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Questions re: inter family transfer
Trustee wants to borrow aganist the property held in trust, then buy the property from the trust and retain the tax base as in inter family transfer
Hello, I am not very experienced when it comes to new home sales, but I currently have a few clients interested in purchasing new homes. Other than searching for new home inventory in the MLS,…
Finished the course, about to take nj exam, what company has the best training?
What companies offer the best training and assistance these days?
How do you build a good relationship with the agent on the other side?
1. Be Professional, a lot of agents forget that their reputation is important in this industry. If people don't like you they wont work with you and that affects your clients. 2. Be Responsive,…
Are you getting a lot more spam calls these days? The spammers, scammers, schemers & thieves are calling through to you on your Trulia Leads
phone # The phone number that you have on your Trulia leads account is different from your regular phone. Calls are forwarded through to your phone. Even though I don't own this number - Trulia does…
I'm considering a career as a Realtor. Your profession has been something of interest for me for many years,
and now I'm professionally ready for a change. I have 2 questions for you seasoned professionals, please. With the market in it's current state, is now the right time for some green to enter this business?…
Does anyone know if a Homeowner's association can foreclose on a property? If so, will the new buyer/investor own the property free and clear?
or will the 1st mortgage eventually will foreclose on the property? If so, what is the gain for a investor to consider such scenario? Rent the property until the 1st mortgage forecloses? Any response…
How many active real estate agents are there in San Francisco?
And how would you define "active" agents?
Becoming a member of C.V.A.R is expensive for new agents on my team. Is there another less expensive local board?
Or is there a Realtor board that allows payment plans or provides certain discounts?
Who is attending the Modesto CDPE class this year 2012?
Does your organization offer a discount?
I need a good listing agent in the Hartford City Area you know an aggressive agent that will put forth effort & keep in contact with the sellers? If so please post your info.
What is the best way to organize my paper files?
I'm drowning in paperwork! I've been in the business for about a year and need to get organized...FAST!
How much experience is required to be considered for BPO work?
How much experience or time in the real estate business does one have to have (or provide) to banks for consideration of BPO work?
Have you had experience with Loss Mitigation Network? Just curious if anyone has used them for their short sale negotiations and what their
experience was. I am particularly interested in experience with them with California short sales.
How many deals have you seen over the last year have the purchase price renegotiated after the appraisal comes in?
My partner and I were talking with an escrow officer we frequently use and the general consensus seemed to be that renegotiations happen more frequently when the purchase price is under $1,000,000 and…
Is it better to have a listing you know is over-priced than to have fewer or no listings?
Right now in my market I am seeing people list their homes for prices that absolutely cannot be supported by comparitive data. I've spoken to a couple of those listing agents who claim that they…
With the new format answers are being shuffled up and down?
I understand this is based on several factors such as votes, pro ranking, VIP ranking ECT. and this may good, but the downside is on a longer Q&A thread it is impossible to follow the discussion or…
Does anyone have suggestions regarding maximum online exposure for international listings for U.S.buyers? I have a listing in Provence, France
Trulia does not seem to have the option to list outside the U.S. The property is 4700 sq ft on 4 acres. According to the owner, 85% of the structure was completed in 2007 and 15% is centuries old. There…
WHY does my photo on the Q & A sections only show "Pro" and not my VIP status of VIP 2?
Also, is it my computer or is the format of the Q & A section different, because I cannot see the name of the questioner (to address them in my replies) anymore.
I would like to refer a buyer to an agent in the LaVernia Area (78121)
Is there an experienced agent who would like to work with a first time home buyer?
Is it realistic to ask listing agents to provide accurate FHA-approval status on condos for a new MRED field?
It seems like a great opportunity to bring new buyers to the market. This would create the means to do a search for all FHA-approved condos in a given area. Seems more efficient than searching the FHA…
What is the procedure to get a property zoned as commercial if it is currently residential.?
I just picked up a listing that is residential. However the house has not been lived in for several years and is destroyed. The residential value is next to nothing. However it is the last residential…
What is the procedure to get a property zoned as commercial if it is currently residential.?
