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Short sales but here is a new twist.
I have worked several short sales but here is a new twist. A buyer has offered well over the list price of a listed short sale. The bank said they can not accept the offer because the higher price no longer…
Has anyone signed up for Ziloow's $10 a month site?
I'm super curious to see a real estate as opposed to a prototype - ...If you have, please share your link and let me know what you think of it! Thanks!
Where did you attend school?
I'm debating whether or not to become a real estate agent in California. Where did you guys attend school and how well do you think it prepared you for the state exam?
What are your thoughts on Bank of America's Short Sale process since the changes in April?
In April, Bank of America had taken steps to streamline thier process of handling short sales. Including response times, new addendums/forms, and agent resource training.
Agent credit card required to secure home showing appointment?
I'm experiencing a no-show rate of about 60% for viewing appointments on a listing that is shown by appointment only or at open house. A lock box is not possible, but that's not the point.…
Starting out in real estate
I'm someone that is new to real estate and currently working on my brokers licence...just looking for some friendly advice on how to get started...all advice and input will be greatly appreciated...
Which brokerage firm provides the best training for a new real estate salesperson? I just passed my RE exam and am deciding on which brokerage firm
to join to get the best training in this profession? Can the experienced Realtors on this website chime in and suggest the firms that are known for high quality training for new real estate salespersons…
Trulia Pro program
Did anyone else get the message from Trulia that the Trulia Pro Starter program is being discontinued? Did you also get the information that unless you cancell your Trulia Pro program in August your "automatic…
What should I say to a potential buyer that doesn't want to use an attorney for the closing of the transaction?
I am talking with a potential buyer now originally from Missouri and he said he has bought properties in the past there and has never used an attorney. I told him it isn't recommended to represent yourself…
Brokers Open House
I'm am looking for some ideas for a Brokers Open House, We have 3 homes on the same street and are planning a Brokers Open for all 3 together at the same time. Does anyone have any unique ideas?
Is beneficial in marketing and obtaining leads?
I've been prosepected to market on, get a website etc? Has anyone had experience with them? My trulia marketing is awesome and effective, what are your comparisons?
Is there anyone who use ZOHO?
I heard about good things about ZOHO, just curious what do you think? Can you give us a feedback. Thanks.
Anyone know a local- Northwest Indiana - economic remediation and capital recovery firm?
providing a complete lifecycle of preemptive loss prevention and proactive loss mitigation in the management of distressed portfolios.
Listing Presentations Ideas
We have been using a listing presentation whenever we have new listings appointments that it's very dated. I was wondering if someone can share ideas and or tools to improve a listing presentation and/or…
how to get homepath offer accepted?
any suggestions on making a 'win win' offer? Can you share your experience? * is it over asking price? ( comps usually are good) * how much you ask towards closing cost ( if you do) * do you ask for…
Why am I not getting leads from zip code 40503 where I "bought" 75% of the zip code?
I have been trying this program for about 6 weeks and it costs a lot for what I am getting. What are other agents experiencing?
Realtors, Agents, what should I look for in a Brokerage?
If I'm looking for a Real Estate company to join, what questions should I be asking? What can I expect to be offered?
MBA with Real Estate Concentration
Does anybody knows of a good Master of Business Administration (MBA Program) that offers a Real Estate concentration curriculum? I live in Fort Myers FL but it can be any University that offers an online…
I am trying to reach Christy Aimes. I was working with her last July. I have a couple of questions for her.
Any advice on how to reach her. My address is Thanks!!!
What is the time value of a new real estate agent?
Or, what is the set value of your time (as real estate agents)? How do you determine your time's worth, and does it help determine how much time and effort you are willing to put into a deal? Do you…
What things do you want to know about a home buyer/home seller before accepting them as a referral?
If you are going to accept a referral, what things do you want to know about the home buyer/seller before moving forward.
What is your success rate getting a short sale closed? Are you have any problems with FNMA refusing to extend foreclosure sale dates?
Just had a short foreclose because FNMA refused to extend the foreclosure sale date. We had a full price offer (for more than the BPO value!) and the buyer had loan commitment. We needed 5 more days to…
Looking for a new database manager. What suggestions and why do you all have.?
