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Is Buyer Agency Free - No Cost to Buyer?
I see many agents telling buyers that there is no cost to them if they use a buyers agent. Do you agree or disagree? Sure they will tell you they will negotiate a better deal and save them money…
Looking For Old Sales Prices in San Ramon
I need to find out what single family homes were selling for (on average) in San Ramon, back in 1987. MLS and even records that Title Companies can acces don't go back that far. Any Ideas??
in ca. must you have a onsite manager for a moble home park
The park I live in is talking about having a off site manager. I have applied for the job of onsite manager do you know if off site is legal
Need an agent who covers Davenport, Florida 33896
Have client who needs to sell townhouse. Please call me.
Agent website?
I need a website but I am so overwhelmed by the choices of who to go with and what they offer I was between Real Estate Webmasters and Agent Image but they both have not-so-good reviews online. Any suggestions…
Sale Price in Florida
Hi all, I hope it is kosher for me to ask this here. I have a close friend who is shopping for condos in Florida (I am an agent in Massachusetts). First, I have to say I am not familiar with the way…
Do you have a daily plan? How do you organize your daily activities? Please share your schedule with the class....
Thanks in advance. Most of the agents that I know seem to fly by the seat of their pants. I'd love to see what you do to keep your daily activites on target for success.
HGTV...Angel or Devil?
Has HGTV given the consumer a misguided idea of how things are done?
What would you do if you found squatters in an REO you are showing to a family? I did everything wrong.
Yesterday, that happened, at around 3:00 I used my lock box key, entered a home and my client opened a closet door (with her 4 year old son next to her) and a squatter was hiding in the closet. I became…
VA Loans Who does them, where should I go?
In the 80's my hubby was able to qualify for a VA loan, but now where do I go for a Current Active duty Military Person?
Daily Profile Updates
Several of my categories(blog & profile pages) have not updated in about one week. Anyone else noticin this?
Real Estate Brochures
Long story short I have had a fall out with the company that made colored brochures for my property listings. As a fellow agent, I respect all of your opinions and advice. I wanted to see if anyone can…
Maryland Real Estate License
Is it possible to hang my license with a Broker without the intent to use it to sell real estate? The company I am trying to work with says I need my license to negotiate leases, but one of the requirements…
The Trulia question of the day,
designed for “local” Realtors® in their specific market why are agents from hundreds of miles away answering these questions? I thought this exercise was designed to create Local experts?…
What are the reasons you decline to accept a listing?
Inventory is short, but should you accept all comers? Recently, I've run across a few sellers who want market analyses and it turns out that their best case scenario is breaking even. I've been…
I have a client that needs an HOA that allows 1 week rentals in the Pearl district in Portland, Oregon.
If you know of any or could steer me to find them that would be great! I have been asking title company on a 1 by 1 bases whcih is getting old. Thank you in advance... Kevin Sucher
Is it OK for prospective buyers to take their own photos of your listing?
Active Rain asks the question. If the home is empty, there might not be a concern. But, what if the owner still lives there?
Can I mortgage loan originator make 20 k a year only working part time ?
I will only do it part time and will eventually grow into full time , but wanted some opinions if I can work part time and still earn 20k/ year?
Has anyone heard of or
I can't figure out if these sites are worth using, does anyone know anything about wither of them?
Does any one have a soil stability/foundation inspection company they'd recommend?
I've got a buyer looking into a condo with apparent soil movement. One of the structures had bracing installed. There were other repairs outside this structure, but a property management company rep…
Is it right to collect rent when short selling a property?
I have 2 clients, similar situations. Each client has gotten married, moved in with their new spouse, and have rented out their previous primary residence for the last few years. Both recently decide…
I am looking for an Agent to join MaxAvenue, all leads provided, bonuses paid out, start ASAP
I am hiring agents for the Round Rock Pflugerville area, don't pay for leads, I will give them to you. call me today if you would like to learn more about this opportunity Michael 512-554-8554
Hi I closed a deal and week later I found out that my broker in Orlando has disappered and closed up shop, title co will not release my comm
I closed a deal in Jan 2012 and a week later I found out that the broker has disappeared and basically closed up the office, now the title company has the ck in the broker's name and I cannot get…
Is there a program that gathers information about all available properties regardless of mls? I don't to miss properties in my area? Thank you!
