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Asked by Clay Mccombs, Bakersfield, CA Mon Feb 18, 2008

How can I get the phone number of a home owner who had their home listed with a previous agent that has expired?

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One Seller's perspective: I have deliberately let my listing expire and I am using the time to talk with agents, rethink my pricing and marketing plan. I am on the do not call list, and other than agents who know me personally and know that their calls are welcome, not one has called me. So kudos to my local agents. However, this is unfortunate for me in that I really am looking to talk with agents. I have received some solicitations by mail which I don't mind at all. I will be phoning some agents with whom I want to discuss the listing. However, if an agent had the initiative to knock on my door, I would invite them in and be more than happy to discuss the house. They move up a bit in ranking because I already know that they work hard and take the initiative. I am an early riser but would still strongly prefer no doorbell ringing before 9 AM. And the approach counts: If an agent asks me if this is a good time to talk, I am much more likely to make an appt for another time if it is if fact a bad time.
One sugestion that I have is to make any marketing material specific, not generic. One agent wrote me a letter that was personal and specific and I plan to phone them. Another agent mailed me a generic glossy brochure on why houses don't sell but it came off as know it all and so did he. Many Sellers are pretty savvy and 'Selling your House for Dummies" brochures have a negative effect.
I think the agents advice to knock on doors is good advice. IMHO.
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clay, heres the deal go to for phone numbers you can't find. be respectful and do not call until after 8:30am. I have never had a seller tell me they were on the do not call list and do not call me never!!!! They home has expired and they want it sold. Look at the comment from the seller below, she wants to sell it, received mailings and regrets cutting her self off from agents!!! Hello... I believe that when a property expires they still need an agents help, I call and say" I noticed your property came off the MLS today, are you still interested in selling your property?" it's not the best because I set myself up for a no answer from time to time... but it's my style and works for me..
If you can't find them on and you really want that listing, call the old agent suggest a 25% referral for the info if you sell the listing. I have done this a few times and it works!! I do not knock on doors anymore, I am not comfortable doing it, however that would be my next and last suggestion.
Hope sme of this helps!!!
Leanne Smith
Century 21 Tri-Dam realty
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When the listing expired on our home, we received 30 calls from wanna-list realtors on the day after the listing expired -- DESPITE THE FACT THAT WE'RE ON THE DO NOT CALL LIST. The calls began coming in at 7 AM.

FOLLOW THE LAW and CHECK THE DO NOT CALL LIST before you begin harassing home owners. I dodn't appreciate the flooding of calls and the mountain of voicemails ... and they're still coming in.


Don't call us ... we'll call YOU.
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Why would you call us if you don't know who we are? That logically makes no sense. I knock expired's and the majority of them are happy to see me when I arrive and glad to know that there are active agents out there that can and will help them sell their house....the first time. In the end, they say Thank You so much for knocking....even though I had a sign on the front door that says "Do not solicit". That sign has been on I'd say 50% of the homes I have listed doors....and most of them become close friends when it's all said and done. If someone asks me not to come back, I don't. But this is how we make a living. You should take that into consideration. I'm sorry that happend to you...but you could change your number, as I advise all my sellers that have to take their homes off the market for one reason or another. Just a thought.
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Hi Clay, I make up bags with general marketing tips and highlights of myself and my company. Included is a flier with a catchy phrase and a small gift. Twice a week I run a list ( I, like Patrick, look to see if they are a worthwhile prospect) and set out a tour to hang them on door knobs. I always bring several extras and stop at promising looking FSBO's on the way. I have also had people call me months later - both FSBO's and expired's. It is more personal than a phone call, they know I can find the house, and yet if they are not in the mood to have me in their face, they can call me back at a better time. Works for me, best of luck! Stacey
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Take it straight from the MLS. Unless, of course, your MLS does not provide the number for some reason....or, you do not have MLS access. If you really want to play in the expired market, I have had agents in the past who did well at it, direct mail and phone calls are not as effective as face to face contact. DNC rules could get you into some trouble too. The good news for you is that there are very few that actually work that market now. The pros have moved on to the REO market and marketing to buyers of bank owned homes. Hit the bricks and knock on doors if you really want to deal with expired listings...good luck!
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Hello Clay,

You can use a service called They charge a fee. You could also check the property on title and if there is a phone number on public record I would make sure it's not on the do not call list.

