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Hello, I have a transunion score of 632 (not fico) out of 850 but fico score of 577 ( I really hate fico). I want to buy a home.
I would like an FHA loan for a home in the western new york region. I have the income for a small mortgage (max 80K). Im sick of wasting money on rent ($835). I have been fixing my credit for nearly…
I am looking to rent a modest casita, mother-in-law, mobile home in a safe area where I can live below my means. Single story a must, dog friendly,
non HOA. I like to think my neighbors have common sense rather than have to be forbidden a clothesline. I want to find a super community and put down roots. Is my post divorce poor credit going to ruin…
Can i still get approved with a low Credit score.?
My credit scores is not the good would I be able to obtain a loan base on my credit scores. My E-mail is
Homepath financing
I am currently in underwriting for a homepath loan. My file is getting beat up based on my Dti and lack of credit history... My dti is at 35 percent with 720 scores no negatives but only 10 months of credit…
How do I get a auto charge off removed from my credit? In my divorce decree my ex spouse was awarded the truck and was financial responsible for it.
I have supplied the creditor with copies of my divorce decree and they response I'm still responsible for the auto that he didn't pay and it was repossessed since it was a joint account. I have 3 more…
I have a 620 credit score I am looking for an FHA home loan but am being told lenders need a 640 credit score. Are there any lenders that can help me?
My mid score is a 619 to be exact so just below 620, does anyone know a Lender that can give me a loan with my bad credit score?? Looking to buy ASAP
I am ready to start my first home purchase asap and wondering if I qualify for a home loan.
My scores are Trans - 579, Ex - 642, Eq - 685. I have 2 accounts in collections and 1 is a medical bill.
Any lenders in AZ who use the Vantage Score vs the Fico?
My friend in Michigan recently got a home loan based off her vantage score with a 5% interest rate. Do any lenders in AZ offer mortgage loans based off the Vantage score? My fico middle is 585, my vantage…
credit score needed to qualify
I have a credit score of 620 do I qualify for a CalVet loan
FHA Credit Score 634
My lowest credit score is 634 and my highest is 666. I have three credit cards. One with a $400 limit (Capital One) one with a $200 limit (Orchard Bank) one with a $100 limit (Macy's) all are paid…
Credit score transunion 615,exprian,equifax -585 need to refinance FHA 30 years mortgage. Can anyone help me? Never been late on Morgtgage pymt.
Our lease of contract will expire nxt yr june we live in greenhouse villas 77449, were thinking of buying a house nxt area can u give us advice
But we prefer the a nice area close to katy mills 77494 can u give us advice to purchase a new house or just get refinancing, i realy dont have any idea abt buying the house, were ready to see some open…
My credit score is 605 and I want to know what to do to raise the score so we can purchase a home.
I just received my credit score from a mortgage broker and I would really like to know what steps to take to raise my score so we can purchase a home. I'm a first-time homebuyer and we have seen a…
643 credit score, applying for a loan
My credit score (mid) is 643. Right now, how likely am I to get a loan in Southern Cali. Income on paper being about $40,000, debt being about $5,000. Looking to put 20% down for a 150,000 home, loan being…
What if my credit score is average and my income is no more than 1,900 a month, would i still be consider?
I am interested in a mobile home which has been value for 35,000, what are my chances?
My assn. has placed a special assessment on us, my portion is 4,000. they say we have to pay it back in one year because it is an emergency sp.
Right not it is a hardship to pay the full amt. each month. If I pay less each month and take longer to pay (19 mos. instead of 12) will that affect my credit rating. I plan on paying the full amount…
Hi. I live in Lacey Township NJ. I own my house outright and appraises for roughly 300-350k. Want to do a few improvement projects and wanted to do
it by borrowing from equity in the house. Only problem is I have some old student loan debt which I am working on repaying but due to that and some other negatives on credit report my score is roughly…
Home loan with mid credit scores of 560 and 608?
Is it possible to be approved for a FHA loan in Texas with one person having a score of 560 and the other with 608?
Bad credit but large $ down
If I wanted to by a home that is 190,000$ and put 100,000$ down would my bad credit keep me from getting first time home buyer loan or any loan?
hi. i am immigrating to us for life. so i do not have any information about credit ,conditions and other aspects(especially loan type).
one of the my main question is that my credit score only depend on my job or payment if so how. by the way if i have noticeable money in my account with co-exist of receiving loan of same bank ,would…
Hello, I am trying to move to newark DE. My credit score isn't perfect,it's around 570. I am looking to rent something by 8/10/13.
I need a unit under 800$ for my daughter and I. Since my score isn't perfect can I give a little extra for my deposit. What are the chances?
Trying to find another apartment since our lease is expiring. Due to an injury and unpaid medical bills. Our credit is bad. We have not been able to
pay our medical bills but we are paying our rent. How can we rent another home without being force to be homeless. Thank you so much for your help and time.
