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How successful are you in getting meaningfully unconditional commitment letters from your client's lenders?
In this market, I'm getting really nervous with financing contingency periods that are anything less than the estimated closing date of the transaction. Of course, sellers don't like that, but…
Real Estate agents in order to better serve my clients I don't force a short sale until we've explored all other options.
For loss mitigation cases where we can negotiate new terms I use I'd like to know how do you better service your clients?
Has anyone had short sale experience with Wells Fargo?
How long did the approval take? Do they pre-approve a sale price? Any other advice?
If you were asked what indispensable marketing software is needed for real estate success, what would you say?
What would you say are the most indispensable software products out there for your real estate success?
What is the best day to send out mailers?
I've heard some days are better than others. Please advise if you have success with mailings on certain days. I do believe content is the most important factor, but what about day?
Keller Williams Family Reunion
Who all is going to the Family Reunion? I would love to set up a meeting with anyone going that is not from my immediate farm so we can assist each other in the future as each other's referral agents?…
A month into the new year and I'm wondering if anyone has had or forsee any problems closing their escrows due to the new RESPA guidelines?
What problems have you run into, what steps have you taken to make sure everything has gone smoothly?
Virtual Tours- Do I really need to pay for them?
I am trying to decide whether to continue paying for previsite tours or not. Our MLS does offer a free one and I am just trying to figure out if it is feasible to continue spending extra time and money…
How can I bring the right product to the right buyers across the country traveling to Chicago IL?
I have a listing with 100 units available but most of them are studios which have been totally updated with new kitchens and baths. They are in the heart of the Gold Coast and Old Town neighborhoods close…
Free marketing help
What are the best ways to market yourself for free if you are a new agent?
I am currently working with Windfarm Project. I am looking for Hedge Fund to compete financing. We already have the land and have about 7 projects.
We need funding for permits and zonning permits. If anyone can help us please reach out. Thanks
Looking to send out Referrals
I am looking to put together a list of REALTORS that I can give to clients that are moving out of my area. If you would like to be part of this list, let me know.
How do you handle an unsolicited request for a price suggestion.?
An investor found me on Zillow as a specific area expert and asked me to give him asuggestion on some of his properties. I am not sure if I want to put alot of time into a CMA as I don't think he…
I am looking to network with as many agents as possible in this New Year. Let's talk.
I am looking to build my network this year. Let's talk. I love to refer business and get referrals.
If a Realtor uses profanity as a way of would you handle it?
I am dealing with a Realtor from a different Brokers office who uses profanity consistently. He is hostile and very demanding so I am not comfortable addressing him directly with this issue as I know…
The IL state exam
Can anyone tell me is the IL state exam multiple choice or if not , what is the format? Also is there alot of math on the test? Thanks
Where is a good place to meet buyer clients for the first time?
I could meet clients at my office, but for many that would be a long drive. I'm looking for an alternative. Any suggestions on locations or how to best handle this situation? When I say locations,…
Real Estate Offices in Supermarkets, After reading the following article would you work here?
Real Estate Offices in Supermarkets, After reading the following article would you work here?
What does a notary/certified loan document signer make per signing?
My wife is already a notary and was thinking of obtaining a loan signing license for part time work.
I'm looking into getting a Contact Management or CRM system for real estate.
There are many choices. Can anyone offer suggestions, either recommendations or warnings?
Have a client that owns a duplex with a partner. His partner has the mortgage on the house, my client is NOT on the mortgage. My clients partner
is considering bankruptcy, and looks like he is going to loose the house to foreclosure. QUESTION: My client is asking whether or not his credit would be affected because he IS on title on the duplex…
Have any agents or brokers had a situation like this:
My clients found a property on their own and wanted me to put an offer for them. I presented the offer to the listing office without physically going to the property…it was a REO property and time…
I am looking for a Loss Mitigation Certified Broker in the Attleboro, MA area.
I would like a buyer broker who has closed at least 12 transactions over the past 12 months to refer a client to.
Free marketing help
What are the best ways to market yourself for free if you are a new agent?
I just passed my real estate agent test, I need to sign on with a company. Im on disability n dont have a lot of up front money to start.
would be best for me? And what r the usuall start up cost? I love real estate been wanting to do this along time.
Under what circumstances is it acceptable to release (Fire) a client that you have been assisting.
Lets explore the obvious practical aspects as well as the ethical aspects.
How calculate lot size for condominium?
When calculating the lot size of a condominium do we include the common areas or easements?
I have put a bid for my client on a bank owned property. During the inspection period bank has not made property ready for inspection (elect, gas,
water) as promised in the addendum to contract. before inspection period was up, we sent an ammendment to extend the closing date. It's been 5 calendar days and no response from bank. Now option period…
I have a client who inherited a home and wants to know if he is eligible for the first time home buyers credit. I guess we are looking for a loophole
or stipulation that allows for inheritance not to be included. If anyone knows if he can still get the credit, let me know!
Need to Find Out if Anyone has had Luck Closing a Chase 1st & 2nd Short Sale on an Investment/ Vacation Home?
I have done short sales on primary's only. I already had them contact their tax attorney regarding consequences.
What Do You Do At Your Open Houses?
