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Do you take a commission buying/wholesaling properties?
I want to begin buying investment properties. I'm an agent. How do I begin? Other than disclosing my license, what do I need to do?
Best websites for Housing market trends?
What are some good sites that'll give me information on the housing market trends in my area as well as other areas? Or maybe just a 'super site' for real estate info; trends, terms, advice, etc. Thank…
Why do my sold listings show as "sold" in my Trulia listing control panel but they don't show up on my profile page?
This doesn't make a lot of sense. Just as in the question, if I go into my listings control panel and click on "sold" all of my recent sales show up. If I go to my profile though and click on listings…
How do you solicit a FSBO for a listing?
What are some typical pitches or scripts that you use when emailing or mailing owners of FSBOs?
Do you think it's fair for Trulia to hold its members/contributors feet to the fire on their required 70 contributions per month in order to?
maintain our VIP status? For many members/contributors this status is important for myriad reasons. But most importantly it gives us community status and credibility as well as helps us build our SEO and…
Looking for a 100( /-) Unit Mobile Home Park on the East/West Coast of Florida. No LoopNet listings.
If you have something interesting for my client, please call or e-mail me. Thanks. Phil Rotondo, Realtor Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Melbourne, Fl.
I'm looking for information about signing agents in the Tri-Cities, WA area - does anyone know if signing agents are used on a regular basis?
I'm a Certified Notary Signing Agent in southern California and will be moving to WA this winter, I'm trying to find out if I'll be able to continue as a full time NSA in the WA - I've heard that there…
Breaking the young real estate agent barrier?
I was just wondering if some agent's who got their license at a young age would be willing to share what they did to stay relevant in the industry?... I'm 18, and I will be taking my real estate…
Hey, Trulia! When are we getting Voices e-mail alerts back?
This is a key component of my business plan- involvement in the Trulia Voices community has been a huge lead generator for me. Its hard to keep up with it, without the alerts! Please bring them back! Nicole…
Realtors Loyalty to the Buyer and Seller? or the Bank and their own commision.
To whom does the realtors loyalty lay ? With the sellers who needs out of the burden of their home through a short sale and the buyer who would like to buy this home from them,or to the bank whom the…
Looking for a 100( /-) Unit Mobile Home Park on the East/West Coast of Florida. No LoopNet listings please.
If you have something interesting for my client, please call or e-mail me. Thanks. Phil Rotondo, Realtor Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Melbourne, Fl. 1-321-698-5893
Want to an official agent for Trulia in Middle east
as title above, want to Know wither its possible to take agency and provide good marketing for Trulia real estate products
Looking for a 100 /- Unit Existing Mobile Home Park anywhere along the eastwest coast of FL...Especially one that is NOT already listed on the Loop
If you have/know one that you think might work, please contact me with the info. Thank you. Phil Rotondo, Realtor Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Melbourne, Fl.…
PLEASE Trulia, don't merge with Zillow! All Real Estate Agents, please petition Trulia to tell them why you'd NOT want them to merge with the big Z.
Can anyone say Monopoly? As real estate agents our advertising choices will be limited and prices will rise. Additionally, the new Zilla monster will probably start its own brokerage, trying to take things…
I'm a young, motivated, hard working recent high school graduate and I would love to bring my qualities to your team!
I'm studying for my real estate license and i'm trying to get as much exposure to the industry as possible before I take my exam. I would love to help you with paper work, scheduling, answering phones…
What are the key things fannie mae looks for in listing agents?
looking to list fannie mae properties in my area any and all advice appreciated.
Zillow Buying Trulia?! What do you guys think of this? Especially paying Trulia members?
Zillow Buying Trulia?! What do you guys think of this? Especially paying Trulia members?
What to do....Closing gift etiquette
I'm a new realtor and have closed 4 deals since last year. I always give a small gift basket as a thank you closing gift. I did same for last closing but buyer calls me and says that I made a good commission…
So what do you think about Trulia's new profile format?
While "cleaner" from a consumer perspective, mine contains erroneous information regarding homes sold - wrong prices and photos apparently from Google maps.
Sellers leads conversion strategy???
Those of you working with the sellers leads, what is your strategy? How has it been working for you? I do great with ads and buyers leads but I can't seem to successfully work with the sellers…
When targeting expired listings, what works best for some of the more seasoned agents?
I've seen so many options, ranging from drip mail to cold calling. There are lots of options, I imagine, but I don't want to spread myself thin trying to find the "best route" if I can hit the nail on…
With trulia's changed profile format, my views went from almost 8000 to only 77....what the????
I don't know it that improved my site, but I was pretty proud of the fact that the number of times my profile was viewed was in the thousands, am I just too self absorbed with that??
is it possible to be an agent for you in middle east, if its possible then I can share many extra ideas which helps to grow your application network?
is it possible to be an agent for you in middle east, if its possible then I can share many extra ideas which helps to grow your application network by providing more accurate segments target.
is it possible to be an agent for you in middle east, if its possible then I can share many extra ideas which helps to grow your application network?
is it possible to be an agent for you in middle east, if its possible then I can share many extra ideas which helps to grow your application network by providing more accurate segments target.
VIP status shows incorrectly
Dear Agents -- Although I have indeed earned enough points to reach VIP level 3 status, my profile still shows level 2 (and it has not updated for several days). How do I get Trulia to "upgrade" me to…
Best way to get Buyers & Agents to a Korean BBQ Open House in Buena Park?
What is the best way to get people to come to a korean bbq open house on July 27 11am to 5pm? Korean styled tacos and lemonade will be provided at noon.
With all the interest in online home searching. How important are photos of a listing to the average consumer?
