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Looking to buy a house in Slidell and note that flooring is normally tile but it seems of many different colors. It appears the repairs were not of
the entire floor after Katrina. What is the normal flooring since wood is not seen normally. the wood I have seen is engineered flooring.
Would it make sense to add laminate floor to the entire first floor?
We own a townhome that is in the middle. We bought it at 109k. We aren't think in selling for at least 3 yrs.
Selling a houseful of luxury furniture in new condition. Read that people enjoy buying pieces from one location. Ideas on how to spread the word?
I read a post in this forum and see that people like to buy their furniture from one location instead of trekking all over the valley. Looking for ideas on how to spread the word that we have a long list…
What is today's avg cost to build a small 12x12 ground floor addition, and how much more for it to be 2 floors? 60614 area. Thanks!
The addition should match our French Country house, built in 1879. Exterior is yellow brick with french windows on the E, S & W sides. Very little wall space - mostly windows. Is it more or less…
Furnishing a short term rental home
I am not familiar with this area and I am considering buying a home with the intention of renting short term. Where would you suggest are the best places to get good quality furnishing at at the best prices?…
How would you arrange my living room? Please, suggestions?
I improve my living room design with solid sofa set. can you help me?...
Do you know who the original architect/designer was for address: 1883 Pine Ridge Lane, Bloomfield, MI 48302?
Trying to obtain info. for replacement purposes... regarding a glass piece from the dining room chandelier. (*_*)
Looking for tips, costs/estimate from home staging professionals in San Diego County for a 55 community 2bed/2bath 1500 sq ft home in Oceanside.
We are looking to stage a new listing in Oceanside, CA with approximately 1500 sq ft, 2 bed/2bath home built in mid 80s in a very nice and well maintained 55 community. This home sat on the market for…
When decorating your house to sell should you be bold with color or stick to neutrals if you have a choice?
We are decorating my dad's house to put on the market to sell. All of the colors will be neutral tones. My brother decided to paint one room neon yellow. I stated we should repaint in a neutral tone.…
How many registered professional home stagers exist in the philadelphia region, and how is the market?
The question is to further ascertain how popular the use of stagers is in Philadelphia as a whole.
Poll Question of the Day: What do you all think about formal living rooms? Love 'em, hate 'em, how do you use 'em?
Feel free to answer this question on my FB business page as well:!/BallantyneRealEstate
What kinds of sofas and theater seating chairs are economical to buy and from where?
What kinds of sofas and theater seating chairs are economical to buy and from where?
HGTV's series 'The UnSELLABLES' coming to San Diego. Are you a realtor with a decor challenged listing needing a free design?
transformation? Calling all REALTORS in SAN DIEGO! Do you have a ‘décor challenged’, owner occupied, residential property listing that could use a free design makeover? HIT HGTV series,…
Do I need to stage my home?
Should I hire a interior designer to design my home ,so that I can sell the home?
Has anyone completed the Haverhill home staging course? ONLY past students need reply- no personal opinions.
Hello Tippi, Just wanted to follow up to find out how you did in your test and if you were offered employment. I'm planning on taking the course with Haverhill but I want to make sure it delivers…
where can i get cool doorknobs?
where can I get cool doorknobs?
Virtual Staging: What's on your wish list?
Virtual staging is using a computer/computer program to "stage" a home. Often, photos are taken of a vacant home, then images of furniture and accessories are placed in the picture, ending up…
Can I install 6' fence in my front yard ? Im in R2 zone zip 10310
I have a big front yard and I wanted to create playground for my kids. I just cant find anywhere if I can install fence in my front yard. Nobody on my block has one and I dont have a corner property.
Want to get my townhouse painted (only interiors) Can anyone refer a professional painter in central NJ area.
Also, any idea idea how much it would cost for a 3 bed / 2.5 bath to get it painted??
Want to get my townhouse painted (only interiors) Can anyone refer a professional painter in central NJ area.
Also, any idea idea how much it would cost for a 3 bed / 2.5 bath to get it painted??
I live in Arizona and I am thinking about replacing carpeting in 2 rooms. One is an office and one is the guestroom. They are both off of the same
hallway. Do buyers prefer guestrooms to be carpeted here for me to split the choice even though the rooms are off of the same visual hallway or do I go with matching the rooms for esthetic value? Does…
Has 2036 sw lance avenue 34593 been sold?
