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Has anyone heard anything good or bad about CENTURY 21 Clickit, Inc?

Asked by Mb, North Carolina Wed Jul 16, 2008

I don't know if we are going to list with an agent or go FSBO. I found this site called Century 21 Clickit, Inc at http://c21clickit.com/index.php. It can get you an MLS listing, on realtor.com, trulia,com, etc. There are a few packages and a lot of options. As far as FSBO, has anyone heard anything good or back about it?

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We used that company and WILL NOT RECOMMEND CENTURY 21 CLICKIT. Like everyone else said, you are referred to these people by Flat fee listing companies, and once they take your money, they really do not care about your listing. It is sad that they charge you $15 PER PICTURE if you want to add more than the ONE allowed, and when everybody else will offer you free unlimited changes in your listing, or enhanced listing on realtor.com or up to 25 FREE pictures, these people will charge you for EVERY single thing they do. I would sincerely NOT recommend CENTURY 21 CLICKIT to anybody I know.

I hope this helps.

I have attached a MUCH better deal, for the SAME price.
Web Reference: http://fidelityflatfee.com
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It's amazing the sales job realtors try to do here. Let's see. If my house is 600,000 listed at 6%. That's 36,000 (or a years salary for most folks) to list your house and sell it. Or you can pay 500-600 and try to sell it yourself and save 18,000 (the price of a nice car) if you broker protect for 3%. Several of the answers below are basically saying, you pay to join our "network". Is it an exclusive club or something?
Realtors also do not handle "legal" matters, they will simply refer you to a real estate atty.

Here is what you need to do:
1. Gather data from local home sales (public info).
2. Look a comps around you.
3. List your house close to these comps.
4. Get a real estate atty.
5. Stage your home if you so desire.
6. Have a marketing plan and stick to it.

This is what a realtor does for you. You have to make the choice if it's worth 17,400 to you to pay for it or do it yourself.
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It looks like all of the answers are from Real Estate Pros, so as an individual seller, I'll share my opinion. I just recently listed with C21 Clickit. There was an error on my listing, but it was minor, I called and they corrected it immediately. I agree with everyone elses assessment that selling on your own is a lot of work. However, I found myself doing a lot of that when I had a realtor list my house. I heard every excuse as to why they would not do open houses, but none (I had three) could tell me what works. The other advice I commonly heard is price sells a house. Coincidentally, don't realtors always say what matter is location, location, location? Okay so, make up your mind, folks! None of us can change the locations of our properties, so now what? But, I digress. My house is only three years old and is in competition with a builder that has been changing alleged starting prices at an alarming rate in the past three months. (3 months ago they were starting in the 180s, then went up to 220s, now down to 170s - crazy!)

Again, I agree that FSBO, regardless of the site you use, is work for the buyer. I think the key is to be organized, have a marketing plan and budget established before you begin, read everything and find a real estate attorney you can trust to handle the transaction. Don't expect any flat-fee/FSBO site will do any more than what they say. Good luck and prayers for a quick sale go out to you!
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HORRIBLE company - STAY AWAY. They messed up my listing and pulled the wrong tax and assessment data (after I proofed it). We also had people (and some "test interest by ourselves") submit interest on our property, and instead they were directed AWAY from us to other brokers (who in turn directed those buyers to OTHER non-FSBO properties). The offers we got on our house were through Zillow and nytimes.com. When we tried to unwind CLICK IT - we were met with unprofessional-ism and immaturity. We had to waste HOURS trying to fill out and fax in paperwork and pay fees to unwind our "listing" (which was never a real listing in the first place). Waste of time and money...and I really could've done without their petty attitude which wasted my time (note - I didn't pick up my phone 1x and received an email from them saying "you're in breach of contract for not communicating with us.") I'm not kidding!
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Not responsive at all. No help, just listings that you can do the majority of yourself. Not worth the money.
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I listed my house with Century 21 and it has been one of the worst experiences of my life.
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Saturday, November 26, 2011
I sold my house through Centruy21 Clickit in 2007. My experience was very positive. I selected a package that as I recall was less than $600 and included all of the pictures I needed. The person I was in contact with was down state (NY) closer to the Albany area. We communicated entirely by email and phone. They provided the contracts but you are responsible for having your attorney review all of your documents. What you really get is all of the signage, open house signs and a phone number that routes to your own phone number. You show your house yourself and make all appointments. You are also responsible for making up the detail sheets to hand out at showings. You should also make up sign in sheets and have them signed. There are some things to consider as you will be responsible for pricing your own house. You may wish to interview several Realtors to get some idea of price. I did that and found that all Realtors I interviewed under priced my house by $20,000 I did my own extensive valuation and apparently did something right as I sold my house in three weeks for the price I had researched and $20,00 above what I was told I would get. I also did extensive work like roof repairs (partial replacement) staging and carpet replacement before I began showing my house. I totally depersonalized the house making it appealing to as many buyers as possible. What you get is MLS and I think it s really worth it, but not for those who need a lot of hand holding.
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I know this is an old question but felt compelled to clear some things up. Despite others' words to the contrary, FSBO is still an excellent way to sell your house and save a ton of money... as long as you educate yourself about the process beforehand. Price, condition and location are the three components of selling your house. You need to thoroughly research your price and determine a fair market value. Don't let emotion overtake you-- facts are facts and overpricing virtually guarantees failure. Second, without an agent you have to handle marketing on your own. There are several excellent avenues to accomplish this: craigslist, free classifieds of local tv stations, and several FSBO-specific websites. Take good pictures and put together an attractive flyer to display in front of your house. As long as you price your home correctly and market your home effectively, you'll sell just as quickly and at the same price that you would have with an agent.
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That's what I thought Len.. stats researched and provided by the NAR.. i would be curious to see stats done by some independant third party.. and stats especially geared towards our market.. not just NC.. because the market has such odd pockets from place to place..
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len i get where those stats are from.. can you post a link? folks are often suspicious of regurgitated stats..especially if they are being pushed from an entitiy that would clearly be biased.. I think FSBO can work with the right sellers.. sometimes discount brokerage is the way to go.. buyers who are less confident may need the full on "help" of a realtor.. but i get seriously skeptical how some of these posts portray themselves as vigilant warriors on behalf of the sellers.. because those agents are few and far between..
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I will give you my experience with Century 21 click it. I showed one of their listings to a buyer. The home was overpriced. It had bad pictures. The homeowner hovered throughout the showing. I told the buyer not to engage the seller in small talk, 1. because we had a lot of homes to look at and 2. because sellers talk to much (I did not come as a buyer's agent). On the way out the door the buyer asked the seller why they were moving, and the seller spilled their guts about their financial position, and it wasn't pretty. The buyer shared with me they thought they might be able to steal this house. Afterward the buyer called me for feedback personally and I asked him to have his agent call me. I had something important to discuss with them. They never called. Personally, I keep my eye on their listings, because they usually expire.
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Hi MB,

