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how to find a good sponsoring broker.?
Im taking classes to become a salesperson and i'm looking ahead to finding a sponsoring broker. Im currently in school so im looking for a part time job. how would I go about finding a sponsor.
I am a new Real Estate Agent in Houston, Texas and need help getting started.
I worked in New Home Builder sales for the past 13 years and have been out of work for 1 year. Funds are gone and I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on getting sponsors to help me out just for a…
How to register to be a list realtor n trulia?
Info on being an agent on trulia
You are listing one of our properties 111 West 128th Street, but the listing has my name on it instead of the broker's name.
How can I replace it with my broker's name and contact info. Ronda Rogovin, thank you, Gail Donovan
Can a licensed real estate salesperson in another state refer a listing broker to a home seller and collect a referral fee commission?
I'm licensed as a salesperson in the states of MA and PA and my brother is selling his home in CT. Would I be able to refer my brother to an agent in CT and collect a referral fee commission from…
I have 3900 N. Lake Shore Dr. unit 20F Chicago ill 60613 for sale. All of the pictures on Trulia are fuzzy. On the MLS they are as clear as day.
can you please fix it so the pictures are clear. thank you Laurie Jacobson Century21SGR 773-203-6638
Hi! I am an agent looking to upload a photo to go with my name and information on Trulia. How do I do this?
Kristin Prange Kessler First Weber, Delafield, WI
Has anybody else been getting bothered by Marketers trying to sell you Lead Feeds?
Last night I had somebody from somebody using my profile to contact me try to get me to sign up for some lead feed service. I told the person not to bother me again. Has anybody else gotten this?
Working on Getting MO Salesperson license, looking for low split Brokerage?
I work full-time (60 hours avg.), but have recently started the process to get my Salesperson license to buy sell properties. I plan on purchasing/selling primarily for myself as well as friends/family.…
I am considering a Call Capture Hot Line and would welcome input.
If you recommend it, which service providers would you suggest and what pitfalls do I need to avoid? Thanks, Rich Murgittroyd
need door knocking letter/script suggestions
Im helping my clients sell their house, and we have multiple offers (yay!) Problem is, the house they were going to buy, and were in escrow on, fell through and is now under contract with another buyer.…
any good bpo companies?
Does anyone know how to get started in the BPO's? I want to get started does anyone know who to sign up with in California?
MLS Choices Ventura and LA Counties
New agent here...I know there are several Realtor and mls organizations in the above counties. It appears they all offer similar "realtor and MLS tools" for MLS searches, comp analysis, etc. In general,…
As an agent, do you pay a referral fee absent a written agreement? (Payment made through your Broker.)
Here's why I ask. I sometimes chat w/ Realtors and provide referrals without following up for the signed return of the formal written referral agreement. In the past, despite the lack of an signed…
Which is the best local brokerage for a new real estate agent?
I'm looking for something that will provide me the proper training and mentor-ship to be successful in this industry and would love to hear peoples feedback on what local agencies are the most accommodating…
Looks like someone has hacked into my account with Trulia and stole my photo ID They have my photo as Joan Jones My name is Nina Horn, Realtor
Please make sure you take my old photo down and not allow Joan Jones to place back up there.
Merge duplicate agent profiles?
Somehow I have duplicate agent profiles that are visible at Freed/. How can I keep and update the profile at…
I live in the inland empire and I'm going to take my RE sales exam soon. Does anyone have advice on which firm is best for new agents? Marketing
myself is not a worry for me. It's the lack of hands on experience with the process. If there is no mentorship program, will the broker help me during my first transactions? Any insight would help.…
what are Best Real Estate companies to work for in Miami and north Miami?
I am a commercial (sales and leasing) real state agent in Dallas Texas and will be moving to Miami / Fort Lauderdale Area, planing on getting my broker license. would like to do commercial and high-rise…
Do you recommend any online, or book, prep courses to help pass the CA licensee exam?
I am about to take the exam but I feel unprepared. What online prep course do you recommend that will prepare me in the shortest time for the real estate licencee exam?
When buying a home with aluminum electrical wiring what upgrades must be done in order to obtain homeowners insurance?
I have been advised by three insurance brokers that insurance can only be obtained through the NJ Fair Insurance program AND that the wring must be 'upgraded' within 90 days of closing. I have…
Can I pay a finders fee to a non-licensed person in CA transaction? Buyer is paying with all cash. Referral person in not RE licensed. THX!
I am a broker/owner of a property that I have listed. A person contacted me with a friend that wants to buy my property in all cash. How can I give her a referral fee if she is not licensed. I will acting…
Has anyone ever worked with a Neighborcity referral?
I signed up for the service and wanted to know if anyone's had experience with them.
Has anybody ever used a Craigslist Auto Poster or hired a company to post ads for you?Is it worthwhile?
I have been approached by a few companies and seriously considering the idea..
Which virtual tour hosting site is the best deal?
