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I am sure all of you have seen the note from Peter Flint, CEO of Trulia, announcing the acquisition of Trulia by Zillow. Thoughts?
Any speculation as to how things might change with either of the services and/or products offered? Will we now have Trestimates? ZactiveRain?
Should I send a copy of my driver's license and Social Security card?
A loan officer originally asked the buyers agent to contact me for copy of my driver's license and SS card which is part of the FHA agent re certification. I contacted the loan officer for clarification…
Realtors Who Change an Appointment Time For an Owner Occupied Home, (without notice)
I'm ready to pull my hair out. So I have an Appointment Only owner occupied) listing, no problem, right? Call the seller he/she leaves for a walk or goes shopping. A Realtor makes an appointment at 4:00…
I want to become a real estate salesperson in Arizona. Should I pursue my goal if I have a misdemeanor assault from college bar fight?
It seems that the requirements would preclude me from obtaining a license. Is this rule barring misdemeanor convictions set in stone or will the commission judge on a case by case basis? Please advise
BPO Request ASAP
I need a Realtor to perform a BPO on a 24 unit apartment building located in Memphis, TN ASAP. WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR AT CLOSING! ! PLEASE REPLY ASAP.
Can a real estate agent work for 2 brokerage firms?
As a licensed real estate sales person in NY can you work for 2 different brokerage firms? I thought that would be impossible. If so how can 2 brokers hold your license?
Looking for any FHA approved complexes in San Diego, specifically complexes
I am working with a 1st time home buyer who just got his FHA pre-approval letter. They are interested in a Condo but I have not been able to find a FHA approved complex for them. Any ideas or suggestions…
Opinion question... What is an acceptance way to dress during an open house?
Previewed a home this afternoon and saw an agent holding an open house in workout shorts and flip-flops. Would you?
I need to upgrade our website to produce more leadflow. Real Geeks, IDX Broker and Boston Logic sound great, however, I don't want to break the bank.
I'm looking for a more professional design, user-friendly IDX feature, and optimal SEO so that we receive more leads. -- Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks, John
When targeting for-sale-by-owners, what has worked best for agents recently?
I live in a neighborhood where there are many FSBO and various blogs I have read encourage various tactics ranging from drip-mail to cold calling. What do other professionals feel work?
I haven't been getting email from Trulia Voices in weeks!?!?
No questions, no answers, no nothing, nada! Has something changed? Am I supposed to check in myself every day or two? I don't believe I've changed any settings on my account and I just can't figure this…
How do you recognize the best in a real estate operation?
I've worked at independents and franchise offices, and while I worked in what has been coined the franchise to the best, I found that there were as many deficiencies in that outfit as the others.. I wonder…
Can someone take a real estate licensing class in another state, and then take the NY state licensing test afterwards?
For example, could I take a real estate pre-license course in Texas, and then in a year or so, take the license test in NY? Or does it have to be a NY state course. (currently living in Texas but expect…
What approach of contact do you prefer the least?
Cold calling seems to annoy people and I would want to respect the preferences of my potential clients.
I am a new agent with Keller Williams for 4 months now. The training is great and I have a mentor that works
for part of my commission. However, I find myself disconnected from the office. I do not have a desk, It is not set up so that I could answer the phone if a prospect calls and the office is not set up…
Is there a specific FL Mortgage Assumption Agreement? All I could find in the FL Realtors library are Mortgage Assumption Addendums.
The Lender is asking for an executed and recorded Mortgage Assumption Agreement, not a sale contract. However the available forms provide mortgage assumption addendums to sale contract.
When I enter a new listing to the MLS, I get a call from Trulia. They know about the listings but why aren't their sites ACCURATE? Can't they Sync?
Seems like their data is always running a few weeks behind. Especially disturbing since the public reveres this website.
How many properties have you sold in your first year? How many listings you had in your first year?
I am new in the business trying to see what is the "average" amount. Couldn't find this information online anywhere. Thank you for the help.
How do you feel when you have to call an agent for an appointment, and they do not respond promptly.?
My pet peeve is listings where you have to call the agent to show property.
Window Washing Service in Sarasota please...
My client needs a window washing service (fast!) on the South Side of Sarasota. Who do you recommend, please? Inside and Outside, one-story clean home.
How Do You Preview Property Consistently & Efficiently?
In the various training "stuff" I've come across there is this major emphasis on previewing property in order to stay in touch with the market. Now if you're a buyer's agent, then you probably are showing…
My listing is showing up under another agents name. How do I correct it?
142 Porcupine Ridge Road, Roberts, MT is showing up with incorrect data.
Is Trulia even listening to us? Who and what do they think we are? Do they not realize they have a bunch of disgruntled MEMBERS/CONTRIBUTORS?
Trulia Hi there, My name is Alison and I'm Trulia's Customer Success Evangelist. I wanted to reach out to you personally and let you know that we're invested in your success and…
Transferring states and passing the exam?
