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I am ready to place a bid on a HUD home in Garland, Texas. I am wanting to get an FHA loan with 3.5% down and with an interest rate of 5% or less
and also use my city's assistance program for down payment and closing costs. I have been advised against Bank of America and Wells Fargo by many people and I am not sure which lender to talk to to…
WITH MORE EXPLANATION Portfolio Lender that will take a 620 credit score.Wells said they can't cause of the number of properties I have under
loans. I have a minimum 620 score maybe a 640 and next month it may be higher. I have 17 rentals in Texas all have notes on them though all except two notes are characterized by the lending bank as commercial.…
Can I get financed for a mortgage with a credit score of 420? I filed bankruptcy in 2006 and I'm having issues with getting previous lenders
removed. Our credit score is curently 420 but we are working on rebuilding it. Our biggest problem is the creditors we had prior to our bankruptcy are refusing to remove their information from our credit…
Looking for lenders willing to make a 3-5M loan to a foreign national (Belgiun) client of mine on one or two multi unit buildings here in Chicago.
20% down is fine. His family has a history of buying and managing property in Europe for generations....apparently.
Are there any buy owner finance on this site?
Are there any buy owner finance on this site?
We want to buy a home in Calif but live in Omaha. Do we initiate mortgage pre-approval in NE or CA? Any bank recommendations?
The home in Calif will be our primary residence but is not contingent on the sale of our Omaha home. The purchase of Calif home needs to be completed before we can put Omaha house up for sale, so, aside…
Hello- We just had our house in Westford MA appraised in conjunction with a refinance. The appraisal
came in very low, in fact even lower than the value on file at town hall. The value at town hall does not include numerous improvements we have done to the property in fact, including new kitchen and…
I just bought a home using all cash. Can I refinance cash out right away or do I have to wait a period of time before doing that?
I bought a fourplex cash for $120k. I'd like to now take about $100k out and use it to buy another property. Do I have to wait to do this or can I do it right away?
Hard Money - Personal Investor Needed
If you are a personal hard money investor lending funds to investors buying/flipping homes please advise.
What questions should I ask my lender?
I am in the market for a 500K construction loan. What kind of things should I ask my lender? How many points is fair to charge? What percentage rate should I look for? Does anyone recommend someone in…
Anyone heard of a lender who would do a wraparound mortgage for an owner occupied condo along with an investment property (a 4plex) in the same metro?
Seems like a simple math thing RE down payments, with a blend of mortgage rates, to a certain extent, but not the norm, I'd guess. I'm just trying to avoid applying and getting pre-approved…
where can i get a hard money loan in ca?
I am looking to getting funding for a home. I would like to find a hard money investor in ca.
We own a home outright & would like to move. Is there a way to get equity out to finance a new home before the current one sells or is even?
listed? Details: We must move out before we even market the home due to a child's health issues. However we need the equity for a down payment.
Can we get payoff amount on loan #0016773632?
We are 2nd lein holder and have been told the house at 29363 Riley Rd in Waller, Tx 77484 is going to go into foreclosure or a short sale. Could you help us and let us know if this if true?
Can I "assume" an FHA loan if I already have an FHA loan for my primary residence?
I have an FHA loan on my primary residence. I am purchasing a rental property and assuming the FHA loan of the current owner. The mortgage I am assuming is through Citi and they are telling us it its…
Do Mortgage lenders require you pay down and/or close credit cards when applying for a mortgage? I'm a first time buyer.
I have no derogatory credit. Just high revolving balances. my average Fico score is 670.
preapproval question
I am starting the process of buying and finding loans, but I am not comfortable moving forward till being pre approved. Any suggestions of where to get pre approved?
Can I get a loan with a bad credit report with a good credit history?
All my credit for the last four years is good but I have a child support collection that I have been paying on as agreed on a court order. It was 25000 and is now less than 10,000.
I want to buy a custom home lot via FHA financing for $90,000. I want to sit on the lot for 5 years prior to building. Is this a possibility?
I am not a fan of putting 20 percent down for a lot loan. Any ideas? my BofA Loan Specialist didn't know what a lot loan was (a little disheartening) Thanks All
What is the best way to buy a new home with a low credit score?
My score is low due to circumstance due to a forclosure on an automobile 2 years ago.
Can BOA (fannie mae loan) with original 90% conventional LTV (@ mar 2010) with out PMI be refi now with out PMI?. Rate is 5.375 with hidden rateof4.87
My current rate is 5.375 with hidden rate of 4.875. Is it good to refinance to save 150 (if I can have the no pmi option)
Are there any banks doing non-FHA rehab loans with about 5% down?
The rehab that needs done is just cosmetic, mainly just to update appliances, bath, etc. I figured the rehab amount would be less about $10K, which is less than 5% of the loan total.
One of my clients purchased a home in 2009 and received the $8000 tax credit. She is a teacher and was laid off in Kansas budget cuts and had to
relocate to a different school 50 miles away. She called me so we could put her house on the market. How is the payback penalty calculated for this situation. She hasn't lived there 3 years. Thank…
I am trying to see who can assist in me purchasing a first home. Credit score 560 mostly medical. Single Mom, great job, please need advice.
My credit score is 560 and 90 percent medical. I am a divorced mom, first time home buyer. A land home package? What are my options? Where do I start a friend of a friend informed me no one would assist…
Anyone bought a home with HomeSteps from Freddie Mac? It is used on REO's of Fredie Mac that can't
be financed other ways, such as condo's where the HOA is in litigation. I can't find anyone to service the loan. They say Wells Fargo, but the people there haven't even heard of it.
