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What is the best way to get listings?
I am Realtor in Las Vegas -- This question was asked from this property:
Lender calling stove and other applicances 'closing costs'
I am in the middle of an investment deal and the buyer's lender (not one I suggested) is now telling us that we have to add up the value of all of the items that are conveying on our items to convey addenda…
Agents who have credit scoring knowledge and have assisted buyers with downpayment programs?
I am looking for an agent or agents in the Arlington and Metroplex area who has/have experience working with clients who are credit challenged and also in educating first-time homebuyers. We have been…
Is "Best Answer" really used on the Trulia forum?
I feel like I rarely see a question where a best answer was ever chosen?
Are there any agencies in the Austin area that are just "seller agencies"?
I'm not sure that is the right term for it. I've just heard of agencies that only list houses/condos/etc., and do not work with buyer clients.
Hello, I am interested in using Market Leader exclusive zip codes to gain seller leads, has anyone had any success using market leader?
Market leader has a feature where you can reserve a zip code to get exclusive seller leads in that said zip code, has anyone ever used it or has had any success?
Why the MLS in South Florida is down again in less than 15 days?
I lost precious time and money because of this, didn't you?
When is Govt going to roll out a HARP 2.0 type solution for non-Freddie and Fannie mortgages?
I have a mortgage on an investment home I own in Massachusetts. It's non- Freddie or Fannie. Have our Govt come up with a HARP 2.0 plan yet to refi these types of loans? I'm paying 5.75% with Provident…
Keller Williams office pictures.
I am the ops mgr for 3 Keller Williams offices in Virginia and getting ready to move one of them. New building with total build-out per our specs. Looking for interior pictures of your really great, innovative…
Hello, as a new licensee, I've heard time and time again:"find the company with the highest presence in your area", but how do I do find that out?????
Is it something one has to look up online if yes where precisely?......................I'm in Miami,fl......Thank you
Why can't an agent share their personal opinions about different neighborhoods?
How do you respond when a client asks for personal opinions?
What is the typical education level of a real estate agent/broker?
Is it very common to have extra information, like a college degree?
I am very new to real estate and am currently taking classes to get my salesperson license. How do I go about finding a sponsoring broker?
I've been looking all over the internet and I cannot get a clear picture on how the process works or even how to start. I am located in Freeport, NY so the closer the company the better.
Generally, do agents that work with a relocation company have a more steady stream of buyer clients?
Do the agents pay a hefty referral fee to the relocation company?
Realtor is approached by buyer that wants her unlisted home. Does realtor have to pay employer/broker any fee?
NY State is the location. Buyer approached RE Salesperson owner unsolicited
Does Century 21 have a steady rate of buyer clients?
I do not think they do based on the real estate markets being extremely unpredictable.
What is the best way to find relo's?
I would like to focus on finding homes for people who are relocating to my area, where should I look for leads?
Looking for a home inspector who handles potential mold in the South Boardman area
Have a cabin and would like to have an inspection done. Concern about potential mold.
I am a Broker in Florida however my sister in Upstate NY is interested in getting her real estate license and
i am not sure where to begin. Does anyone have any resources for me to tell her about?
Looking for an agent/broker with a RETS compliant MLS who would like a free custom built website.
Yes, you read that right. I'm a former real estate agent in California who went back to doing development. I'm interested in a help-me-help-you agreement testing my product/service and looking for feedback. The…
How do you keep your clients happy when you haven't yet completed a deal?
If they are buyers- before they have purchased a home. If they are sellers- before they have sold their home.
What value would be reasonable to assign to a 400SF patio of an UES apartment?
I am trying compare a 1st floor unrenovated apartment with a 400SF patio with new walls and floor, with electricity and water connected with a fully renovated 10th floor apartment. How much extra value…
Are consumers looking for agent websites or do they prefer the company's website?
I have maintained a robust personal website with an MLS feed to both a map search and linear search, which ranks on P1 of Google etc for most localized property search terms but I have seen a shift to…
I received a 'Proposal to Purchase' today on one of my listings.
Within the offer was a requested increase for the Buyers Broker of 1% on top of the 3% that was already being generously offered as a co-op. My concern is that the Buyers Agent is putting his interest…
I am currently taking my 75 hr course and wanted to know which real estate company is the best to work for. I live in schenectady, ny .
I want to know which companies has the best options for first time agents. Like no start or very low start up fees, training programs, fair commission rates, and software and business card fees to the…
Great brokerages for new agents?
I'm finishing up the Principles and Practices course and getting ready to sit for the licensing exam. Can anyone provide some insight as to which brokerages are great places for new agents? Which have…
Suggestions for E&O insurance providers?
Which company do you recommend for E&O insurance? I'm an independent broker and work mostly on commercial real estate.
What is the best cell phone for active real estate agents?
I just purchased a Motorola Razor Maax and wonder if I should have purchased an iPhone.
Is a cost-effective lead source?
Has anyone signed up to be a Featured Pro and received any viable leads?
I'm ready to start a team and I want to start with a buyer's agent (don't need the admin help right now). What are some best practices you've found?
I've put it off as long as I can but now it's time to make my business a team. Any advice is greatly appreciated. What is the normal commission split to a buyer's agent? What processes do you allow them…
SB 321 proposed for NV on 3/18/2013....thoughts?
It is my understanding that this proposed bill is very similar to a bill already passed in CA. I am interested in hearing your guys thoughts on the impact of this bill should it be enacted. It was…
Soon to be college graduate considering real estate as a career and i had a couple questions before I registered for courses.
1- What is the best way to become an agent in DC, VA, and MD 2- What are the requirements to become a broker 3- How do i go about finding a broker to agent with and what should i look for as a new agent 4-…
With the increase in standard sales, are appraisers mainly using standard sales as comparables for refi's, or are they still including short sales?
For this particular loan, there are 17 standard sales within a mile and 7 short sales & REOs. If the house was listed for sale, it would be listed as a standard sale.
Does Movoto generate true leads?
Got a call from Movoto today and was wondering if anyone in the New York or the Tri State area was getting any luck with them. Only answer from your last 6 months of experience because baby websites grow…
Do you blacklist/refuse to work with certain other real estate agents?
I have had a string of real estate agents request access to one of my listings, and then not show - even though I had specifically told them it was owner occupied or that I had to go to personally open…
Any ideas on how to get on the Long Island MLS without paying these outrageous fees?
We are looking to get on the MLS in Long Island but it seems a little difficult and quite pricey. Are there ways to have an assistant account. My partner is a broker but not practicing.
Have you bought local ads from Trulia? If so, what were the results?
-Thanks, -Bryan
So I have an investor that is looking for preforclosure properties in NWI Indiana or short sale properties.
The problem is is his price range. $500K Residential or Commercial. If you have anything or know of anything can you please let me know.
I am seeing on CNBC that Cleveland has many homes that are currently being
abandened and demolished. Is this really happing now ?
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