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Being a new agent & only doing it part time for now. would Keller Williams Realty work best or would Coldwell Banker work better. They both are
good. I've narrowed it down to these two because in my area. These two are the two big fish with brand recognition. My only concern is that I've heard Keller Williams is another company that…
What is the shortest amout of days you had between meetinng a new buyer client and getting them under contract to purchase a home?
I met my client on Tuesday and we were under contract for a home to purchase by Friday. i was very pleased with myself. I just wondering if anyone else had pretty short turnarounds?
Help with Expired mailers please!!!???
Anyone have any good expired mail scripts I can take a look at? I have a few of my own, but haven't had any response yet. Could you share how many times you mail and how often as well? Thank you so…
Which have you found most effective, Trulia Pro leads, Local Ads or a combination of both?
Effective as in how many leads you ended up working with and closing.
If there any California agents, in particular, using Trulia Mobile App and if so how is it working out for you.
They are now introducing the product to New York agents and maybe other places, and I just wanted to hear other agents experience because its not cheap but I will consider it if it works.
How much do websites cost?
how much do websites cost? i realize the prices vary depending on how intricate , just curious as to what everyones paying? any recommendations to point me in the right direction?
Have you been contacted by Reply! Real Estate?
Be Ware. They contacted me offering to provide leads. They claimed that their leads came from buyers who asked to be connected to a professional. This is untrue - I spoke to many of these "leads"…
Where's the inventory?
The O.C. is SELLING with low-to-no inventory left! Investors and cash buyers are snapping up properties, traditional buyers are making offers. New listings are significantly down, where's the Spring…
What effects on marketing/sales prices influence homes next to bar parking lots operating till 2 am nightly?
How do you feel about marketing residential property adjacent to or nearby commercial parking lots used by bars/restaurants operating till 2 am nightly. How would this affect length of marketing time,…
Realtors, what are your most common FHA required repairs you are encountering? Also, give me a new one you heard lately.
Yes, they typical old roof, peeling and chipping paint and the ole' missing handrail always get flagged. What's the strangest one you've come across lately, or others you always watch out…
Would you please tell me how much it costs to pay for air conditioning per month for a 2,000?
single family house in Pleasanton. I know it will vary, but what would the highest month be say between April and Oct. Thank you.
what is the best company for a new agent to start working for in Miami Beach?
I'm about to get my license and am considering several companies to work for in Miami/South Florida area. I am a little too overwhelmed with their offers, mainly with the commission structure and…
Has anyone obtained the new NAR BPO Resource certification? If so , is it worth investing the money and time to obtain the certification?
I was wondering if the certification increases or has the potential to increase the number of BPO available to agent. I am currently doing a few BPOs a month, and wanted to see if the certification has… Listings on What is the Deal???
I just read this Press Release They are now being allowed to post their listings on What are your thoughts? Becomes First to Provide New Access to…
Is there anyone out there doing new home sales only? I'd appreciate suggestion on a comp plan for an on-site salesperson.
I'm working with a couple of home builders and want to design a comp plan that is fair and motivating.
What advise would you give a Seller who wants to sell their existing home and downsize -- and they are up-side-down -- mortgage vs value.?
We often encounter Sellers in this position ... they are struggling to make ends meet, so they want advise on what to do. Do they sell existing home? Downsize? Rent? Short Sale? Foreclosure? Deed-in-Lieu?…
Just passed the NJ RE exam and trying to decide who to work for!
I'm a licensed practicing attorney working a regular 9-5, so I need to work for a broker that allows total flexibility regarding time committments - for example, I won't be able to attend any…
Can seller or seller agent call your buyer directly?
I showed my buyer a listing for sales a month ago. We submitted an offer to the listing agent but was rejected, so we withdrawal our contract. Today, I got a call from my buyer that the seller or seller…
Looking for a forum/blog frequented by South Florida real estate sales associates and brokers to request participation in a short web survey. Thanks!
I am an undergraduate student at the University of Florida conducting a study on Real Estate Licensing requirements in Florida. Any suggestions on disseminating the web survey would be greatly appreciated.…
I'm a RE agent in Maryland and I want to buy a property in Mississippi by Homepath. Can I submit an offer online or I need an agent in?
Mississippi I recently got my license. I wanted to know if any licensed RE agent can submit an offer on Homepath in any state or the agent needs to be licensed in that particular state. Has any submitted…
Tax Consequences of a Short Sale?
I had a interesting scnenario come up today and looking for some advice. I got a homeowner who owns two properties, and due to a recent hardship has to let the 1st house that they are current renting go.…
Anyone know of a good free practice test for the state exam at pearson vue?
would appreciate a good resource going for the state exam my second try tomorrow i received a 70 last time, so close off by five points. Thanks in advance also i never studied everything i know i learned…
Do online certificates earned for Property Managment from an online-based college really mean anything in the industry?
I previously worked for about a year in property management managing individually owned condos & homes with a real estate brokerage company. I am looking to get back into property management &…
Is there anybody familiar with HAP?
How it works? Will it take a long time for the seller and the buyer to wait? What should the buyer be careful about when make offer? Thanks
Citi mortgage short sale question
Does citi mortgage use a third party to process their short sales?
How many profiles views do you have?
This is a 1:21am type of "just curious"...and how often do you view other Trulia member's profiles?
