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I work in an office 20 miles away from where I live, I know both areas and am trying to advertise in both. Am I doing the right thing or should I?
stick to one area? I feel that working a bigger area I will have more clients, do you guys think that's true?
how can I find the seller and buyer?
I am new agent and I want to know how can I find seller and buyer ? I really have no idea.. Please help !!
If you had basic $, let's say $1000 a month, what would you advertise in or market? What have you tried and what works for you? Any feedback?
would be much appreciated. I haven't done any marketing yet being a relatively new agent, so would like to hear something from agents that have gone through this already. Also can you recommend any…
I am in need of a brief, quality feedback for for Broker Tours... anyone willing to share? email to
I am in need of a brief, quality feedback for for Broker Tours or open houses... anyone willing to share? email from to - thanks much!
Do you know some top Realtor name's in Cape San Blas, Fl?
I am looking for a top Realtor in the Cape SAn Blas, Fl area that provide their statistics... I have a company that is looking for a Realtor to help with some foreclosures.
Who thinks the Government will extend the Tax Credit program?
Officially, the program will end on April 30th. Contracts ratified by that date must be closed or settled by June 30th in order to qualify for the Tax Credits. Whether the banks/lenders can move short…
Suggestions for Property Address websites?
Have any of you used property address websites for property listings? Do you have any suggestions for which are best, nicest, most cost efficient, etc? Thanks, Richard
Have a Buyer who needs a Listing Agent
I have a client who needs to list their home. I'm a Buyer's Agent so I can't list it for them. They are wanting a flat service fee or charges a low listing fee. Can anyone help?
What have you done to draw "sign followers" to your Open Houses in communities that do not allow signage?
I've had some success with balloons along my path to lead the way along with aggressive exposure online that includes address and directions. What other ideas do you have? Let's share as we…
I'm considering giving homeowners the option of paying for my services at their closing. I feel like making the decision to have your home staged
would be a bit easier if you don't have to pay until you close on the house. Any thoughts or comments on this?
Does anyone have a link to the Short Sale legislation requiring banks to respond within 10 days of an offer being submitted?
I have used Equator a couple of times now and they are taking 15 days instead of 10. Has anyone had any luck with getting a response in 10 days or less? Suggestions?
What do you do to supplement your income as a REALTOR?
What do you do to increase your income when you've ran into a slow period in real estate?
Dear Realtors and Lenders, I am a licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of Georgia and South Carloina. I am wrting to let you know that I would
like to network with out-of-state Realtors and Lenders. I am accepting any referals for customers whom are interested in purchasing or selling in the Augusta, Martinez, Evans, Grovetown, Harlem, North…
What do you think about Cold Calling?
Is there anyone still doing cold calling? Have you ever tried? what are the cons and pros? Great talking with Realtors from other states and learn their experiences, thanks for answering... Sincerely,…
Anyone in San Antonio interested in a rental referral or split commission? I need help relocating my clients to San Antonio from Austin.
A friend/client of mine has been accepted into Grad school at UTSA, and her and her husband need to relocate from the Austin area. I'm an Austin realtor and don't have access to the SA MLS.…
Any recommendations for real estate website builders/design for a new agent? Or brand development company?
Looking for a company that builds your site that looks professional, inexpensive, and can upgrade later on as my business grows. Also looking for logo design and incorporating that with matching letterheads,…
How Many Open Houses Are Too Many?
It seems with the warmer weather our area has been flooded with open houses. Have you been doing open houses? if so how often do you do them for each listing?
Buyer Loyalty, Where are the majority of your buyer leads coming from in todays market, aside from the web?
We all know most buyers start their search for a home on the internet, what other effective marketing tools are you using to generate buyer to call & work with you?
Paint recommendation
Anyone have an opinion on the best 'neutral' paint colors for a home for sale?
Hello good people, Can someone please give a good synopsis of the Texas Bond 74 program?
I have a client who is buying a new home and using their in-house financing. I've searched and googled but it is still a little unclear how it all works.
Knock, Knock...Who`s there? 25 Million. Twenty Five Million WHAT!
