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NYC - I am a "pending" Real Estate Sales Agent looking for advice on "a great place to start" my new career. As a mid career
changer I am seeking a Co. that provides training, mentorship and professional development. I want to build a career in the industry. Residential Sales is my starting point. All advice, guidance, direction…
Any ideas on how to best work expired listings?
Ive tried to work expireds in the past with little success. I have much better success with FSBO. Its seems like the opposite should be true.
What are the best ways to attract new agents to your company?
Five years ago as a new agent, I didnt really know what to look for in a company. I love the independent company Im with, but its difficult to persuade new agents to join. They tend to go for companies…
Where do I learn more about Section 8 in Illinois?
Can someone plese help me learn more about Section 8 in Illinois. Where do I go or who can I talk to about helping clients with Section 8 vouchers to find rentals and how can I get a rental section 8 approved?…
Does anyone know which banks are buying the paper for 203K loans?
I've been told that Chase is the only one that does them, that Chase is very picky, that Chase no longer does them, that B of A does them, and that Wells Fargo does and I just want to hear it from…
When a short sale marked "Pending BU offers" MOVES to "Pending' what does that mean - or what CAN it mean?
Does this mean its a done deal like any other regular sale, or can it only mean the bank has approved it and the seller has still not agreed to any 'contributions' or deficiencies.
Buyer's agents: do you present offers to the listing broker in person? Listing agents: do you accept in-person offer presentations?
Before the days of cheap fax machines and scanners, offers were usually presented in-person. Does anyone still do this anymore?
disagreement with my broker
Hi, I have a verbal agreement with my broker for our split. I have a business with investment properties and sell them through his office. Now he claims that when the commission comes from another office…
What has worked for you?
I want to know what has worked for other agents in keeping their Buyers motivated?
Need a approx. 20 unit apartment building for a client.
Email me directly for more details. PA & NJ properties acceptable. We've seen most of what's on the market. If you have a building owner considering a sale, please get in touch.
I am new to Trulia, so I am curious if you are getting leads from this site. If so, what are you doing. I do not expect any answers from realtors in
the DFW market, but perhaps from another state or TX area. I just targeted one city and paid less than 100 for the month, but I am thinking that might not be enough. Thanks!!
How do I get foreclosure listings?
Another question that those who know, probably won't tell, but it's worth a try! I would appreciate any advice... how do I get in with the banks to list a few foreclosures?! The market…
Need a broker
I have a salesperson license in PA. Now I am moving to Malvern, PA. I need a broker, prefer a small company that can give me a good split for my investment properties or a good fixed fee per house. I will…
I am a real estate broker in Michigan and looking for a seasoned and proven professional in the Benton County (preferably Corvallis) area to refer to.
To elaborate, I have a buyer who will be moving there for doctoral thesis work and I want to be sure they are sent to the right real estate professional. Feel free to email me at…
Anyone out there have experience working with Agent Machine??
Just wanting to know how the process went. How well screened are the leads??
How does one tactfully but effectively "break-up" with a well-liked client? I've had a couple that have fallen into this category -
shame on me! Usually buyer clients-that have little urgency (i.e. looking for an investment property or can easily continue high-end lease month-to-month because its nicer than what they can afford to…
How is everyone else dealing with agents who are giving lockbox combinations to buyers??
How is everyone else dealing with agents who are giving lockbox combinations to their buyers who in turn illegally trespass on the property for an unsupervised showing?
Booties or Bare Feet?
This question may sound silly, but out of curiosity what are your feelings about homeowners requiring buyers & agents to not only remove their shoes but wear booties provided at the front door before…
I am curious how many agents in Denver would find an FHA 203K and mortgage credit certificate class as beneficial for their business this year?
We feel like now that the tax credit is gone, we need to help you understand what benefits you can offer buyers to earn their business.
Where can you go on Trulia to see what other Trulia users are saying about you?