Good luck!


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This is for Souther Belles.

I appreciate your frustration. I have to follow the law and I shudder to think there are agents that won't obey the law. Furthermore, if they are willing to break that law, what other laws do they disregard!

With that in mind, if you ever are in that situation again be nice on the phone, get the agents name, the company they work for and file a complaint of violation. If more consumers did that we could weed out the bad apples from this profession.

JD “Dan” Weisenburger, GRI
Broker-Associate REALTOR®
Vanguard Realty, Inc. GMAC Real Estate
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As usual I am a month or so late.

2 things I do:

1. Check at the curb with wireless internet the home as not been relisted with anyone.

2. Knock at the door...If no answer I come back later...I never knock before 9 AM

JD “Dan” Weisenburger, GRI
Broker-Associate REALTOR®
Vanguard Realty, Inc. GMAC Real Estate
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Hi Clay...

I found in our market that some agents will remove the owner contact information so it is harder to contact their former clients. For my farm, I print a flyer of each home when it comes on the market. I note price changes, and notes when I tour. This is great tool for pricing future homes in the area, and also helps me to really get to know my farm. Having these flyers has been great when I go to call on the expired listing. I have their contact information and I also have my notes about price reductions, too. Bonus is when I chat on phone, I can comment on the wall color, or interesting tile, etc... they know that I know their home. Good Luck!!!
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The only way to get an expired listing is knock on the door, I start at 7am.
One piece of paper two sided 97 lb.
In the last 60 days I will stay up till midnight and pick the ones for morning.

First side, their expired listing, I usually highlight ( Red Marker ) the things that were wrong or missed, Then I add the price it should sell at. I should lay off the price, minimum 10%, a lot of them have re listed at the expired price, and are still there.

The other side ,are the cliff notes of my listing presentation.

I am very picky, only 2 or 5 a day, we have a ton of homes that are upside down, and I don`t do Shorts.

I have had people call me up to 6 months later. It works. Best of all I have been standing at the front door talking with the seller, listening to the phone ring.
Works well with middle class.

Good Luck.

P.S. It helps to get up and shower and be out the door to your first appointment by 7am.
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Mr.P, Other/Just Looking in Arizona
Clay, Go knock on the door. If it was owner occupied, which I suspect it was, that's the quickest way to make contact with an expired listing. There's NOT a "no-knock" list!
Secondly, while we're talking expireds, be careful when calling off third party lists. I use them myself, but what I do is double check the "expired" from RedX or (Keller Williams Realty service I use) as you don't want to make a big mistake by calling a listing from a fellow company Realtor, or another agent/friend and embarras yourself in the process. A good friend of mine took a property off the market recently. He had it as a "Withdrawn" which in our MLS you can call but put HIS telephone number in the "Seller's" slot and stated in the confidential remarks, "Wil be back on market in 1 month--financial issues need to be clarified" or some words to that effect. He also stated, "Please respect Seller's wishes and don't call." Now being the aggressive agent you would think, "Yeah, right, he's lost the listing and is trying to get all of us to NOT call". If you use the third party aggregators of Expireds/Withdrawns you dont' get the confidential remarks. So a bunch of agents started calling "HIS" number and some of the stuff they were saying boarded on unethical as per our Realtor Code. He pretty much let the Agents "hang" themselves as they got more and more desperate and aggressive and disparaging of him. He finally let the calls ring through to voice mail and most of the agents STILL didn't "listen" or get it!! So be careful. But keep calling them! They all need the help of an ethical, caring, honest Realtor in this marketplace.
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If the Home Owner has a land based phone number, the web site..., will most likely generate the phone number. Not perfect by any means though. Best of wishes.
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Quite a few interesting responses here(early birds catch the worm, I guess!) May incorporate a few but have to think it over. Couple of phone directory websites out there as well.
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If you have the address and name of the owner call yellow pages.
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Our information comes from our office Title company, while the listing information including phone numbers is on the mls (usually). I have found, as others have said it is best to meet with the homeowner in person.
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Clay, I go on and find many of the numbers. I check who is on title and look up their name there.

Careful of the do not call list!

Patti Phillips
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