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Do you believe having/driving a luxury automobile shows your client(s) or at least gives them the impression you are successful?
A real estate buddy of mine from Miami and I were debating this. I have fully paid of Jeep that has been ole reliable but he felt a new car i.e. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc reflect that you are doing well…
Anybody have much success advertising on Craigslist?
Anybody have much success advertising on Craigslist? Or at least getting people to go to their website from it? Any creative suggestions?
How does a broker become a designated Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae listing broker? I've approached a couple banks but no luck with that yet.
There continues to be a number of foreclosures out there and I notice that many of them are represented by small independent brokers. Thanks, John
Can a listing agent request proof that the buyer's agent provided buyer with executed amendment?
After inspections the buyer's have requested(through an amendment) certain small things be addressed. Initially, seller's did not want to do any more for the buyer's(since they feel they have bent over…
I just got my salesperson license and am looking for a sponsoring broker in Houston, TX.
What are the vital factors to be considered before making a selection? Is there any co. out there that are great for rookie like me to jumpstart this career? Please advise
What is your opinion of getting into real estate P.T. while running a carpet cleaning business F.T. leveraging contacts to eventually do R.E. FT?
This is a question for doing business for the next 20 to 30 years, not just trying to get out of the first year in real estate.
With the market heating up in some areas, and still cool in others, how are you keeping busy?
Well, as obvious as this question's answer is for those of us that prospect, preview, list and sell (regularly), the question persists, not because we don't know how to stay busy, but rather,…
Anybody know why we can't break our answers down into smaller paragraphs?
I've been submitting my answers in 3 to 4 line paragraphs (Hello........Blogging 101!) like I've done since I joined Trulia. Anybody know what's going on with the run on results? Why aren't…
Thoughts on leads Groups??
What is the best type of leads group to be involved with? Have any of you started your own with success, and if so what did you do? Any new meeting ideas rather than the typical, "share a little bit…
Oops! another blooper in the MLS How do you tell the listing Agent? some are a bit sensitive and there's often a language barrier...
There is a home for sale, listing agent states the following: "Seller is Also the Listing Agent and is Related to the Owner" (really?) or: "Booty Available" (I think he meant booties for your shoes) or:…
How do you add a signature to your answers and blog posts on here?
How do you add a signature to your answers and blog posts on here?
How much do I need saved up as a newbie in rentals?
I am ready to start, have passed my exams, done interviews and even chose an agency. Then I find out I have over $550 in start up costs I have to give them or shall i say fees etc, and I may not have enough…
As a new agent (3 months) is it better to be at a small firm or one of the big firms? I live in NY and have
been doing rentals at a boutique firm, and I already lost a rental exclusive because I was not with a big firm. Also, is it possible at a larger firm to be part of a team in order to have the support and…
Do you think an agent should dress for success?
I once encountered at an open house where a buyer couldn't tell if the agent was the owner or the agent.
Interview with a Broker
Hello Everybody, I am meeting with a Broker over at Coldwell Bank to see if they are the company to work with once I receive my CA Real Estate Salesperson License. I am trying to come up with questions…
what is Estate agents in enfield ?
Angels Sales & Letting agents in enfield are a team of qualified professionals, with a decade of experience in the property industry. we are able to bring sellers and landlords together with buyers and…
As anyone been following what's happening in Washington with recommendations regarding mortgage interest deductions?
New agent wonders about office location and training
I'm a new agent and torn between remax and CB to train with. Also, do you think I can grow in a high end city already saturated with experienced realtors or will I be eaten alive there?
How does an Agent choose a Broker?
Good Day Everybody, I am awaiting word from the CA DRE to schedule my real estate salesperson exam. I am currently trying to choose which broker to interview so that I can can have a broker ready as…
Househunt / Moveup
Just a heads up, I've tried just about every supplemental lead source out there over the years, and in a sea of mediocrity, these guys are the worst I have ever dealt with. Total scam. Never received…
Should I leave my sponsoring broker? New agent getting no support?
Hi am a new agent with a firm in NYC. I chose this firm after attending an open house where they detailed their training program. I have been hired and have gotten NO support. I am starting part-time and…
Do you hire professional photographers to take your listing photos?