This is scary. A Florida Blogger is being sued by a developer for some comments he made on his blog. I`m not hear to decide who is right or wrong. I just want to bring this to everyone's attention. Answering…
Need to talk with somebody at Deutsche Bank about a property that is going to go to auction. I have a pre-qualed buyer looking to purchase.
This property was listed in the mls for only 45 days and is now expired. I would like to list and submit an offer for my buyer if possible.
Broker Price Opinions?
Does anyone do these? Are they worth your time? They don't pay much... any tips on how to get them and how to do them "time efficiently" so that it is worth your time? I know many Realtors do these to…
How many members have our local boards (Sarasota/Manatee) lost due to this economy?
By the response from Non MLS agents looking for a Non Mls Broker, it seems to be higher than expected.
I am an experienced Real Estate agent in Utah and wondered how I can get on more lists to represent more REO
properties to list with me in my area. I already represent a few but want to corner the market.
I'm looking for an agent that can lease commerical properties in Atlanta, GA I have a Tenant Referral.
Tenant looking for a night club to lease in Metro Atlanta. Call me at 770-307-8751
Need some advice or opinions from other agents...
I have recently moved out of state along with some relatives who have moved to the same area as I did. I referred my relatives to an agent in this new area we live in and that agent has been working with…
Does anyone know about the procedure for getting a temporary Real Estate license in PA after you pass the salesperson licensing exam?
I was told that you could pick up a temporary RE license in person from Harrisburg, but I'm not sure where to get it or how. I was also told that you could do this right after you pass the test because…
Quick Question about the HomeBuyer Tax Credit. Does anyone know how the tax credit works? Does a Buyer actually get a check from Uncle Sam or ?????
Specifically I'm trying to find out if the Homebuyer Tax Credit is an actual REBATE OF MONEY or just an amount that is credited from the Buyer's Taxes due. In the event the Buyer owes Uncle…
Recommendations for California Broker License Study Course.
I have all my requirements, time, education and agent license is due to renew 2011. I want to study for the Broker test. Any recommendations or warning to avoid for on line Test Study Course?
Who do I contract through to get current MLS searches available on a web site?
I will be licensed really soon and had spoken with a few seasoned realtors who have mentioned a service that I can pay $35 a month for that gives real time MLS feeds/updates/listings to my personal web…
Short Sale Agents, Do you get contacted by "Investors who want to buy your listing and negotiate for you?"
... with the promise of having you re list the property for them later?
New bill AB1779 to extend the tax forgiveness in State of CA till Jan 01, 2013
by CA Assembly Member Niello, February 9, 2010) which will be in assembly on March 12. All home owners who lost their property must contact their local assembly member and request them to support this…
My Blackberry is normally stuck on me 24/7 and never leaves my side. So my question is, are there some of you that shut all communication down at a
certain time everyday/night? No phone calls, no emails, no texts etc.. related to work of course. My mind is running 24/7 and constantly in working mode but wanted to see who else is in the same mode…
Has Equator helped with Bank of America short sales?
Has anyone noticed whether using Equator has sped up the Bank of America short sale process?
Best (cheapest) place to buy yard signs?
I'm looking for 24x18 aluminum signs with double riders. One color. Who does everyone like to use? I wanted to stay local and use a Nashville company, but it's looking like ordering and paying…
With a huge number of short sales in the MLS, why are there buyer's agents dissuading clients not to pursue
short sale purchases? I had a consumer call me yesterday about my short sale listing because her agent told her it wouldn't be worth her time to view the property and/or submit an offer.
As a realtor-sales associate, should I form an LLC and/or purchase errors and omissions insurance to reduce my liability?
I work for a very small office(3 agents) and the office does not carry errors and omissions insurance. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Attention you have bakery listed for sale or a pizza resturant? Size of building is not important; however ovens must be in place and functional. Need in the Chattanooga, Cleveland, Hamilton…
Showing agents?
Are there any agents that would be interested in working with qualified buyers? I have buyers that are qualified and just need to find a home but not enough hours in the day to keep up with them all. I'm…
I'm studying for my broker's license. I hope to complete my studies and pass the California broker's exam by the end of this year.