I currently have a database of 4000 people that I will be marketing to through an email campaign. I need competitive developer/bulk stock
I am looking for stock that I can market through my email campaign to 4000 emails. This is a personalized database with full name and phone numbers of clients.1/2 the database are timeshare owners and…
How many listings will show your buyer(s) in one day?
Is there a maximum number of homes you will show one client in a day? or will show as many as possible?
What's the best part of being a Realtor?
I'm interested in hearing from you about a moment or experience that made a lasting impression on you and convinced you that selling real estate was the job for you.
I am currently seeking a new company in ct/ny city .
Would like to work with a company that is supportive in regards to training( coaching), needing the company to be supportive in my personal goals of real estate investing, creative financing . Interested…
What was your toughest day as a Realtor?
There are huge wins. Then some days, well, you're not the windshield, you're the bug. Share!
im 19 years old and i need guidelines to become a sucessful real estate agen can someone help??
im 19 years old and want to join the real estate bissnuess. alot of people around me has told me its not a good idea due to the economy i would like help from agents or brokers tthat cann send me to the…
Who is a Certified Investor Agent Specialist? How useful has it been for you?
I'm considering getting a CIAS designation or CDPE. Both go in different directions. Who has a CIAS designation and how has it served you?
I am planning on moving to Wilmington, NC in the fall. Any recommendations on real estate companies to be?
associated with down there? I want the highest possible commission split (right now I'm at 100%, and no one likes a paycut)
Do you know of good commercial real estate agent?
I received a lead for commercial space in FtCo, minimum of 10K SF, Max 17K SF for lease or possibly to buy. I'm look for an agent who specializes in commercial property. Would ask for a 25% referral.…
Are you seeing short-sale processing times shortening vs. last year?
BofA and others are talking about streamlining their processing times on short sale transactions. I just wanted to see if anyone is actually the times are getting down into the 20ish days vs. the longer…
I am perplexed, and maybe one of you other agents can assist me. I recently got a contract on one of my listings, as usual, with a home inspection
contingency. I asked for and received the date of the inspection. I then asked for the name of the inspector. Instead of a name, I was given a very politely worded email saying, essentially, that the name…
Short sale verbiage is anyone seeing on their MLS system the following:
“commissions will not be determined on a known upfront % but will be split 50-50 (buyer’s agent / sellers agent) depending on the amount the bank is willing to provide at a later point in…
Where should I advertise for hiring a field agent who works on an hourly basis?
Craig is co-owner of WaLaw Realty, a new model in the real estate industry that combines the services of an agent with the expertise of a lawyer.
Need Commercial Property in Studio City by Universal . Preferably on Ventura Blvd. around 5,000SQF - anything available for sale in the area?
I have a buyer - Need a commercial office building with reasonable parking and good location. around 5,00 SQF in 90068 Please call me or reply to this post. Thank you!
Agents, anyone using Oakley frames for your real estate signs? I have been using DeeSigns for years and decided to try Oakley. I found that
the stack of 24" signs inserts I have fall out of the Oakley frame while fitting snugly in the Dee Sign frames. I found that the Oakley's are 24 1/4" in the opening while the Dee Sign's…
Need a referral agent in the Orlando area for a modern architecture inquiry
I specialise in contemporary and mid-century modern architecture in the Palm Beach - Miami area, and for a current inquiry need a colleague in the Orlando area with very good knowledge of that specific…
Is Short Sale Certification Worth It?
Short Sales are going to stay with us for a while. What is the best way to learn the ins and outs of the short sale process. Real estate agents told me that certifications are not necessary. Where are…
Has Anyone Developed A Good Buyer Prospect Screening System?
As you know we are always recieving calls from prospects that claim they are ready to buy a home and once you start working with them they tend to decide to hold off or can't do it any longer. What…
I put an offer in on a horse property and it was represented as a short sale. LA calls me with a counter
offer 35,000 above asking price which now is not a short sale. I walk away and watch the property. A month later they reduce the price by 25,000. I go back on it and put in another offer. LA tells me she…
Any advice for getting traffic to open houses or just more showings from agents? My traffic is way down
right now. I just need to get people in the door. I've been an agent for 16 years & am finding that the traffic is at its lowest I've ever seen. Diane
what to say when your a rookie?
When first starting out, what do you tell your clients to convince them to hire you over a more experienced agent, i would imagine at some point in a conversation they are going to ask how long I have…
It is the Sellers' market finally , why do we have so little inventory?!
We see multiple offers more often and how difficult to find something good for our buyers clients right now, why Sellers still don't want to list and prefer to wait?
Event: Any Buyers considering Shapell Homes at Gale Ranch, San Ramon, CA?
Are there any buyers out there who have been considering Shapell Homes at Gale Ranch in San Ramon? If so, heads-up, there is a Twilight Event tomorrow evening (Thursday 4/3) Wine & Hors D'Oeuvres from…
Do you See an Increase or Decrease in Home Values in your area?
I am from SE Wisconsin - Kenosha County ... but would like to hear from other Realtors in other areas as well. Thanks.
does working as an assistant loan officer for 2 years with the required courses taken qualify you for the CA broker exam?
hi i've been an assistant to a broker / loan officer. basically performing the loan with it's information gathering and helping the borrowers step by step through the loan process. i've…
Are you a Realtor in Kenosha County that Loves working Short Sales that would be interested in referrals ???
Sometimes it's not in the Seller's best interest to list their home with someone who is not an Expert in Short Sales or prefers to keep their specialty in other areas.
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