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If you have a contract with a bank to list an REO and are performing all of your duties is it legal for them to just give asset to different agent?
I had multiple listings with a servicer including 2 that were listed and bank decided to change to new asset management co which meant they yanked listings I had put in lot's of work on is that legal?…
Looking to switch real estate website host
.....with e-mail support, customer database management, mls/idx link, bulk e-mail. Hopefully under $1 million per month. I would greatly appreciate any suggests or recommends.
I want to start a Property Management company in Kentucky with a nearly-acquired Salesperson License. How do I find a Broker of Record?
I have a background in marketing, and don't require training or desk space. In essence, I hope to run my own company (or division) and simply share the required split until I can earn my own broker's…
Does someone knows how to find an example of partnership contract?
I established some partnerships with european real estate and I need to draw up the mains lines of the contract but I haven't any ideas. If somebody has an example of partnership agreement it will…
Do you have buyers relocating to Manhattan, NYC? Please send me your referrals!
I am an experienced, licensed, independent broker and will give your buyers VIP treatment and you a 30% referral fee.. Please contact me before & if you have any questions Thanks! Jolie
Can the notice be given to a minor?
The Notice to vacate premesis was given to a 11yr old by a neighbor stating that...Here little boy can you give this to your Daddy
Has anyone else noticed many former agents who are no longer agents with the firms listed
here and/or no longer licensed and/or affiliated with a firm still having their old agents profiles here on Trulia? We had a firm here in Manhattan CBHK/Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy (aka later known as…
Anyone have any great tips on converting Trulia leads?
I'm converting about 10% of mine through quick, direct responses to their questions and trying to not sound "automated" in my responses, but would like to boost my success rate. Any tips?…
I'm thinking of getting out of the (Active) Rain...
Has anyone cancelled their Active Rain Rainmaker account and noticed a difference in their primary site traffic or general online lead flow? I've never been contacted by any prospective clients…
Seterus is Approving a Short Sale but denying the Seller a HAFA Approval
Seterus is Approving a Short Sale but denying the Seller a HAFA Approval because they didn’t complete the “HAFA Solicitation Letter” within the time frame that the letter called for.…
Whew! Finally finished 99 pages later.
How many pages are your short sale packets?
6 -9 month rental needed!
Hi all, I have clients relocating to Austin and are in need of a 3 bedroom home, 6 months for sure with the option to go MTM after that. They can pay the fist 6 months up front in cash. The tricky part…
Has anyone been contacted by about advertising and SEO services?
Super high pressure sales tactics designed to wear you down and drop $3500 on search engine optimization. They keep you on the phone for an hour and them tell you if you don't sign up for one of…
100% commission office in the Pacific Northwest. Which one is the best and why. I have 15 years experience
with the same company as a top producer and would like to hear what you have to say. Thx.
What are the specific steps (links?) to obtain a HI RE License if I have a CA license?
Thank you for the previous answers! I should have been more specific. I understand I have to take the HI portion of the Sales Agent license and that I can waive the general portion of the test. I have…
Fellow Independent Brokers: How many agents can you sponsor and remain home-based? Can you attract agents if you aren't a big office like ReMax?
This is a Friday night question which I am hoping to shed light on before Monday when I make some calls. I know that I can rent a desk in an office building, but would rather avoid that if I can... I can…
Often, when I answer a question from a buyer or seller, I like to see what questions they asked before. Can't seem to do this anymore.
Is anyone else experiencing this? When you click on a buyer / seller profile it shows in the title 15 questions asked. But when you go to see the detail, it show No Questions Found. To Trulia moderator:…
I want to know how to get BPO assignments in West Georgia area and the East Alabama Area.
I am looking into BPO companies and REO listings in West Georgia and East Alabama. Companies that will approve an agent with only 2 years experience and will pay or offer listings. Thank you so much! I…
Why are Active listings not showing up as Active?
I have 2 listings that are showing up as Status Unknown and not as Active as they are. When I went back through the system and claimed them they show up under the Sold and Expired tab.
I've heard a "RUMOR" that Bank of America has pulled out from backing FHA 203K rehab loans. Anyone else hear of this?
I know that other large institutions are still backing this program but with a powerhouse like BofA, it raises the question.... "why?"
Do retirement communities work with listing agents to sell their units or do most use their in-house staff?
As baby boomers get older, I would think that this will be a great niche. I see that the higher end communities have brokers that they work with, however, there are many that may need help selling units.…
What do you guys (Pros) know about earthquake insurance?
If you don't know an answer when you present the Hazard Report and Insurance issues when buying or selling, read my blog about it. It'll surprise you.
Agents, what’s the most creative (or crazy) marketing technique you’ve used to generate interest in a listing?
From free TVs, vacations and cars to contests and buyer sleep-overs, we want to know what you’ve done to get attention and expedite a sale. Have you found these techniques worked?
Carlsbad Agents - Have you seen this home?
Just listed this past week - shows great! Perfect for buyer who want: move in ready remodeled kitchen, bathrooms 4 bedrooms ocean view (peaks) In the 500k range Needs Carlsbad school district Wants…
Listing REO's
Any agents have any suggestions for a reputable company to contact about listing REOS in my area. I know most of them cost money up front. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks for your time
I am looking at a lot of different web site packages for my Brokerage. I am starting to hire agents and expect to have 25 soon. Any suggestion?