Do you hire professional photographers to take your listing photos?
Looking for houses from 600k-700k to show this Saturday. Any suggestions? Please advice.
I have a buyers that is Looking in Rancho Santa Maria. From price range of 600-700k Do you have any good suggestions? Please advice.
Posting Rentals in the MLS and Craigslist
I've noticed that some real estate agents only post their clients' rental listings on Craigslist and not on the MLS, even though they've sat there for over a month. One listing agent even made a note that…
Any opinions on RedX?
I am interested in using it, to see if it's something that works for expired listings, but the initial cost is so high for something that may not work at all.
Hello, Longmont Real Estate Agents.....!
More and more leads are coming to our branch that are in the NOCO area! Are there any agents that are in the Longmont, Loveland, and Ft. Collins areas that excel at handling online purchase and seller…
What are good ways to find Expired listing contact info?
My local MLS does not give the opportunity to get any contact info for sellers. I want to try and dip into this market, but I can never find accurate info through internet research. Does anyone have suggestions…
Calling all Fort Collins Real Estate Agents!?
More and more leads are coming to our branch that are in the NOCO area! Are there any agents that are in the Fort Collins area that excel at handling online purchase and seller leads? I would love to…
My buyers are interested in FSBO that does not work with buyers to proceed?
I have buyers that I have shown numerous houses to and on their list is a FSBO. I have called the woman and she is completely irrational and thinks by me asking if she works with buyers agents and pays…
300-400k client without an agent need to find her one asap if any buyers agents are interested.
If interested please email me or go to this link complete it and our broker will email you details. Thank you!!
Professional Photography for listings
Hello everyone, This may get flagged as inappropriate but I will take my chances. As a real estate broker, I have been photographing my own listings since day one. Since I have always enjoyed photography,…
Do email Blast to Realtors really work? I receive almost about 50 of these flyers per day and they come in
all shapes in sizes and so do the prices! I personally have had little success but if thats the case why do agents pour money into something with sub par results.. So do they work?
What your answer when someone asks if they should buy their first home?
The American dream of homeownership is not for everyone. When people ask if they should buy or rent my first response is to tell them "if you are renting you are investing in some else's future." I then…
Best tenant screening service - applicant with no email
Any recommendations for a tenant screening service that doesn't require the applicant to have email? I'm running into more applicants that don't use email and many of the credit/eviction/criminal reporting…
Should I leave a voice message?
I am a young agent, 26, with one sale under my belt. I have recently began cold calling for leads for the past 2-3 weeks and as expected, not many people pick up between the hours of 9am-12pm. My question…
Any advice on finding a sponsoring broker?
Hello! I submitted my application for a salespersons license yesterday and had my finger prints taken today. From what I understand, I should have approval to take the exam shortly. I have two…
I would like to know how much I should expect to spend to get my Real Estate license. All associated fee's. Only looking to be an apartment locator
I have found someone who let me work under their brokerage company for a flat monthly fee. I am looking to be a part time apartment locator. Can someone list out all of the fees I should expect to…
Has anyone had much success getting listings Trulia?
So far I have noticed trulia is great for buyer leads, but has anyone had any leads asking for you to come list their house?
Getting Started as a part time rental agent?
I was recently hired as part-time real estate agent at boutique firm in NYC. This firm wants me to start out as a rental agent before moving into sales since I am a new agent. I have heard nothing but…
Hey Agents & Brokers! In what way do you prefer to be notified in regards to broker's open houses?
I LOVE feedback. How do you like to be notified of broker's open house events and do you still caravan to tour homes?
How do you activate listings?
Presentations, flyers, e-mail flyers, FSBOs, expired listings, cold calling, etc? How do you do it?
What to do if sponsoring broker refuse to sign brokers application form?
I accumulated enough points to apply for a brokers license in my current company, but sponsoring broker refuse to sign the application. What can I do?
OK, So a side ad from trulia says "meet the VIP's".... I click on that ad for my area and none of the agents are VIP, I am, and I's way down the page?
