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QR Code Help, Please
Hi fellow Trulia members. I have been using QR codes for my website and I think they are great. I am now ready to use them for individual listings, but I cannot seem to figure out how to do it. It seems…
I am passionate about helping people relocate to Arizona. Any ideas on the best way to market to people considering a move to Arizona?
I can help people buy or rent homes and have found helping people relocating to Arizona a very rewarding experience. I would really appreciate any advice, insight people may have on how to increase my…
Need Help with Chase Escalation/Extension - foreclosure date 1-5-2011
We have a messed up situation here. We are representing the buyer in this situation, but the sellers agent his been either non-responsive or very slow to respond. Does anyone have a "guardian…
Anyone Know The Best Foreclosure Lists to Subscribe To?
I heard some are not updated and have old data in them. Who has the freshest lists? Thanks.. Jane
Is it possible to have an international buyer purcahse a home in Texas, then put the home in her children's names because they are US Citizens?
I have a friend who is from Mexico. Her mother wanted to purchase a home for her daughter and grandsons. She asked about the possibility of putting the home in the grandson's names as they were…
What property preservation companies are people using in the the northern suburbs?
I own a foreclosure cleaning company in the area and am trying to network with other professionals in the area to get a sense of who is working these days. Thanks
New York RE Licence?
I'm relocating from CA (Palm Springs) to NY (Brooklyn) I have my CA RE license but I'm wondering 1) How do I get my NY license? 2) How is it different than CA?
I just got my real estate license and planning to start as Real Estate agent.Need advice regarding brokerage
I got my real estate license last week and planning to start my career as real estate agent in new year in south bay.As there are lot of agents here, can you please give some advise regarding a) Pointers…
Where do you get your printed materials?
I am looking to buy letterhead on just normal 22lb paper. I usually would use, but they want $70 for 100 sheets! It would be way cheaper for me just to print my own for that price!!
I am curious if states (other than NJ, which does require this) require inspections for smoke detectors, carbon monox. det.and/or fire extinguishers?
In NJ, prior to any closing or tenants moving in, all towns require some sort of inspection to make sure detectors and fire extinguishers are in place. There was a terrible tragedy in CT on Christmas…
Got buyer. Need 3/2 up to $250K in good condition. Santa Rosa area. Thanks, Greg 415 695-0254
Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati. Prefer single family, but condo may do. Buyer is an investor so the property must cash-flow with 10 or 20% down.
How do you make the connection with asset managers to get REO listings. I have tried several websites to no
avail. Some of the websites ask for experience and at least 5 sold REOs. I have bought 5 REO's for my clients (selling agent) but never listed one. I just recently tried, but they pretty much…
What is the best way to get into REO's for an agent?
I am looking to expand my service to REO's, but don't know were to start...
I appreciate the info on how to break into the REO business-however I keep seeing the BPO trend as a way to
get the proverbial foot in the door. Unfortunately in the state of NM, I as an Associate Broker am not allowed to charge for BPO's. Any suggestions on how to get started?
reo listings
how do you get the reo listings
Anyone ever list a short sale when the seller has no hardship, not behind and not spoken to the bank ?
they are just underwater and want to sell short. It seems that the bank will ignore any offers presented since they are not upset with the seller because he is current and making payments. Seller has…
When do you hold a broker open?
Hey everyone- When do you hold a broker open? Do you hold them before or after listing the property? Maybe you don't hold then at all. Just trying to gain some perspective. Thanks.
Do you prefer the electronic or old-fashioned lock boxes?
I find the old-fashioned ones are a lot easier to deal with, but I suppose the data collection on the new Supras may outweigh their clumsiness during showings.
I referred a buyer to an associate but he decided not to work with them since they aren't buying until January.
I am out of town and have buyers that were originally planning on visiting FL in January but changed plans to visit the one week I am away. So I referred them to an associate I trust and believe is very…
how do I record a trustee's deed?
