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What are your online Active Marketing techniques?
Passive marketing is where you put information out there an hope that people will come to you. examples include newspaper and online ads, postcards, general social media, blogging, websites, etc. Active…
Is anyone concerned about how the government shutdown is going to affect the lending and real estate industry?
The IRS is closed and as far as I understand lenders need to certain form from them to close on loans.
Marketing Ideas
A couple of years ago I used an SEO to enhance the exposure of my website and for about 1 1/2 years he was great and then he fizzled so I stopped using his services. Since then I have tried many other…
Who should I include as referrals for clients?
I already have a mortgage lender and a title company on the list, but I want to make a more complete list. That way, my clients do not have to spend a lot of time searching for people after an offer has…
Has anyone used Proxio and if so, what do you think of it?
I was wondering if it's an effective marketing tool to attract out of area/out of country buyers to your listings.
Handing out business cards along with candy on Halloween?
Halloween is coming up. Wanted to see what you guys think about this idea. Some trick-or-treaters go around the neighborhood with their parents.
Listing on Trulia but not local MLS systems?
I keep running into this problem... I get a lead on Trulia, go to look it up in my local MLS to get the details and it's not there. If I Google the address, I see it on multiple private websites, but…
What is the best Real Estate companies to start at for a New Agent?
I got a job offer from Keller Williams but after attending their Career Night, I feel that the company is a better fit for well established Agents. As a New Agent, and working on a low budget, I want…
Question number 1 of a few from a guy planning on becoming a RE agent.
In your opinion what is the quality(s) that I must have (or develop) to become a successful RE agent? And/or if I were your son and you were happy that I was wanting to work in RE, what is the most…
2 months behind on a FHA loan
I have a young family that is 2 months behind on their FHA loan. The Fha call center is very unsympatheic. Does anyone know if she has any options besides leaving her house ? ?
What does the government shutdown mean for realtors?
Check out this article from NAR that breaks it down. Especially interesting is what effects will be seen in FHA loans and the IRS, Social Security, and VA loan processing.…
Hi everyone. I am a licensed real estate agent in New York but am planing to move to San Diego, CA in 2 months. I went to NYRI in Manhattan for school and took the state test. Can anyone tell me if my…
Has anyone else developed leads or contacts from Socialbios?
What is your best process of lead generation?
How much time per day do you lead generate, and what way is your most successful?
Did you create your own website or did you hire someone to do it? What is your google ranking?
With a strong web presence being so important these days how do you do it and make it successful in your market? Did you learn SEO and google analytics yourself or did you pay someone to do it? Do you…
Texas broker looking to obtain California broker's license- have any other out of state brokers recently obtained a California license? Any?
tips? I am hoping the process will be fairly cut and dry, without broker reciprocity... I would love to hear from any real estate brokers that have recently obtained a license in California. Thank you…
How effective is Trulia advertising?
New to Trulia/Zillow.
Taking my last question a step further - what is your opinion if there is a default on US obligations (next month) and the impact on housing market?
If the US Government fails to raise the country's debt limit, and the US defaults on its debt, how to you see this impacting the housing market and your business?
I am taking my GA real estate exa next week. I am trying to decide on a broker and am stuck between Keller Williams and the Atlanta Metro Brokers?
I am fairly new to Real Estate and have a limited contact list to start out with. Which company provides better training? Is it better to start as a new agent with AMB which makes you pretty much start…
I am about ready to get into the Real Estate field. I have looked at two different companies, Keller Williams and Century 21.
How are their training/mentoring programs? How are their commission cuts etc.? Any info would be most appreciated!! Thanks so much! Jack
What do you give your clients at closing?
I always give my clients a closing gift, I personalize it based on my client. I am always looking for new ideas - what do you give your client at closing?
Help! I am looking for all real estate info regarding 90006
Hello, I am trying to get all real estate and development info you can provide me with dating back to the 80's if possible. I am doing a case study and would really appreciate any websites or info…
I hope to be licensed in a couple of months in Cali. I was licensed in Nevada and only did a few deals and then moved.
I don't see myself as experienced because I was licensed before but in another State and there is soooooo much to remember, and soooooo much that can happen that it can be overwhelming. Should I look…
How do I find the right broker for me?
e & o insurance, desk fees, commissions, advertise, communications
How to get a mentor for a new agent? Help, I'm new, taking my exam in a couple days and would love to have a mentor or shadow a known realtor!