Do Real Estate investment companies, financing home?
My husband and I have been trying to get a home loan for the last 2 years, we have seen our score go up and down as we have paid off debt. Last week we went to a bank to get VA home loan and was told that…
I signed quit claim deed before a divorce. My name is still on the mortgage and equity line. Is it legal for him to take advances out of equity lin?
The problem with taking out the advances is that it's affecting my credit. What recourse do I have?
Has anyone personally/directly (or had confirmation that someone they knew) had a bank call a note/mortgage due if title is transferred w/pymts?
I get the disclaimers (seriously, I do): the bank COULD do that, at any moment, if they choose to, and the investor is screwed if so, but trying to get some firsthand stories of it occurring.
fha 30 year fixed loan rates? I have a mortgage consultant at a bank offering me for 417k or less a 4.75% rate and for anything 417k or more 5.1%
are these standard numbers? Is an FHA low downpayment with Mortgage insurance better than a conventional mortgage with less than 20%down with PMI? Which should I be looking for?
Does anyone know of any HOA companies in California that are currently dealing with litigation like SB 800 litigation?
Do you have any contact names or phone numbers for those associations? Sometimes the association will get a lot of pressure from residents that are looking to refinance or sell their condos. Thank…
I have a lot in a good location in Philly and would like to finance and hold for a 9 mos. to a year, before developing.
Anyone know of a bank that would do a high LTV loan w/ no prepayment penalty on a lot?
Wondering about loan qualification for first time homebuyer with significant student loans
My wife and I will be moving to the Charlotte area for me to start work after grad school this summer. I will have a high level of income but also student loan debt (no other debt). I estimate my debt…
Iam trying to find a FSBO in converse. my fiance and I have kids but our credit is not good based on issues with our x-spouses. We both work.
Iam 32 and need a min 3bd home. 4 would be great. Were I stay now we have paid 1430$ a month but the neighboor hood is bad and our car got broken into. Im trying to not go over 900$ so we can start saving.…
How to refinance when working oversea?
We purchased a townhouse in Lynnwood in 2006. Due to work, we moved to California in 2008 and then to Norway in 2009. So we rent the townhouse out and hired a realty management company to manage the house.…
what do I need to do to be pre-approved for a mortgage loan?
I have an annual income of $30,250 as a first year school teacher
Can closing costs be rolled into a VA loan?
My daughter is planning on buying a home in SoCal. Her husband is in the Navy. They do not want to put any money down, thus they planned to use his VA. Their realtor has informed them that if they want…
I'm looking for a home in Sugar Land, tX area.
I'm a recent immigrant and only have US work history for the past six months. My credit is 709, I can put 25-30% down, pl help me to get the mortgage.
Stafford vs. Sugar Land...What is the difference in the tax rate between Stafford and Sugar Land (Riverstone)?
What's better Sugar Land or Stafford? I need to know how much more taxes I will be paying on a $400,000 dollar house per year.
Condo lender for Plaza Del Prado bldg South, Aventura, FL?? Condo has pending lawsuit, HELP
Any lenders that will lend in the Plaza Del Prado bldg South, Aventura, FL?? Condo has pending lawsuit, I have a buyer ready but no lenders? HELP
I want to work for an asset mangement an asset manager. I was in the mortgage biz for 20 years and I want to work out of my home. Anyone?
I hear that banks out source this and the asset management companies hire people to work out of their homes. I have worked out of my home for 20 years and would like to continue. I would also like to…
Is financing available for foreign nationals intending to buy a RE property in the US?
I am a none-US resident, don't have either SSN or ITIN, only have valid B1/B2 visa. Studying a possibility to by a piece of investment property in the US. I am ready for rather high down payment requirement,…
Looking for a private lender to buy a co-op in Jackson Heights??
A few years ago my husband co-signed on a mortgage and the house was sold on a short sale a year ago. Now my husband and I are looking to buy a coop and we are not able to get a loan through many lenders.…
I am looking at a multi unit apartment property that I intend to occupy as my principal residence. I have excellent credit and the amount will be
below 200k mortgaged. What kind of down and interest rate can I expect on this? (760 credit rating)
My boyfriend just lost his job. Can a single income get a loan?
My boyfriend just lost his job. We were planning to buy a house in sept and go for preapproval within a few weeks. Well, now everything has changed. I told him to wait until August to look for a job…
I am being evicted from my apt for nonpaymen.Lived here 5 yrs. No problems until spouse broke his ankle. Needing to rent to own.only rental problem.
We have been good teents here for almost 5 yrs. My husband broke his ankle in Dec. We fell behind and are now being evicted as of 3/30/11. We are looking for a second chance with a rent to own property.…
Me and my fiance are are looking into a home that qualifies for the renovation homepath program.
We want to know what does the renovation cover? Fixing the home I mean? Can anyone help with this question?
How can I get the best mortgage possible on a 2nd home which will be used as a primary residence? Should I pay off the mortgage on home 1 in full?
I already own a rental home with a stable tenant and collect rents which cover the mortgage (but not property taxes). The mortgage balance is currently $135,000. I would like to buy a new home for approx.…
Owner of the house I am living in is willing to sell for way below value. My score is 600 and I am a vet with great income. Dont want to miss. Advice?
The owner is upside down and is looking to get out of mortgage by selling to me. I am paying high rent so I can afford a mortgage of $2200. My score is slowly creeping up. Been on time with everything…
0 downpayment?
Can I buy a home with zero down? My credit is great, I have a tenant already and good income.
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