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Managing your business, any ideas on the best program/service for that?
When I started my organized task and process management things got so much more manageable, 2, 3, 5, 7, 12 deals monthly was doable. However, with the change in the pace and the way people do business…
How to get a real estate license in California? Any online or shortcut school than community?
Online school or shortcut school than community college cause it takes a long time.Thanks
Im looking for a multi-unit property in LA, 8-14 units, $1.5-$1.8m
If you have a pocket listing or an investor ready to sell, please contact me. I have a buyer looking for a building of mostly 2-bedroom units, 8-14 units in total (may have a few 1- or 3-bedroom units…
Chastain Village
We have a great listing in Chastain Village, but getting very little action. Anyone ever sell in there? Any advice?
***Job Opp*** I have 4 positions available for bilingual spanish speakers at my office in Fredericksburg doing research on properties in Puerto Rico.
I need to fill 4 positions starting Thursday, Oct 30th for bilingual spanish speakers doing HOA research on homes in Puerto Rico. The job pays $14/hr and is full time for two weeks at my office in Fredericksburg,…
Where Do Most of Your TRULIA Leads Come From? Advertising Or The Q/A platform.
I'm asking this question because in the 5 years that I've been contributing to Trulia's Q/A platform I have garnered over 100 leads from Trulia and many of those have converted to some sort…
Keller Williams vs Coldwell Banker
I worked for KW when I was a new agent and received 0 training. All I was givin was a copy of Gary Keller's book and another agent to answer questions but it stopped there. When I asked about training…
I've seen a few scary posts lately....
Just for kicks, does anyone have scary Halloween RE stories they want to share?
Best Ways For a Chicago Area Realtor to Market Them Self?
I'm new to the Real Estate business. Any tips on Marketing myself? Do people still advertise in Newspapers? What do you do that you have found successful?
Can anyone suggest a good showing feedback online survey program?
I use a print form that I fax and/or scan and email to other real estate agents that have shown my listings. I recently received a comment on one of my feedback sheets that they would prefer if I had an…
Chase Short Sale Extension
Does anyone have any experience with Chase regarding an extension to the closing date? My buyers are so close to close. Chase approved the Short Sale on 9/24. They gave us until 10/28 to close. The buyers…
***Job Opp*** I need 3 spanish speakers starting Monday (10/28) for up to 4 weeks of office work at $16/hr. Experience with either real estate, title
***Job Opp*** I need 3 spanish speakers starting Monday (10/28) for up to 4 weeks of office work at $16/hr. Experience with either real estate, title work, HOA, or property management a plus. If you know…
I am considering an online software program for property management.
I am trying to decide between Appfolio and Propertyware. I was wondering if anyone is or has used either one and can provide me with some feed back.
How to calculate effective interest rate?
Lets say that I have a first for $100,000 at 4.5% and a second for $50,000 at 5.5%. I am looking for the formula to calculate the interest paid on the entire $150,000. If you could show me an example that…
Hello, I completed my courses so that I can take my real estate exam. I felt confident in my knowledge of the information when taking the courses.
Now that I am going through the online exam prep I feel less confident in my overall understanding of all topics covered on the test. Does anyone have any info about the weekend crash course exam prep…
Has anyone had great success using mobile marketing?
I'm currently using mobile marketing and seeing good results, but I'd like to see great results. Any experience or advice fellow mobile marketeers would care to share?
What type of Marketing Material, helpful tips, information should I give to FSBO's and expireds?
I am a new agent. My license became active only yesterday. So for the past 2 days at least I have been actively prospecting FSBO's and expireds. Currntly I am calling them, however I would like to…
Hello, I have completed all my courses to take my real estate exam and I am now studying for the state exam. I have heard about these weekend prep
crash courses that are supposed to be good. How do I find out about these? Is there one that you might recommend in the Los Angeles/Pasadena area? Thank you for your help!
Fastest Lenders who can get a closing package out!
Okay good credit 700 20 percent down Has anyone closed with BOA lately what is their turn around time ?
Ever asked a FSBO to let you show the property?
I have, it is a good segway to a listing appointment!
Looking for a good agency for a new broker.
I live in Lakewood and I'm planning on reactivating my license and joining an agency. I've only done one transaction (my own condo a few years ago). I'd love to hear people's recent opinions on agencies…
Question for Brooklyn rental agents
I am a licensed salesperson, moved in from out of state and I am looking to continue business here. I know this is the type of question that many agents are uncomfortable answering, but could anyone (agents…
I met a new buyer who had a home to sell in IL. I am licensed in MO so referred her to an IL agent with a verbal agreement (also email) of the fee.
The buyer then decided to buy in IL instead. She texted me to tell me they bought a home and would be listing theirs soon. The agent never contacted me. I'd like to hear your opinion on whether the agent…
Well water testing
Do you have a good (and reasonably priced) recommendation for someone who does well water testing to meet FHA requirements?
What are the best companies to work for as a new agent on Long Island, NY?
I recently left the world of corporate finance in NYC and am looking to pursue a career as a real estate agent. I was wondering which companies would be the best to begin a career with on Long Island…
How is the market looking in your area?
Just looking for some feedback from local agents on current market status.
Trulia, can you please explain why was my listing deleted?
I added 2 rentals yesterday afternoon, actually claimed my listings. These are 2 very different units with 2 different list prices on a duplex and of course 2 different MLS numbers. I see you have taken…
Which real estate web site platform provider is the best with regard to lead generation, lead management, and return on investment?
