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Name the best placeto take clients out for Pizza in Las Vegas Valley! Share your experience not only with the food but level of service.
Plese be specific and why you feel its the best ! What is the level of service and your overall experience at the resturant was the atomosphere of good quality? Thank you Helene M Moore Windermere…
What's your favorite Resturant to eat in Kendall, FL & Why?
What's your favorite Restaurant to eat in Kendall, FL & why? I wanted to know of any new place(s) in Kendall that people are into and might be worth going out and, "contributing to the economy" this weekend.
What are the best restaurants in Columbus, Ohio?
Years ago, I remember the Jai Alai and their great breads. Is it still around?
Was there ever any doubt?
The Green and Gold did it without Favre!!!! Go Pack.
My girlfriend and I are professionals by day, and like to f&*& s$%*^^ up at night. We are looking for a city
with a lot of art and counter-culture. We've thought of Portland, Seattle, Oakland/Berkeley, Brooklyn, the usual places. Should we move to nola?
Where can I find kid friendly things to do in Denver CO?
I am taking a family trip to Denver for five days and have only one event planned, I need some good ideas please. I will be going in a week, early August.
Fire works
Can anyone tell me the best place to see the fire works on the 4th in the nahua area?
Are there any "old town" areas in San Mateo?
I am interested in moving to San Mateo, but would like to live within walking distance from an "old town" area
need christmas rental on boardwalk in atlantic city
How would you go about finding an inexpensive rental on Atlantic City boardwalk for three days over Christmas 2008. A friend of mine wants to spend some time with her family there, but doesnt have a lot…
is there gifting clubs in miami,fl?
are there any cash gifting programs in miami,fl
What are the best restaurants and resorts in Atlantic city?
Can any one tell the best Restuarants ?
Moving from UWS to Carroll Gardens, has anyone else made that move?
I'm worried about missing the access to shopping and entertainment. Any opinions?
Anybody planning on being in Black Mountain this weekend?
The Celtic Festival will show of the best of Black Mountain, Local Brew and WNC festivals. Would be glad to help anyone with plans. Festival starts at 5 and contiunes Saturday
Which apartments in Winter Park or Maitland are best suited for young professionals and have frequent social activities?
Which apartments in Winter Park or Maitland are best suited for young professionals and have frequent social activities?
Do you think the popular MTV reality show, "Jersey Shore" will help or hinder Real Estate transactions on the Jersey Shore due to the show?
We are a fully licensed, MLS Real Estate Brokerage and Agency that specializes in the Jersey Shore market. Popular tourist destinations like the highly profiled town on the MTV reality show "Jersey…
Best place for a young, single, professional in Sacramento, CA
I am currently living in Strongsville, OH and may be moving to Sacramento for my job. I am single and in my 20's. I would be looking to live fairly close to an airport and in an area where there…
how much it cost to go to orlando,florida?
because we want to see wristlemania 24
I'm looking for a nice piece property.
I'm looking for something large enough to build a bar/grille with two volleyball courts in the back. And I need adequate parking space. Still not sure on the exact size of the building yet, or the extensions,…
What is your favorite New Restaurant in Richmond, VA?
What is your favorite new restaurant in Richmond, VA and why?
El Paso, TX "must see's"? "must eat's"
i'm visiting El Paso with a friend. We're looking for "insiders info" on interesting music, food, and cultural spots
Are Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods casinos family friendly?
What kinds of activites are available to families with small children?
My job is relocating to Collegeville, PA and I'm looking to rent but know nothing about PA. I would like to be near the train to Philly and
somewhere with a 30 something age group (not all college but not all families either). Pubs or somewhere to hang out in the area would be a plus too. Looking at Lansdale area currently but could really…
Is there a new casino in the Poconos?
I heard there's a new casino in Mt. Pocono, PA. Is this true? Are the prices of homes in the area being affected by this?
will my account be banned for buying wow gold online?
Now I play wow and maple story. I know I can get gold by farming, but it is too slow. I need gold, so I decide to buy online. But the problem is whether my account will be banned because of buying online.…
Has the Italian place closed in Frisco on Preston next to Holiday Inn Express? It looked abandoned when we drove by last week.
I think it was called Terilli's.. don't remember several years ago when I dined there.
nightlife in kalispell
What are the palces to hangout in Kalispell??
Within a 40 mi radius of Bedford, Ma, which towns have a Main St, and or town center with restaurants and shopping?
I am looking to rent and thjen buy in a town with some restaurants and shopping with that Main Street USA feel. that is with in 40 min or so from Bedford, Ma. Not too $$$.
Cable / and internet.
I bought a vacation home SE of Phoenix in San Tan Valley. I want to hook up cable and internet for as cheap as possible, with the option of disconnecting it during the months it will be vacant. Any suggestions?
Who should the Warriors give up to get Kevin Garnett?
for both answerers in the Bay Area and Minnesota
How many types of cuisines are there in downtown city?
Is there good mix of restaurants?
What is the difference between playing wow in a private server and paying?
I bought wow, but I didn’t know I had to pay to play... I am playing in a private server and I want to know if its different to play in one. Any help?
everyone can say what they like.
What is everquest 2 about? How good is it? Is it still good without buying expansion packs? Compared to world of warcraft, is it good?
My fiance and I are looking for a town in NJ that has a walking downtown but we are NOT looking for a busy
city. We are picturing taking our (future) kids down for ice cream, or to watch a movie - but still have the nightlife. We are not partial to any part of the state - but would want to find the town that…
Is their alot of interracial dating in West Palm Beach downtown area?
Specifically among the younger crowd 18-25 and specfically Black girls and non black men? I would appreciate the answers or any knowledge on this subject. I hope the race relations is good in WPB.
I need to find some 18 and up Night Clubs in South Lake Tahoe near Heavenly. Any suggestions???
My friends getting married so were doing sort of a bachlorette weekend but one of the girls is 20...barley under 21. We want to find something loud and fun with hip dance music...
I missed 60 minutes broadcast last night (sunday) -did anyone catch it?
Interesting to get some viewer feddback...I did miss it!
Middletown New Jersey - art galleries and restaurants recommendations?
If one has a business trip to Middletown New Jersey, and has only one day off to be a tourist, what art galleries should he see and what non - chain restaurant should he dine at?
Midnight Rodeo - I-40 East Exit 432B...
Open Wed Thru Sat. 6PM Till 2:30 or ? --- Wed 25 cent--- WINGS (dine In Only) We have 36 great Flavors of Wings and the Best in East Tennessee, 50 Cent Beer. Thursday Night is Ladies Nite and $1.00 off…
I saw a brief piece on the Food Network that mentioned a musician named Bobby Brown who was playing there in
Key Largo. I think he was playing at the restaurant bar that was being featured; however I missed most of the show and didn't get the name of the restaurant. I would like to know where I can find this…
Tis the night before Inman Connect in San Francisco, a 4 day event for most of us. Real Estate and Tech
professionals will be networking, brainstorming and well, drinking. We are all looking forward to the huge Trulia party on Wednesday night. I guess Pete Flint will be beginning an 8 day birthday celebration…
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