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Is it proper to contact buyers agent for feedback?

Asked by Bbqgal, Vancouver, WA Tue Mar 11, 2008

Everyone is saying how nice the house is but we actusally want to hear some feedbacks about why ppl are not buying it. Is it proper to contact buyers agent or should we just contact our listing agent first?

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A good practice as a listing agent is to make every effort to collect feedback from buyer's agents that have toured the house. Not everyone will do this and even when done, there's not guarantee the buyer's agent will respond or return the phone call or email. Regardless, the attempt should be made. This goes back to hiring an agent that is prepared and willing. Not every agent does it.

Not having any idea who your listing agent is, I would at least give him/her the opportunity to actually provide this service to you and see what they say. The feedback from actual buyers and their agents is invaluable when you get it. If your agent refuses or makes up an excuse why they can't, then it's in your hands. I don't see anything wrong with the seller contacting the buyer's agent directly. We all leave our cards after a showing so why not? It is however, your agent's job to do this. That's why there's even a system in place to let us know when and who has shown a house and all these other feedback request mechanisms and services.

I don't like bashing other agents, but when you're faced with doing so much of the day to day work in maintaining and marketing your listing and gathering feedback, ...at some point you should be asking yourself what are you getting for 6%?
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lol... do I sounded that nervious. I still work, shopping and going out. I just pay some attention to my house at the same time. (Maybe more than most seller? Sometimes I know we need to give a little extra push to help things moving along. I know that agents are doing great job and you guy do know what you are talking about. But when you work with 10+ customers, you might not be able to provide 100%) And no Duke, I don't stick around for either open house nor showing. My agent did give updates on the showing which was awesome. I just wondering if there is something we can do to give that extra kick so that the house won't sit on the market for a year before we realize it.
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IMHO it is your Realtor's job to provide you with what we term "showing feedback". They should obtain feeback from ALL showings, including unaccompanied buyers from open houses and showings, as well as Realtors who view the property.

My sellers receive feedback on all showings, plus a bi-wwekly market update so they can see how their home compares to others on the market. If homes like theirs are selling, and their's is not, they need to know why and be prepared to make whatever adjustments are needed to get the home sold.
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
Hi again Bbqgal,

Great to hear from you again.

I personally think it's a requirement and the duty of the listing agent to persue feedback from any party that visits the home. Many buyers agents won't respond for whatever reasons, but the feedback can be very useful to the seller. I respond just because I feel it's the right thing to do. This service should be provided by your listing agent as well as reports to you on an ongoing basis to keep you up to date with what's going on with the marketing that's being done.

Hope your sale is going well. Have you had any showings yet?

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I think it's a great idea to get feedback from them since they are the ones bringing potential buyers into the home that are not buying. Absolutely a great idea....
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You have hired a listing agent to represent you. If I am a buyer's agent and I get a call directly from the seller, I offer to contact their agent for them and advise that I am not comfortable having that conversation with them. I don't know the circumstances of the seller and would not want to offend nor insult.

Having said that there are some "feedback" services available that you might request of your agent. These services send a request for information via email directly to agents who have viewed the home, then the information is directed to you, immediately. Instant feedback that will tell you whether it's the price, the flowers the carpet or the yard!

Good luck!
Lisa Costa
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This is part of the service provided by your listing agent. They should be able to provide you with the information you require. If this is not the case, consider having a conversation with the agent to make the necessary adjustment.

If you are getting showings and no offers, we recommend that you have you agent do another market analysis in an effort to monitor price changes for recently sold similar homes. This may point to the importance of making a pricing adjustment.

Good lucl
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Hi bbq gal......you've been asking since march! I remember early on I said "plant some flowers and drink some ice tea". Why dont you shoot me an email with your address and I'll take a peek at the listing.

No question it is a slow market. Has your agent reviewed with you the comparable houses that have sold?

drop me a note, Im happy to take a look

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I agree that your listing agent should be getting the feedback for you and probably is. The reasons can be so varied. Another concern could be pricing - are you getting second looks or just first?

I'd ask your agent to do a broker's open house for his office/company and their opinions will give you the honest feedback you see to be looking for. At Coldwell Banker, this is routine for us - it takes the varied experiences of our fellow agents and the results can be eye opening.

