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Does "X% of total gross compensation earned based on Principal's side of transaction" in Referral Agreement mean Recipient Broker?
cannot first deduct? If Seller is Principal and compensation is entirely from Seller's side - paid from Seller's settlement funds - is it correct that Referring Broker gets paid based on % of…
Does a home have to have a stove for an FHA appraisal?
I have a buyer in contract on an REO that is missing a stove. The buyer is going FHA and the appraiser is stating that the property must have a stove and exhaust fan to complete the appraisal. I have…
Referral opportunity
Looking for an agent interested in accepting some of my buyer leads through my advertising. I have been getting a lot of kittanning inquiries, but this is quite the drive from Robinson. 25% referral fee…
I looked at REO Prep, thanks to everyone for the suggestion.
Both REO Prep and Equator charge for coverage, is that the best way to get BPO work? At $50-$75 dollars per BPO, and $4.80 per zip code, it seems like might start to see diminishing returns…
If i want to be an part-time independent real estate agent, how can i find a FL broker to sponsor me if i don't know one already?
I only got my license to get paid on my own purchases or referral fees from people I meet and refer to F/T agents. I am currently voluntarily inactive but getting ready to buy a property in NC so I need…
How many different Web Sites do people support as a realtor?
I have read recently having two was better. One to gather seller leads and one for buyer leads. Any thoughts?
Is anyone else having issues with Fannie Mae Short Sales? I have had TWO that have been rejected after one was already approved
The other was minutes away from approval when, suddenly, Fannie Mae demanded more money for the property. In one case it is an effort to get me to reduce my commission which is a direct violation of HAFA…
Realtors: What is your favorite lead generation - contact management software and why?
I'm considering something like Top Producer or Market Leader. Although, I've heard many complaints about both, and they are costly. It looks like there's some small brands out there that do similar functions…
I would like to attain my real estate license in NYC and become exclusively a part time referring agent. Would a broker take me? Commission split?
I'm currently finishing real estate license course and would like to focus exclusively on making referrals to the best real estate agents per my client requirements regardless of which brokerage firm…
Can anyone suggest a mortgage rep that they have total confidence in?
Can't wait to see who you suggest. How long have you been dealing with them?
Do any REALTORS have any Supra Lock Boxes they want to sell?
I interested in buying any overstock on Supra Lock Boxes, due to our growing business I don't want to pay retail. you can reach me at 480.695.6485, if I don't answer, leave a message
Did you kwon this CAP RATE PRO app?
I just wanted to share with you a good news. There is a new app called CAP RATE PRO available for Android, iPhone, iPad mobile devices that is a very professional tool to calculate CAP RATE, NET INCOME…
how are the different areas of NJ being effected by recent hurricane?
Am curious as to how your markets are as a result of Sandy? I would expect many people who lost all may be reconsidering rebuilding.
Question for all real estate professionals: what are your top websites that you have to visit every morning over coffee for industry news?
I'm curious to find out where the pros in the real estate industry, from agents to loan brokers to house flippers, get their news. Whether its about market trends, interest rates, homes for sale,…
Does anyone besides myself not like the new agency disclosure forms?
I think that we should just have one form that has the appropriate boxes to check, or better yet, have a 1 page Right to Represent a Buyer, that can be easily explained. The new forms are unprofessional…
Will your seller look at "frivolous" offers?
Even if you carry only a few listings, you are sure to get that question, though it might be phrased a little differently. Like would your seller be willing to carry back 100% financing at 4% interest…
Representing family and friends- good idea or bad idea?
Do you have any good or bad stories you can share?
I am comparing tablets- Is the Ipad the best choice? What about the Samsung Galaxy 10?
Does the cost of the Ipad justify the purchase for use as Realtor? I would not be interested in using it to watch movies, listen to music down loading books. I basically want the best tablet for real…
Any one want to buy Supra lockboxes (the blue iBoxes)? I have 5 of them in mint condition I like to sell. $70 each, or $60 for bulk purchases. Joe
I'm in Torrance and my association is South Bay Association of Realtors. The Supras are de-programmed already.
