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Does anyone Specialize in Mobile Homes in Santa Ana. Buyer needs help now.
I need to refer a mobile home buyer in Santa Ana. Please email me
Job Description for an Un-Licensed Real Estate Assistant
What are the duties, dress code, average salary, work hours, etc. for an un-licensed assistant?
Question on obtaining a NYC Real Estate License.
Hello everyone. I am a RE agent in sunny California . Does anyone know the steps I have to take to get my NYC RE license? Do they take my ca license into consideration ? Also what Broker would you recommend?…
I Need an Assistant
A hard working assistant will give me a huge relieve. Any recommendation? The East side of Atlanta would be more preferred
Do you guys know about sample letters regarding probate?
This home owner passed away in my farm. I want to send a letter to the family and see if they want to sell the home. I want to send a professional letter.
If I have pending transactions with one company and leave, am I entitled to a commission? secret agent Iliinois
Two transactions. I did all the work. The buyer wants me to take them to closing. I feel I earned my split.
Anyone successful with Trulia's Local Ads program?
With Trulia's Local Ads program, how successful are you in obtaining and converting leads? Do prospects actually speak to you with intent to do business, or just to seek general information, and has it…
Good Morning! I am looking for new ideas on where to post/advertise open houses. Any ideas are welcome!?
I have been advertising "paperlessly" for about a year; prior to that I got NO buyers from our local paper or HOMES magazine and feel that the $350-600 a month I was paying for paper advertising…
As a real estate agent which smart phone do you use and why?
Looking at iPhone, Galaxy, Note or something even cooler!
Do you think Brevard County will eventually end up with only one board? Do you think we'd be better off with one board?
In my opinion I believe we would be better off if we had one board for this county. This county is not an extremely large county therefore I believe it is overkill to have more than one board and it actually…
How do you guys use twitter to get more leads?
Is twitter good for generating leads? who do you follow?
I currently work from my office at home and it works out nicely, anyone else do the same? What is the biggest advantage/downside to this for you? :)
For me the biggest advantage is Convenience to have everything here for me at all times without driving anywhere! I would say the Downside is maybe the lack of interaction with other agents/mentors possibly.
How Do I Get And Hire An Assistant?
I'll need to hire a Licensed Assistant OR Experienced Assistant to help with the volumes coming in
Will VA pay 6% on one of their REOs?
Does anyone know if VA will pay 6% seller concessions on one of their own REOs? I know the VA loan allows the buyer to receive 6% but the question is if VA will actually pay it on one of their own REOs.…
I advertise on Trulia, Zillow and other websites and do not like the auto response to buyers.
I am a Buyers Agent. It is my specialty which I do not believe is respected by the industry as much as an agent who specializes in listing properties. I would like to see these auto responses to people…
Someone posing as my client posted an ad on Craigslist offering my client's home for lease (I currently have it listed for sale). He used my
photos and my words, and even created a Yahoo account with my client's name (i.e. I discovered this because a suspicious would-be renter contacted me. She had sent the guy an email…
What are some creative ways to get new listings?
I am a new REALTOR and wondering what are some productive marketing strategies that you have used to get new listings.
What's your strategy for handling multiple offers for your listing?
Recently I met a buyer at the first open house for a particular listing who was disenchanted with the concept of multiple offers. We posted in MLS that offers were due by Monday at a certain time. This…
I am curious to know what others do for their open houses
Do you use a sign in sheet or how do you go about getting customers information? Do you give a tour or let people look for themselves? Do you hand out brochures? Any suggestions and information is…
I am thinking of going into real estate in the Norman, OK. After the license how does the process work? Would a brokerage hire a complete novice?
I have a degree in Economics and have spent many years in the casino/gaming industry, but I am looking into a career change due to my interest in real estate. I have researched the steps to get the license…
Where is the best place to hang your license in Chicago if you are only looking to use it for personal opportunities?
More specifically, I am looking to use my license to purchase investment properties as well as help friends and family purchase their homes. I would be working as a broker part time and not looking to…
I'm looking for an experienced Norton, MA real estate broker that specializes in Short Sales.
The broker will be listing a property for one of my clients in the state of Massachusetts. Our referral agreement is 40% to us and 60% to you. The bank is ocwen. Thanks,
What do you do for an open house?
Local agents suggested: •Set out balloons the morning of the open house. •Bring flyers inside and have a bigger Showcase Packet with unique features HOA fees, local schools, pool/tennis availability,…
What are the benefits of joining the MLS?
I am an agent coming from Brooklyn looking to transfer to a Staten Island office. I have never joined an MLS. What are the benefits of joining and will it help my business?
Working with a client relocating to the Wilmington area. Looking for a like minded agent to help them with their search.
Doing the screening work for them. If you have experience working with executive/relo families, or personal experience with this type of transaction we should talk. Email me. Looking to move in before…
Working with a client relocating to the Wilmington area. Looking for a like minded agent to help them with their search.
Doing the screening work for them. If you have experience working with executive/relo families, or personal experience with this type of transaction we should talk. Email me. Looking to move in before…
What is the craziest scenario you have encountered in this out of control market?
Just last week, I represented a buyer on a property listed for $339K, of which we submitted a $330K offer. We were then countered at over $407K and it went into pending the next day with someone who apparently…
How do you find expired listings in the NYC (primarily Manhattan market) area? I use OLR for property search
I've noticed that on OLR, the expired listing are already usually back on the market and relisted...How can a New York Real Estate agent focusing on the Manhattan market obtain expired listings & the contacts…
Trulia what are you doing to police the repeat offenders who continue to post the same blog over and over and over again?
Today there is a guy who has posted the SAME blog at least 100 times (I stopped counting at this point). This takes away from the value that the rest of are trying to build as very few people are going…
Agents do you have any high-maintenance clients that want their home held open often? I am happy to hold an open for you, even weekdays.
I'm looking to meet new buyers and build my business here in Austin and am available weekdays, afternoons and weekends to hold homes open in the metro austin area.
What is the best way to get listings?
I am Realtor in Las Vegas -- This question was asked from this property:
Lender calling stove and other applicances 'closing costs'
I am in the middle of an investment deal and the buyer's lender (not one I suggested) is now telling us that we have to add up the value of all of the items that are conveying on our items to convey addenda…
Agents who have credit scoring knowledge and have assisted buyers with downpayment programs?
I am looking for an agent or agents in the Arlington and Metroplex area who has/have experience working with clients who are credit challenged and also in educating first-time homebuyers. We have been…
Is "Best Answer" really used on the Trulia forum?
I feel like I rarely see a question where a best answer was ever chosen?
Are there any agencies in the Austin area that are just "seller agencies"?
I'm not sure that is the right term for it. I've just heard of agencies that only list houses/condos/etc., and do not work with buyer clients.
Hello, I am interested in using Market Leader exclusive zip codes to gain seller leads, has anyone had any success using market leader?
Market leader has a feature where you can reserve a zip code to get exclusive seller leads in that said zip code, has anyone ever used it or has had any success?
Why the MLS in South Florida is down again in less than 15 days?
I lost precious time and money because of this, didn't you?
When is Govt going to roll out a HARP 2.0 type solution for non-Freddie and Fannie mortgages?
I have a mortgage on an investment home I own in Massachusetts. It's non- Freddie or Fannie. Have our Govt come up with a HARP 2.0 plan yet to refi these types of loans? I'm paying 5.75% with Provident…
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