I haven't passed my exam yet,but am hoping to by the beginning of August. I've been studying & reading up all I can. Taking classes etc. However it's all in Nevada. I'll be moving to Florida around October.…
I'm looking for some input from agents all over the country. Have any of you obtained good leads from just upgrading to Trulia Pro or Deluxe?
my primary zip codes are taken in the Trulia advertising area, but I'm trying to determine if simply upgrading to Pro or Deluxe is still worth while in generating some qualified leads. If so, if you…
Who is the best real estate company to work for? who has the lowest office fees/commission split.?
I am researching my options on a real estate company because I want to get into real estate and I want to get on with a great company, so I would like to know who the best or what your advice would be?
Anyone else out there having issues? I've tried to answer 3 questions and have received the message each time doesn't meet community guidelines.
I've sent the details to Trulia and have received emails back saying they don't understand why I got the message and that they'll forward it to their engineers. I guess this is a case of Trulia strikes…
Should offering a minimal % of the listing commission to the Tenents Agent be considered a breech in fiduciary duty to property owner?
I have noticed similar situations all across San Antonio as well as Realtors not wanting to show rentals due to low income earning potential. This apprears to be a disservice to the Landlord. I am curious…
Are you using evernote? Yay or Nay
please share how you are using evernote in you real estate business...
When should a death on a property be disclosed?
I was just involved in a transaction where we did all the negotiations, opened escrow and my client make their deposit. It was only when we received the seller written disclosures that we found out that…
What are some of the best foundations to give yourself when starting in this business?
I'm just getting started, and I absolutely love it! I want to do my absolute best. I feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of information that I'm receiving. I want to be able to process…
RE: Open House Refreshments ... Yay or Nay?
My seller client wants to leave refreshments out for buyers to enjoy. Sounds like a lovely idea, however I'm wondering if the mess people may make is worth the nice gesture. Comments?
I'm newly licensed and tied between affiliating with Coldwell Banker or Keller Williams. Does anyone have any experience with either company?
Coldwell Banker has a bigger presence which everyone is familiar with. They offer mentors which is beneficial as a new agent, no office fee but has a higher commision split. However, Keller Williams is…
Any section 8 homes for lease in League City, TX?
Client seeks 2b/2b section 8 max $1200
What do you think about people bringing their dogs with them to view open houses?
Just to be clear, I'm a dog lover. I have my very own pit mutt, who is the love of my life. But I don't bring him into other people's homes unless specifically invited to do so. Comments?
When I click on Check In on the Trulia agent mobile app, I get a screen that at the top says Nearby and then a list of only a few homes.?
Once I was able to get an entire map of my city, but can't figure out how to get that back. I'm amazed I can't find a help file on Trulia.
RE: Church Property
My home buyer clients are considering purchasing a condo in a building that used to be a church. They are concerned for resale that future home buyers may think it is sacrilegious. Comments?
RE: Wheel Chair Accessible
My buyer client needs a home that is wheel chair accessible. What are the things that we should be considering for this kind of a buyer? Please share your thoughts....
What is the most bizarre thing you have encountered while working in Real Estate?
We all have some stories and I think it would be interesting to hear about the encounters we agents have had throughout the country.
Why do FSBO when it costs more than an agent and takes a lot longer?
I have been an agent for over 10 years and I still can't comprehend...why do people do For Sale by Owner? It almost always costs more than an agent in the end and it takes 3-4 times longer. WHY??????
Is it legal for a listing agent to force a buyer to use their preferred lender as a term of the purchase contract?
I had a Realtor do this to me recently. I had a fully pre-approved client and they offered in this listing agents short sale. The seller countered that the buyer MUST use their lender, not just cross…
Do any hard money lenders do negative amortization loans anymore?
A contractor wants to purchase a property through a trustee sale and flip the property. He wants to defer the costs until the end, even if it means paying more. Do any hard money lenders do 100% financing…
Open house florida
Do i need to get permit on my open house signs everytime i hold open house
Do any of you do BPOs for LandSafe? If yes, have your orders slowed? I used to getting 15 @ time & a min of 60 a month & have only gotten
21 so far Do any of you do BPOs for LandSafe? If yes, have your orders slowed? I'm used to getting 15 @ a time & a min of 60 a month & have only gotten 21 so far this month and if I'm…
I'm looking for referrals for contractors to do turnaround work on a rental property in northwest Las Vegas.
The property will need interior paint, general handyman work and probably more. Any reliable referrals you can offer are appreciated. Thanks!
Winter Springs Area- Where is there a school for 45 hr Post Licensing?
I am trying to find a school for a face-to-face 45 hr Post Licensing course. I took my 63 hr course online and hated it.. Please help!!
With rental rates continuing to rise, why do you think so many buyers remain on the fence?
Tuck Pointing Work for 22 story building?
Need to do some spot tuck pointing in a few areas of a residential building in Chicago. Does anyone know of any licensed contractors who would be able to rappel to the desired areas for the work?
Market Leader??? Is it worth it or not?
Please answer if you have actually tried a market leader program.. I am looking into options for my office and wanted agents thoughts and stories before I decide. Thanks in advance.
Has anyone ever used a lead generation program from Market Leader?
If so, has anyone has had any success with them?
Ideas for highly shareable posts for a blog?
I came across an Inman article that mentioned posting 4th of July Fireworks locations as a blog post was highly shareable and would boost SEO, so I tried this and it worked like a charm! Any other ideas…
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