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Sandy, Home Buyer in Ridgewood, NJ

What is the advantage to list the house with an agent? We are thinking about pay a flat fee and have it on

Asked by Sandy, Ridgewood, NJ Fri Mar 21, 2008

MLS just paying buyer's agent commission. What does listing agent do for you?

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Hi Sandy,

I'll assume for sake of illustration that I'm your listing agent. Every agent has a different program. Here are a few of my highlights:

The listing agent handles the entire transaction from beginning to end, and helps you with the many difficulties that develop along the way.

Prior to marketing, your listing agent will help you arrive at a price that will give you the best chance to sell your home in a timely fashion. This is of amplified importance right now.

Your listing agent will hire a professional stager to evaluate the appearence of your home and make suggestions on how to make it appeal to the widest possible audience.

Your listing agent will design a website for your home that will contain photography, video, documentation, floor plans, virtual tours, etc. Something like this: http://www.127river.com

Your listing agent will help you meet your legal obligations in disclosing certain facts as required by law. To accomplish this, your listing agent will help you complete the long and involved seller's disclosure statement.

Your listing agent will advertise your house in the local print media. Over and over for as long as it takes.

Your listing agent will market your home to the local agent community.

Your agent will place your home on television on Optimum Homes channel 606. Buyers can search on TV for their next home. Your home will come up in their searches.

Your listing agent will advertise your home in the New York Times to attract regional buyers.

Your listing agent will place your home on hundreds of Internet sites to attract buyers from across the country, especially transferees involved in corporate relocations. Your listing agent will make sure your homes STAY on these sites, because they are prone to disappearing. 80% of the public finds their home on the Internet, so comprehensive Internet exposure is extremely important.

Your listing agent will give you feedback from all your showings so you know what needs immediate attention.

Your listing agent will place a computerized lockbox on your home so all showings will be managed and followed-up. Homes with easy access and a lockbox will get shown before your home. Homes that require an appointment with the homeowner usually get shown last. You really want to be shown first.

Your listing agent will prepare first-class marketing materials to hand out to potential buyers who visit your home.

Your listing agent will mail out "Just-Listed" cards to everyone in the neighborhood.

Your listing agent will schedule, advertise, and staff open houses to attract buyers from the area.

Your listing agent will write compelling ad copy and photograph your home using state of the art camera equipment to make your home look as big and bright as it possibly can.

Your house is in competition with many others. Your listing agent's job is to make sure your home looks better than others in its value range.

Your listing agent will place a yard sign on your property with night lighting and sign riders that reference
your house website.

Your listing agent will handle the difficult issues that arise following the home inspection when your buyer decides they want you to rebuild the house for them.

Your listing agent will handle your buyer's appraiser and make sure he is supplied with adequate comparable data to enable him to appraise the home at or above the purchase price. Many appraisers come from outside the area and will need to be schooled.

Your listing agent will make sure you meet all the town guidelines with respect to fire and occupancy inspections so your closing does not end up falling apart because something was forgotten.

Your listing agent will make sure that the attorneys have everything they need on a timely basis so that the deal proceeds smoothly to closing. A thousand things can go wrong along the way. Your agent will act to minimize the chance of a glitch.

Your listing agent will keep everything organized and up to date. If you have a price change or add a feature, your listing agent will be responsible for making sure the hundreds of internet sites where your home is posted get updated immediately.

MLS exposure is just the beginning these days. The marketing effort of a professional agent far exceeds simple entry in the MLS and serves to expose your home to many more buyers so that the highest possible price is achieved. A professional listing agent is a problem solver. And trust me, there will be problems that need creative solutions.

There's more, but these are the basics
Web Reference: http://www.marcpaolella.com
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I wonder if an agent/broker would have answered this question with a re-packaged agent rah-rah post such as some of the previous ones on this thread, if you would have greeted her/him with such a facetious remark. Now I'll be a little facetious myself. Nice way to welcome a new Trulia Voices Member. However, it seems that since Percolator probably is not a Realtor that you might want to make it clear that non-pros whose answers do not fit an agent/broker's agenda are really not welcome here. BTW, you accused Percolator of repackaging answers when in fact I didn't see one previous answer on this thread suggesting "if you are willing to use that extra 1/2 of the commission to price your house more aggressively -- that is probably the best way to move your house fast in this market." That's exactly what I did, and that's why I gave Percolator a thumbs up. It worked for me.