Where can you go to see what other users are saying about you? I just got a call from a user wh said she called because several other users said good things about me "Betina is honest, Betina wont…
I want to move my license to SFV and join a real estate team.
Have willingness to enter the REO arena. I know that the REO business is completely different than non REO. REOs are very hard work and the best way to learn is by doing.
Hello, I’m schedule to take my salesperson exam at the end of May. If all goes well and I pass the exam, does anyone have any good pointers on how
to get started in the San Francisco or Bay Area real estate market? What should I do or say when interviewing with a broker? Should I be worried about commission splits? Should I try to work with a mentor,…
what is the best real estate company to work for in Mesa, AZ?
Im just starting school to get my license and am looking for the best place to learn the job and start my career.
Does anyone know why asking the altitude of a city is such a common real estate question?
I noticed that a lot of people on Trulia ask about the altitude of specific cities and I'm curious why this is such a popular question. Any ideas?
Need the list of BPO company's in US especially in california.
Hi friends , i have running an BPO company for last three years . at present i am searching for the better projects for my concern.can you please help me to find out the list of company's in which…
I just went into escrow on an interesting listing and I'm curious how other agents would handle this situation. Property was listed slightly
above appraised value, multiple offers were received over listing price. Most were about 5% above, one was 10% above. Sellers originally wanted to accept the highest offer and requested an extension…
It's time for a new car. . .What do you think is the best car for a real estate agent and why?
It's that time - My caddy has seen better days and I'm not sure I want another one. I want decent gas milage, comfort for my clients and I mainly work with mid level to upper mid level buyers.…
Anyone here who knows City of Houston Building Codes for Businesses?
I Volunteer with a 501C3 Non Profit Animal Rescue Group. Earlier this month another volunteer put a contract on a house in a commercial/unrestricted area that we hope to turn into a boarding facility…
Trulia Pro and spam
Is anyone else getting bombarded with spam and telemarketing calls since becoming a pro? I get called constantly from companies wanting to 'sell me a zip code'. After asking one company over…
This is just an informal agent survey.
How many of you are still getting drive-by shopper calls from buyers looking to take advantage of the tax credit, but still unwilling to engage your services to find a home?
A friend asked me if she should consider becoming a RE Agent in Las Vegas at this time - I told her no, not at this time . What do you think?
I told my friend I think she would also be better off in another market (region) with more non-SS's and REO's since the Vegas market seems to be over 95% REO/SS homes at this time. I'm…
So if your listing isn't getting any showings?
perhaps it's time to revisit the comparables situation or tweak that marketing plan. Buyers are coming "out of the woodwork"!
Any ideas for new kinds of gifts for clients?
We have recently ordered t-shirts to give to our recent buyers and sellers as a little token of appreciation. We sent out a quick email blast to see who wanted one and the response has been great. Everyone…
Has anyone had any recent experience with Timberstone Homes?
I just closed a deal with this company, who used to be Westpport Homes, and my client is having some issues getting things done on the home.
Hi Agents I have a client trying to do a short sale. He will not sign a 4506 t because he over stated his income on loan.
Will he have to worry about loan fraud and the bank coming after him. He made a lot of money it was mostly capital appreciation he did not claim on taxes. His loan officer said that is why they have stated…
Smart Phone for Realtors?? Palm Pre Plus anyone? What would you recommend?
Do any Realtors have the Palm Pre Or Palm Pre Plus? I am strongly considering getting it but would love some feedback! Looks great but is it the best for a Realtor? Your opinion would be greatly ap…
MLS Lockboxes
Our group is expanding and is in need of more Supra MLS lockboxes. If you have any MLS lockboxes that you are willing to sell or if you know anyone that is getting out of Real Esate and is wanting to sell…
Have you worked with M&T Bank as their Agent on a Foreclosure?
