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I'm a new salesperson candidate looking for a broker to sponsor me.

Asked by Edwrad Pawlik, 08628 Wed Aug 15, 2007

What would be the best and most expeditious way to locate a broker who has an excellent training and mentoring program that works both in New Jersey and Pennsylvania??

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Forth wrote:
Holly cow, kind of funny, is it that Keller Williams just has a bunch of Internet junkies or what?
Holy cow! Could it be the profit sharing/recruitment plan?
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You received excellent advice from everyone. Follow it. But only one lone voice mentioned a "mutual good match," and that is key. Also, remember, you are interviewing the brokers, not the other way around. The question that I asked at the end of every interview was: "If you could not work here, what local company would you work for?" After approx six interviews, I had my answer... Best of luck and welcome to the club!
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I was with Coldwell Banker as a rookie ( 3 yrs) & moved to KW Princeton.
CB , prudential, century 21 weichert ,weidel GMAC ...are all traditional brokerages. ie no desk fees & standard agency splits...some start at less than 50% with an administrative fee.
Floor time is essentially the main source of leads as a probability for new agents to build a client base.
If you have even 1 clent to start with I highly recommend Keller Williams.
You stat off with 70%. split. All listing leads are yours.period.
CB, weichert, GMAC, Long & foster....all channel leads to the company & sell them back to the agent for 25-30% referral fees.
More & more corporate interference & control exists & the unnessary expenses on costs the company covers, do actually end up with a higher split for the agency vs the agent. The brand names they spend money on promoting is the company & not the agent.
I am very happy with my decision, not wasting time on floor time ( usless leads) & making more money per transaction. ALL leads are mine, irrespective of callins from signs , KW site, or call ins on my listings on the company websit.
And the training is phenomenal for a newbie or experienced agent.........I've watched modules & roleplays on my computer via the online KW university program , at my convenience, sometimes in the middle of the night. And they are effective. There are classes held by experienced agents & trainers as well.

I am an active technology using agent & I feel KW is very hands on & leaps & bound ahead in terms of the tools provided to the AGENT instead of serving the company.
BTW, KW Princeton serves both PA & NJ

Email me if you have any questions.
Good luck
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Interview not only the broker, but some agents who work there. It helps if you know some agents in the office already so that you can get an honest perspective. I talked to some agents who had worked at a number of different companies. Since you are a rookie, I would also talk to some newer agents to find out their perception of the trainging.
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Maureen Fran…, Real Estate Pro in Birmingham, MI
I would pick the areas you want to cover and drive around to see who is represented in them. Then go into those offices and speak directly with the managers to see what type of training they offer. You also might want to ask how much floor time will be required/you will get, how much advertising the company pays for, what their commission splits are, too. Good luck!
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my name is john harrison i love sales and people , i would like to find a broker to sponsor me in selling business, and franchises. 2817438222 i can sell . give me a chance . i would like to be a broker one day .. from houston tx area
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For new real estate salespeople who might be asking the same question, please feel free to contact our offices:

Engel & Voelkers

We are always interested in talking with motivated agents looking to start in the industry!

With 335 locations around the world, our International network in more than 25 countries might be your new home!

Jonathan Lerner
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Hi Edward:

Another KW agent weighing in here. I was with Burgdorff Realty, a "local" North Jersey agency owned by Cendant. I was very happy there as a new agent, and never thought I'd leave, until after 2 years in the business I was contacted by the local KW office. I knew the minute I heard their philosophy it was the place for me. After my first training session, I almost cried, as I realized I'd wasted 2 years. But I'm not crying now. I've doubled my GCI in my first year, our offfice, which is only 3 years old, has profit shared every month this year, and best of all, I'm confident that next year will be even better!

Pretty sure I wouldn't feel this positive if I was at my old agency.

Good luck, and no matter where you end up, read "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent." In fact, if you send my your address (offline) I'll send you a copy free.

All the best,

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in the end it will be clear to you if you've made the right choice pretty quickly as the deals develop and the training and support you expect does or does not materialize...if you make a mistake and find a culture that is at odds with your style you can split.

the ease of reaffilliating is one of the great parts of this trade...the brokers know we are all lone wolves at heart and the business is happy to oblige.

carmelo makes an important point about reading...everything from the sunday paper to trade journals and books now and then.
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I have the answer to this question, If you are looking for the best broker to guide you in becoming the best realtor the best place to look first is in the mirror. As much as you put in is as much as you get back. Being a realtor is like running your own business, yes the training is essential but training if offered outside of the office also, which i recommend Heavy Hitters, awesome training for new realtors. And the other training is READ BOOKS. After you have dont all this find an office with the best commission splits offer great splits and residuals
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0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Oct 1, 2007 seems that there is alot of KW agents here. I think you should interview the top three you fee is right for you. But just to let you know PRUDENTIAL FOX & ROACH has a strong presence in NJ & PA. Here are the bullets and link. Check it out!