I have seen quite a few different websites that have programs for slideshows and enhanced listing information. Which ones do you like the best?
How can I make a broker open house successful?
I have a house that is a difficult sale because it needs updates. For added exposure, I am playing around with the idea of having a broker open house. Unfortunately, I do not have the money to pay for…
How to remove strong smells from a house?
I've recently encountered several homes that had a smell of curry in them. In a few cases the smell was enough to convince someone to move on to the next house. What are some strategies to remove…
as an licensed agent do i have to join the realtors association of mass where i live in order to work in real
As a licensed agent and working in a real estate office do i have to join the realtors association of mass where i live. It just does not seem like they do very much for you and the cost is down right…
Is a commission or Finder Fee owed?
30 day listing 12/16 thru 1/16 Agent shows property to Prospect "A" Listing expires and Seller informs Agent on several occasions that he does not want to relist it. Listing Agreement Protection period…
I need to speak to someone about an error on one of your properties listed on your site Trulia.
Please correct the address. It is not 4647. It is my neighbors house needs corrected address. Thank you. Also all the information is a description of my house not his house Please correct this error.…
Anybody have an example of an expired listing letter that actually works?
I have sent out hundreds of letters experimenting with several formats but have yet to find one that works.
What advice would you give someone who is just starting out as a Real Estate Agent?
I am looking to switch careers and have recently looked into real estate. With so many firms - do you any particular advice on how to get started and where?
My name is Ray Chadderton and I'm an agent with Keller Williams. I was on hold for 35 minutes earlier today and need someone to call me
813-601-5966 My profile is not set up properly and leads are being sent to our office number, not my cell. Please call right away
Trying to put together a realestate resume & a profile page for a REO company, does anyone have a template that will be realestate REO specific.
This resume must be appealing to Equator, and several other REO companies trying to break into that market.
how to delete a duplicate profile?
Have a profile already, went to log in and created a new profile.Would like to delete one
I know pictures are the first thing a buyer sees from an MLS search, but are they more, equally, or less important than video, floor plans, etc. ?
I have always been under the impression that pictures are the most important part of a visual presentation for a listing because of syndication and the ease of using pictures to move around from room to…
Opinion question... What is an acceptance way to dress during an open house?
Previewed a home this afternoon and saw an agent holding an open house in workout shorts and flip-flops. Would you?
Can I work as a real estate agent in Portland Oregon without a car?
I used to work as a real estate agent in New York before changing my career. I just got accepted into a grad program in OHSU in Portland, Oregon and will be relocating there. My impression of Portland…
Has anyone found a good source to find property owner's cell phone numbers? -- Tax records no longer provide them.
One of my listings expired (temporarily) and brokers immediately started calling my client to see if he would list with them. -- Although annoying to both of us, I was impressed how they were able to find…
Are you an agent in the Orlando or surrounding areas?
I'm from Florida but have license in GA. I have several people that wants to buy property in FL, I'm looking for a good agent that I can work with that's in the Orlando area.
I had tried to email and call to cancel my account. My account number is 1183811 and person in charge is Mr. Michael Kunce from Colorado. Cancel my account NOW !!!
I'm interested in becoming a hard money lender primarily with rehabs, flips, etc...I've done a lot of reading
on the subject and am looking to get my feet wet starting small( $10,000-50,000) until I feel comfortable with larger amounts. Can anyone direct me to any brokers, real estate attorneys familiar with this…
Are there any heat maps that show demographics, crime level, climate, etc.?
If someone wants to buy a property in California, as normal buyer would, he/she would also like to have a clear idea about the neighborhood he/she is considering. Heat maps (…
Are there any heat maps that show demographics, crime level, climate, etc.?
If someone wants to buy a property in California, as normal buyer would, he/she would also like to have a clear idea about the neighborhood he/she is considering. Heat maps (…
How to make sure that a listing agent presented your offer? You never know for sure....
My buyers offer was rejected, but we still see this listing on the market with no change of mls status , is it really rejected? How to make sure that the seller saw what your buyer offers? ( this is not…
Real Estate Broker school (classroom and/or online)
Can somebody recommend me any good school for in class training for a real estate broker? Also if you know of any good online school do mention that as well. Thanks in advance to Trulia and all the…
Has anyone tried RedX or Landvoice? They both claim that they provide FSBOs, Expired, & Pre-Foreclosure leads based on their up-to-date databases.
The monthly cost doesn't seem high for either and it seems like these sources would be real time/money savers since I wouldn't need to drive around and knock on doors to prospect for new listing…
Searching For Assistance
Any recommendation on getting an agent assistant?
Once I get my license, do I need to find a broker immediately?
I have certain things I want to complete before I hang my license. I want to prepare myself for marketing (create templates, design my webpage, etc), buy a new computer and finish a community class I am…
I just passed my real estate license exam. My question for anyone in the Jacksonville FL area is, which Brokerage Agency would be beneficial to start?
I am also taking into account expected initial expenses and fees. Any advise will be greatly appreciated!
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