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First time buyers tax credit closing deadline most likely to be extended. Is it a relief because most of your closing were really under the gun?
On June 16, 2010, the Senate approved an amendment which would extend the present home buyer tax credit closing deadline to September 30. The measure, approved in a 60-37 vote, is one of several government…
I have 2 adjoining residential properties totaling 3 acres. How would I determine whether assemblage would increase market value?
I have 2 adjoining residential properties totaling 3 acres. How would I determine whether assemblage would increase market value?
W-9 form Requirement from Listing Agent
I don't understand why lately several listings on the Westside require Selling Agent to provide W-9 Form before submit offer from buyers. Do you have any idea about this?
I am a broker in CA. I did a short sale for a client, got the approvals and now she is saying forget it! Can I take legal action for my commission?
We got approvals from the first and 2nd. The 2nd informed the seller that they were planning on filing a deficiency judgment for about 80K after the short sale is over. However, they also told her that…
I have an out of state investor looking for properties in the Decatur, Ga. area. 3/2's or better under $100K. Call or email if you have
anything. Let me know what you have available and i will preview for him.
How many months does one have to wait to purchase after a short sale?
Lenders please advise - Fannie Mae guidelines state 2 years after a short sale for a new home purchase loan and we have been sharing this information with the consumer. In a meeting today it was stated…
The Washington State Licensing Law goes into affect on July 1st. How does carrying the Broker title change what you do in your business?
In other words, what are you going to do differently after July 1st that you are or are not doing now.
What results are other agents getting on post card direct mail versus letter direct mail?
I've been using color postcards to find short sale clients. They are jumbo size. I've had 0-1 call per 200 mailed on average. I feel letters addressed to someone will at least get opened and…
Any Asset Manangers or REO agents have any good deal condos for sale in downtown W.P.B.?
I have quite a few buyers looking for 'deal' properties in downtown W.P.B., Flagler Drive, and PAlm Beach island (condos and single family homes). If you have the listing please contact me with…
Any one want a lease listing and management referral for Eagan MN.?
I have a client who lives in and is ready to buy in Texas, but needs to lease their house in Eagan MN. It's a 2200 sq. ft. house in a nice neighborhood. It's currently for sale but they are probably…
Need a Broker in the Summerfield, FL area...
that wold like a referral for a listing. Would prefer a Broker experienced in residential sales and a Broker that can be aggressive with marketing (the home was listed previously for one year, but expired…
Does anyone know of a Transaction Coordinator in San Diego?
We represent both the buyer and seller. We are already past the 17 day mark of the sale and are looking for someone to complete the file.
Cell phone recommendations for Realtors (on Verizon)
I'm on Verizon, and it's probably time for me to get a new cell phone. I currently have a Palm Centro and have never been very happy with it. The keyboard is so tiny it's almost unusable.…
I was wondering if anyone knew of a position that I would qualitfy for?
I am currently looking for a position in Home Retention or Case Management. I currently have my mortage originators license and experience talking to customers as well as taking pictures of the home.
Extension of Home Buyer Tax Credit Deadline
Congress "could" possibly extend the homebuyer tax credit deadline from June 30 to September 30. The April 30th guideline for the contract remains in effect. Do you think this will help the…
Any Santa Cruz, CA agents want to do an open house at a beach area condo?
See my listing for 200 W. Cliff Drive #20. Shows great with new carpet, paint, etc. etc. etc. In a gated community across from the Dream Inn, but main gate can be opened during OH. On busy street, great…
Are there any Realtors in the Austin area...?
that are looking for an assistant? Please let me know if you are as I know of one that would make a great asset to your company. Email me for details please.
Do you think we'll see in increase of bank owned properties hit the market this summer?
The rumors are still out there that we're going to get "hit" by an influx of lender's releasing large numbers of bank owned properties. Same scenario as last summer. There are many…
Real Estate License
I just finish my real estate exam and I am going to take the state exam soon. Do I need to get a broker to sponser me first or can I wait until I pass and then look for one? Any good ones in SI that…
Are there any real estate brokers that would be ideal for a new, part-time agent to work for in Contra Costa?
I just received my license and would like to start learning the ins-and-outs of the industry on a part time basis (ie, evenings and weekends). I've received mixed responses from a limited number of agents,…
Any lenders out there that have mortgages for properties held in irrevocable trusts? (NOT living trusts). Thanks.
