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Has Anyone heard of BrokerREO?
I got a call from a Rep today and was curious if anyone had ever heard of them and/or dealt with them...
What is the best way to rebuild your credit after filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy. What will help get scores up quicker ?
I have a client who just had his chapter 7 discharged and wants to start planning for the future to buy again when he can. I'm not sure how to advise him.
What do you think the next big up and coming neighborhood will be in Boston?
I am curious to know what neighborhoods people think will be the next hot up and comers. Eastie? Roxbury? Dorchester? What do you think?
Short Sale and REO Listing agents sending buyers to a "third party" agent for writing an offer - smells stinky!
A family member "Jane" has been contacting listing agents of REOs and short sale properties to make offers. Initially, the listing agents accept the call, show the properties, interact with…
Am I the only one who noticed...?
...that it's now less than 3 shopping months until Christmas?
I have a buyer wanting only FORECLOSURES, however, I can't pull them exclusively on the MLS. Is there a reliable source where I can get a list?
This is probably the million dollar question, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Some sources that I've tried have outdated listings and/or high membership fees.
I don't know how to do short sales, but I heard that as 1/1/12 there will be a huge tax liablity to the seller when they complete the sale.
I'm not asking for tax advice, I just would like to know if anyone has heard about a new short sale law. I was going to take classes and work with a seasoned short sale agent in my office who has…
Low ball buyers - a waste of time or a worthy investment?
Ignoring market analysis and comparable data, buyer insists on low balling property after property. Time to fire the buyer and recoup time for a more serious buyer?
When flipping a home within 6 months I was told by the other agent that FHA requires 2 appraisals, and the seller must pay for the 2nd?
What if for some reason the buyer does not perform? The seller is out the money? Should we change the terms of the contract to reflect the added cost, make the deposit nonrefundable, then we miss the…
QR Codes, Like or Dislike?
Just out of curiousty , are you using the QR codes to promote your listings on your ads and for sale signs? I'm finding that most consumers don't have clue what they are.
can you remove a redwood tree in the middle of a private yard not close to any public road in San Francisco? Do you need a permit?
i read all I could find but it is not clear if you can cut down a tree in your own back yard. this tree would be considered significant if it was close to the road but it is not. Does that mean you can…
Best school in Dallas to be a Realtor ?
which is the best school to become and Realtor ? I mainly looking for some online course.
Is it legal to openly advertise a $50 referral fee for the general public in Texas? What are the restrictions?
I saw a web page for another real estate agent in Texas offering a $50 for referrals that resulted in a buyer closing or a seller listing contract. What are the pitfalls in doing so?
How important is Absorption rate for your market?
Do you investigate absorption rate while preparing a CMA and if so do you find it to be a tool that sellers understand?
Has anyone had experience with corporate tenants for a residential unit?
My clients were approached by a corporate entity that wants to lease their townhouse. The offer is for a two year lease with an option to buy at the end of the lease term. Of course, I want what's…
Referral for Naples, FL - must know about modern architecture
I just received an inquiry for Naples, FL, and would like to refer it to a colleague who knows modern architecture. (I'm a modern home specialist in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Palm Beach area in…
I am sitting on at least two profitable REO's with a possible 15% ROI in North SD area. Im looking for more cash buyers, urgently.
I am specialized in flips and looking to expand my investor base to buy more REO's. You can buy individually or I can partner you up. LLC set up, management and coordination, all will be taken care…
BEWARE: Have you heard of Ramsesy Alexander?
Please see what I recieved today. Dear Michael, Thank you for responding to my inquiry. I am Ramsey Alexander, a Canadian citizen presently in India for official exploration. I need a 2-4 bedroom,…
Mother and daughter own a condo, and both names are on title. Mother felt pressured to sign and re-list with agent, But daughter didn't sign
agreement Condo was listed for 5 months. At end of the agreement, the agent convinced the mother to re-list. Daughter calls agent to say she wants to list with another agency. But agent insists the mother…
Has anyone ever wanted to try to Short Sale without missing payments?
Just got one approved IN WRITING, 1st and 2nd Lien Holders- two different companies. Neither asked for pursuit of deficiency, promissory notes, or cash to close. Client had not lost job, AND NO MISSED…
So you don't have 5 minutes to answer a few feedback questions?
Agents what is wrong with you may describe the sickness afflicting the industry! My story, I always follow up with agents who show the homes I have listed with a personal phone call trying to get the…
Anyone in Vegas have any experiences with short selling a State Farm mortgage?
A close friend of mine has 2 liens with State Farm mortgage. I haven't handled any short sales with State Farm & I'm curious how they go. Thx!
Natick area - Gated Community?
Is there such thing as a gated community in the area of Natick or another nearby town within a good school district? Townhome or SF 3 bed 2 bath?