Why would a broker go with Prudential or Century 21 instead of opening their own office? Can you tell me advantages/disadvantages of doing so?
How do I get a partner?
I am not so new in this field yet I am still lost. My broker is ok, she never try to improve our business. She is just "there". I feel like I need to be partnered up so I can have the courage…
Do any Realtors out there know of any reliable companies assigning REOs to Realtors in this area?
Do any Realtors out there know of any reliable companies assigning REOs to Realtors in this area? I am a Palm Beach Realtor and have ready buyers looking for deal properties in this area. I would be…
How do I get listings from reo asset management companies in Florida ?
I am a full-time Palm Beach Realtor. I have many buyer inquiries for 'deal' properties. How do I get listings from reo asset management companies in Florida ? Marsha Montoya Mayer- Realtor Paradise…
I am a real estate agent in the Inland Empire. What is the best 100% commission brokerage? I work for a large franchise and am unhappy with the
commission split, and am hoping to find a GOOD transaction fee only brokerage with full broker support, etc. I prefer to work from home. I don't mind if the office is farther away as I should only…
What Contact/database systems have you found to be the most beneficial for keeping client information and tasks performed in one place?
Have spent time researching many known sites for real estate agents. Many pro's and con's to some, along with the high price tags! Want a simple system that you don't have to upgrade every…
Have you ever heard of a "Realtor" just leaving the door unlocked so her client can come back later?
While keeping an appointment to show a property an agent did just that. When I tried to use the key, I was shocked to find the door unlocked. Even more shocking, there was a couple upstairs looking at…
how do i get started to purchase my first home (benicia)?
Looking for a condo, or townhouse. With a monthly mortgage of $ $1000/month. Any advise.
How many people find Homepath creating the same problems we faced in the past with financing over 100% value of the home?
Homepath does not require an appraisal. Now I am finding that the homepath listing price is way over the comps. If you finance through Homepath you can bid over the asking price and finance it. Is that…
Can agents receive compensation for referring their clients to interior designers or energy auditors?
We all want to increase our business and to help other professionals in our network to increase their business. What are the applicable rules/laws in Colorado regarding licensed real estate agents receiving…
I had a short sale with a good contract but Wells Fargo refused to approve the short sale eventhough the seller had to move because she didn't
have a job. The investors decided she could still pay when her income didn't show she could.
I am a realtor in Riverside, CA with about year of experience but I have only really delt with short sales so I'm pretty proficient at it. I
might be moving to Las Vegas in 4-6 months for family reasons. Will it be hard to get established in LV? Should I just get a day job until the market gets better? I'd like to get an idea before we…
What is the a normal time frame to get a loan approved in CA?
I have a customer using a CA Mortgage Co. by the name of First Mortgage and so far it's taking about 2/3 months. Good credit and 10% down.
Hi all, are you all experiencing low call frequency to your offices? Please share your experiences & opinions.
Though we continue to get an occassional walk-in and call in, by and large our phones are quiet. Even the frequency of availability calls from agents is low.
If you have an investor that is purchasing 10 houses per mo. and you have to run a cma to see if the deal works for them and to assist with the work
you pull on a cma agent who gets a percentage of each closed property. Should you request a retainer fee or advance to compensate your team or CMA agent before you actually close on any deals?
Wells Fargo Short Sale
I have a client that is thinking about putting a contract on a Wells Fargo Short Sale. But I don't want my client to end up frastrated without a house. The listing agent is telling me this is the…
Regarding the new gov't short sale requirements, which state that lenders must give agents their acceptable price upfront,...
Who actually thinks the banks are really going to give us their price upfront in a timely manner? (What is their penalty for not doing so? Does this mean that I have to submit some sort of intent to list…
I have been contacted by Z57 and all the features seem interesting? Anyone use it? I also know about point2. I heard of it when I took my E pro
class. I like their syncs, but I kind of like Z57's lead generator such as "find foreclosure" "learn the value of your home" does point 2 have these too? I know Z57 said they do…
Does anyone have secrets to getting REOs?
It just is so unfair that few agents get all the REOs
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