Most providers all claim to offer about 90% of the same functionality, yet initial setup and monthly reoccurring fees vary considerably. I'm not looking for a custom 'from scratch' site. I'm fine with…
REALTOR(S) any experience getting a short sale go through after the file is in litigation and the servicer refers you to their attorney?
servicer is wells fargo, all the equator files were deleted because the file is in litigation they never said anything about the offer/contract that was pending and we only heard that the short sale was…
What brokerage would you recommend a New Agent In the Chicago area joins?
Hey everyone, I'll be getting my license in the next few months and was wondering what you guys would recommend when it comes to picking out my brokerage? Anyone have better training then others? Also…
Postling - Have you used this service?
If so, please share your experience. What was your investment regarding time in setting up the process? Do you still use this service?
Whyh is another agent is getting my leads in Trulia?
I put ads in Trulia for rentals that I am showing and my office is on the page and when I click into the listing detail, my competing rental agent shows up as the contact person. Why is this happening?
I am newly licenced real estate agent in Plantation FL. I am trying to figure out which broker offers best
I am trying to figure out which broker offers best education and training, lowest start up out of pocket fees, and has high rate of support for new agents. Century 21, Coldwell, Prudential, Keyes and Exit…
As a Realtor what do you expect from your Loan Officer
I don't think the Lenders I use are terrible but they all seem to either not answer the phone or they are slow in responding. Just wanted to see what some of your experiences are and what you expect…
Has anyone ever had a client use Midwest Mortgage Capital as their lender?
Are these type of lenders trust worthy? What should I expect?
Hello, I recently received my broker license and I am curious what is the best Downtown Los Angeles brokerage for new agents? Thanks!
I have over a decade of commercial and residential appraisal experience and I am now looking to transition my career to the transaction side. I spoke to a broker at KW and it sounded great great, but I…
I am a loan officer who generates a fair number of buyer leads but it seems the agents I work with are not responding in kind
I am a loan officer who generates a fair number of buyer leads but it seems the agents I work with are not responding in kind. Have I picked the wrong agents or am I going about this the wrong way?
FHA Appraiser needed access 3 times?
I have done many deals, and most of them go through standard conventional loan- when an appraisal is ordered if is usually done in literally 20 minutes. A recent deal of mine however is going rather strangely…
In CA, do we have to present an offer to the Seller from an unlicensed agent representing a Buyer?
We do CRE in CA and recently received an offer from an unlicensed individual representing a Buyer on a $15M deal. The offer was written very poorly but is above asking, all cash and a 7 day close. This…
How do you think the government shutdown (if not avoided) will impact the housing market?
It looks like a government shutdown is likely. Forget parties - how do you think this will impact the housing market and your business?
New Mortgage Loan Originator looking for contacts to receive and send referrals to
I'm new to the industry, have been here for about 6 months. I'm trying to find the best way to contact real estate agents and others to try and establish mutually beneficial relationships. Is a phone…
I recently downloaded Trulia Agent App---Any tips or advice
Trulia Agent App---I recently downloaded App--seems not to find homes I know are for sale. sometimes the check in feature does not pick up any houses
What are your online Active Marketing techniques?
Passive marketing is where you put information out there an hope that people will come to you. examples include newspaper and online ads, postcards, general social media, blogging, websites, etc. Active…
Is anyone concerned about how the government shutdown is going to affect the lending and real estate industry?
The IRS is closed and as far as I understand lenders need to certain form from them to close on loans.
Marketing Ideas
A couple of years ago I used an SEO to enhance the exposure of my website and for about 1 1/2 years he was great and then he fizzled so I stopped using his services. Since then I have tried many other…
Who should I include as referrals for clients?
I already have a mortgage lender and a title company on the list, but I want to make a more complete list. That way, my clients do not have to spend a lot of time searching for people after an offer has…
Has anyone used Proxio and if so, what do you think of it?
I was wondering if it's an effective marketing tool to attract out of area/out of country buyers to your listings.
Handing out business cards along with candy on Halloween?
Halloween is coming up. Wanted to see what you guys think about this idea. Some trick-or-treaters go around the neighborhood with their parents.
Listing on Trulia but not local MLS systems?
I keep running into this problem... I get a lead on Trulia, go to look it up in my local MLS to get the details and it's not there. If I Google the address, I see it on multiple private websites, but…
What is the best Real Estate companies to start at for a New Agent?
I got a job offer from Keller Williams but after attending their Career Night, I feel that the company is a better fit for well established Agents. As a New Agent, and working on a low budget, I want…
Question number 1 of a few from a guy planning on becoming a RE agent.
In your opinion what is the quality(s) that I must have (or develop) to become a successful RE agent? And/or if I were your son and you were happy that I was wanting to work in RE, what is the most…
2 months behind on a FHA loan
I have a young family that is 2 months behind on their FHA loan. The Fha call center is very unsympatheic. Does anyone know if she has any options besides leaving her house ? ?
What does the government shutdown mean for realtors?
Check out this article from NAR that breaks it down. Especially interesting is what effects will be seen in FHA loans and the IRS, Social Security, and VA loan processing.…
Hi everyone. I am a licensed real estate agent in New York but am planing to move to San Diego, CA in 2 months. I went to NYRI in Manhattan for school and took the state test. Can anyone tell me if my…
Has anyone else developed leads or contacts from Socialbios?
What is your best process of lead generation?
How much time per day do you lead generate, and what way is your most successful?
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