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Financing for investors
I'm an investor just starting out and I have very minimal funds. (Like almost none), is there any suggestions on how or where to go to be able to start buying houses? Conventional banks don't…
Once I have been approved for an FHA loan from one lender is it safe to say that I will be approved by another lender for the same loan?
We have been approved by a lender for an FHA loan inspite of somewhat less than sterling credit scores (740, & 604) and a rather high debt to income ratio. This lender is telling my that my approval is…
I received a CountryWide loan 1st & 2nd in 2005 on my house in Pasco Co. Both are horrible ARM loans one with over 11% interest & a Baloon attached.
I am and have always been current on my payments thus far.for both. I am about $50 K underwater with both loans. I just want two good fixed loans and they won't talk to me about it at all.
Trying to get a loan
My wifes credit score is 639 she has NO late payments, in fact all are on time and her credit report has no charge offs or deliquents just a bk about 11 years ago. We are under contract for a house and…
I am hoping to buy a part-time residence in KY when I retire. If I put 50 - 60 % down, is there any chance of my getting financing for that balance?
I would still have cash in the bank and a small pension to start that will get bigger in 4 years time.
How do you get the difference between what you paid and the approved amount of the loan?
We are using our VA loan to buy our home. Theres an 11k difference between the offer and loan amount. We'd like to use the difference for updating the house. Is there a way to get the money?
We have a difficult situation. My husband & I are relocating to TN. We currently have a home. We need 2 things...a home equity loan to fix up our
Present home and a pre-qual for our new home. The problem is our credit is fair. Are there lending companies that would help us????
Why people don't help you out to buy house?
Nobody helps because your Crady I don't think Astro for first-time bar
Need a realtor, that caters to people with bad credit! My family is in a crisis, in need of a house immediately!
Hubby's credit was about 860 a few years ago, until his bank account was wiped clean... and we weren't aware of it for months. All of the bills were directly taken out of that account. It didn't…
Wife not working but using social security number, husband working but using itin number mortgage loan?
Can we use itin number? And if so can we get a good rate if my credit score is 723? We have 20% down for a 75000 purchase
What are my chances of getting my fha loan approved? I plan on putting down 5.1% and upward of 10% if necessary.
Been on my job over three years full time. After putting down my earnest money deposit of 3.5% ($11,375 i believe) I have about $36,000 leftover. The seller has agreed to pay 5,000 towards closing and…
0 Down non-us resident mortgage
Hi, I'm a UK citizen living in Los Angeles on an O1 Visa. I have excellent credit, a SSN and rent my current home. My income which is in the mid hundred thousand comes from a UK company who I'm contracted…
What Federal or State funds are available to help first time home owners buy?
I want to buy but need assistance with the down payment or a specific loan that doesn't require 20%
Looking for a portfolio lender to refinance several 2-4 unit properties.
I have three 4-unit properties located in the Old Irving Park/Avondale neighborhoods of Chicago. I am looking to refinance these properties with one lender based on their monthly cash flows. Does anyone…
I would like to buy a piece of open property currently priced around $87,000
I would plan to build a house on it next year, 2015. I have excellent credit, stable employment. There are no existing structures on the land. What type of loan should I apply for. I have a small down…
Can I get a home equity loan for debt consolidation for unseasoned property purchased for cash?
I purchased a 2nd home and property in September 2013 at a county upset sale for properties in tax arrears for $8K cash. I have been working on it since and have put about $30K in improvements so far.…
can the listing agent contact the buyers mortgage company and tell them the property for sale (by a bank) cannot be lived, when it truly is not?
The listing agent went behind the backs of the buyers and their agent and told the mortgage company the buyers were using that the house, which is now bank owned, was not fit to be lived in - now remember,…
I am interested in a refi on the 1st mortgage on my personal residence but have a 90% LTV and a foreclosure in 2011 on an investment property.
Besides that have never missed a payment and have a FICO of 705, strong income and assets. So far I haven't been able to find anyone able to complete the refi. Any suggestions?
Mortgages on pre-1976 mobile homes on owned land?
Hi, I'm looking at several parks in your area (Madrid Manor on 1401 E El Norte, the complex at 525 W El Norte, and also the one at 955 Howard Ave); these are the ones I've found so far with the least expensive…
Any other lenders doing jumbo purchases for buyers 3 years removed from a short sale?
I've been doing some jumbo purchases for buyers 3 years past their short sales. They weren't able to get their loans done elsewhere. Are most jumbo lenders requiring buyers to be 4 years past their short…
How does buying a mortgage note work?
How does buying a mortgage note work? What does it mean exactly? Can someone elaborate in simple terms? Thanks
Getting out of a home loan
Is it possible, difficult or impossible?
VA loan for purchase out of state?
My husband is a veteran living in Washington, Pennsylvania. Is it possible for us to qualify for a VA loan to purchase land or a house in South Carolina before we have jobs there or live in the area?…
Mortgage preapproval and commitment letter from co in Cali, can I take it to any bank locally?
We did out preapproval through a company out of Cali, now we are seriously looking to buy. Potentially within the next 30-60 days. Can I take the commitment letter they just sent me and take it to any…
Are there financing options out there still to avoid PMI altogether given that we have an 820 credit score and will be putting 5% down??
We are in the process of selling our current home. We will be clearing about $25,000 from the sale but are looking at a new home around $200,000. In the interest of paying down some credit card debt,…
Hard money lenders for home equity loans
Looking for hard money lenders who would provide a home equity like loan using a paid off, no lien condo as collateral. In Chicago-land area...please recommend someone.