How does this happen? If it's meet the VIP's and Im the only VIP in this area, Why wouldn't I be number one? so strange....
need door knocking letter/script suggestions
Im helping my clients sell their house, and we have multiple offers (yay!) Problem is, the house they were going to buy, and were in escrow on, fell through and is now under contract with another buyer.…
What do you do when you can't find your buyers a home?
I have buyers that are ready to buy immediately. And there are absolutely no homes that match their criteria. We've even expanded into cities way out of where they originally wanted with no luck. They…
What do you think about pre-inspections?
Rhode Island doesn't require them but I think they are a good Idea
Looking for an experienced agent in Prescott Valley to refer a seller client to.
Will need a CMA, and kept in the loop on the transaction.
May need an Wittmann agent to partner with on a few deals, is any one interested in setting up an agreement ?
I have one property in my crosshairs currently, and am getting a lot of contact from the area via my personal website. Give me a call to discuss if interested. Thanks !
Quick question: ''SEWER: Connected on Bond''~ in mls. What does it mean?
I don't have such in my area: ''SEWER: Connected on Bond,In Connected and Paid,Paid''. Can anyone give me an idea what is about? '' is it connected or not to city?
A real pet peave of mine in this industry,
...and I seem to be running into it a lot lately, is the complete lack of urgency on the part of many realtors. Many of the agents I deal with seem to have no sense of urgency when it comes their jobs.…
Is anyone else getting a lot of leads for rentals that are almost always rental scams? The leads are not scams, but the renters are the targets.
I don't do property management, or source rentals, but several of the leads I've received recently are from folks asking about rental properties, and 99% of those properties are not really rental properties.…
NEED: A Structural Engineer Referral for Foundation issue
Small, old, raised foundation property, need someone to check underneath the house on a foundation crack & overall stability, cost to cure. No Handymen or GCs, need Structural Engineer as specialty. Thank…
Broker of record needed to sponsor a LLC
Hi, I am looking for a TX broker to sponsor a LLC (planning to obtain a broker's license for the LLC). Willing to pay a monthly fee. Anyone can recommend anyone? Can also contact me by email:
Is it realistic to think you can complete online pre-licensing courses within 30 days?
I am looking into some online classes (state approved) that have options of 30 days, 90 days or six months. The classes are the same you are just paying more for extra time to complete them. Is 30 days…
How many of you require the Buyer Broker Agreement before showing a home?
I am in the business and I see a lot of tire kickers out there. And well, I have not made it a point to get that Buyer Broker agreement signed even if it is for one day to show them the house. Because…
Does it make sense to get a degree in real estate?
Hi all, I am considering a career in real estate and have no experience or license. I am new immigrant from China and hold a degree in non-business major. I have been living in Chicago for ~4 years. I…
How should I go about asking for a real estate mentor?
Do you think most will not assist due to the competition? Or are there still some who 'pay it forward'? Thank you all.
I have 15 years experience in London and the s.east I was a whizz kid during recessions we had in the UK,I
wondered if there was anyone who can advise me on a quality real estate pre exam? I know its a bad time but I have many overseas contacts who may purchase from me and we need the investment here right…
Has anyone had this type of experience with a builder??? if so please share... Thanks,
I'm Very upset and I told them I would tell everyone I know, so here it goes: One of my clients is having a house built by New Leaf homes... They went under contract back in Oct.2013... Initially…
Looking to to take pre- brokerage license course and exam. Looking for good online course that will prepare me well for the test. Any recommendations?
Also, if anyone has taking brokerage exam recently for Florida, how difficult is it, I know they changed it. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. and Nationstar.
Has anyone had experience with this combination. What was the outcome? Did the property sell at auction?
What database software does everyone use? I am new to Top Producer and wondered if others could share positive and/or negative experience with it?
I am using Top Producer and wondered how many others out there are using it and what your experience has been with it. I am sure I am not maximizing it's benefits as of yet. Also, please share if…
I would like some advice. What is he best way to hang your license with the lowest cost?
I am new to the industry but have had my license for about a year. I've had a lot of problems with getting off the ground, mostly due to lack of knowledge from my mentor and administrative issues. I find…
How do you win over seller's to list with you?
Ever had that one home seller who thinks they know it all when it comes to RE? They have better comps than you, better numbers, better ad techniques, etc. Let me know below. Thanks!
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