With all the agencies out there, where would you recommend a new rookie agent to sign on with to get the best education and greatest experience?
Looking for information on where the best place for a new agent to hang his license to get the most reliable training?
Anybody else out there upset about a recent change Trulia made to the way our listings are imported into our account?
It used to be we could use a pull down list of which URL we wanted our listing to point to, but now we have to cut and paste the URL we want it to point to after the fact. As a very busy agent with a…
I am studying to become a real estate agent, but finances are fighting against me. I need a regular paycheck
for a while. I would like to get into the field via an administrative position. How do I go about that with so many agencies in the area? M. Dooley SC
Has anybody else been getting contacted through your profile to try to solicit you to buy leads or some other service?
How do we report these people to Trulia? I'm not paying for advertising to have people contact me to try to sell me services.
Is anyone using Pinterest as a real estate tool? I took a class and have started an account for my city for real estate.
Sure is a lot of fun but not sure how to attract followers. If you want to see what I am doing for ideas of your own here is my URL:
My married daughter is thinking about getting a real estate license. How have you partnered with others?
Are you willing to say how you have shared the work load, responsibilities, expenses and profits?
Lender accepted one of two offers on a short sale then said it would take 2 weeks for "final approval".
Has anyone experienced a commission reduction with final approval? No commission reduction at time of acceptance was mentioned but I know that's often part of the short sale "game".
I have a great conventional buyer, 35-40% down, looking for a 3/2 SFR in South Bay w/ at least 1100-1200 sq.ft. and a backyard.
It doesn't have to be perfect, and they're willing to go to West Torrance 90503 or 90505, staying west of Del Amo mall. If anyone has a listing coming up, let me know, he's selling and would prefer not…
Anyone looking for a affordable personal/office assistant in IL please feel to contact me.?
Hi My name is Donna, I'm looking to learn everything I can about real estate before I start in the next year or If anyone in the Chicago land area that's looking for a personal/office…
How do you look for accurate comparable properties for Junior 4 - some of them may be listed as 1BR and some as 2 BR?
Bank Appraisal for my client came lower than he needs to get financing, and I believe this is because they did not use/or did not find adequate comparables for a converted 2BR (junior 4). Now I have to…
Interested in getting a Real Estate License in Florida, but don't know where to begin...
I read that I need to completed 63 hours of schooling but I can't find a list of approved schools for FL that is actually legit, i'm nervous to take an online school and it not be approved. Any advice…
Can a real estate Broker for/with two Brokers?
Hi, I'm a real estate agent and studying for my broker license. My broker agency where I have my license listed now is mainly doing residentials and all training is about residential properties. I…
What can we expect from Obama in this new term, directly related to stimulating the real estate economy in Las Vegas?
What do you think / know? Other than creating more jobs, what can we expect, what do we need, how will Obama affect us?
Should I get a NY broker's license I am eligible for through reciprocity? Or does just having the salesperson license actually make me a better hire?
I meet the transaction requirement and eligible as I will be relocating from Boston, Massachusetts. Basically, I'm wondering if firms in NYC would be more hesitant to bring on someone with the full broker's…
Representing family and friends- good idea or bad idea?
Do you have any good or bad stories you can share?
Will the Tropical Storm Cycle effect future sales in the Downtown Area?
If in fact this current Tropical Storm weather trend continues over the next 5 years and infrastructure is not improved in the downtown area, do you think it would have a major effect on prices of luxury…
Contact management Systems. Which ones work for you?
We are making an investment in a contact management system. What would you suggest? Looking for something that is real estate specific and will coordinate customer contact and marketing activities.…
Agents - do you have a favorite resource for "just listed" and "just sold" postcards?
I'm looking for a company with current design that will print and mail.
