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newly licensed ca
best broker to start with
Studying for my exam in WA, will be moving to El Sobrante in 1 year.
I'll study and get licensed most importantly in Ca. Any ideas on agencies that hire and welcome newly licensed, enthusiastic agents? Thank you!
New California law that a transaction coordinator must be licensed.
There is a buzz going on in my office that this is a new law and or an MLS requirement (per Broker)? If the State Law does not state that a transaction Coordinator must be licensed then how can MLS impose…
REO Agents...what services have you used to determine what lender hosts the most loans in default in your given area?
While playing with Equator and RES.NET and completing 20 applications as a REO broker, it appears the best way to pick up steam may be to contact those lenders directly which host the most loans in default.…
What qualifies an agent as an experience professional?
At what point do you think an agent would be considered an experienced professional? How many transactions? Years of experience etc? Are designation worth anything more then generating income for NAR?
What is the best real estate sales contest ?
What sales contest has your company had (or you've heard about) that motivated you to make more sales or take more listings?
iVisionary Financial Solutions, LLC... Has anyone successfully closed a deal funded by iVisonary??
I have seen offers from investers with POF from iVisonary, but yet to know of anyone who has closed a deal with this company.
How do I edit the Showing Assist instructions???
I think I need to attend a seminar to understand the new showing assist configuration, I am trying to edit my showing instructions but it doesn't seem to be working?!?!
Recently my account looks disjointed and out of place..
When I logged off, then tried to log back on, I went to put in my email and password, another agent's email showed, and should have no place on my account. I changed my password, has my account been hacked?
What is your rate of return on online advertising? and which site/company do you use?
for any of these sites: Trulia, google, linkin, zillow ...etc. Thank you.
What are some clever ways to advertise a property?
I just got a listing and I am looking for some ways to advertise property that will get a lot of potential buyers to walk through and check it out. What are some ways you have used that were successful?
What is a good real estate company to start with as a new agent? Which one offers the most training? And has a good success rate?
I am getting my real estate license soon and I'm wondering what would be a good company to start with.
Dallas area agents: Where should I move my license?
I have a broker who is very hands-off. I used to like that, but I've realized recently that it's not just because he knows that's how I like it, it's because he literally does not have…
Lawyer or legal assistant for property matter
Hello. I have a Dallas client facing a tricky property ownership matter and would like to refer a good attorney. If you know of an affordable and experienced attorney in the field of property matters,…
Deed in Lieu process for obtaining listing
I have a buyer interested in a foreclosure home. She knows the owner is doing a Deed in Lieu. Is it possible to get the listing and sell to the buyer. What is the process after the owner does the deed…
Why do agents complain that their phone is "blowing up" with calls on their listing???
Ok, well gee....what do you expect, when you price the home at a ridiculously low price because it is a short sale or an REO....Do your homework and math, price it accordingly and maybe you won't…
Is a mixed-use property considered a commercial property or residential? (Details inside)
The property has two units and a hair salon on the first floor! Thanks.
What is the best brand/make of lock box to buy and who has the best prices?
Am frustrated with most boxes offered off the shelf as they freeze up easily and don't seem to be priced well.
What can a do to give myself a jumpstart while in real estate school?
Hello everyone. I am starting real estate school on tuesday. I am doing the night classes so it will take approx. 6 weeks for me to complete.. So what can I do in the mean time to learn more about the…
Is Your Chicago Lease Up To Date?
We are repeatedly presented by draft Chicago lease by listing agents that are not in compliance with the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance. That could cause you landlord client and you the…
What percentage of the leads you are receiving from Trulia turn out to be serious leads?
I made marketing on social media one of my new year's resolutions. In just 30 days I have found myself with about a dozen leads 3/4 of which, are Buyers with unrealistic expectations.
Moving from NYC to Miami in January and would like to obtain a Real Estate license so that I can work with you.
I know that Florida real estate is booming right now! If your case load is too large or you are turning clients away due to high volume, I would like to become the solution to your dilemma! I am looking…
A counter after an accepted purchase agreement....
Have a situation where the appraisal came in low. While we were sending in comps to have the appraiser reevaluate, the seller sent us a counter lowering the price of the home. (Not to the appraised value,…
Can I charge sellers for clean-up/clear-out/trash out?
Several of my recent sold listings have been tenant occupied or second homes. The sellers or their tenants made little to no effort to clean or clear out the home for closing. It was left to me to get…
How many financing programs, for first time homebuyers, are you aware there are in the current local Miami-Dade County market?
For the sake of knowledge fostering; would you list them in your response? Let's enrich more agents, to help close more deals.
Where is the nicest gated community in Rock Port?
A few people have mentioned Harbor Oaks or Rock Port County club.
Who do you use to input your listings on the MLS?