CJC I have had buyers ask questions about properties that I didn't even know that they were available. I have to say I was embarrassed that my buyers had more information than I did? Confused in…
Real Estate photographer??
Looking for a great photographer with experience shooting multi million dollar listings. I would appreciate any suggestions or referrals. Thank you.
Is it true an agent can market a HUD home without permission of the listing agent?
I have heard conflicting information regarding this topic.
I was wondering about listing commercial/retail property for rent in your site.
What do you think, I see that your site is mostly residential! Thanks, Eli
Have you bought residential notes (mortgages) directly from banks?
I am being asked by clients about purchasing non-performing residential mortgage notes from the banks that I deal with. So far, I have only heard about these notes in bulk. Have you purchased notes before?…
My nephew just bought a home at 206 Garden Lane, Longwood, Fla.
I accidently signed up for you to send me information on realestate downthere. I already have 3 homes, 1 main home on a lake in Charlotte, Mi, and 1 on Houghton Lake in Northern Michigan another 4 bedroom…
Would you switch brokerages if you were offered 110% of last year’s gross income/ monthly- w/ paid medical, and all licensing fees?
I'm looking for feedback on how to make an idea better. I'm not looking for the Poo-Poo comments. I'm really interested in what changes could a brokerage make to smooth out the peaks and…
I've been looking around a bit at integrated IDX vendors and was trying to decide who would provide the the best online visibility.
A major consideration is the ability of indexing of lots of pages over time. I currently have a web site and it could be possible, but I'm not sure I want to change servers. Any vendor I choose…
Do you know of any unlisted apartment complexes for sale (12 or more units) in Austin, San Antonio, Houston or Dallas?
Please let us know. We are working with an investor and looking for off-market properties. Best regards, Elizabeth Clark 512-355-4115 x2
Possible phishing scam?Has anyone else been contacted by a lead saying they wanted to send you photos?
A couple of days ago I was contacted by a lead who stated they had found me by my profile. She stated that she wanted to send me some photos of houses that were similar to what she was looking for. I…
Who is responsible to obtain the 6D certificate?
The buyer atty, seller atty, seller.....and also what about with a bank owned condo?
When is someone going to re-work the Agreement of Sale to conform to the present environment.?
It is illegal for a Pennsylvania broker it is illegal to issue a mortgage commitment. Department of Banking regulations specifically forbid it. Also many of the lenders we deal with purposefully have…
Any offices hiring part time mortgage loan officers?
I am looking for a part time Job with a mortgage office as a loan officer?
Is it hard to find a job as a part time mortgage loan officer?
I am not asking for leads of any sort but I just need to work under a mortgage broker ! Is it hard to find work as a part time mortgage loan officer ?
Know any good short sale negotiators?
Can anyone recommend a good short sale negotiation company that can get approvals in a fair amount of time?
So I know the basics of where to find and get business......but....?
Who has any neat little tips or tricks on how to find business other ways other then the usual stuff? Obviously if you live in the same area as me your not going to share, and if you don't live in…
Congress has plans to allow homeowners to refinance & take advantage of current low interest rates even if the house is under water. Good idea?
How would you see this working? Who would establish value? Would homeowners take advantage of a program like this? Would the impact help keep homeowners in their homes?
Agents that use video: What gets you the best results; tours or promotional videos?
If you use video in your business, what type of video generates the most business; video tours of your listings or promotional videos of you and your services?
Is anyone else getting lots and lots of leads from someone who calls themselves "Not" as in "Not" interested in your listing?
I have received several over the past few weeks and I am pretty sure it's just nonsense. How do I go about alerting Trulia to the fact so they can pull this profile down?
Agents... not using video: Do you think pictures and virtual tours are useful?
If you are an agent that does not use video do you use pictures; how many? Do you use virtual tours?
Agents... do you use video to sell real estate? Why or why not?
40 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day. When I look at property listings on the internet I find that some use virtual tours with slide shows but very few use video to show…
I'm looking for a qualified Agent to refer a client to in the Naples, Clearview, Fort Meyers areas of Florida. Please email me for more
information. My client will be traveling from New England to Florida at the end of this month. Please email me for more information.
bpo companies
Where do i find websites of national compnaies that seek agents for BPO"S for residential and commerical?
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