Welcome to Trulia. I thought the quality and balance of your first post was excellent. I hope you stick around, and I have a feeling you don't have to be told to not be intimidated by bullying tactics. The fact that you're responding to an old question is "meaningless," and I also believe that the topic is current, and will be for a long time. While Sandy is probably no longer reading this thread, there are untold others that may be with the same questions. Thanks for your input.
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"Not only do you not answer the questions I respectfully asked, but you respond with "you had your 15 minutes"? Your petulance is shocking to me, especially for a professional posting under his own name. If that is the way you hope to convince folks here to list with a Realtor... well I might question that strategy. There is room for polite disagreement on this important topic, if you want to proffer that. However, from this point forward I will not reply any further to your insults."

Attack - insults? You need to grow thicker skin. If you consider anyhting I said an attack or an insult you should continue to stay in your place of residence in the dark.

Sarcastic at best, which the original post was.. noting how quick and on the ball the answer was. I do not believe your post was a response directed to a "timeless" question, I think you saw someething in your area and answered it.. 18 months after it was posted.. not having a clue it was posted that long ago. And I busted your chops about it.,

Wipe the tears, stop shaking, sit down.. the big bad man will not respond any further.
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Hi Sandy.

I am sure you noticed that most of the folks advising you to hire a realtor are in fact agents. I am not questioning their motives -- in fact I am confident they all genuinely believe that they provide a service worth the very large commissions. But it is worth noting.

My opinion: If you are considering not hiring a realtor to keep more of your home's market value, that is a somewhat risky decision. *BUT*, if you are willing to use that extra 1/2 of the commission to price your house more aggressively -- that is probably the best way to move your house fast in this market.

You will need to do more work, that is for sure, and definitely need to do your homework too. But if you are priced 3% under the market your home will sell, realtor or no.

Just my 2 cents.
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I'm confused ... You write things like this:

>> According to me, these threads should provide value to readers, not provide a venue for personal communication.

>> Trulia does not exist for the purpose of bringing novelty into your life.

>> All I ask is that you remember that there are other people checking in and that some of them are in search of actually useful information.

And I broadly agree with these points. There are times when any of us will go off on little tangents if only to keep it light and not be strictly "on topic" all the time. Clearly, you are more than capable of providing helpful accurate information to consumers that are asking for assistance. That is obvious and anyone here would likely agree that you are a seasoned professional that has been around the block and then some.

But, then you write other things, that show a hard edge that isn't helpful to the consumer and less likely to be well-received. I would imagine that you might agree that the delivery of a message is perhaps more important than the message itself?

So ... why then write stuff like this:

>> Sure, I'll have my pigeon fly it on over to you. (different thread/post)

>> Now, of course, there are some lame agents. Here's a little secret: DON'T HIRE THEM

>> etc (I would provide more examples but I'm reasonably confident that there's no need for additional specifics)

My intent in writing this is not meant in any way to be a personal attack. But I would request that you consider a moment of reflection - in that your contributions here could be SO much more valuable, if you might "dial it back a notch".

Thanks and regards,
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Mack, I'm not sure what value there is in rehashing the same old stuff over and over.
It seems that what happens when people ask this question or (one of the many variations of it) is that (most)realtors say the same thing over and over again - we are valuable, we do so much, use us, you NEED us, feel free to contact us, blah, blah, blah. Some realtors say these are the steps you can take to do it on your own but proceed with caution and then (some) non-agents say of course you don't need a realtor, save the money. Then usually what happens is some agents get their dander up (did I really just say that?? What the heck is a dander, anyway?) and start getting defensive and the next thing you know, you got what happened below.
This has been repeated over and over on many many threads. The exact same pattern.
This IS a legitimate question but I think it has already been answered quite thoroughly. I have a lot of respect for a lot of you guys. Perc, I get the impression you have something of value to add.
But can we all think of something new and fresh to add to the perennial questions of should we use a Realtor or not, a full service or not, are we worth it or not, do people see our value or not, are we just a bunch or self-promotors or not, etc.
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I understood the According to you the first time. We just do not agree, the Hire a Realtor you see as having value I do not, the talking to people and having discussions I see as having value you do not....

I get it..What I don't understand are your insults and don't you have something better to do crap...

Your opinion is important for people to be aware of so they can decide it's value for themselves so I honestly hope you keep sharing it and assist people however you feel it should be done.