I am trying to sell my mobile home, but can't find mortgage company so that buyers can purchase it
I have had several people interested in purchasing, but they do not have the full asking price of $8500. Can you provide names of companies who will finance?
best place to get funding to purchase vacation/rental property near the beach
My wife and I would like to purchase a home near the beach and rent it out prior to us moving there fulltime. We still owe 50,000 on our home and is valued around 120,000. I want to find the best to pay…
Can Park Glen have storm shelters?
We live in Tornado Alley, Fort Worth has a program in place for those who choose to protect their families. Storm shelters, How about our HOA?
Hello I am looking to buy a home I looking to find out what if anything I may qual for My credit it not the greatest.
I had a CH7 discharged back in 2009. Is there a lender that will work with me? Thanks
Does anyone know of a good lender that can help me with a USDA loan in Washington State. My credit score is only 530 or so.
My debt to income ration and everything else seems to be in line to qualify for the USDA 502 loan. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks
My fiance is eligible for a VA loan. His credit is bad but mine is very good. I am a student though, so I have no income. Will we qualify?
We are hoping to buy a house. We were hoping to close before the wedding, but from what I've been reading, a VA loan coborrower works best as a spouse. Do we need to wait until we are married? Will…
As an American citizen living abroad with a condo in Washington, D.C. can I re-finance even if I am exempt from paying US taxes?
I have heard from some companies that they cannot do a remote closing and I've heard from others that since I am exempt from paying U.S. taxes (since I am paying taxes abroad etc.) that they cannot…
Has anyone sold a home in Bella Vista to a person using a Reverse Mortgage for Purchase???
Put down a rather large amount and you never have any mortgage payments ever as long as you live in the home.
I had a job on the internet and i didnt tell my landlord about it i live in low income, if i file taxes will my landlord find out?
I dont know if i'll get kicked out or if its fraud if i didnt tell my landlord i had the job, it was my first job ever... i dont know what to do...
What are good ways/sites to get BPO orders to do for a Realtor?
I am an agent and want to do BPO's, trying to figure out which are the good ways to consider getting those lenders find me!n In business for 6 years.
I was pre-qualified for a MA Housing Mortgage - Not allowing the mortgage to be approved due to precautionary risk?
All of my numbers are perfect. I have the score, DTI, Income...etc., but when he puts my info through some automated system, MA Housing is saying that I'm a precautionary risk and will not approve the…
I need a hard money lender that will do ARV as high as 80% but more importantly 100% of purchase price. Leave contact info & I'll be in
touch. Thanks I need a hard money or private lender that will finance 100% of purchase price, closing costs, and rehab. I'm looking at 80% ARV on multiple properties. Please leave your contact information…
Are there any lenders in Michigan participating in the "Family Opportunity Mortgage" through Fannie Mae?
I am looking to buy a home in Michigan for an aging parent with little-to-no income/assets, which is exactly what the Family Opportunity Mortgage seems to be set up for, but I am having problems finding…
Mortgage for recent 1099 status?
i have been a contractor at Duke for the past 4 years and was paid W2 via a contracting agency. This year i was able to become a direct contractor with Duke which resulted in more income but a 1099 status.…
Why would my ex's mortgage lender want my w-2 from 2012?
I know you are required to have the past two years of tax returns and W-2's when applying for a loan. But my ex and girlfriend are applying for a foreclosure house. Why would my income be needed? Do I…
Does anyone have any suggestions on any hard money lenders?
I am a local builder/ Real Estate Investor. Just recently I found out a month ago the local hard money lender that I have been using for years is no longer in business. I have googled searched for weeks…
Does anyone know of a good and affordable credit repair company that is licensed with the Texas Secretary of State?
Currently our scores are not that great for a VA or any other home loan. I realize I can do most of the repairing myself but I lack the time or energy to.
Questions on Alabama step up mortgage program
I am a resident of Alabama, a first time home buyer, and only 21 years credit score is around 675. I am quickly approaching my wedding day and I am trying to purchase a mobile home. It will be moved…
Will I be able to have two mortgages?
I am in the market to upgrade to a larger condo either in California or Georgia. My current condo is underwater yet refinanced to a (5.5% rate), and my credit score is (735). My current mortgage is ($700)…
Experience with Wells Fargo mortgage?
Has anyone had any experience with Wells Fargo mortgage? My fiance and I are trying to get pre-approved for a home and have had the hardest time getting the consultant to actually answer the phone (yes,…
When we got pre approved for home loan we had more money in the bank. now I'm scared we won't get approved?
When my husband and I got pre approved for a home loan we had more money in our checking and savings account. Were currently getting all our info ready for final approval and I'm scared that because…
Hello All! I am purchasing a home with my brother in law, he is a current home owner and will not be living in this new property. I will
be occupying the new property and he would place me on the title along with him. However, I would not be listed as a co-borrower on the financing... So my question is would this still qualify as "owner…
Bought a repo last December, we fixed it up and wonder if we can refi it this soon. paid 119,000 and "should" sell for 190,000
It is an FHA loan. The home sold for 205K before it repo. Where should we call to refi?
Are there any lenders in Maryland that will approve financing for someone who had a short sale less than 3 years ago?
We completed a short sale on our previous home in September 2011. Long story short, we need a miracle to find a lender who is willing to approve us for a loan so we can close on a house in August instead…
Are there any lenders who can do a cash-out refi of a non-warrantable condo investment property?
2 of 3 units in building are investments so it's non-warrantable. Otherwise, the condo association is in good standing and the borrower has excellent credentials. An LTV of 70 or 75% would be acceptable.
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