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No down payment VA Loan?
We're retired and relocating from Denver, CO to northern Delaware next Spring in order to be closer to our families. We'd like to move as soon as we list our current home, and get into a home ($175K-$190K)…
Is it possible to get a Jumbo loan without 20% down?
We have good credit and have a combined annual income of $170,000. We are also first time home buyers.
My Parrent gave me money and I purchased an 2 units investment property? Can I cash out? I do not have an primary home.
I know the delay financing on Fannie Mae required proof of the purchase fund to be my own fund, if I wait for after 6 months, would they still need me to prove the fund to be mine?
My daughter and her co-borrower broke up, and he left the house. She would like to keep the house.
She will not be able to pay the mortgage of 2400/mo. She now chips in half of that-1200/mo. How can she keep this house?
I'm looking for a physician's loan program for a couple of my clients. Does anyone have a good experience to share with me in CO? Thanks
Warren P. I have looked on line and seen numerous leads-but would like to find someone who had had direct experience. Thanks.
Is there a lender out there who would do a loan for a homeowners association without a personal guarantee from any member?
I think it might be a good move for our HOA to purchase one of the units in our complex to provide us revenue, but it would be a big ask to buy it with cash. We would of course have the collateral of the…
My employer already gave me a verification of employment but the mortgage underwriter wants the letter to
have assurances of future employment - which my employer will not give. The UW is denying my FHA loan -- what can I do?
Do you have to get a traditional mortgage type loan on a manufactured or mobile home.Could you get a typical loan?
I have heard that if it is not stick framed,sitting on a foundation that you would not have to get the traditional mortgage.
Good Faith Estimate Is Way Off From HUD Form For Closing??
I initially received a Good Faith Estimate saying I would need just over $10,000 at closing. Now we hear that the HUD forms came in and we will need $13,500 at closing. Can they be that far off?? I…
Non Warrantable Condo Refinance options for LTV 60%, Income of $150K and FICO of 800 . Does refinancing actually exist?
New Construction in 2007. Non Warrantable cause the builder still owns 11% of the units, possibly the BMRs and commercial spaces. I find it hard to believe that its impossible to refinance.
Anywhere in panama city offer 100% financing on double wides / mobile homes?
We are trying to purchase a 95 double wide on a property thats been completely renovated. It will be our primary residence. Any suggestions were to go to get a first time home buyers loan on a double…
fixer upper
I'm looking to buy a fixer upper and can afford the down payment, but not the cost to fix it up. Does anyone have any suggestions?
are home loans still available without income verification?
I would like to purchase a home with, actually for my grandmother. I am a stay at home mom and would like to purchase without using my husbands income. I have good/excellent credit.
Maybe the third time is a charm...
Regarding the FHA Back to Work program, I understand that in part to qualify for this program an individual would need to also prove they had Good Credit before the short sale/foreclosure/bankruptcy.…
Non-warrantable condo financing
Looking for a reputable lender who works with non-warrantable condo's. I want to refinance my condo in Phoenix, AZ Details below: 65% LTV 740 Credit Full doc income Any advice?
Hello, are there any private investors who can help to buy a home?
I would like to buy 2br/2bth place and need help to get loan. Loan companies would not get me it yet, credit is 520-600, no credit history, Just paying off the car. thank you, Anna
House Financing...?
Ladies and Gentlemen, We couple Robert Arthur and Sahra Sändig, we have some questions about House financing in U.S. My wife is an American citizen, working for the Military Banking in Germany…
Non-resident alien mortgage
I want to obtain a mortgage for an investment property. I have my eye on a property in Las Vegas, comprised of 10 x 1 bedroom units, listed for $275,000. I am an non-resident alien. I own 6 properties…
HUD Refinance Underwriter noted on my taxes more than 25% of my home was used for business?
The Underwriter of my HUD Refinance loan stated that my taxes show I claimed 28% of my homes use for Business last year. Thus, making me ineligible for a HUD loan. My wife owns the Business and is not…
Investors for development of a North Philly block. Any leads or interest?
I'm acquiring a full city block in North Philly. Looking for investors to finance the development of modern twin homes and small park. This will transforming the area . Any ideas on financing?
Does anyone have a list of 203k lenders in the Boston area?
I'm looking for a 203k lender in the boston area.
Are there laws to regulate calculations of tax escrows? AND How long does a title/escrow co. have to refund an overage?
I recently refinanced using the lender-appointed title ins co. Though the lender used the last 4q's to determine the mortgage tax escrow amount, the title co used a different formula and overestimated…
I have w2 and self employed income, but my FHA lender will only consider my w2 income. Know a lender?
In 2006, I had only self employed income. In 2007 and 2008, I had w -2 income from one employer and self employed income. I was laid off in 2008, but still had self employed income. In 2009, I have 3 part…
I have a 30 day late on my previous mortgage and my credit is in the mid 500's due to debt consolidation and debt to income ratio. What are my?
options I will have my debt paid off in the couple of months. I currently own a house in another state valued at $228,000 and is currently rented out to tenants. I am renting an apartment currently and…
Will Bank of America agree to a Short Refi on my mortgage , any help out there ?