Me, I'm not that interested in your take on things or what has value according to you cause half the time I don't think you even know what Forum you're in..simple as that.
But I'm willing to admit others may find value in your comments so I'm actually glad you share them and hope you always do so......

Let's just agree we disagree
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So glad to hear you'll hang around and as far as "I know I have much more to learn than I have to offer" none of us is half as smart as we think we are or half as ignorant as others claim...

The opinions/views of consumers about their experiences with Agents, perception of Agents, buying/selling process can only help us all understand what is most important to us...Services needed, Services provided....

That's important in my not so humble opinion, and with that same unhumble opinion maker I have concluded Trulia can be/is a better place for Agents and Consumers if people like you share/speak up.............

Thanks and looking forward to hearing what you think or know or wish was better explained..........

Perhaps eventually if more like you help, Trulia will become a more civil and informative place for Consumers to inform themselves in preparation for what may be the largest Financial decision/obligation of their lives......Now wouldn't that be a good thing?
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Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement, Dunes. I will stick around. FYI I know I have much more to learn than I have to offer, but I will try to do both.
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You have to be careful posting on ActiveRain as a Non-Agent/Consumer...The Realtors are not use to it and it throws all their timing off on the back-slapping process..It will most likely be days before another Agent posts on that blog to get the BS (Backslapping) process restarted ; )

@Alan..You are your own personal Marketing program, I just like the message/honesty enough to want other consumers to see it... Youse a good Realtor, now if I could just bring you back from the Darkside long enough to see the Mayor pro...awwww nevermind ; )

@Percolator...I hope you stick around and contribute to the Forum, I have no doubt it would be better for it....
..Help Alan and Rockinblu cancel out my idiotic comments so it will be better.....
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I just read some of John's previous posts. I guess we all have a hot button. People responding to old posts seems to be one of his, and he really doesn't seem to discriminate between pros and non-pros with his sarcasm. My insinuation that he may was probably off base, and for that John, I apologize. And yeah Percolator, tough skin required here. lol
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"rockinblu, since you're "just looking," I'm not sure that anybody cares about your opinions either"

"Let's focus on making this a good resource for people who are honestly searching for answers, and keep the stupidity at a minimum, shall we?"


In my opinion your remarks above are really unworthy of you, or sadly I've been mistaken about you. Also, in case you're wondering, my opinion on Percolator responding to an old post wasn't a re-packaged answer of yours. When I posted I noticed only then that you had just posted a few minutes prior. I might add that your opinion on price in a market that's all about price is rather astounding to me. I can't imagine how many deals have been made or lost over 3%.

"Agents have as much right to "rah-rah" as non-agents have to, well, do whatever it is that y'all do. But getting involved in the righteousness trap is simply self-serving, whichever side you take."
You said it.

Now to bring this back on topic, our last listing agent put the house on the MLS, and put a beat up sign in the yard. Verified the square footage. Took some photos which he didn't use after comparing his to Mrs. Rockinblu's, and personally showed the house on about three occasions. After three months he delisted the house while we were away on vacation emailing us a release form. That's what our last listing agent did for us. Our only other one went above and beyond the call of duty.

Now for any interested lurkers trying to decide the same thing as Sandy was who may come upon this thread, below are two links. The first is on choosing an agent, and the second on doing a FSBO. Good luck on whatever you decide.



Mack, I just noticed that my five blogs have over 6000 views. I guess a few people might have cared enough about my opinion to at least click on the blogs.
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Surprisingly, these are timeless questions, and new visitors to Trulia might have an interest in seeing useful answers.

Realistically, an agent doesn't provide any value at all by just being an agent - there are people who specialize in industrial properties, for example, who would not be able to add a dime's worth of value to you.

Since there are about eleven trillion books on the subject of "How To Sell Your Home," and many of them are written by real estate agents, reading two or four of them might be better than reading whatever thirty- or sixty-second pitches we could come up with.

However. Over 2/3rds of home sellers elect to hire a full-service agent than to go it alone.
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Nice ad hominem. I am sure that approach gets you plenty of clients.

It's a topic that is timeless, don't you think? Someone already rated it helpful.

But I guess you have no relevant rebuttal so you attack a meaningless issue.
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I'm a little troubled that many of the answers here seem to have answered only the first part of the original questsion. I would like to see answers to the second part: why pay a listing agent a commission, when it is the buyer's agent who brings the buyer. That is, why not get on the MLS through a flat-fee, while still offering commission to buyer's agents?