I really need a good excuse from Southeast MLS members because it is beyond my comprehension to spot so many errors (to give it a light definition) in our MLS every single day. Condos listed as single…
Should I begin real estate school?
I've read that the market is improving specifically this year, but I would like to be sure beforehand that it is a good idea to go into real estate now. PS--Keep in mind that I am only 19.
Hello trulia friends, I currently work full-time and am attending law school to be become a real estate attorney. I am a real estate investor and am looking for a NJ agency to sponsor my license. I am…
Search Activity on my listings
Is there a way to find out how many hits I had on each of my listed properties? I am only using the free service Trulia provides.
Offer and submitting copy to buyer
Should a buyer receive a copy of the offer made on his behalf? Is this a requirement?
Which brokerage firm provides the best training for new agents?
I passed my real estate exam about 2 years ago and now I am finally ready to get into the business. Somewhere I read that the best time to get into real estate is when you don't need the money. I have…
I was at a property yesterday and I suspect that the elderly person who used to own it was swindled out of the property.
I also suspect mortgage fraud on the buyers behalf somehow, does anyone know who I could refer this person to for assistance?
Trulia lead spam - insurance
Is anyone else getting a lot of these leads on Trulia: "(Your Name), I saw your profile on Trulia. I'd love to schedule a time for us to talk. Please reply to this email if you are interested." I…
Can I get hired by a brokerage while I am waiting to sit for my State exam in CA?
I am currently studying for my RE exam. I have some family coming into the US and they will be looking to purchase property and I am planning on being their buyer agent. The problem is that I just found…
What's the best site?
To obtain info on both residential and commercial property? Including the owners name and contact.
Could you recommend a good and not very expensive services to mail out cards to the neighbors, buildings where you sold, etc.?
I used some very good and reasonable company in 2011 but seem to have lost their info
Difficult Discussions with New Clients
I have 2 topics that I am struggling with and hoping some of the pros can give me some pointers. I have a new couple I am working with. We went out on our second showing yesterday. They insisted on…
training for new agents
i have been interviewing brokers and have found one i am interested in that has more hands on mentor type training rather than classes etc, any place i can go on my own to train ? im located in blairstown…
Do any agents have ideas on getting new clients for property management and lease only services?
I am interested in learning some marking techniquies to truly reach a new client and really let them know how our service will be impeccable?
Ways of Finding Cap Rates within a Specific Neighborhood?
Hi all, I am wondering if there are other means (perhaps websites/services/subscriptions) that offer statistics in regards to current cap rates/rent rates found in a specific neighborhood. Thanks!
Considering upgrading to Trulia Pro.
I did a search and found a few old questions regarding the subject. I noticed that some of the people that answered that they thought it was worth it at the time no longer have the Pro badge. It tells…
need help with post card text to xpired listings
for my neighborhood. not a lot of text but short succinct and clever?
Home Buyer Seminars in Dade County
Would you be interested in brining some of your buyers (those that are not too convinced yet, or have some difficulties) to a Home Buyer Seminar in the Miami Dade County? Send me an email through my…
How many of you failed the Real Estate exam?
I am taking the Real Estate exam next. I've been stuying very hard but I am getting nervous already. There is so much information that I have remember. What type of questions do they ask on the state exam?…
Does anyone know if California's Prop 13 is going away?
With California's fragile finacial problems, I have heard rumors/inuendos, and law makers making comments about prop 13
What CRM tool are you using, if any?
Until last month I did all my CRM stuff on Excel and gmail. I finally decided to use the CRM tool my local MLS board offers for free - RealFutureCRM. I really like its functionality, however it is not…
Any other Realtors experiencing a dramatic increase in high radon level test results this week?
I had three tests this week higher than the EPA acceptable level of 4 pCi/L. I understand the radon levels can flucuate seasonally and when the barometer drops or rises suddenly in a storm but I'm curious…
What are Realtors biggest complaints about mortgage brokers?
In a continuous effort to make the loan officer/ Realtor relationship better I like to hear feedback as to what Realtor's are really looking for in their ideal loan officer. What would you change about…
Hello San Diego, If you had $400,000 cash to spend on real estate in San Diego and/or the surrounding areas, which areas do you think would offer
the best investment opportunity (ie, most cash on cash return as a rental and most potential capital appreciation). Also, how would you be inclined to allocate out the monies (ie, would you buy 2 $200K…
Has anyone here come across squatters in a vacant home?
Last year while showing an REO, I was horrified to find a squatter hiding in a closet. My clients were a young couple with a 5 yr old child. We got out safely and called the police. It could have been…
Im interested in becoming a licensed real estate agent in the state of Maryland.
What's the market like In Maryland? For those of you who are currently real estate agents are you financially fulfilled?
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