I have checked out a ton of website packages for my brokerage. We are starting to expand quickly and I need a good setup for the sales side. Any suggestion???
I am having the most difficult time with Chase on short sales. Is anyone else feeling this?
Other lenders have stepped up their short sale processes, but Chase seems to be stuck in a big rut.
With the plethora of lead generating services and companies like byownerdaily, etc... which has given you the most bang for your buck?
I have a very limited budget and don't want to start with direct mailing target markets until I have the funds to do it in a systematic and through manner. Any advice will be greatly appreciated…
About Referral fees
If you weren't a Realtor, but had a website that gathered leads, is there a limit on the refferal amount or percentage that could be given to the non-realtor?
What is the cost difference between a mixed-use building appraisal compared to 4-Family residential building appraisal?
I guess I was unaware how much more a mixed-use property appraisal cost compared to a residential 4-family appraisal. I was quoted $1600-2500 for a mixed-use (4-family with a commercial space below) from…
HOA restriction for owner occupants only. Is this enforceable and legal?
My cash buyer wants to become a landlord and buy several units in a condo complex. The HOA is saying only owner occupants are alowed to buy in this complex. How can HOA prevent the buyer from purchasing…
Does anyone know about the loss of USDA Funding this week? Any idea when congress will authorize new funding for this program?
I have several buyers under contract that now have no financing options for 100% financing!
What is your opinion of the IPad? Do you find it useful for your real estate business?
I have a newer laptop that I use at home for my business, but I find that it is too big to easily tote around with me when I am out doing showings or sitting open houses. I am toying with purchasing a…
Would you recomend an IPAD for a real estate agent?
I'm thinking about buying an IPAD but I wanted to see if any realtors have found it useful in their business or is it just for fun and games? I see people playing games, watching movies etc on the…
What service do you recommend for a transaction coordinator?
Who have you used successfully? Are there any you don't recommend?
We have a Listing in Westlake Village. Today a "local" agent dropped off a package to our seller, thinking the listing was about to
expire... They left a note about our Seller Hiring a "local" agent. Is there a different method of operation by Realtors in Westlake Village?. Westlake Village is About 30 miles away, where…
Do you perform a final walk through with your clients at the end of the sellers temporary lease?
I know walk throughs before closing is a MUST but lately I have had several contracts with Sellers Temporary leases whether it is for a few days or even several weeks to a month. I like to do a walk through…
Who do I contact to become an REO contractor?
I want to become an REO contractor for the Maryland/DC/Virginia area. Who do I contact?
I had an agent tell me as long as the appliances are pluged in they automatically come with the sale, it doesn't have to be disclosed in the
contract. Recently sold a property and the washer & dryer were removed by the seller. This was not part of the agreement, but her buyer is very upset because she (buyers agent) told him they were included.…
The new managment company supervisor I now work with does not have a broker license. She said she does not have to have it to be the managment com.?
The managment company Vice President does not need to have a broker license in order to run the company? Because they are now the new managment company to the apartments I work at. I just ask if she had…
Has anyone here used "Rely Real Estate as a lead generation source?
I did see some really bad reviews, however there are (although few) an ocasional excellent reviews. I'd like to know what your experince has been if you did actually invest $ and time.
Is there an easy (& low cost) way to obtain a list of deliquent property tax homeowners? I would like to offer short sale help to them.
I recently teamed up with a couple of short sale specialists (an investor and bank negotiator). I'm trying to find folks who are late with their property tax payments and would, therefore, be good…
Need advice from Kips Bay Experts!
Listing my brother's coop in Kips Bay 1BR, !BA, all updated. What advice could you NYC experts provide me in trying to sell this for him? Average list price, avg sales price, avg broker fee, DOM,…
I have a client looking to invest in the the Carribean islands. What is one of the best investment opportunities in that region?
I actuallly have 2 clients llooking to invest abroad. What are some of the recommendations that you have for any of the islands?
How many of you have run into an issue with the Plasma TV being claimed as REAL property since it is attached?
I have a buyer claiming they should get TV since it was not excluded in MLS...
Lookiing for Realtors who have a stigmatized home listing for television show pilot
I am looking for agents anywhere in CA that have a stimatized home listing. A stigmatized home could include a home where a suicide, murder or other crime has occured, or a haunting, etc. If you have…
Has Anyone heard of BrokerREO?
I got a call from a Rep today and was curious if anyone had ever heard of them and/or dealt with them...
What is the best way to rebuild your credit after filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy. What will help get scores up quicker ?
I have a client who just had his chapter 7 discharged and wants to start planning for the future to buy again when he can. I'm not sure how to advise him.
What do you think the next big up and coming neighborhood will be in Boston?
I am curious to know what neighborhoods people think will be the next hot up and comers. Eastie? Roxbury? Dorchester? What do you think?
Short Sale and REO Listing agents sending buyers to a "third party" agent for writing an offer - smells stinky!
A family member "Jane" has been contacting listing agents of REOs and short sale properties to make offers. Initially, the listing agents accept the call, show the properties, interact with…
Am I the only one who noticed...?
...that it's now less than 3 shopping months until Christmas?
I have a buyer wanting only FORECLOSURES, however, I can't pull them exclusively on the MLS. Is there a reliable source where I can get a list?
This is probably the million dollar question, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Some sources that I've tried have outdated listings and/or high membership fees.
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