Can I get a closer look at the shape of the pool at the above mentioned property? I am interested in installing the same type of pool in my recently acquired home.
Has Flower Mound made any progress in getting the city to leave Open House signs alone for a designated period of time?
Stagers, I love to hear what you take with you when you are going to stage a home. I'm sure we all carry nails, hammers, measuring tape, cup hooks, furniture markers, but what other odd things…
I'm an architectural designer in DC looking to work with buyers and agents of rehab/foreclosure properties.
I have qualified and licensed contractors that I work with and am able to deliver drawings for permitting and construction. Is there a local website where I can network with rehabbers?
How can I add color/design to glass front door?
I want to add color or design to my dual front doors that have large glass panes. I have looked into the 'window wallpaper', however I am looking for other options. What could I do to make these…
we would like to get feedback or insights from homeowners who purchased their homes from Lennar homes in Clarksburg, MD. especially for the royale 1.
we would like to get feed back with regards to the construction of their homes, heating and cooling systems. also we would like to get feedback with regards to the security of the area and accessibility…
Manufacturers of onyx tiles, onyx slabs, onyx blocks, white onyx, green onyx, dark green onyx, red onyx,
multi red onyx, marble, marble tiles, marble slabs, marble mosaic, onyx mosaic, broken onyx, indus gold marble, michelangle marble, sahara gold marble, sahara beige marble, carrara marble, green marble,…
What is the BEST Color for Dining Rooms?
My clients are planning to put their home's on the market and have dark brown color on their dining room walls, What do you think about brown color in the dining rooms? What is your favorite color…
I just got the opportunity to stage homes for someone who buys homes, fix them up and sell them once they are staged. I live in the Jacksonville, fl
area and I have no idea what and how to charge tem. Can any help me with this and tell me how I can decide what to charge.
How much would it cost to add a 3 car garage onto the back of a home in Bryan, Texas?
I would be using identical brick and standard materials and of course need to add electrical and plumbing to the garage. Anyone have a guesstimate? And yes, I have cleared this with my HOA.
Is butterscotch stained hardwood floor suitable for Kraftmaid Honeyspice maple cabinets (new)?
We just received our Kraftmaid Honeyspice stained maple cabinets. While we were aware of color variations, it is much lighter than the sample we saw in the store. The finish is almost natural. For…
Sprucing up to sell...paint colors and flooring questions?
We are wanting to paint the living room/hall/kitchen area [open floor plan, all walls connect] a grey-blue, more grey than blue...looks like an icy blue. We are wanting to paint the master bedroom a…
Wallpaper and house value?
Does wallpaper reduce the value of a house even if it is good condition? Are there any exceptions to this? Does wallpaper turn off buyers too? Are there any houses where wallpaper should be used? Will…
Interested in a good and reasonably priced landscape designer that can draw a picture to transform a dirt backyard into a nice oasis for a client?
Interested in a good and reasonably priced landscape designer in the Scottsdale or Phoenix metro that can draw a picture to transform a dirt backyard into a nice oasis for a client. Does anyone have first…
What is the cost to update JUST kitchen cabinet doors?
Does anyone know how much it costs to get new cabinet doors? Cabinet boxes and layout just fine, only new doors for approx 20 linear feet? Thanks!
need your phone number
to correct a delivery problem with recliner,asap thank you 8287281486, seeking Scottie Oxentine
Where can I get ideas on how to design a railroad style apartment. I'm going to live in a place where the living room is 7.5 feet wide and 15
feet long. I'm also concerned whether I could find a sofa that could fit in my stairway (less than 3ft wide)...
I am a student in Westlake High School. I have entered in a project to design a house and I have some questions.
My partner and I have been having disputes about floor plans. We had a media room on our first floor. Our teacher didn't like our floor plan so my partner is deciding to put it in the basement.…
Is that the for real house that they used on Roseanne? Next to like 619 s runnymeade ave? I know they only used "shots" of the house, not
the actual location, but I love the show, and the house, and I want blueprints to build my own version. It so rocks!
No photo or cat photo in Agent /Broker
There should be a guideline it the Trulia Real Search? We should not put any picture, as a professional we we should put a decent one not a cat or dog picture, Are you agree me.....
I have a design / cabinet showroom in the Dewey Village shopping center. If there are any agents who refer prospects to me and they sign a contract
I am willing to offer referral fees to those agents. If anyone is interested please contact Ed Gronske - Homefront Design Studio at 908 350 3376
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