I have cancelled a land trust for my father's property and now need to record that deed with the cook county recorder of deeds. How do I do this?
Access to broker open's in Chicago?
Is there a list of broker open in the Chicagoland area? Is this something that is available in the MLS. Thanks!
Any advice on a reputable broker in Miami, Fl?
I am close to getting my license and I am being pro active in the sense of getting some knowledge on reputable brokers to start off as a rookie with. Any advice on where would be a good start for some…
The revised 22SS: what would be a better buyer strategy since the Seller continues to market and take other offers?
Short sale experts, help. Paragraph 3 allows for the seller to continue marketing the home. So why would my buyer want to make an offer if a second buyer can come along while it's pending approval,…
Credit Card lien attached to Florida homesteaded property causing problems with short sale approval. Any advice???
I have a short sale in process that a credit card company attached a lien to the home which it is my understanding can't be done on homesteaded proper. Has anyone encountered this and how did you…
In this ever "changing" world of Real Estate, this area has not been updated to my knowledge in quite some time. Any new categories you wish to see?? Your input would be greatly appreciated!
What do you think of the Wall Street Journal's commentary on NAR's Housing Stats?
Link: I saw the Today show this morning and they made mention of an article from the Wall Street Journal…
What are the required steps to acquire a Realtor License in Miami FL?
To whom it may concern, I am trying to get a step by step process on what I will need to do in order to acquire my Realtor license. So far what I know is that i have to complete a 63 hour…
Thinking of changing your Real Estate company as a New Year's solution, how do you choose your New Real Estate Brokerage Company to work with?
Looking for incentives, commision split Freedom for marketing & work hours Free website & Email Looking for more education Company culture, more Recognition Weekly motivation series
Do you comment on blogs?
I'm an active blogger on ActiveRain and on occasion I copy over my content here. A funny thing, I can have an award winning blog in AR and even though they reward for comments, many would comment…
We are a brokerage that perform BPOs for a number of 3rd party companies. Does anyone know how HUD goes about valuing their assets?
Are there specific 3rd party companies that HUD goes through to help value these assets? We perform BPOs for Freddie, Fannie, and other banks via these 3rd party outsourcing companies, but how does HUD…
Has anyone heard of Landlords charging tenants a Rent Default Deposit?
This is on top of already having charged 1.5 months security deposit. Is this legal in NJ?
Does anyone have the contact information for Wells Fargo Bank upper management, CEO or president in regards to short sales?
I just listed a home in which the owners had been waiting for approval on a loan modification, the bank has been postponing the foreclosure sale date for several months while their application was being…
What specific topics would you like to learn about from an experienced mortgage lender at a presentation to Realtors?
The VP of a regional bank's mortgage division would like to make quarterly presentations to Realtor associations. He would like to make the material as relevant as possible to help Realtors and their…
how is the rental market in avondale, goodyear, buckeye , az.?
Getting in contact with listing agent when buyer has a question
Do you find it difficult to get in contact with a listing agent when a buyer has a question about a property? I'm helping a friend try to find a place and am finding it pretty painful to get concerns/questions…
Apt/Condo/.... just looking for small space to lay my head down while in that area on jobs. Live full-time down south so don't need much and do not want to waste time on driving all over etc. AREAS…
Do rental listings appear on Trulia? I would like to let the people know about a great 2 Den 3 Bath that is
available in Ocean Two • Sunny Isles Beach, FL • Amazing Views of The Atlantic Ocean & Intracoastal Waterway!
A few questions
Hi everyone, I start school jan 5th, I had a few questions if anyone can help. What kind of advice would you give a person just starting out? What do you think about starting out as a part time agent until…
Do you give your current and past clients holiday gifts?
As an agent do you send or give gifts to your clients to maintain them in your sphere of influence.