Representing family and friends- good idea or bad idea?
Do you have any good or bad stories?
Representing family and friends- good idea or bad idea?
Do you have any good or bad stories you can share?
Agents who have been able to reach VIP level 3 status -- what did you do to rack up the 24,000 points needed? I'm level 1 & halfway to
level 2. I've been posting 2 or 3 blog entires every day, checking in to properties, and answering some questions, etc.
HudSeeker just contacted me..want me to pay up $250 per month and own the territory exclusively over the web and via the app
.. they were guaranteeing 1-2 leads a day.. too good to be true.. does anyone has any experience working with them? Please advise..
Could anyone kindly provide a run down on their experience with Househunt lead generation?
For $500/month, they will guarantee 15 leads - are they worth it?
How do you handle home inspections, do you attend them with your Buyer-client?
I recently found a good company that doesn't require the buyer or the Realtor to be present for the home inspection. The client can pay by phone with their credit/debit cars and the inspectors usually…
How do I start a property management company for private renters?
I am a seasoned property manager that will be getting a real estate license in 1 week. I want to start a firm where I collect rent and other property management duties for private owners. How would i…
Handyman wanted - who do you recommend in 34207 or 34210 Bradenton Florida
Know any good handy persons for painting, minor repairs, carpet, tile, plumbing, electric, appliances and misc work in South Bradenton and W Bradenton areas? Please let me know who you recommend and how…
Anyone else concerned about Trulia's discretion as to who they sell ad space on their website to?
Trulia ad: "Want to Skip the Agent? Make an offer to purchase real estate direct & save! Free & easy."
Does DEUTSCHE bank require that buyers perform inspections on their REO prior to submitting offer?
Any agent that handles REO for DEUTSCHE Bank. I am an agent in south Florida and submitted an offer on an REO property that is owned by DEUTSCHE and the agent wants that the inspections to be done prior…
I have a general question. it is about trying to get licensed in the state of Florida with a criminal background For real estate agent.
I was arrested when i was 18 years old for a fight. i was never convicted of the crime because i had a withold adjudication. I also was charged for something i never did and that case was dropped will…
4057 78th AVE SE Salem OR 97301 . What agent had this property listed last?
-- This question was asked from this property:
I've noticed that the recommendations that some of the VIP agents have do not show their clients photo or last name.
And I'm talking zero out of 50 recommendations. That seems a little odd to me. Do you think they are legitimate recommendations?
Who has done the 7 week prospecting course with realestateinnercircle? Was it worth the money?
I am considering a prospecting course with real estate inner circle and I am looking for feedback from anyone who has done this or maybe also done Brian Buffini's 100 days to greatness.
Commission compensation going buh-bye?
It's been mentioned before here in California and I was told yesterday by a state senate staffer that it may be coming up again for discussion soon - a bill to outlaw real estate sales commissions and…
Do you use a transaction co-ordinator?
Some agents use a TC all the time, some just on complex deals, some just for simple deals, some not at all. What do you do and why?
Does anyone use an ipad for showings?
Does anyone use an ipad for showings or writing up quick contracts? I think it would make my work day easier and would love to know anyone's thoughts. Thanks!
End of year plans. Will you push or take time off?
I have one very large transaction closing in November, then I'll be taking December to prepare for 2013. Some agents market hard to try to get a few more transactions done by the end of the year. What…
Will you be sending holiday cards this year?
If so, what percentage by US Mail? By email? By hand delivery?
Bank of America is not releasing an insurance check to repair a roof with hail damage. Any suggestions?
The seller of a short sale filed an insurance claim and received a check for the repairs. It was made out to both the seller and Bank of America. The seller followed Bank of America's directions…
Being an agent for a couple years now, I need better systems in place.
Anyone have any systems they recommend, which has helped them build their business? What programs and systems can't you live without?
From an Agents perspective, what improvements can I make to my website?
Any criticism is appreciated! Always looking for ways to
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