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Closing costs - Converting from 15 to 30 yr loan
I plan to rent my current house (La Villita twnhm) after (end of the year) buying a new house. I currently have a 15yr loan for my primary lien (80%) and I wonder if it is sensible to convert it to a 30yr…
We are interested in buying a house in US but would like to know what is required to obtain financing.
Hello, We are expats living in United Arab Emirates (British and Slovak nationals). We are interested in buying a house in US but would like to know what is required to obtain financing. We are…
Sun City financing options?
I am looking for a 3/2 Sun City or SC West home that has some options to purchase available. Rent first, then purchase FHA or owner carry. The house needs a fully fenced yard and about 1700 sq.ft.
Son-in-law has gone bankrupt. Could we co-signed to purchase a home for him, rather purchase it ourselves then rent the to him.?
We would put the required 20% down and have excellent credit. We do not want to burden with a rental. (taxes. etc) The house would be in his name only, except for the loan.
Does FHA require a home inspection, and do they have specific requirements for the inspection?
I've heard that HUD / FHA has strict and specific requirements for home inspections on FHA loans. But I could not find any home inspection guidelines on the website. Does FHA require a home inspection?…
What is the lowest amount a lender will consider loaning through the HomePath Renovation Mortgage Program?
I am considering a very small home purchase and with renovations the total is less than $25,000. Will any HomePath Renovation Mortgage Lender consider this amount - the home listing has the logo on HomePath.…
How to get financing on condo with HOA litigation?
Our community new relatively new and our HOA is suing the builder for various defects around the premises. People have been buying and selling these condos for the past 8 years with no issues, but all…
Do I qualify for a first-time mortgage?
I was added on a quit claim deed to my current warranty deed, with my soon-to-be-ex. I am not a co-borrower on the mortgage. On my credit report, there is no reference to the mortgage (as expected). Would…
I live in an area currently relocating it's residents. I'll have 20% down at time of relocation but my credit is bad. Will I be able to?
buy? The house I live in is paid for (family home) I don't pay rent. I would like to buy versus rent.
If I try to qualify with someone who may have too high a debt ratio, then try to qualify on my own, will the previous attempt be held against me?
I want to buy a home, but on my own don't think I'll qualify for the amount of home I want my BF has a high debt load, but a good credit score (720), I have no debt and good credit. Combined…
ITIN lending in NM?
I am looking for a lender who can do ITIN mortgages in New Mexico. Any out there? Thanks in advance.
Would like a non-FHA loan, but have a past foreclosure?
My husband and I are looking at houses to upsize. His credit is absolutely steller, but my median score of the big 3 is about 644, with a foreclosure in Sept. 2009. My understanding is conventional loans…
I'm looking for a lender to finance investment properties in Kansas City, MO. We buy at foreclosure and rehab so a cash-out setup is best.
I'm a US citizen with an active US credit file, but currently live overseas in Hong Kong. We have a local manager in Kansas City. Significant volume potential if the terms are right.
Need fix and flip financing through local bank in St. Louis
Looking for fix and flip financing with bank at rates between 6-10% and 1 point. Can't make the deal work with straight hard money terms. Please let me know if you can recommend any loan officers or…
Is it possible to get a physician jumbo home loan in Florida with low credit?
Credit score is between 610-650. Looking to buy a house in the 500-800k range with 5-15% down. Because of physician income we can afford the monthly mortgage for a house in this price range and can afford…
hola estoy pensando comprar una casa ,nesecito saber los requisitos que se nececitan para aplicar para un prestamo de 200 mil
yo estoy ganando aproximadamente 32 mil al ano, no se si es sufisiente para calificar para ese prestamo ,y cuantos incomtax nesecito ensenar sin declarar gastos
I am seeking private lenders to buy real estate.
My investor partner in Texas buys houses for cash to revitalize the south side of San Antonio. He seeks private capital, and will pay annual interest of approx. 7-11%, depending on investment size. Note…
I have a credit score of 580, my wife the same. I qualify for VA loan benefits, annual salary of $40K.What mortgage company will work with me?
We can put $1,500 to $2,000 down as well, and we have a number of places we'd love to start the process with, but since we don't know if or how much we'll qualify for we're at a standstill.
Has anyone dealt with a Loan Assumption in Georgia? Would you be kind to give me your insights? And what lenders are allowing this in Cobb County?