Our experienced, highly trained managers are your partners not your competitors. They do not sell.

Intensive two-week Quick Start training for new associates

Mentoring program for new associates

Free coaching to sales associates of every experience level

Business planning assistance

Annual awards program

Annual three-day Masters Conference for learning and networking

Success series lectures

Listings extravaganzas

In-house staff and services to save you time and money

The latest technology tools for today’s marketplace with in-house support

In-house advertising agency to promote your business

Industry-leading compensation and benefits

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Ask the companies you are interviewing if their CEO had a national BEST SELLER dedicated to taking your business to such levels that he called the book, "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" or as every Keller Williams agent affectionately knows it as, "The Red Book". Call any Keller Williams office, ask for the "Team Leader" and tell her you've heard about this book written by a "skinny feller" named Gary Keller! The book is a step by step "action plan" to take your business to any level you wish. And at Keller Williams we show you how to follow the "model" the book endorses. And you'll also notice that no one who reccomended KW even talked about our "profit share" model. But last year our company profit shared with our agents over $50,000,000!! You do that NOT through multi-level, pie in the sky, but through sound business fundamentals based on earning a profit! Remember, you can listen to the Rumors--Or profit from the truth! I'll leave you with our culture mantra:
Win-Win--or no deal
Integrity--do the right thing
Committment--in all things
Communication--seek first to understand
Creativity--ideas before results
Customers--always come first
Teamwork--together everyone achieves more
Trust--starts with honesty
Success--results through people. Or as Floyd Wickman said at our last Mega Camp in Austin, Texas 3 weeks ago, "If you see a Turtle sitting on a Fence Post--Chances are he didn't get there without some help!"
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I have the answer for you.
Weichert realtors has without a doubt the best trainging and mentoring program.
I am a mentor for the office and if youd like to contact me feel free I would be happy to introduce you to the company and all it has to offer.If youre a new agent and want office and company support look no further than Weichert Realtors.
Just pull up my contact info and give me a call.
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Mike you're so right. Nothing is more valuable than a good in house mentor. I've worked for two of the national companies you've mentioned and both had great training. Neither was KW..
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As someone with no dog in this fight I have to agree with the folks about KW...I've dealt with dozens of C/21, Pru, C/Banker "trained" agents over the years and have to say that the KW crew has a bit better support behind them. I am only passingly familiar with their business plan (I get the DVD occassionally from a KW eveangelist) but the elements that I am familiar with are strongly supportive of new, green agents. We see companies come and go in all trade areas and of the several that have arisen locally (Windemere/Tarbell/KW) I see only KW surviving this market in this trade area.

Trainig is good but the need for an accessible mentor cannot be overstated.
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Hi Edward. You may have gotten the drift by now that Keller Williams stands out from the crowd. I joined Keller Williams in Auburn California a little over 2 years ago after having spent several years at smaller locally owned real estate offices. I never thought I'd join a big real estate company, but when I learned about KW, I got really curious as they seemed to have everything that I was looking for. When I watched the DVD that an agent gave me, I started crying as I felt I had found the perfect place. Knowing that you can't believe everything you see on a DVD, I decided to interview at two KW offices and ask a lot of questions. The last thing I wanted to do is join another company and then be disappointed. It felt like I was interviewing them not the other way around. I asked the kind of questions that would show if it's still shiny once you start scratching the surface. I was invited to attend the next office meeting to see how the other agents interact with each other and management. Being invited to the office meetings was huge for me as that would have never happened in the other offices that I worked in. At no point did the KW team leader try to push me to join. It was all about what KW could do for me.

Now, over two years later, I am still as happy as can be and I can honestly say that KW not only met but exceeded my expectations. Our office was recently voted the best real estate company to work for in our community.

The training is exceptional and if you follow the KW model, you'll have more business than you can handle. We have a weekly onsite training schedule and we also have access to the KW online university classes and resource materials. The onsite training is free and access to the online university is included in the monthly consortium fee of $40, which also includes my phone with unlimited long distance calls and website with free MLS search for the public. If nothing else, you owe it to yourself to speak to the team leaders at KW in your areas. I would also recommend that you ask to speak to some of the agents that work in those offices. Ask to attend their next office meeting.

