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My cell phone is up for renewal, any tips which are the most user friendly trouble free phones for realtors needs?
I have been using a Blackberry Storm for 2 years & had nothing but problems with it. I've had it replaced twice already, it is always crashing , lost all of my contacts & it is very slow…
Do realtors really think they are building a good reputation and building a customer base on Trulia by insulting people? Is it a regional thing?
There is an agent on the West Coast that keeps telling buyers and sellers to 'learn to speak English' and re-write their questions. I wonder, are there buyers and sellers out there that prefer…
Would you sue a buyer that had another agent write an offer for them that was accepted?
If you have a valid buyer's contract, and then the buyer decides to go to an open house and have that agent write an offer for them that is accepted, would you sue the buyer for your commission since…
How important is training vs leads? From your Broker
I am the Broker Owner of Regional Realty & Investments Inc. We work all over San Diego, I have agents from Encinitas to South Bay. The actual office is located in East County and I am looking for…
Is anybody using electronic forms or electronic transactions in Central PA?
I am currently evaluating different companies that provide electronic forms and electronic transactions and would appreciate any input from people using them.
What is this plastic piece running in the backyard?
It runs across the entire backyard. I am not sure how deep it runs and what the purpose is.
I am the selling agent on a home that closed 5 days.The lister has not entered it as SOLD in our MLS. He wants the buyer to contact him for key local
I have asked for the key and he replied by saying have my buyer call him and he will tell him where it is. I have never worked with an agent in my 31 years in Real Estate that has taken these uncalled…
Property Condition & Loan Modification
Recently approached with a scenario whereby the lender is looking to reset a borrower's note based on the current payoff, i.e. I bought at $175K, I owe $155K, they are going to reset the note based…
Can you do a short sale when Cal Vet holds the note?
It's my understanding the owner Cal Vet owns it's properties because it purchases the properties outright with bonds. Can a homeowner who has this type of loan do a short sale?
Maryland Real Estate
Hi Maryland Realtors, I have a client considering a move to Maryland. Neither the buyers or I (since I am a NJ realtor) are familiar with Maryland. What are your recommended areas? They have young children…
What is the most efficient way to search MLS(Houston) for properties that allow for on-site boat/RV storage?
I realize 'no restrictions' will also help, but I also want to include actual neiborhoods with oversized lots. At this point, I can only think of reading the HOA Bylaws, but I want to include…
BPO Agents - Do you or would you adjust your value....
if you knew that the home you were working on was a short sale (vs. a foreclosure)? After talking with several BPO agents, I get the distinct impression that they don't care. If the value comes in…
Mailers - Do they work? If so, please feel free to share your advice. If not, please provide a reason why this has not worked for you.
As someone who has been in the real estate industry since 2002 (in a mortgage capacity), my first crack at residential re-sale began in 2010. Things have been going very well so far, but I'm always…
Agents, why would you take a listing and not put multiple photos?
Agents, why would you take a listing and not put multiple photos? Is that the best you can do for the seller? Don't you know that buyers won't look at homes without photos? I'm just puzzled…
Preferred lenders in Illinois.............
Good afternoon! Im a Realtor in Chicago and I am seeking suggestions for a couple of good lenders in Chicago....Thank you all in advance!!!
Agents when you represent the buyer do you keep asking for an extension on the Due Diligence
over and beyond 14 days. Until the loan is approved? I don't think many sellers would sign it for loan approval.
GMAC under investigation...
Interesting article. What do you think?
How do you handle non-responsive seller agents? I am always amazed when a seller agent fails to call me back to set a showing appt.
The seller has no idea, nor can I share these details with the seller. I phoned yesterday early afternoon, and a second time early this am to request a showing appt for this afternoon. Yes, I know…
Short sale, owner has 80/20; Selling realtor said the 2nd lien holder would be asking for $5k above offer after contract agreed; is this legal?
The home in question is a short sale. The current owner purchased on an 80/20, I believe Bank of America is the 2nd lien holder. The selling agent mentioned that they (2nd lien holder) would be seeking…
What if marijuana is legalized in Nov. and people are looking for specific types of houses to grow it in?
Just wondering since we have Senior Specialists, and Residential Specialist, and Vineyard specialists, and "Green" specialists, what next?? Are we going to have a MJ Certification??? Already,…
Any Realtors Using Live Chat to connect with more web shoppers?
With websites being more important than retail spaces in today's market, would it make sense to have a live agent available to connect with anonymous web shoppers?
What has been the maximum amount of closings your have in 1 week?
Whats your goals for 2010, and how do you plan to get there?
How much response do you get from Agent to Agent Flyers by Email?
We all get those agent flyers by email these days, and just wondering if you open them and do most of your searching on the MLS or if you find the email flyers helpful. I have some unique listings and…
Short sale with no financials?
My client has been advised by legal console to NOT provide his financial information until bank has agreed to short sale in writing. Will this fly with the bank?
Which virtual tour hosting site is the best deal?
I have seen quite a few different websites that have programs for slideshows and enhanced listing information. Which ones do you like the best?
Have you had a scary experience doing an Open House?
Now that Halloween is almost here, I am wondering if you can share any of your scary moments at an open house that you've done, and what you do to be careful now?
Aircraft Noise Disclosure-Do you Disclose?
I saw a blog this morning about Disclosure that got me to wondering about noise disclosure. The gist as you know is disclose everything. Yet, in my time here in AZ I never see selling agents (or their…
If you use email flyers, which company do you think has the best deal??
There's so many different companies now that are doing email flyers and they all require passwords and a lot of work to set them up. Which ones seem to be the easiest and the best deal?
How should a final 'walk-thru' differ in an approved short sale or REO sale?