I live in Southern California, $100,000 upside down on a $227,000 mortgage, no second, great credit, good income, stuck in a ARM for 8 more years. Thinking of just walking away and qualifying for a new…
I'm a foreign national who owns several properties in Dallas. I'm looking to refinance the existing mortgages and buy some new properties
I need to refinance several outstanding mortgages (from 2003 onwards) in and around Dallas, TX. Would possibly need further help purchasing more properties if financing could be acquired. (I'm a foreign…
Does anyone know of a good Mortgage Banker on Marion Ohio?
Need a house loan but I have bad credit.
My husband has a credit score of 628, has only been back to work since April after a year out due to workermans comp. He makes 1100 a week and I am di
sabled bring in 2300 per month. Our only debt is 500 a month for 2 leases. We are hitting road blocks everywhere and a different reason with each one. Suggestions? Please!
Applying for Mortgage with Impending Maternity Leave
I need to get approved for a mortgage that will close shortly after I go on maternity leave. The leave will be partially paid, and partial short term disability. All lenders I've called have told me that…
I recently was told my three credit scores was 590, 599, and 627 but the mortgage lady wants me to have 640. I've never owned a home before and
was wondering if there is any lenders out there willing to help me and pre qualify me so I know what price range or if I can get a home at all? I'm so frustrated :-(
Is it possible for a J-1 visa holder to get a loan? If yes, what will the condition be?
Our case is really an urgent and tough case. The broker we contacted said it is no problem for J-1 holder to get a loan when we contacted him. He even wrote the pre-approval letter for us. However, after…
Detached Condo Appraisal disagreement with Navy Fed
I had a Home Appraisal done for a home refi with Navy Fed. The Appraisal came in much lower than expected....Much lower. I bought the house for 335K in Jan 2012. It was built in 2011 and I am the first…
Any lender service owner occupied 4plex from buyer downgrading from home and keeping home?
Someone is trying to buy my multifamily home. They intend to be owner occupied and I'm even holding an apartment open for them at a daily loss while we close. I just found today that their loan provide…
I'm Australian. I've got a good deposit, can I get a mortgage over in the states for a property?
I'm Australian. I've got a good deposit for a mortgage. If I want to re-locate to the states, How do I or can I apply for a mortgage in the states?
I purchased a home about a year ago with a VA loan. 6 months later I refinanced at a lower interest rate.
The original loan acct shows 'paid in full' with my bank although another mortgage was issued. Does this mean I can apply for another VA loan? Thanks in advance
Canadian looking for financing advice on multi-unit housing in US
Hi, I'm a Canadian citizen looking to acquire a multi-unit property in the LV area in the $400-500K range. Ideally, I would like to put down no more than 25% of the purchase price, and I will have it professionally…
Single-family home in Henderson/Las Vegas
Hi, I am planning on buying a single-family home in the Henderson/Las Vegas area but require financing. Here is the deal: - I am a non-resident foreigner - Have filed for a LLC and will soon have an…
VA Loans in Upper Michigan
Does anyone know what bank handles VA loans in Upper Michigan (906 area code) Thanks
Australian Investors looking for foreign national mortgages to purchase investment real estate in the US - any mortgage brokers able to assist?
I'm part of a group of Australian Real Estate Investors who are investing in residential real estate in several states. We all have the money to purchase with cash, however would like to leverage…
How can I buy investment properties via an LLC?
A partner and I are looking to buy condos in the DFW area. We would like to do through a LLC, but it has been a challenge to get financing. Is there anyway to make this work?
Can I get a mortgage before H1-B Visa starts in October?
I have been employed in the U.S. for almost two years but I'm still on F1 student visa right now. And I am planning to buy a townhouse in Dallas, TX around 220k. I have an annual income of 42k…
Mortgages for Foreign nationals in Texas?
We are group of foreign investors from Australia, Europe and Malaysia interested in buying Single family and Multi-family properties. For single family we looking at: 40000-350000 US $ units with Cap…
Mortgage for investment properties in Texas? (foreign nationals) Looking to build longterm relationship with Bank and willing to transfer 100k
We are foreign investors looking to build a longterm relationship with a good bank or mortgage company, we are willing to transfer 100K and above to account to build relationship. If we can get good rates…
I am a H1 Visa holder and unable to find a lender who can get me a loan without GC/EAD.
I am a H1 Visa holder and unable to find a lender who can get me a loan without GC/EAD. Please respond if you know of someone that could provide such financing. I am also approved for a Green Card through…
Is there a general rule of thumb...?
For dropping $20,000 off the cost of a house, how much does that on average drop your monthly payment? I now a lot of things go into the monthly payment, just didn't know if there was a typical average…
529 Plan assets for down payment/reserves
We are close to getting a PSA done on a house and I am thinking ahead to mortgage approval process (we are pre-approved). We have enough assets for down payment and reserves if we include portion or all…
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