Sandy's question was not about FSBO. It was about flat-fee MLS. Buyer's agents, will you or won't you bring your buyers to a home for sale that will pay you the same commission you would get from a "traditional" listing?

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Try an email to Emily

"Most of you should have real, actual friends to talk with and argue with." Yawn.....
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I have seen communication between participants on threads ever since I first began on Zillow some three years ago, and it really hasn't been much different on Trulia the seventeen or so months I've been posting here. While your intentions may be noble, quite frankly to some your aggresive monitoring of the issue only adds to the problem. If you don't like what's going on, then click on the word report at the bottom of the post.
Simple as that.
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Thanks for your opinion Mack..........................................

According to you I guess Agents can dig up old questions to repeat Hire a Realtor over and over but non-agents should not use them to express their opinions or have any conversation..
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Percolator and Rockinblu

I think you may appreciate this New Alan May Blog
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PM, surely you can post whatever you want. Heaven knows, everybody else does.

But, I'll tell you, the bickering is tiring to read, because really - nothing anybody has to say here is of any use to anyone (not to mention of any interest to me) if it doesn't help to answer the question at hand.

And, you know what, a lot of these threads that are old and boring to you are actually of interest to some people, and wasting valuable space castigating people for reviving them - even if they're primarily motivated by self-promotion - is annoying, insulting, and a waste of everybody's time. Including yours.

Would it hurt anybody's feelings if we respond in such a way that new readers might actually gain some useful information from clicking on the question?

Again, I apologize for shoving people around indiscriminately.
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Here's a belt-high fastball being posted: "What does listing agent do for you?" That's a setup for PRECISELY a "rah-rah, hire a realtor" response! In fact, IT'S EXACTLY WHAT'S BEING ASKED FOR.

To go a step further, what ISN'T BEING ASKED FOR is how agents ARE NOT WORTH THE COMMISSION.

to RIB: I apologize, in re-reading, that doesn't reflect my opinion.
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Thanks for your continued politeness and professional discourse.

I do have a thick skin -- that's why none of those posts have bothered me enough to respond in kind (which would have been real low hanging fruit, BTW).

I also find it ironic that those have have had their "hot buttons" admittedly pushed and respond to that with personal insults are the ones telling others they need a thicker skin!
1 vote Thank Flag Link Tue Dec 8, 2009

Thanks for your support and kind words, as well as the anecdote showing what I suggested can work.

Sorry that your support resulted in your post also being insulted and called "stupidity". That was undeserved.

And yes, I will stick around. I find the rancor motivational, and I have always believed if you present your opinions and facts politely and with conviction people learn to trust you. That's the approach I will take.

As for my original post: (as rockinblu points out) it was a suggestion that had not been made in the thread. Why should it not be offered? And why would it not work?
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Mr. Sacktig:

Not only do you not answer the questions I respectfully asked, but you respond with "you had your 15 minutes"? Your petulance is shocking to me, especially for a professional posting under his own name. If that is the way you hope to convince folks here to list with a Realtor... well I might question that strategy. There is room for polite disagreement on this important topic, if you want to proffer that. However, from this point forward I will not reply any further to your insults.
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1) You had your 15 minutes.

2) To repackage the same answer as others 18 months after the inital post would make the post irrelevant.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Mon Dec 7, 2009
"To which of have doubts of the rating's validity"? Sorry I do not understand that, you will have to translate. Also I am sure you noticed you can't rate your own posts, if that is what you alluding to.

Answer these two questions please:

1) If your answer was not an ad hominem, how was it helpful or germane to the issue?

2) What in my first post was wrong or irrelevant?

1 vote Thank Flag Link Mon Dec 7, 2009
Yes, It does. People like honest answers. Which is why I answered with a short post over a year ago.

Attack? Please, don't flatter yourself. And yes I see that "someone" rated it helpful. It is kinda weird that "someone" rated that response helpful. To which of have doubts of the rating's validity.
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Hi Perc -

Nice, quick answer to that post dated March 21, 2008.
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M broker allows me to take listing BOTH ways, either flat fee paying a buyer's agent commission or traditional "X"% listing. It all depends on the agent, I provide everything to my seller whether they pay me full price or flat fee. The level of service is what you should be looking for.
Web Reference: http://www.shoookie.com
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When You list with true real estate professional who provides full service You get a numerous amount of benefits. First off, You get professional marketing which is key in this market, You get a quality CMA to ensure YOu price your home correctly to allow for it to sell for the most money possible. YOu get someone getting You feedback from the showings that occur so that You know what the buyers are saying about your house. You also get skileld contract negotiation & great representation. A good real estate agent will put more money in your pocket than they will charge You for your home will sell faster which means less mortgage payments & will sell for more than if you go at it alone or with a company that simply enters your home into the mls & walks away. Remember, You wouldn't go to court without an attorney, don't go for sale without a realtor!
Web Reference: http://www.jdrrealty.net
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So what you're saying is ...

