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What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Asked by #1, San Francisco Bay Area Sun Sep 16, 2007

One question, three answers.

All are fairly good answers. All 3 of us received 3 thumbs down. What is up with that?

I think we have a thumbs down bandit on our hands.

We also have several posters that do not read the rules before they post.

I think we have a few posters that are jealous and will flag our answers, regardless.

I am now thick skinned and no longer care if I get a thumbs down. It does not count against me and my useful answers out weigh my answers so I am doing something right.

If I get to the point where I feel I am no longer contributing to Trulia, I will gracefully bow out.

I am not looking to get business here. I know better than that. Buyers and Sellers are not stupid and they see through all the salesman BS.

I haven't been here 77 days yet...

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Ed....take it easy. Yes, there is a thumbs down bandit who has been striking.

When I first started one of my co-workers said just answer the questions. So I answered questions and more questions. I should have read the rules first but I didn't

I was answering questions and trying to be helpful to those people who asked questions that no one answered. As it turned out, it looked as if I was being self serving and I irritated quite a few people. I offered to refer them to an agent in their area. It was perceived that I was looking for a referral fee (which I wasn't). I learned my lesson and now I play by the rules that I should have read. Unfortunately people do not play by the rules. Yes, there may some jealous person out there and some people just flag to flag.
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Pam Winterba…, Real Estate Pro in Danville, VA
Hi Ed. I too was initially upset about receiving thumbs down for what I considered decent answers. I soon realized that there was someone or a few people out there who must think it's funny to just go thumb down people. I eventually decided that any thumb down without an answer or e-mail that made an attempt at explaining what was objectionable about my answer was not worth my attention. I am open to constructive criticism, but without input, I am left to believe it's a prank. So, don't take it personal. We just have to rise above those who can't make meaningful contributions. It's just part of the game.
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Ute Ferdig -…, Real Estate Pro in New Castle, DE
I'm not sure which question you are referring to, but it happens frequently. Trulia Voices is still in it's infancy, and there are many kinks to work out... Please hang in there! I logged on this afternoon and caught some suspicious questions posted by spammers to which many of our fellow "Trulians" had posted useful and well-thought out answers (read: time consuming)--it made me so frustrated! But we "Trulians" who post useful and thoughtful answers (not the one liners or the self-promoters--you know who you are!) have genuinely helped some troubled consumers--I've received some personal emails to prove it! This topic has surfaced before, my response: When you see a post unjustly marked "thumbs down," give it a "thumbs up!"
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I am not wanting to sound like a broken record - but that TD bandit isn't really doing him/herself any favors. I find it irritating - but wonder about the source. Truth be known - it's got to be one of the very spammers that are trying to discredit our industry as a whole and attempting to move their agenda forward.

This reeks of conspiracy theory - and I am not quite that paranoid... but I truly don't think its a RE Pro. Forgive my ignorance but why would anyone "spit in the wind" if they know the fall out is so broad?
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I am frustrated and have not posted for several days. If it is not being appreciated, I have a lot of other things I can do. My time is worth more to me than that!
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Ed, in my personal opinion, the thumbws down is the same problem with the industry as a whole right now--jealousy and frustration with the market. Lots of agents have/have had little or no income coming in but plenty of bad news everywhere they turn. Many sellers are hurting and buyers are frustrated. It doesn't make sense, but many of them (wrongly) believe if they can just make the good (or at least regularly working) agents look bad, there will somehow be more business for them. (Kind of like if I run over your sign the buyers will come to my open house instead.) Hence the mischief makers--bogus question posters, thumbs down clickers--you know, the same people who knock down & run over your signs. There should be a way to track them but like the real world, sometimes you just have to smile and let your good behavior rise above it. :-)
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Thanks Pam.

It does irritate me when people do not follow rules of Hoyle.

We are here for a reason but buyers and sellers today are sophisticated and they can see through the you know what.

I've had two calls and several emails and it works better if you do NOT self promote.
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I get the impression that pros get thumbs down from prospective buyers/sellers when pros answer solely to promote their name without any additional helpful info. And pros/sellers give thumbs down to others who post comparison real estate sale prices without explicit details on whether there were upgrades, etc. Occasionally, I've seen strange exceptions--I guess someone's bored and randomly clicking.
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Maybe we should just think of the thumbs down as "thumbs up" least they took a moment to look at our answers??? Or not, who cares?!
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