I have been pre-assigned to a foreclosure that went to sale today and M&T Bank is in charge of this particular one. Have you worked with them? How did your transaction go, and any tips in working with…
For agents and brokers only please, can some one tell me why foreclosure and reo realtors get so much negativity from other companies.
working for a reo company and we tend to get a lot of bad mouth in the public because we are very busy most of the time so our turnaournd time isn't instant, any advice or suggestions?
How important a part is video playing in your on-line marketing efforts?
Do you make your own open house videos? Or get video testimonials from your clients? How have they worked out for you and how do you measure the success of that medium?
Hi Has anyone had a client charged for loan fraud on stated loans
I have a client that doesn't want to do a short sale because of the fact his tax records show he did not make what he stated. He claims he made the money but did not claim on taxes. He was told by…
Where I could get the address lists of the Finacial Institutes/enterprises/investment Institutes ? Thanks
I am searching for the catalog of the Finacial Institutes / enterprises / investment Institutes / law institutes ,could you give me some guides?
Are you seeing desperation?
Buyer demand at it's finest; well almost if it were a sellers market I suppose it could be more fever pitched. It's only monday, but it looks to be an exciting week!
What social marketing site works best?
I'm sure this question has been asked, but I'm just curious what everybody thinks. I'm on Facebook and Linkedin, I'm still not sure what Twitter is all about. Do you get business from…
Does anyone have a list of Asset Management companies to contact to get on their broker lists? I have s few
Help!!! I have lots of experience working directly with the banks but I really want to get in with the asset managers. Can anyone help me with this???
Do you know of undeveloped land, platted and ready for developer?
Do you have or know anyone who has acres of undeveloped land, platted and ready for developer? Land should be in Pinellas or Hillsborough County FL. Contact Annette Lawrence, ReMax ACR Elite Group, Inc…
As a Realtor, what are a few things that are the most time consuming? And, what or how did you solve the issue?
For me, time gets away from me when I focus on marketing or prospecting. I suppose it is a lack of time management. I start on something and before you know it the clock is ticking, ticking, and ticking…
Many people feel the Dallas real estate market is great-- would love to know your option-
As a real estate agent in Dallas, Texas, this last month has been great-- we have seen lots of activity not only in showings but also contracts-- I would be happy to discuss statistics and what is happening…
How can I best use Zillow to create leads that result in closings?
I am just looking to get an idea of what other realtors are doing on here to generate leads and business.
Niche or no niche? Do you prefer to specialize in a geographical area, a type of property, or a cross section of both?
Or do you prefer to be a generalist, accepting any type of client for any type of deal? In my area, it seems that few agents advertise as specialists anymore....
When a seller calls you for a listing presentation & you arrive to find both owners are not present do you continue or reschedule?
I've been coming across this a lot lately & I tell them that I'd like both of them to be available before I schedule the appointment What do you do?
A prospective client contacted me regarding what was believed to be an expired listing. We've recently found that the original listing agent
re-listed the property without the client's signature. The client is still wanting to change listing agents, but the original agent is now being belligerent and threatening. How should I handle…
I'm thinking of becoming a real estate agent.
What are the start up costs including the very first test(s) I have to take? I'm truly at the very beginning stages of my research. I've been a business owner for several years, so I understand…
Does your MLS or local association provide any support if you suspect a listing agent did not present your offer?
If a listing agent states he will not ask his seller to sign a Proof of Presentation, or that his seller will not sign such a thing, what support do you have through your association or MLS is protecting…
Here is a question for my fellow Realtors. What would be a good (valid) answer when a seller tells you about a house down the street that's?
basically equal to theirs except it is smaller and sold for more dollars per square foot. Generally it has been my experience that realtively equal but smaller homes usually sell for a higher dollar per…
Tax credit qualification
Quick question for any buyer or agent, or better yet a TAX PROFESSIONAL. The buyers must have a purchase agreement in place by April 30th in order to qualify. We all know that. But . . . does it have…
Tax Credit Question???
When the tax credit was extended back in November I remember reading about how for first time buyers it would scale down to $6000 then $4000 then $2000 at the end of the year. I have been currently looking…
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