Even though a skilled agent has a blackberry, laptop, air card, etc .. .. they can't do the job because they work for a limited service company.??

1 vote Thank Flag Link Fri Mar 28, 2008
I completely agree w/ Marc. I have a blackberry, and a laptop w/ a T-Mobile acct and broadband access (air card). I like my laptop in my car for full screen capabilities. When I can't reasonably carry my laptop, I use my blackberry. I use my laptop while waiting in the lobby of an office for a closing, in my car while waiting for a buyer for a showing appt., or an appraiser, or an inspector, etc.

I also don't sleep much.....as it is currently 3am. I learned how to be an effective road warrior long before I became a real estate agent....and that was without a laptop.

I respect and value my client's time. There are times when my blackberry is off and I don't have my laptop....but, whenever I can multi-task, or grab down time and make it productive I do.

Sandy....I actually generated this post in response to the recent direction the thread has taken....

But........as you consider your options in choosing a lsiting agent.........time management, effectiveness, multi-tasking, are additional skills worth evaluating in addtion to those already covered on this thread. Limited service companies cannot offer this level of service and availability.

Best of luck to you, Sandy.
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Red Bank, NJ
Road Warriors.. indeed. Any good agent should be on the go finding buyers for their listings!! Blackerry's are great...I carry my laptop everywhere! I am only benind a desk when I need to be!! You dont get business from spending the day sitting! Love your answer Marc!
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Hi Jack,


Web Reference: http://www.marcpaolella.com
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>>> "A good real estate agent is a road warrior rather than a desk jockey" >>>

Well said Marc ....
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Hi Sandy,

Trying to answer your question above the noise... Use the agent who commits in writing to the best program for getting your home sold. The physical location of the agent's office is irrelevant, especially in this day and age when so much importance is vested in your online presentation. It's all about what your agent will do, not about where they are located. And remember, you are hiring an agent not the agency. The agency has little or nothing to do with the quality of your marketing. It is the talent, expertise, and experience of your agent that will be brought to bear on the problem of getting your home sold. Two agents who work in the same agency could be as different as night and day when it comes to implementation of a solid marketing plan. Agents are independent contractors. They work "in" agencies, not "for" agencies. Most of the best agents are hardly ever in the office anyway. A good real estate agent is a road warrior rather than a desk jockey.
Web Reference: http://www.marcpaolella.com
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You absolutely kill any credibility you might possibly have when you print ludicrous statements like this:

*** .. Much like a doctor, lawyer .. ***

You might consider righting your ship instead of trying to sink it:






Didn't you leave off at: "trusted advisor for life..."...??

: ^)
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But .. we're all still waiting with bated breath for the "clincher" ...

How about we just do this ..

Without showing us anymore spurious NAR figures, lets just have Marc and Scott show us the difference by county or state or maybe by zip code, whatever works best for them ... but please, no more NAR figures.

-- this should be a very simple task since you're so ardent about this subject ...

: ^)

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There are many smart, hard working people out there, who would do fine using a flat-fee agency who will put you on the MLS, to sell you house.

If you're one of those people who is knowledgeable about what your home is worth, and are wiling to handle all the aspects of the sale (making appointments, taking the calls, showing the property, advertising, sitting the open house, negotiating an incoming offer... you get the idea), then flat-fee MLS is a great option.

Most people haven't done the research required, and don't feel comfortable handling the showings, calls, negotiating and paperwork involved, and they hire a full-service agent/agency. Mark outlined well, many of the things that a full-service listing agent will do for you. Some do less, some do more (although Mark's list is pretty extensive.. .hard to imagine MUCH more... ). Only you can determine how much you feel comfortable handling for any potential savings you might gain.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in 60201
Everything :)

Listing with flat fee mls is basicaly the same thing as being an fsbo, but with better marketing (agents will see it on mls and mls feeds data to a number of websites) you also won't get any solicitation from agents to hire them as listing agents, since you are "working" with an agent, even if they do nothing but spend 5 min to put your house into mls.