Do Lenders, in Cobb County, allow for assumption for Primary Residence and Second Home? Or only to Primary?
Can a Fannie mae property be financed with a USDA loan?
Will Fannie Mae approve a loan with usda?
Looking for a small mortgage ($95K to $125K) for a professional couple currently in Chapter 13. Age 62 and 65, very stable, long time Sar residents
Two years ago this coming Feb, my wife and I were forced into Chapter 13 due to a small business failure that wiped out our savings and caused large credit card debt. I won"t go into all the details,…
Loan options for new construction when closing using VA home mortgage product?
(29072 area) Have property with $50K in equity to it. Want to build and close using my VA home mortgage benefit would would limit fees, closing costs and waive some other costs of the loan. Therefore a…
How to find Real Estate tax records (property taxes records) ?
Hello, respected community. Is it possible to take a look at my 2013 real estate tax bill? I suppose it should be possible. So, where and/or how can I do that? Maybe a little detail will help some people…
Can I get a mortgage loan for around $100K?
I just got out of college about a year and a half ago. My 2012 gross income was $20K (only worked for a few months) and my 2013 gross income is just under $60K. Can I get a mortgage loan for around $100K…
Portfolio loan (blanket or line of credit) on free and clear, cash homes
Looking to draw commercial credit (e.g., credit line or blanket) from a portfolio of free and clear cash SF houses in Chicago for additional purchases. All houses are rehabbed and rented. Income is high,…
I am looking to buy a home approximately $800,000-900,000 sales price. I am a first time buyer, excellent credit score >750, professional, interested in single family homes.
Opinion and cost on Homeowner-Landlord Insurance
Good mornig, I'm the owner of a unit in Chicago Uptown IL 60640 (condo, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, built 1917, rented for 850$). I would want your expert opinion on a homeowner-landlord insurance. I…
Opinion on Coverages Landlord Insurance
Good morning Sirs. I would want your expert opinions on a coverage for a landlord insurance. 1) Building property: 50,000$ 2) Personl property: 5,000$ 3) Loss assestment: 5.000$ 4) Medical payment…
I am a Singapore Citizen who is looking to buy a property in Summerlin Las Vegas. I want to know what kind of financing is available for me ?
Please advise on whether a reserve is required and if yes how much. My budget is between 300,000 to 400,000USD. Cheers
Mortgage for a foreigner
I am a foreigner and will have a job in Philadelphia soon. I have some saving to pay the down payment. Can I get mortgage at all? What % of down payment is minimal in my case in order to apply for mortgage? Thank…
How much money do you have to make to relocate to California?
We are in the process of possibly relocating to the San Juan Capistrano, California area
How much downpayment do I need for a Jumbo loan in Charlotte, NC?
Hi, I am looking at some houses in Charlotte priced between 600k - 700k. Couple of big banks stated that they do jumbo loans with 25 - 35% down. Is there an option of getting a jumbo loan with 10% or maybe…
are there any Soft Second, Piggyback loan, 80/15/5, 80/20, subordinate loans near me?
I am looking to buy a home from about 500 to 600k and my wife and I make a decent living. We don't have money for a down payment and saving is hard with our rent so high. We would rather a fixed rate…
Looking for EXCEPTIONAL Mobile Home lending source.
I have had several clients ask for mobile home lender, bIut have been underwhelmed by response and professionalism. Can you give me a source with some background info? Thanking in advance!!
Have an investment property in frederick with a rate of 5.85%, would like to refinance.
HARP is not an option because we refinanced to add my name onto the mortgage with my husband's a month after the cutoff. we owe 194k and zillow says townhouse is worth 230k so we have about 84% LTV. Don't…
If you buy a home FHA and never live in is that loan fraud?
If you buy a home FHA and never live in is that loan fraud? This is California and was rented out to section 8
Getting financed - excellent credit and 20% down, but super non-traditional employment
Hello there and thanks in advance for anyone's advice. I'm interested in buying a house -- new construction that will cost $100,000 total. I've got outstanding credit (800) and I'm prepared to put 20%…
I am trying to survive and escape my HFC/HSBC sub-prime mortgage. I need recommendations for a real estate attorney near Hopkinton, MA
have temporary modification with HFC they have sent application requests to wrong addresses lost a mortgage payment taken my 1st modification payment and payed lump sum insurance making me 1 mo. behind etc.
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