Good luck!
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I had been looking to buy for a while. Every house we went to see some of the agents called my agent for feedback. It is hard to give reasons why you don't like the house, people are emotionally attached to their house sometimes, and its hard because you either insult them or hurt their feeling for telling them the true reasons why you did not like it. So yes i also said the house was nice just not for us lol. I did however find our family a home that we all love. So there is a buyer out there for you to :)
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Everyone has pointed out that it is the listing agent's responsibility to contact the showing agents and get feedback, and it sounds as if yours does this. Just remember that feedback is not always something you can use to tell you why people aren't buying. Sometimes the feedback is "it just isn't the house for them." Surely you know, since you bought this house, and perhaps are now looking at other houses, that there in't always a reason that a homeowner can change. Could you live in every house you've seen? Can you put your finger on why? Sometimes a house just doesn't speak to certain people. Would knowing your bedroom doesn't have a big closet help you? Or they didn't like the kitchen cabinets? If someone walks into a house and it just HITS them....they won't care that ou have no closets or need a second bathroom or whatever.

Other times feedback is not what the owner wanted to hear. I tell my clients they might not like some feedback. I had a client with wallpaper plastered everywhere, who refused to remove it, took feedback of "they mentioned all the wallpaper" with I'M NOT GETTING RID OF IT. In that case, even the eventual buyer hated the wallpaper, but you know what...they bought the house.
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This is the job of your listing agent, that is why you have hired them to work for you.

Not many agents would feel comfortable telling the seller why their client didn't want to buy your home. So then at that point are you really getting the objection or just the answer that they think that you want to hear. That will not help you or sell your home. We have to get to the real objection so that we can overcome it.

One of the things that we have found to be successful is to ask all of the agents that have shown the home, what would it have taken for your client to have put an offer on this home? Then you can decide if you are able to work with what they tell you, but at the very least it gets to the real objection so that you can.

Hope this helps,

Patty & Scott Carroll
RE/MAX Equity Group
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Sounds like things are moving along. You just have to be patient in this market but things seem to be picking up. It sounds like maybe your sticking around for open houses and showings. I recommend against it as it can make the prospective buyers skiddish. Let your agent host the open houses and the buyers agents show it. It's a great time to go shopping, see a movie or whatever.

Best of luck...

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Your agent should be doing that. If they are not, either they are afraid to tell you the truth or they are just lazy. I cannot help laziness, but if the agent is afraid of your response, please let them know that you know it is not their opinion and therefore , you will not kill the messenger. Listen to feedback with great interest because it is really all you have until you get that sale. If there is an issue that is repeated, make the change. It will undoubtally help.
Good luck
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PS. It is beautiful outside....if you want to help yourself and your realtor, plant a couple spring bursts of color, and freshen the beds. Then stop and have a fresh ice tea on the patio and celebrate yourself, your efforts and your results...Live a little, while you wait!!
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Yes,,,, it is your agents responsibility to provide you with feedback. The listing agent has an electronic record the history of the showing agents, and it is easy for her to email them and specifically request feedback; from the agent and/or the prospective buyers view, .

Just ask your agent to request the feedback....I see you are still trying to do her job...just ask. We all work very hard managing all the details of our clients and do our very best to provide every conceivable service. Pop off an email, ask for the info, etc. and wait. There are countless hours of work and effort you dont see, taking place on your behalf. Remember too, each one of us generally picks ONE day off a week. So take a deep breath....while we do our jobs.

PS. Its fairly innappropriate to contact the showing agent. Her contract is with her buyer, not you.
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It is the listing agents responsibility to contact the buyer's agent for feedback on the showing. It is my professional opinion that is one of the things you pay for when you list your home with an agent.
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Our agent is great. She knows what she is doing. I am little impatient since we are first time seller and selling in a soft market. Thanks for all your answers.

We had an open house but didn't attract too many buyers. There was one couple that really interested in the house. We also had 1 showing and the buyer seems to be very interested. We are going to have another showing this afternoon too... Things seems to be picking up ... All positive comments so far. (I think people are being polite.) Some concerns about the busy street which we known upfront.
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