However, just like with fsbo, you are going to do everything else. Advertise (outside of mls) hold open houses, set up showing appointments with/for buyer's agents, do all the paperwork, negotiate and ensure that transaction is going the way it's supposed to and that everything is moving along.

Now, weather or not that is worth anything at all is up to you, some people can sell their house fsbo, some can't. Some people really shouldn't sell on their own (there was a thread earlier today here about a seller whose transaction went/going really bad, which most likely wouldn't happen if they had an agent to guide them through the process)
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There are so many advantages to having an agent. . My office is in Ridgewood. I would love to make an appointment for a listing presentation? When are you available? You can call me at 201-857-3579.
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list with an agent. as an average seller (no offense intended), you cannot possibly market a home for sale as well as a realtor. furthermore, there are buyers that will not even deal with a home that isn't listed with a realtor, not to mention other realtors are less likely to show your home.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Dec 8, 2011
Sigh. I wish I hadn't missed checking off the "email me" box.

Lookit, Jefferson, pal, buddy, generally fine fellow - everybody doesn't have to be deferential and self-effacing all of the time. Some people do, and that's fine.

While I appreciate your interest, sort of, how about you have your style, I'll have mine, and we'll call it good, OK?

And, if Trulia doesn't like my style, well, that's really fine, too. Again, I'm a volunteer. With fifteen years and a lot of home sales under my belt.

Now, going off on tangents is one thing, fifteen, twenty messages at a time basically kills a thread, don't you agree? Here's Lisa Jones, trying to get a word in edgewise, and what do we do? Shout around her, that's what.

I think that the regulars in an establishment have a greater obligation to maintain the attractiveness of the business for the rest of the paying public. What's been going on all too much is that we're blocking the front door being rowdy, when all people want to do is step inside.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Dec 10, 2009
rib, reporting you doesn't not express the reasoning behind the complaint.

Lookit - regardless of my hotheaded responses, many of you guys actually make a valuable contribution. But this isn't an exhibition of it. Let some things be. Let people raise the dead posts. Realize that agents are going to go YOU NEED ME WITHOUT ME YOU'LL DIE A MISERABLE DEATH ONLY I CAN SAVE YOU CALL MEEEEE NOWWWW!!!!!

Don't worry if YOU'VE been over the topic a hundred times - Trulia does not exist for the purpose of bringing novelty into your life.

Every time I see this dam headline, I keep thinking that somebody is actually going to have something useful to say.

Most of you should have real, actual friends to talk with and argue with.

And please note that I am not taking this time to please you regulars with my posts. You guys - no offense - are not my target audience. If you're entertained, that's fine by me. Since you probably already know it all, you guys can place fact-checker for all I care. All I ask is that you remember that there are other people checking in and that some of them are in search of actually useful information.

You know where to find me if you feel the need to discuss the matter further.
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According to me, these threads should provide value to readers, not provide a venue for personal communication.

Many of these questions are, in fact, timeless - and Trulia should hope that a new batch of readers comes through periodically for information.

This thread is now totally useless, since nobody in their right mind is going to wade through thirty posts thinking that things will get better - that there will eventually be some actual useful information here if they did deeply enough.

If you really don't have anything better to do with your time, then I apologize.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Dec 9, 2009
And yet, a blog would be the perfect place to have this discussion.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Dec 9, 2009
Wow, I love this question, so many anwers. I think you need to call a few of your local top agents and have them give you their sale presentations so that they can answer that question. This is always crystal clear after I make my presentation.

In this market you really need a professional assisting you and marketing your property. Simply placing it in the MLS is just not enough. You need to remember that the listing agent is the one representing your needs and interests.

Best of luck to you!
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Thanks Dunes. I trashed it up. lol
0 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Dec 8, 2009
Dunes - my own personal marketing department.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in 60201
Gosh Mack, with all due respect I think you are mistaken about what went on here.

I still think my original post was relevant and valid and haven't seen any substantive rebuttal to it at all. Your very recent post about "Agents know more than you do about marketing houses" is a valid opinion, certainly a true one, and something anyone who might be deciding how to sell their house can consider.

I castigated no one for their opinions and would not do so. Just for their personal attacks. And I was the one attacked for "reviving" this thread.

I appreciate your considered apology though, if I am in fact one of those it was directed toward.
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