I'm managing an estate that includes property left in irrevocable trusts for the benefit of minor children. Would like to refi a couple to lock in lower rates. The properties have good cash flow.
I need to know about the role a real estate agent plays in an 'assignment' purchase with an investor... Are there any realtors out there?
that specialize in this? I have an investor that wants to create a group and do this on a regular basis. I dont know where to start!
If selling FSBO is so bad why would an agent do it? See a FSBO by a broker inside and please help me understand this.
We have often been told that FSBO does not work. Real estate professionals sell houses and FSBO do not. If this is true can anyone explain this listing on http://www.forsalebyown…
I am looking for real estate agents and financial advisors in the US whose portfolio include international investment / cash-flow properties.
I am launching a new magazine that deals exclusively with investment real estate in Pattaya. The magazine will be launched 1 July 2010 – I would like to know how I can reach agents and clients to…
I recently attended a Marketing Seminar. Of course, the speaker during his presentation, emphasized the importance of the Internet in marketing homes. The one thing he stated, which I do…
Does anyone know where I could buy inexpensive software to virtually stage a vacant home? I am doing this for my client and don't want to pay
the $250 to have it done for me, surely there is software out there where I could do it myself.
Looking for 1 affiliate to join our team in Ladera ranch, great commission structure & opportunity for growth
I am a current agent in Ladera Ranch California, looking to bring on 1 affiliate to work with me in loans & financial assistance. Great commission structure and leads are provided along with marketing…
How many realtors get one phone call or email a day from trulia?
The trulia pro ad shows one person who is saying this. Is it true of anyone else or is that just one persons exceptional luck to get that many leads from here?
Are there any banks still offering to Lower The Principle on Mortgages that are Under Water if the home owner has never fell behind on payments?
I read that the principle would be lowered by refinancing into a FHA loan. This would be funded by 14 billion from the Administrations existing 75 billion Foreclosure Prevention Program. I read the…
How to split commission between 4 agents?
A potential client expressed to his agent (1) that he his looking for a condo. Later the client walks by a real estate office looking at the window display and was approached by agent (2) to see some properties.…
Are any agents working with in Georgia?
Only found online responses in other States. Are they here?
I am getting a Realtor license from California and want to set up my own shop after rather that working for Remax,Century 21?
Does anyone have any experience in this area?or has anyone done this before.I am a CPA and had my own small practice and i want to do the same here after i get my California realtor license,
The neighborhood that is behind TJ Maxx on University and Orchard. Does anyone know if this is a?
transitional neighborhood? There are some scrapes but not enough to make my clients comfortable. Does anyone know anything about this area?
Who do you know that is interested in buying or selling real estate in the greater Phoenix area? We are Never
too busy for a referral from you. We will take excellent care of you, your family and/or your clients. We have a well established referral network around the country and would like to work with you. Sincerely,…
I have an investor who is seeking foreclosed or short sale in Myers Park, Eastover or Dilworth. His desire is to be extemely shart on the price, but
can close quickly. If you have anything in this cataglory, please e-mail me. Regards, Richard Roskind
Do any listing brokers give price discounts for cash offers?
I was watching one of those scripted "reality" shows about real estate recently and the listing agent was holding an open house. A buyer's agent approached the listing agent and said, "my…
What are the points to pay on a HomePath loan?
My client is in escrow to purchase a fannie mae property with a home path loan. The loan officer is saying that interest rate went down but points went up and is trying to charge 2.5 points (each point…
Needed: Realtor in WASHINGTON State, servicing area around Stanwood to assist buyer. 300 range sfh.
Annette Lawrence ReMax Leave contactinformation via email at:
Has anyone done a seller-financed deal in a Coop?
I might think this would not be allowed by the board but I'm curious to know if anyone has done such a deal and what they went through.
Limited REO Releases? Is it real?
I have been searching day and night for the actual regulations that stipulate the banks to limit the amount of REO properties to be release daily/ weekly/ monthly/ etc..... I have heard many discussions,…
How can I use my florida real estate license in North Carolina? I am licensed in Florida but I moved to North Carolina.
I want to work but I dont want to go back to school. Is there any ways to earn money from North Carolina? Assisting, telecommuting, selling etc... I do not know enough people to refer.