Many agents will pay around $100 to professional photographer to get good listing pictures of any home they list. Is it worth it?
Why are some agents allowed to include their contact information in posts but others are not?
I get the spam policy notice each time my contact info is included in a Q&A response, but I see other responses with their contact info. Any idea what is going on with that?
Inventory levels in Louisville, KY
Louisville agents, inventory improving, staying the same, or getting more scarce. What do you see in your area? Michael Thacker Realtor
How does a homeowner get approved for short sale? How is the listing price determined on a short sale?
Please describe the short sale process from cradle to grave. Tax consequences (if any) of short sale? Why would one choose a short sale over a foreclosure? If the homeowner cannot afford his monthly…
Solar Panels ... yes or no?
I have a client who is renovating a gutted house. They want to install solar panels to make the home more energy efficient and lower their future utility bills. Congratulations to them for making this…
What processes do you emply when the Seller of an escrowed contract decides they do not want to close?
We represent the Buyer. We have completed our inspections, surpassed the Option Period, ordered the appraisal, and were just notified the Seller does not wish to close.
Trulia is showing 5159 Active For Sale listings in Boca Raton, FL. My MLS shows 2450 Active. Which one do you think is right?
If these same numbers are consistently wrong across the US, doubling the amount of listings Trulia is showing, maybe Zillow wouldn't want to pay $3.5B for bogus information?
I am sure all of you have seen the note from Peter Flint, CEO of Trulia, announcing the acquisition of Trulia by Zillow. Thoughts?
Any speculation as to how things might change with either of the services and/or products offered? Will we now have Trestimates? ZactiveRain?
Should I send a copy of my driver's license and Social Security card?
A loan officer originally asked the buyers agent to contact me for copy of my driver's license and SS card which is part of the FHA agent re certification. I contacted the loan officer for clarification…
Realtors Who Change an Appointment Time For an Owner Occupied Home, (without notice)
I'm ready to pull my hair out. So I have an Appointment Only owner occupied) listing, no problem, right? Call the seller he/she leaves for a walk or goes shopping. A Realtor makes an appointment at 4:00…
I want to become a real estate salesperson in Arizona. Should I pursue my goal if I have a misdemeanor assault from college bar fight?
It seems that the requirements would preclude me from obtaining a license. Is this rule barring misdemeanor convictions set in stone or will the commission judge on a case by case basis? Please advise
BPO Request ASAP
I need a Realtor to perform a BPO on a 24 unit apartment building located in Memphis, TN ASAP. WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR AT CLOSING! ! PLEASE REPLY ASAP.
Looking for any FHA approved complexes in San Diego, specifically complexes
I am working with a 1st time home buyer who just got his FHA pre-approval letter. They are interested in a Condo but I have not been able to find a FHA approved complex for them. Any ideas or suggestions…
I need to upgrade our website to produce more leadflow. Real Geeks, IDX Broker and Boston Logic sound great, however, I don't want to break the bank.
I'm looking for a more professional design, user-friendly IDX feature, and optimal SEO so that we receive more leads. -- Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks, John
When targeting for-sale-by-owners, what has worked best for agents recently?
I live in a neighborhood where there are many FSBO and various blogs I have read encourage various tactics ranging from drip-mail to cold calling. What do other professionals feel work?
I haven't been getting email from Trulia Voices in weeks!?!?
No questions, no answers, no nothing, nada! Has something changed? Am I supposed to check in myself every day or two? I don't believe I've changed any settings on my account and I just can't figure this…
How do you recognize the best in a real estate operation?
I've worked at independents and franchise offices, and while I worked in what has been coined the franchise to the best, I found that there were as many deficiencies in that outfit as the others.. I wonder…
Can someone take a real estate licensing class in another state, and then take the NY state licensing test afterwards?
For example, could I take a real estate pre-license course in Texas, and then in a year or so, take the license test in NY? Or does it have to be a NY state course. (currently living in Texas but expect…
What approach of contact do you prefer the least?
Cold calling seems to annoy people and I would want to respect the preferences of my potential clients.
Is there a specific FL Mortgage Assumption Agreement? All I could find in the FL Realtors library are Mortgage Assumption Addendums.
The Lender is asking for an executed and recorded Mortgage Assumption Agreement, not a sale contract. However the available forms provide mortgage assumption addendums to sale contract.
When I enter a new listing to the MLS, I get a call from Trulia. They know about the listings but why aren't their sites ACCURATE? Can't they Sync?
Seems like their data is always running a few weeks behind. Especially disturbing since the public reveres this website.
How many properties have you sold in your first year? How many listings you had in your first year?
I am new in the business trying to see what is the "average" amount. Couldn't find this information online anywhere. Thank you for the help.
How do you feel when you have to call an agent for an appointment, and they do not respond promptly.?
My pet peeve is listings where you have to call the agent to show property.
Window Washing Service in Sarasota please...
My client needs a window washing service (fast!) on the South Side of Sarasota. Who do you recommend, please? Inside and Outside, one-story clean home.
How Do You Preview Property Consistently & Efficiently?
In the various training "stuff" I've come across there is this major emphasis on previewing property in order to stay in touch with the market. Now if you're a buyer's agent, then you probably are showing…
My listing is showing up under another agents name. How do I correct it?
142 Porcupine Ridge Road, Roberts, MT is showing up with incorrect data.
Is Trulia even listening to us? Who and what do they think we are? Do they not realize they have a bunch of disgruntled MEMBERS/CONTRIBUTORS?
Trulia Hi there, My name is Alison and I'm Trulia's Customer Success Evangelist. I wanted to reach out to you personally and let you know that we're invested in your success and…
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