Hi, Can only one spouse apply for a mortgage? I have student loan debt-I'm still in school for my doctorate & my husband is a working professional.
I don't want to affect the debt-to-income ratio. I'm graduating this year but we will purchase a home before I officially graduate. I'm also contemplating taking out an additional student loan for this…
Can I get a conventional loan with short credit history?
Situation: Joint application - I have 10 years credit history 780 , my husband has short credit history. Neither of us have been late on any payments. He has three CC's and one installment loan.…
My husband and I are wanting to purchase our first home. My fico score at worst is 618 and his is higher. Is there financing we can get?
I plan on paying two credit cards below 50% at the end of march which will raise my score higher. I have had credit issues in the past due to my ex not paying his portion of medical bills and they went…
I have a 604 credit score, my fiancee is in the mid 500s. We both have jobs. Can We get financed on a mortgage?
My fiance has been working steadily for 10 years with a short stint on unemployment about 1.5 years ago. I have been unemployed for about a year -- I am a full-time college student -- but am now working…
Poor credit score but trying to qualify for a home loan
My husband and I are currently looking to purchase another home. He has excellent credit and I have a credit score of 561. Hopefully this will go up because i recently disputed some negative things on…
Looking for lender to get me a home loan with bad credit
I am living in missouri and looking to purchase a home. My husbands scores are 554 554 549 and mine are 541 540 576. Could anyone please tell me where to find a lender that provides loans in missouri that…
I need to improve my credit score of 564 to move on with life and family.
Hi, I am 23 yrs old female. I can see that my Experian credit score is 564. I had many issues as an 18yr old that im still trying to fix. I am currently repaying two debt collectors (1 more payment on…
How does a Short Sale affect one's credit score?
I have been told several different things in regards to this question. I am trying to find out if it lowers one's score, does it prevent one from purchasing a home within the next year, how does it look…
I have a 530 credit score and my wife has a 596. Would i be able to obtain a mortgage as a first time home buyer?
-- This question was asked from this property:
My credit scores are 612EQ, 618EX, and can I get the other two up with TU?!?
I want to buy a house, we have some money for a down payment, and there is nothing on my credit report to pay off, change etc. Please advise. Thanks!!
Can I get a decent mortgage rate without a FICO score? Please help!
Hi, I've just found out that the bank (Bank of America) with whom I have a secured credit card since the last 8 months has not been reporting to FICO--despite its stated advertisement to 'build'…
Can I get a home loan with a 620 Beacon score?
My wife and I have 620 beacon scores and we have heard that the minimum has been raised from 620 to 640. Is there any lender that will still do a home loan with 620? We have a 34% debt to income ratio…
Credit mid score dropped 11 points since preapproval
I was preapproved in July with a 681 mid score up to $125,000. I put an offer on a short sale at the end of August for $90,000 with 3% closing. I’ve read horror stories of how banks were taking…
Who can i talk to for FREE about my credit report?
Theres some things on my credit report that shouldnt be there I know i never own these thing in i need to talk to someone but every number i call ask for a fee can someone please help me out?
Who can I talk to you for free about my credit report?
There are some things on my credit report that should not be on it I know I never own these things but every number I call ask for a fee does anyone know a number that I can call an get free assistance?
Are our credit scores high enough for a home loan yet?
My husband & my Vantagescores are 745 & 650 respectively, with annual income of $77300 & our monthly debt payments are $1000. Is it possible for us to be approved for a home loan yet?
Low credit score conventional loan
Hi I am looking to purchase a condo in the DFW area for about 75000. I went to get a pre approval today and was denied bc I didn't know that Texas is a community property state and that my husbands…
Is there anyone who will give a mortgage to a credit score under 620?
We are currently renting and our lease is almost up and we'd like to buy a home. We are 2 years out from a bankruptcy with no late payments since. Husband's credit score is right around 600…
What is a solid web site to assist with improving your personal credit score ? is a website that offers ways to improve your credit score.
is it usual for that i am a member of three different credit providers transunion, expedian and one that shows all three reports free credit score?
and they all have three different scores my transunion report is significantly higher on the actual transunion website by 40 plus points then on free credit score and the expedian website has it being…
This house still on sale
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Can you really get an FHA loan with a credit score of 500? If so, will the monthly payment be high due to the interest rate (over 6%) ?
After the research I have done online and from asking close family members and friends, I have gotten mixed reviews on my question.
Mortgage in USA for Russian residence
Hi, I'm Russian residence, I live in Russia, but I want to buy home in USA ( in Naples, Florida). Can I get a mortgage in USA? What terms and conditions? Please advice the bank, who can provide such…
Question about filing for bankruptcy
If I file bankruptcy, how will that help me?
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