Hi Agents! I am looking for a property for a highly motivated buyer. I have seen everything in the MLS, if you have something not in the MLS,
Please call me, Kate Adams 858-775-0007. I need a single level, $2M price range, pool or room for a pool, ASAP!
Family photos in vacation rentals?
I manage a portfolio of properties for an investor. One of the properties is a vacation rental on a beach in another state that the owner uses one week each year. The home is filled with pictures of…
In North Carolina the Real Estate commission is deciding to use only alternative two. As a Realtor, do you believe this is a good direction?
My opinion thhat the option fee will be very minimun if nothing as in the commercial offer to purchase.
can I take money directly from tenants if i am on TN visa (status)?
I am on TN visa(status),and ready to buy a house in US.Can I take the rent money directly from tenants, or i need a property managment.Does TN status allow me to do repairs, improuvments in the house?Thanks…
Caravan or Open House? Are they worth while in rural areas? Any ideas on how to increase foot traffic in these areas?
I once offered $100 cash drawing for caravan (rural area) and not one agent came. The price was below market and the property was above average for the area. Open House seems to be a thing of the past…
What are the benefits to being a Real Estate Broker?
What are the liabilities, do you have to audit each file an Agent does? Why have th Costs (franchise fees, employees, leasing expenses)? Do you actually net more after you pay expenses than the Agent?
I am looking to become a real estate professional. Where should I go to real estate school in California?
I currently am going to Pro Schools in Oregon in preparation for my real estate license. I am now making an unplanned move to California and am looking for recommendations for real estate schools there…
When would you advise a buyer to walk away from the home?
I had to advise a buyer to walk away from a home today. There were major structural issues and some evidence of deceipt in the transaction. I mentioned it another agent and she said "I have never…
Came across this software for analyzing the homeowners choice of loan modification or short sale.
I am looking for someone that is using this information and can give an opinion on it's value. It is recommended by Think Big Work Small on their Daily Show. And their recommendations are usually…
What impact is the newly signed "Home Buyer Tax Credit" going to provide the real estate market in CA?
With Governor Schwarzenegger signing the new "HBTC" into effect, and the State of CA in such financial distress, do you think this is going to stimulate the real estate market enough to counter…
How much extra will a $50,000 pool and backyard landscape bring to an appraisal? This is a very nice canyon home in North Mira Mesa.
Top of the line kitchen as well. Without the backyard, it would easily comp out at around $600,000. What can we expect with the beautiful yard and private canyon lot on top of that?
Need an Agent that is in both the Lakeway MLS and Knoxville Area MLS. Have a listing referral in Caryville Area.
Looking for someone who is a full time agent and has atleast 5 current listings and 5 closings this year at a minimum.
Does anyone have suggestions on good 'Search Solution' companies for company web sites in Chicago. And any
thoughts on IDX vs. VOW right now. I've heard that nearly 97% of companies opt in for the IDX, is that correct?
Being fairly new to the world of social media I am wondering what you all find most useful in your real estate business.
What do you think of Trulia vs Active Rain vs Blogs (i.e. Wordpress) vs facebook fan pages? I am doing them all but it is a lot to aborb and learn about, and it is taking a great deal of time - do you…
What home warranty companies do you typically recommend to buyers?
Right now I typically provide the First American Home Warrany Brochure but wanted to know a couple other good options so I could provide a choice for buyers.
Help! I need a painter in Austin to paint the interior of a garage apartment. I need it done quickly and for a reasonable price.
Help! I need a painter in Austin to paint the interior of a garage apartment. I need it done quickly and for a reasonable price. I take possession Wednesday afternoon and need it finished by Saturday morning.…
New Agent
I passed my sales agent exam! I'm looking for a good broker firm to start as part time agent. Is there any good broker you can recommend in north/central NJ?
Has anyone been involved with RE Advocate? RE Expert program?
I had signed up for the program and feel that I have been totally duked. Was wondering how many other agents fell into the same trap and if there is anything that we can do about it.
What action should I take when a seller changes their mind about completing repairs?
I am representing the buyer. Both parties agreed to terms and the contract was receipted by title. During the option period, the inspection was completed and a list of repairs was sent to the seller's…
NYC - I am a "pending" Real Estate Sales Agent looking for advice on "a great place to start" my new career. As a mid career
changer I am seeking a Co. that provides training, mentorship and professional development. I want to build a career in the industry. Residential Sales is my starting point. All advice, guidance, direction…
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