Dont really want to go the Top Producer route. I would like easy to learn but has some bells and whistles.
New to the business. Advice?
I am new to the Real Estate business. Any advice or tips?
Are there programs that help under water home owners?
Does anyone know of programs to help home owners that are upside down on their property. They owe slightly more than the property is worth.
Is there anything a Buyer can offer to sweeten the deal if they are using an FHA loan requiring the the Seller to contribute 3% in closing costs?
We're in a Seller's market right now and there are tons of cash buyer/investors gobbling up the 0-150K homes. An owner occupied offer from a real family is having a devil of a time getting their…
Hi everyone, Are there any Real Estate Agents out there that specialize in the 55 communities within the Somerset/Middlesex/Monmouth counties???
I'm looking to build a relationship with a realtor who specializes in the 55 communities within the Somerset/Middlesex/Monmouth counties. If you could please email me at…
I am trying to figure out why my logo does not show up next to my listings.
My photo and logo are both in my MLS profile and I do not see an area to add the logo (again) on Trulia. I see more than 50% of the listings with the broker logo. I would like my broker's logo added…
Posting links in blogs....
Very new to Trulia. Posted a blog and tried to insert an internet link to the article. Anyone else having that problem?
Anyone have an opinion about Google Plus replacing Google Places?
There has been too many changes to Google and SEO this year to list. Anyone have any success stories? Crash and burn stories?
SOUND OFF! The real estate market has seen many changes over the past few years. What is one of your biggest challenges as an agent today?
In Fort Lauderdale one of the biggest challenges I am experiencing is finding homes for clients due to a lack of inventory. A year or two ago there were frequent news stories about a glut of bank-owned…
Hey You Brokers that Specialize in Short Sales - This question is for you...
I got a BofA HAFA Short Sale approved for a "cash deal". Here's the situation that has me pulling my hair and cussing.... The buyer for this cash deal is a "husand and wife" who are coming out of…
When's the last time you updated and optimized your Trulia Listings?
My latest blog shows you how.
Why would Realtors use Zillow and other National Internet venues to help them create local comps?
I find them all [especially Zillow] to be so inaccurate on their valuations. Your comments, please.
Low inventory - 2nd question??
Thank you for your replies to my first statement and question concerning the "low inventory" we are now facing and leading the real estate market to a "Seller's Market". It seems…
Low inventory, indeed!
Frequently, I check the total inventory in our SE Florida Regional MLS of all Broward county homes and condos. I was looking at one of my old notes dating back September 2007 when the total inventory…
What are your thoughts on a price point for buying homes to rent out for college students, especially in the Austin area?
Curious of other's opinions on what price range is best for homes targeted for renting out to college students.
What is the best way to prepare for the NJ real estate salesperson exam?
Specifically, how many hours should I study to prepare for the exam in addition to the 70 hour class? Also, does anyone know of any good books to study from?
what are the regulations under the nj real estate commission with regards to advertising and marketing yourself?
my friend has a tshirt business and i wanted to make shirts up with our team name , phone number etc...where can i find the regulations on this?
LOVE REFERRALS, DO YOU? If so leave your information! All STATES
Hi, How often do you sell a property for somebody that is moving to a different state? If you know anybody that is moving to NY send me your info - lets make money together! If you would like to be…
I am looking for an experienced agent or broker who is very familiar with Round Rock, TX and specialized is residential real estate.
I have 2 referrals for friends of mine that are moving to the Round Rock area and want to buy homes within the next 6 months to a year. I'd love to know how long you have been in real estate, your…
Hello, Looking for an agent familiar with King City, CA to send a referral to. Must know the area well and have experience with USDA loans.
I have a very special client relocating very soon to the King City area. I'd like an agent who's pleasant to work with and familiar with USDA loans. Referral fee back to me to be 25%. Interested?
I'm looking to change companies and need advice on Chicago agencies.
My broker is closing shop and I need to find a new agency and haven't shopped around in some time. I'm looking to find out each agencies' splits, marketing assistance, additional fees and…
Looking for more ideas to locate buyers for Monterey Area Beach Homes (2nd Homes/vacation homes).