I will be an agent in a few days (hopefully!) and I would love to find a mentor or a known local realtor to shadow. I live in the flowood/brandon area. Education and training is very important to me! I…
How does Owner financing work? Have a prospect who has a judgement and must pay and wait 3 years in order to purchase a home,
but was wondering if a owner finance be an aption for him sorry if this is a dume question but i am bot familiar with owner financing process
How do i list a mobile home in mls with lot lease?
Add some detail about your question
Are there any lead generation systems worth checking out?
I'm sure this question has been asked multiple times, but are there any out there that people have had success with? I can't imagine there is any one perfect answer, but I would like to get some feedback.
Which is more important to buyers? A busy Realtor or Professional Realtor?
I heard this guy say once that he chose another Realtor because she was so busy that she couldn't return his phone calls. Huh? I always return phone calls the same day, usually within an hour unless…
Interested in getting my RE license and joining a broker in NoVA.
I am interested in getting my license in VA and TN. What are the best brokers in the area and how easy/affordable is it to get the license? Also, Are there any brokers who don't charge any fees but just…
A Commercial space owner has a purch agreement that "conveyed" the basement portion. The Condo Declaration indicates that bsmnt is a common element.
Who owns the basement portion of this address. Also that basement has our utilities in it. Should we do a Title search to clear this up?
How does the apprenticeship work for a new real estate salesperson in the state of TX? Is it hard to find an agency to allow you to apprentice there?
I'm interested in becoming a real estate salesperson in TX, but before I enroll in classes, take the exam, pay the fees, etc -- I want to be sure of how the process works!
Which Board should I sign up with for county of Los Angeles?
I have just passed my Broken exam and I want to join the Association of Realtors in the county of Los Angeles. Which one should I sign up with?
Mortgage Lender looking for Real Estate Agent advice
Agents, I am a local mortgage lender in Tampa, FL. I have been in mortgage business for 10 years not but a majority of my time recently was spent in management. I am looking for suggestions on how you…
I have completed my R.E. School training, and am awaiting....
....the reciept of the three certificates from the R.E. School that l will need to forward to the BRE for my State exam. Would anyone be able to tell me how much math is involved with the 2013 California…
Can I fight for my full commission???
I'm a real estate agent. I joined a brokerage and signed a commission contract of 70/30, plus they charge a 6% royalty fee. The brokerage did nothing to assist me and I recently left - as I have my own…
I am a real estate agent ,looking for a storage deal close to airport for my client in New York.its a water
treatment company that does a lot of business in orlando.Please suggest me any good deals that has good comparables
Sec 8 - Chicago - Protected Class
Greetings All, City of Chicago Rental - Listing Agent directly states that Landlord does not want Sec 8 tenants. Listing Agent explained the process to Landlord, but Landlord doesn't want to deal with…
What is the best way to obtain one's GA Realtor's license?
I am starting over as a 50-something divorced woman, looking to invest in small residential real estate (one of my goals being to purchase my first place as a possible live-in reno to "flip" eventually)…
As a new agent whats the best way to get clients? Best marketing strategy? I have started with my sphere but i am getting alot of bad credits
and people that want to buy but cannot at this moment, i give my business cards out to everyone i meet, have done a few open houses but nothing yet any advice?
I manage my own commercial properties. I just got my salespersons license and would like to start managing other properties which I don't own.
Do I need a broker license to manage properties own by others? Can I manage it without Broker license? Is it possible? Your help would be appreciated.
I have been doing BPO's through EVALUATION SOLUTIONS for about 4 months and have yet to get paid from them, has this been anyone elses experienc
I have been doing BPO's through EVALUATION SOLUTIONS for about 4 months and have yet to get paid from them, has this been anyone elses experience, I have put in about 3 payment inquiries and still…
New Broker - BPO Question
Hi everyone! I am a newly licensed broker with plans to "get my feet wet" by doing a few BPOs. Over the past few weeks I've done (or at least thought I have) everything I could to get…
Are you finding low home inventory frustrating? Are your buyers annoyed yet? Have you considered the FHA 203k loan as a solution?
Hardly a conversation I have with a realtor or buyer can go without complaints about the low inventory of houses in the Detroit Metro area. This is not news to me, after all I am landlord that smiles the…
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