Wishing you the best of luck in your decision making process. Maybe I'll see you at the KW Family Reunion in Atlanta next year.

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Ute Ferdig -…, Real Estate Pro in New Castle, DE
I'd suggest going out and interviewing with several brokers that have a good reputation in your marketplace. Interview them, see what they can offer you in terms of training, mentoring, promotional materials. Depending on how much money you have socked away, find out what kinds of fees, monthly expenses, local MLS/board dues, cost of E & O insurance, any processing or transaction fees they charge you or desk fees, cost of signs, business cards, phone calls, etc. Trust me, this stuff can add up. It also takes time to build up a client base and generate sales. I started out with great training at a Prudential office in CA. I do think that some of the bigger co's do offer better training, you don't want to feel like you're being thrown out to the wolfs. Good luck to you!
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Holly cow, kind of funny, is it that Keller Williams just has a bunch of Internet junkies or what? Seems like everyone is saying the same thing...

I think you probably get it by now: Keller Williams is the ONLY place to go... but when you get there, Show up hungry!! You must get involved, stay involved, plug yourself in to every training opportunity, no matter how busy you think you are, go to the classes. Real estate can wait; most of the time whether you answer a call at 9 o'clock or 11:30, the result will be the same; so go to class!! Meet and hang around with the agents who share and teach and coach the most and just put yourself in "sponge mode". I was at Keller Williams for a year before I went to my first higher level classes taught by their accredited faculty- I went to Austin for Base Camp. I took the Listing clinic, buyer clinic, time management, business planning...I was nearly overwhelmed! I learned more there than I did at Joe stump, Craig Proctor put together, not to say that they weren't great, they were... But long story short, Keller Williams rocks!
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Maureen had the best advice: talk to agents in the office. If you talk to the manager you get the party line.
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I knew when I read the question that I was going to see Exit and KW agents answering it. :)
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Exit Realty is a new franchise that has grown so rapidly in the past 5years. The reason is Residuals, which no other real estate office offers. Visist for more info
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Hello Edwrad,

If you haven't already, I highly recommend that you do some research on Keller Williams Realty. They have offices in both NJ & PA. I've included a link to the corporate website. Should you have additional questions or wish to hear more about my personal experiences with the company, training, technology tools, culture, people, etc., feel free to call or email me. Congratulations on your accomplishment.
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Vicki Masell…, Real Estate Pro in Duluth, GA
Ask your trainers. Ask other agents in the area. Interview with a few brokerages. I'd go to work with one in your area. You can go to work for one outside your area, but many clients wonder if that is a good idea. I hear often I want to list with a local company. You can overcome that, but why fight the battle.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
Training, mentoring, and accessibility of your broker are critical. Interview several brokerages. Good luck - it's a great industry!
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The Hagley G…, Real Estate Pro in Pleasanton, CA
EXIT is unlike any other real estate company in North America. The thing that makes us different is the EXIT Formula - a system of single-level residuals, consisting of 10% sponsoring residuals, 7% retirement residuals and 5% beneficiary residuals which has been specifically engineered to enhance the return on invested time for salespeople to unheard of levels.

EXIT is NOT multi-level marketing
Over 1,200 franchises sold and over 40,210 agents recruited
Over $115 Million Paid in Sponsorship Bonuses (since 2000)
EXIT has grown at a rate averaging 77% each year for the past 5 years

I love EXIT and I am still considered a newbie to the business myself. I interviewed with several brokers and I did not let commission split be the deciding factor. I wanted to know how I would be recieved, how I would be treated, what I could expect in way of support as I build my buisness, what training was provided and many other questions. I suggest you define what you are looking for, formulate questions, do some interview and then make a decision.

Leam more about EXIT at http://www.MDHomesBuySheila
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What areas in New Jersey and Pa? If you are looking to be in the Warren/Sussex or Morris co NJ and the pocono area of PA you can contact me.
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In additon to the previous answers I would look for a company who has an excellant reputation. Training and mentoring are also important. I my area (California) the Prudential's and Coldwell Bankers are well know for their training programs. Good Luck.
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Pam Winterba…, Real Estate Pro in Danville, VA
Try Prudential Fox and Roach or Weidel. I am not active in Mercer County, nor licensed in PA. I went to Broker school through Weidel and met a lot of great people from that area. I am licensed in NJ

My first inclination would be to call Weidel. It would be in your best interest to speak with a few Brokers and find a mutual good match
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Brick, NJ
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