If your brokage company goes out of business, does that entitle the new broker to receive your commissions?
I was with this company for 7 years and they close recently, I have rental renews and this broker who represents the landlord tells me he can not pay the renew commission to my present broke, is that right…
Have you dealt with a Seller who collects lots of things and is just shy of being a hoarder? How do you show the home? How do you handle the problem?
A few years back I had a home for sale that was just jammed with "Stuff" As hard as I tried, she (the seller)wouldn't cooperate with preparing the home, even with the suggestion of getting…
What do you require of New Investors that contact you !?
What do you require when several requests are made from potential Realestate Investors who contact you and request several market comparables and other time consuming information. We don’t want…
iPhone or Droid? Which is better?
I am a Verizon customer, and I have had a Blackberry Curve for the past two years. I tried the Blackberry Storm for about a week and hated it, because the touch function for texting was horrible, but I…
Lets start this discussion on the topic of Negotiations.
In A deal orientated business such as Realesate what are some of your best tips when negotiating . As Buyers Agent and or Listing Agent.
Do you use any Customer Relationship Management software? If so, which ones do you recommend?
Feel free to share any best known methods as well! Thanks in advance!
Do you use Linkedin to contact clients? If so, how often do you contact them?
I have built a network on Linkedin and I am curious to learn how you guys use your Linkedin networks to seek out potential clients. Thanks!
Hot lead available to the highest bidder...
Imagine how happy I was this a.m. to learn of my long lost family member Mr. Jones Feenick who used to work for Chevron in Nigeria and how grateful to hear from BARRISTER PETER WILLIAMS regarding the…
Any agents with market feedback in Virginia, North Carolina or South Carolina?
I am looking to move in the near future and am trying to get an idea of how the market currently is in other areas. Right now Virginia and the Carolinas are on the top of my list, but I'm open to…
I am about to get involved with my first NSP Buyer. I am a Realtor. Anyone want to offer me some of their experiences using the program?
My buyer has taken the class. He has been told he fits the criteria. He is shopping around $79,000.
Cash for Keys: Ethical Question....
I had an agent call me about a short sale listing of mine, which is also already on the judge's docket for foreclosure sale later in the year. The agent proposed that his client offer to purchase…
My name is Jenny, I need find real estate firm near Palm Springs which provide the best training and mentoring progrem for part time new sales person.
I work at casino full time. From the beginning, I can only work part time. But I could change my shift, so I can have more time work during the day. I am a new salesperson, it is really hard to get listing,…
Dialog on Investors Requests !
What do you require when several requests are made from potential Realestate Investors who contact you and request several market comparables and other time consuming information. We don’t want…
Have you used "social gaming" to connect with clients?
Games like Sims Social and Second Life are increasingly popular these days. Have you considered playing these games to reach out to potential clients?
Happy Valentine's Day All! I am working with a family who currently resides in Northboro, Massachusetts and want to stay here. They just need more space than their three-bedroom Split Level Ranch…
Any Bay Area REALTORS attending CAR - Expo in San Jose?
If so, what hotel deals are you guys getting? Also, will you attend the PRE? There are some great speakers, but not sure if its worth the extra $85 to get in the day before?
Have you used Mailchimp for email newsletters?
I've seen this interesting service called Mailchimp. It's free for small mailing lists. Has anyone used it before? Any recommendations? Thanks!
Can someone please tell me what code of ethics is violated if a licensee places an ad to on the newspaper to sell a property without a signed listing?
The ad contains a color photograph of the subject property, price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and other amenities. Just an ad typically placed by someone with a listing.. But this person did not…
How much money a new realtor in NY can make during the first 2month working full time in Manhattan? Any advice/Tips How to be successful?Thanks!
I just pass my real estate license and I would like to heard from Real estate agents about the real estate career in Manhattan and any feedback on the 2011 market in Manhattan ? also how much money…
Has anyone closed a HUD deal lately? What was your timeframe acceptance to close?
Using LUNA LUNA LLP to close on a property or is it best to go convetional title company or does it make a difference?
BUYER REFERRAL OPPORTUNITY: Newark, Delaware 19713. Please email me at if interested. Need a GOOD agent soon! Thanks!
Dear Fellow Agents in the Newark, DE areas: I have a buyer client that is looking to buy a place in Newark, DE area. Buyers are pre-approved for up to $250K and had already have 2 active listings in…
Looking for a "hungry" REA who works (or wants to work) with investors. Needs to be able to reply to emails within 24 hours. Needs to be in
ATL area. Must not be intimidated to make "low ball" offers (Example, if I want to offer $35000 for a home listed at $137,500 because of the research I've done, then this should not be a…
Everyone has sad stories on this one. Let's read some success stories from people who are overcoming this challenge. Thanks!
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