I know the cities they come from typically and have marketed directly to homes - I market directly to owners of the condomininium complex on a regular basis - I have videos on youtube etc etc - other ideas?…
Bank foreclosed a property one day before escrow closing of an approved short sale. Can a buyer/seller fight a bank?
Sounds, like a pure nonsense, BofA did foreclose their own approved short sale one day before escrow could close. Of course, the seller and the buyer are very upset and want to sue the bank.....Do they…
I am seeking a licensed, non-practicing broker for a possible partnership with a lead generation company.
My husband's company, a real estate lead generation site in Texas, is wanting to find a non-practicing, licensed broker to partner with so he can accept referral fees. The broker would not be managing…
Need agent that works Poinciana Florida
I have a seller referral for that area. Agents please email me for details.
Agents: are you a Realtor or a REALTOR®?
I see a lot of agents calling themselves either a Realtor, but not a REALTOR®. If you're a NAR member, why don't you call yourself a REALTOR®? A lot of agents in my area have dropped…
I am seeking a licensed, non-practicing broker for a possible partnership with a lead generation company.
My husband's company, a real estate lead generation site in Texas, is wanting to find a non-practicing, licensed broker to partner with so he can accept referral fees. The broker would not be managing…
Do you spend too much time on social media?
I think social media is a good way to prospect but what about getting out and meeting people face to face?
Experiencing alot of problems with Trulia(non responsive as well)regarding (2) listings that I claimed. Both have not been accepted and have no idea as to why. Anyone else having difficulty?
Unethical agents?
I have seen an agent list a house being sold by a family as part of an estate and the owners are out of town. Then the listing agent helped set the asking price because the owners are not familiar with…
I have a question about an expired listing's pictures.
Once a listing expires and is re-listed with another agent from another company is the new agent allowed to use the 1st agent's pictures without her permission?
I am searching for an inactive, licensed broker who may want to partner with my husband's company. He/She will get a percentage of referral
fees. My husband's company is looking for an inactive, licensed broker in which to partner. This person will receive referral fees at closing. He/She will not be expected to do any work, we only…
New Agent best training Exit or Keller Williams in L.A.?
Can an insider help me to decide, which one is better in training for a new agent, and which office in L.A you would recommend?. I have recruited exit in L.A. but found there office pretty small and couldn't…
Agents: How many referrals do you make each year outside your geographical market?
I've received dozens of emails and a few phone calls from agents within the past couple of months asking to set up a reciprocal referral arrangement, primarily for transactions that would take place…
Thorndale Properties
Hello, Who here works in Thorndale? If anyone here does, could you please contact me? Thank you! Angele Moyseos Broker Associate Vox Real Estate LLC 512.466.8252
Agents, how many listing sources do you use?
Had a great discussion during a back-office training session with residential agents last week regarding inventory management. Some agents only watch the MLS, some add a couple hybrid sites (e.g. Zillow,…
Increase in the number of home buyers?
I am curious if anyone has noticed an increase in the number of home buyers in San Bernardino recently, please share your observation with me!
Newspaper Ads! How many think this is the best tool to market your listing? Do you see a trend that is starting to move away from this kind of ads?
Do you think newspaper ads are still effective to sell a house? How many still think this is the best tool in marketing your listing?
In minnesota can a mortgage broker offer an Exclusive Buyers representation agreement for a real estate agent?
I have come across a friend who was going to the bank to get pre approved for a loan, and the loan officer had asked him if he had an agent. The guy had said no, and the lender asked if they could recommend…
NEEDED! Free or inexpensive software to create .epub documents (e-book publishing)
The critical element is the integrated creation of the index page. (required for global distribution of e-book) Documents have become too complex to use MS Word for this purpose. The normal code jockey…
Dear Agents, anyone have advice on how to handle, educate, instruct a buyer who has "champagne taste with beer pocket books?" The
situation is: I've advised on 203k loans buy cheap and renovate, I've done everything I can, but she will look at the MLS listings and pass even though they are within budget because she can't…
Another unethical agent or just doing his job?
True Story: I saw online a house I was very interested so I contacted an agent to set up a viewing. I travelled to the other city it was located in and early the next morning I received a call from my…
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