I just picked up a listing and the house has not been lived in for several years and is destroyed. The residential value of this house is next to none. However, it is the only residential house left…
What is the typical difference in value between a smoking and non-smoking home?
I've often wondered why seller's will continue to smoke in their home when it is on the market. What is the best (most tactful) way to tell them they should stop? Should I tell them they are…
What are other agents finding is the typical lead time on the short-sale process? What are you finding banks are willing to pay for in a short-sale?
ex: closing costs, all recordation taxes, home warranty, any repairs? If so, which banks are you seeing are being more cooperative?
Top Producer versus Realty Juggler....
Has anyone used both? The only creature I consistently use in Top Producer is blast email. Well, I also use Market Snapshot but I don't think I will miss that.
Is Buyer Agency Free - No Cost to Buyer?
I see many agents telling buyers that there is no cost to them if they use a buyers agent. Do you agree or disagree? Sure they will tell you they will negotiate a better deal and save them money…
Looking For Old Sales Prices in San Ramon
I need to find out what single family homes were selling for (on average) in San Ramon, back in 1987. MLS and even records that Title Companies can acces don't go back that far. Any Ideas??
in ca. must you have a onsite manager for a moble home park
The park I live in is talking about having a off site manager. I have applied for the job of onsite manager do you know if off site is legal
Need an agent who covers Davenport, Florida 33896
Have client who needs to sell townhouse. Please call me.
Agent website?
I need a website but I am so overwhelmed by the choices of who to go with and what they offer I was between Real Estate Webmasters and Agent Image but they both have not-so-good reviews online. Any suggestions…
Sale Price in Florida
Hi all, I hope it is kosher for me to ask this here. I have a close friend who is shopping for condos in Florida (I am an agent in Massachusetts). First, I have to say I am not familiar with the way…
Do you have a daily plan? How do you organize your daily activities? Please share your schedule with the class....
Thanks in advance. Most of the agents that I know seem to fly by the seat of their pants. I'd love to see what you do to keep your daily activites on target for success.
HGTV...Angel or Devil?
Has HGTV given the consumer a misguided idea of how things are done?
What would you do if you found squatters in an REO you are showing to a family? I did everything wrong.
Yesterday, that happened, at around 3:00 I used my lock box key, entered a home and my client opened a closet door (with her 4 year old son next to her) and a squatter was hiding in the closet. I became…
VA Loans Who does them, where should I go?
In the 80's my hubby was able to qualify for a VA loan, but now where do I go for a Current Active duty Military Person?
Daily Profile Updates
Several of my categories(blog & profile pages) have not updated in about one week. Anyone else noticin this?
Real Estate Brochures
Long story short I have had a fall out with the company that made colored brochures for my property listings. As a fellow agent, I respect all of your opinions and advice. I wanted to see if anyone can…
Maryland Real Estate License
Is it possible to hang my license with a Broker without the intent to use it to sell real estate? The company I am trying to work with says I need my license to negotiate leases, but one of the requirements…
The Trulia question of the day,
designed for “local” Realtors® in their specific market why are agents from hundreds of miles away answering these questions? I thought this exercise was designed to create Local experts?…
What are the reasons you decline to accept a listing?
Inventory is short, but should you accept all comers? Recently, I've run across a few sellers who want market analyses and it turns out that their best case scenario is breaking even. I've been…
I have a client that needs an HOA that allows 1 week rentals in the Pearl district in Portland, Oregon.
If you know of any or could steer me to find them that would be great! I have been asking title company on a 1 by 1 bases whcih is getting old. Thank you in advance... Kevin Sucher
Is it OK for prospective buyers to take their own photos of your listing?
Active Rain asks the question. If the home is empty, there might not be a concern. But, what if the owner still lives there?
Can I mortgage loan originator make 20 k a year only working part time ?
I will only do it part time and will eventually grow into full time , but wanted some opinions if I can work part time and still earn 20k/ year?
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