Theser sales are 'as-is' sales. So, in your opinions how should the final 'walk thru' differ?
What has happened to the BPO jobs here in Atlanta, GA? I am a BPO Agent who has been doing great, however, in the past month or so the jobs have
been slowing down. I work with about 5 different companies and all of them are tremendously declining. Here in the past 5 days or so, there has been no jobs. Does anyone know what is going on? Thanks.
Any ideas on where to find tax roll breakdown other than the county website?
I frequently visit the assessors website in riverside county to get a breakdown for taxes on properties but it seems like the tax roll is always closed as they are calculating payments, new assessments,…
Why do REALTORS continue to cross the line and give legal advice?
Most of us are not Attorneys. We cannot give legal advice, so why is it that a lot of our colleagues still continue to do so?
What do you do to prevent from overworking and burning out in this market?
I relieve stress and burning out by working out daily and setting specific working hours. What about you?
Your client has just asked you the following question: "Do you think now is a good time to buy?" What is your response and why?
I believe the crowd is a smart and savvy bunch. Most of are aware they owe their client the truth, to the extent of their knowledge, when asked such a question. Given that fact, how do you…
Client put work # in contact info, but I know mobile # from previous transaction.
Today is Sunday. Should I wait until tommorrow to contact? Did they specify work # because they do not want to be bothered on Sunday?
This one is for agents in Scottsdale, AZ..
I was hoping that you could give me your personal recommendations on the BEST Italian restaurants in Scottsdale. Thank you!
What did you want to be growing up? A multi-million dollar real estate agent?
Remember your childhood days when you had "career day" and your teachers got your mind thinking of what you wanted to be when you "grew up" what did you want to be before you got your…
What are your thoughts on auto-accept software for BPOs?
It's not allowed with most companies, but I've seen it work well.
When do you recommend that a buyer order a sewer lateral test in addition to other inspections (pest, property inspection)?
In the Bay Area, if a house is built or remodeled after 1962, the sewer systems must have a cleanout for cleaning obstructions in the lateral, and must have a sewer relief device as required by local building…
Is it a good idea to get a mortgage license as a Realtor? I have a friend who is a Realtor and also a licensed mortgage consultant. He asked me to
give him some of my buyers for mortgage. Because he is a Realtor, I have a problem giving him my buyers. Is it possible he can also steal my clients? What if he starts sending marketing materials as…
Is Now A Good Time To Buy?
Yes, in my opinion this is one of the best times to buy. With interest rates as low as they are and home prices falling as far as they have, there are great opportunities for home buyers.
I have a client that is interested in looking for a home on or near Lake Heritage. I am looking for an agent
that is willing to pay my broker a 25% referral fee to refer them to. Please let me know if you are interested and why I should choose you. You may e-mail me at instead of through…
Ideas? Initiated in Equator, but it's not sending me tasks.
Short sale listing, had a buyer, valuation complete, but buyer walked, BAC cancels short sale. Normal, and expected. Now, I've a new buyer, initiated short sale again in Equator. Asked for 3rd Party…
Postcard Marketing
So, do postcard campaigns still work for local farm areas? Or isit all just the search engines now... I'm considering something from
Why are responses "blanked" out?
Does that mean someone flagged it?
anyone gettting offers on short sale properties with a contingency on the sale of the buyers existing home?...I haven't and I don't think
any seller would accept a contract contingent upon the sale of buyers residence in this market. Thx!
Does anyone have an experience with getting home staging certificate on line with Barbara Jennings's
I am real estate agent in Ithaca, NY. I know a lot about staging: books, Internet, my own experience, but want to have certificate. The offer online sounds exactly what I need: a book by Barbara Jennings…
Daily routine for agents. (ADVICE REQUEST)
So I've decided that I really need a daily routine. Time on trulia, Time on the MLS. Time calling people. Time organizing. Etc.. I was wondering if anyone out there had success with this and if…
I was wondering if other agents face the same hurdles i do when listing and selling bank owned homes. I predominately list bank owned homes and face different issues than buyer brokers. If you could let…
How do I get a month to month tenant to allow showings on a short sale?
The tenant has ignored agent phone calls and text messages for showings and won't return their calls. They have refused to provide specific hours for access (dogs, grandma, teen age kids). The tenant…
What's the quickest way to become VIP?
I assume it would involve getting people to view my blogs, but I was just curious what other agents had success with.
Has any broker or agent actually inked a contract or listing agreement as a direct result of their contributions here on this medium...?
Just curious to know if there have been many success stories and to what price range....
Is this "Spam" or is this ok? Is this something the consumer wants to see, or would they rather just get straight answers to their?
questions? This came up within an answer on another thread. Is there too much solicitaion, email, phone numbers, website addresses and such within the answers to questions posted by the consumer? This…
Which is a better opportunity for seniors, Fox Hills at Rockaway or Greenbriar at FoxRidge?
Will Greenbriar ever be finished? Will the legal troubles at Fox Hills ever end. Great location and amenities at both, but, are they the best option for seniors in Morris County?
Is it a surprise to real estate agents that housing sales dropped in July?
The news media announced that housing sales dropped to their lowest since the 1960's in July(?) I'm more surprised that they writing about it now. This was so predictable in our area. When…
Real estate inspections and Buyers and Sellers.
As a Realtor, I am curious how other agents handle the inspection. If you represent Buyers, do you encourage them to attend? Do you attend? If you are the listing agent to you advise your Seller to…
Looking for a reliable experienced loan officer who can do CAL HFA loans. In the Los Angeles area. Please send your referrals.
Preferably at a major bank. But I understand BofA (who I do most of my loans with) does not do this program. Thanks!
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