Can I contact the seller? I called a Broker/Listing Agent 11 times for some info on his listing, (texted him a couple of times too.) No Response
Each time I call and leave a message (friendly) to please call me back with a detailed question, no call back. I can't find his email, and he is the broker/owner of the company. Listing is still active…
"SORRY ABOUT YOUR LOSS"? Can't we do a little better than that?
I'm over that cliche. Can anyone come up with something different? I won't say better because you can't deminimize someone's passing. But come on............can't we be just a…
I just got my Real estate Lic.
I am recieving all kinds of offers in my mail box. How do you pick a place to join? Who will give me the most knowledge. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Would you ever take a "Flat Fee" or "Limited Service" listing?
Under what circumstances? By "flat fee" or "limited service" I'm referring to those agents / companies like "Help U Sell" who work with FSBOs and put the house in the…
Do you need an assistant? I'm moving to Boca Raton right after Christmas and looking for a job in real state.
I'd love to work in real estate! I have office administration and customer service experience, and I'm ready for next step. I'd like to work/learn/watch/get experience for a brokerage or…
What kind of Open House traffic are folks getting?
I am getting back to do doing Open Houses and I am wondering what type of traffic other agents are getting at their opens. Personally, I have not had much luck in converting buyers/sellers via open houses.…
0 Down ?
I have noticed several FSBO ads offering the home for sale at Zero down financing, even a few agents advertising a listing as zero down... Am I missing something here? I would think that unless the home…
Agents: How much earnest money do you ask for on your listings?
Do you ask for a straight 1 or 2% or do you discuss it with your seller? I'm perplexed by an agent who told her client to write an EM check for $3K, when I specifically stated in the MLS we wanted…
Anyone getting inquiries from international buyers?
According to the National Association of Realtors, money is pouring in from abroad. Total residential international sales in the U.S. for the past year ending March 2011 equaled $82 billion, up from $66…
Thank you for your co-operation.
Is it OK to show the appreciation of the other agent's co-operation to give them a small gift at closing? I only do it for agents who were pleasure to work with. I bring one gift for my clients and…
SHORT SALE AGENTS!! How are you getting your short sale listings these days?!? Anybody working the NEDS?
I've had some luck with the NED list and have had a couple referrals come in but really want to ramp up my short sale business and aren't sure quite where to start!!! THANKS GUYS!!!
I have two offers on my listing. The seller refuses to execute. She obtained a loan modification instead. Do I have a breach of contract?
Loss mitigation officer knew about my listing and expected both offers to be faxed as soon as they were executed. He convinced seller to go Mod.
Which candidate for the Republican Presidential race will move forward legislation to help the housing market recover and boost consumer confidence?
The NAR conference says housing issues should make a difference in whom voters choose. Do you agree and why?
Has anyone else noticed the avm's on rpr to be horribly wrong?
I have being trying the new RPR website and checking the value of some of the homes around here, and the values just seem to be horribly wrong, I mean there of by 50 grand or so. Thats just a useless website…
Agents, what would you do? You represent the Buyers, and the Contract to Buy specifies "all" garage door remote controls to be included.
But at the time of walk through, there are ZERO remote controls found at property, and Sellers claim they don't have any. Do you just let buyers deal with it? Or do you buy them a universal remote…
Is there a list of brokerages by sales volume in IL?
Interested in who the top brokers are in Illinois.Thanks everyone.
Are cash buyers awesome?
What would you say are pro's and con's based on your experience or what you have heard about working with cash buyers or investors? Is there something you feel you could work on to make this…
Anyone need a Transaction Coordinator/ Listing Manager?
I have experience and a proactive system. Check me out at
What other real estate communities do you belong too?
I've just started on yesterday and obviously here @ Trulia.
Are your sellers willing to do upgrades and updates?
How much do sellers spend on average to prepare their homes for this market?
Are you a "Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist"...How has this designation benefited you in the luxury market?
This question is for Agents that attended "The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing". Any feedback you have is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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