is there anyone doing 65-70% ARV investor purchase money in Inland Empire?
Most hard money lenders don't like our area at present. But is there anyone doing ARV based rehab lending here?
Hard money (100% LTV): Where can I find a Cali HM Lender that can fund a 5 property REO portfolio, for 900k, @ 50% of FMV, in good neighborhoods,
with "Low to No" rehab needed, and can close within 10 days? I have a bulk REO provider, but I need a funding source (open to all funding options - including JV). These packages range from…
I am looking for hard money loans for rehab/flips in Long Beach, Lakewood areas
I am a real estate agent who is jumping into real estate investment with both feet. I am looking for hard money lenders who specialize in flexible funding of rehabs, R.E.O.'s for flips. I am also looking…
Does any one know a good/reliable hard money lender in Los Angeles or Southern California?
Looking for loans for 70-75% LTV for current market value or after repaired value
I am looking for a hard money lender that can help finance a loan for a home that is 600,000. I can put 30% down, but I had a Bankrupcy last year.
My wife has great credit and I make 200,000 per year, so money is not the issue. Please help me find private money/ hard money lender who will work with me even if i'm only putting 30% down?????
Financing for lowere credits scores with lititle money down
I am looking to buy a home in the Spartanburg South Carolina area I am looking for financing or programs that will help with a lower credit score and little money down
Physician Mortgate San Francisco
Physician mortgage loan in California? I'm a resident doctor looking to buy a condo in the San Francisco area. Does anyone offer physician mortgage loans in this area as I'm having trouble locating…
I have a mortgage through Chase and interested in refinancing. Please advise or call 3104414266
I have a mortgage through Chase and interested in refinancing. Please advise or call 3104414266
Will having a small side business and being 1099 hurt my chances at getting approved for a FHA loan?
My partner and I are planning on buying a house within the next few years. We have good credit, a low debt to income ration, and we're looking at around a 5% down payment for a FHA loan. We both have…
Financing for non-FHA Condo in FL
Looking for a lender willing to finance a condo in Florida. I currently own 2 properties - both are rented (though 1 is where mother lives and pays mortgage). I am trying to buy 2 bedroom which will be…
Contract Coming Due and No way to get a mortgage.
My wife and I purchased on contract so we could repair our credit. It is due in a month and out score are 560-590. We have high incomes and over 25% equity in the property. I am a disabled veteran and…
Can VA partial remaining entitlement be used to lower a downpayment from 20% to 15%, without incurring PMI or increased rates?
Hi All, I have approx $10k of VA entitlement remaining on my COE. This entitlement, in theory, provides protection to the lender on $40k of a loan amount. I have been looking for a conventional (non-VA)…
Why is it that VA loans no one wants to work with them/?
I have a client approved for up to 250k and no agent wants to deal with this type of Loan?
Need hard money lender in order to start rebuilding portfolio after brutal divorce. How can I convince a lender I am credit worthy now?
I worked hard eeping excellent credit and knew the rental investment business well. It fell apart 6 yrs ago after my ex set me up, took over 30 properties, leaving me with our home he hadn't made payments…
I have a question regarding foreign national loans.
My client purchased a house in cash in TX for an investment last year. Currently the house is being leased out and he is a non US citizen that lives in Japan. He wants to cash-out refinance and I would…
How can I buy investment properties via an LLC?
A partner and I are looking to buy condos in the DFW area. We would like to do through a LLC, but it has been a challenge to get financing. Is there anyway to make this work?
Looking for private investor to purchase fix and flip homes in the Dallas area.
Money secured by the Real estate I do all the work on repairs, market and sell. Profit split negotiable.
Owner occupied hard money lender
Does anyone know if a hard money lender that will do owner occupied with 20%-30% down?
Conventional Loans
After Ch. 7 is it possible to get a conventional loan after 4 years after reestablished credit?
How long does the USDA take to underwrite a RD loan?
I'm purchasing a home with the USDA rural development program in Missouri. We were expecting to hear something back on Tuesday 4/28/15. It is now 5/4/15 and all we have heard is that our loan is in underwriting.…
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