I do a lot of open houses as a way to find new clients, and I am just wondering what other agents do to make them successful? What do you do with your signage, do you use a sign in sheet, bake cookies,…
$20,000 website, was it worth it? I just invested a large sum of money on a new real estate website that
includes custom idx and other unique features. I'm hoping to get some feedback from other real estate professionals (and consumers) on anything that may need improvement or I may have left out. If you…
55 community designation and what to do????
Since we are moving away from being able to share community lifestyle by using this term, does anyone have an idea of how we can portray an accurate immage to buyers without becoming entangled with threats…
Anyone on Trulia has exceptional software design / internet skills?
As well as real estate expertise? Please leave your bit here and I will contact you in view of a serious web service business proposition. Thank you!
I have a short sale who's 2nd mortgage is U.S. Bank. They have raised the payoff amount they want twice! Anyone else dealing with this issue?
The 1st is a HUD, Negotiator says per HUD- 2nd is only entitled to $2,500 total. U S Bank said $6,000. Buyer scrambled to raise more cash and now they want $11,125. Does anyone know of a mortgagee letter…
Do you have any suggestions to get my short sale contract past the brick wall of a mega-bank? Contract price is at appraisal price, but they reject it
I have worked several short sales, successfully closing them. One closed in as little as 3 weeks, and the longest took 7 months. I have one short sale listing which is under contract. The mega bank lender…
How do you build an effective team to assist with transactions?
Trying to decide to have buyer agents or transaction coordinators? What motivates them to stay in a team environment instead of working on their own. I would appreciate any feedback on this subject. Thank…
FHA commission?
How much does FHA pay to loans agents for FHA loans? Thanks!
What is the lot size for condominiums?
I've noticed that when looking at condominium properties on MLS that the condo lot size is listed in many variations as follows: 1. Sometimes lot size listed as zero 2. Sometimes lot size list…
Has anyone heard any more on the subject of the Banks being required to give a Short Sale $ amount before we take a contract? I read on
someone's blog that Bank of America is on board. How can we find out more on this?
What do you do when the Realtor who is also the owner is being unreasonable?
We went to do our home inspection and the home inspector turns to me and says the gas is not on in the property. I call the Realtor (who is also 1/2 owner to tell her) She says it was the other half's…
I'm totally confused as to where to go to get a web site designed that looks smart, has a place for blogs and
RSS feeds, allows me to have 25-30 pages of information, and has SEO up front, with tutorials on my own management of monthly maintenance of its SEO capabilities. Do you have a favorite web site designer…
Does anyone know how to use the KODAK flip camera editing tools?
I have taken a video of my listings and cannot figure out how to cut out the "bad" parts. There are no instructions for the editing tools?
I'm looking for a success story from an agent who was successful in getting a short sale closed through B of A...anyone?
Do you have first hand experience working on short sales with B of A? I'm looking for tips and things to be cautious of when dealing with a short sale there. Thanks!
Is this a good time to become a real estate agent? I have heard from many sources that there are already an abundance of agents out there that if I
start now, I will be gobbled up by the big dogs! If not now then when? Is there a good time or better time to become an agent? Thank you!
Should MLS sale data be available to the public?
I'm curious if the community feels that agents still feel the need to keep the sale prices out of the hands of the public.
I have had no luck with Bank of America, 4 listings, many contracts, the bank is now refusing to input the Appraisal that they had done. I am in
Stage 2, Stage 3 being closing. I am now finding other agents are just not willing to show Bank of America short sales, they know it is a waste of their time and most importantly their clients. (by the…
Im looking for a agent to sell a home in Nogales, AZ. I want a referral fee of 25%, its a $300,000 home.
This is my Mom's home. Sits on 3 acres , home with guest house with renter below. Please let me know. Thanks
What does Social Media Mean to you and your Business?
Is anyone taking this serious, meaning are you using this as just another tool or a real way to connect with people and the community. I would like to hear feedback from agents, buyers if any want to contribute…
What is your best advice for new agents on prospecting and any useful techniques that may generate more leads?
A new agent asked this question as a part of her answer to another question. Let's help her out with some great ideas. Pros and VIP's welcome
Hello, I am getting my license as a real estate agent and I plan to settle down in Southern CA. I want to know which is the best realty company for a
fresh new real estate agent to work for? And which CA market is a great place to be in real estate...San Diego, Pasadena, OC, Arcadia...etc?? Thank you!
Does anyone know how C21 business system work between agent and broker? What is the split? How is the work environment and support system?
Additional question 2: Can anyone please share the pros and cons the comes with being a new RE agent? Or being a RE agent in general? Thank you!!
Changing brokerage
I'm working in small company.I'm planning to change the brokerage.Can anyone tell me what's good working in big brokerage?
My client received a Notice of Filing from the P. B. County, Fl. court. It's called an AFFIDAVIT OF INDEBTEDNESS. Why this instead of Lis?
Pendens? They stopped paying their mortgage but were working with the lender for Deed in Lieu. Please some expert assistance?
I get questions about schools all the time (ie, which is best, opinion on private vs. public). How do you handle this with your clients?
I provide area school reports. But we are so limited on what we can say to buyers that I get nervous when I provide any information at all.
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