I have spoken with a few folks who have tried this as a means to sell their home. The most important thing to keep in mind is how much of your own time are you willing to put into selling your home?

Professional real estate agents work with a tremendous network of buyers. This shifting market has brought about better and more enhanced services for clients. I am seeing more and more agents spending time in getting their buyer clients pre-approved rather than pre-qualified in an effort to create smoother and more efficient transactions between sellers and buyers.

I've spoken to many FSBOs and the majority feedback is not positive. Selling a home can be an emotional undertaking for people and their families. Managing all that is needed to successfully sell a home cuts into their family time and affects their schedules at home and work. Safety has also been pointed out and is the #1 concern. Agents screen their clients carefully and have supporting documentation and other information on file about their clients. Many agents and their companies have built-in tracking programs used during the showing process so you know who is coming and going from your home. The agent's safety and the safety of their clients during the selling period is of the highest importance. The services offered by professional agents go WELL beyond typing a property into a MLS listing or placing a flyer box in your front yard and lock box on a door. We do not soley depend on an MLS listings to bring in buyers. The MLS is one tool used. There is far more involved in selling a home and bringing a deal to the closing table. Please do not allow yourself to be mislead because selling a home is serious business and may bring about some complex and unforeseeen situations.

You have the opportunity to interview and choose your ideal agent and the services are very personalized. A good agent will provide you with the best and highest quality advertising while using expertise in locating a buyer. There are many marketing options that penetrate the market very well from the web to printed materials. Networking is a vital part of the plan and works well.

With other companies offering partial services they do get paid and upfront before starting the process. If a home sales or not they get a pay check. I think the concept of an upfront fee would be in order for real estate professionals as well. I have never heard a consumer offering to pay an agent for their services, time an effort if their home does not sell. Marketing efforts are very expensive and may cost the agent hundreds of dollars.

Art, speaking of costs and looking at the whole picture, the money involved in a real estate transaction can be staggering. Mortgage broker and Lender fees (3%-10%+), attorney fees (1%-5%), third party fees (2%-6%). I assure you these additional third parties are looking out for their best interest and not the consumers. Are these industries on the verge of great change to benefit the consumers?

I don't think I've seen a disinterested third party study relating to these industries?
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I resently listed a property that was Century 21 Clickit that my sellers used for 9 months and paid like $595.00. They said they were supposed to be on the MLS, they were but not for this area the home was in. Be Sure you ask LOTS of questions before you pay for something you think your getting. If you were to get in big trouble with the law would you represent yourself? Or get a lawyer?
ps I sold the home in 63 days and the sellers were happy to have someone take over all the work.
Web Reference: http://www.junesrealtor.com
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I am actually acting on behalf of a buyer, as their agent, and we are working with a seller who is listed w/ c-21 click it. They paid a flat fee to basically have c-21 just enter them into the mls and insert pics. I have been dealing with the sellers personally- they are taking care of everything themselves. You may want to look around, b/c if that is all you are after, there may be a company who will insert it into the MLS cheaper- but keep in mind you will be the one responsible for dealing with the buyer's agent, who is working exclusively for the buyer and is experienced. You'll be repsonsible most likely, now all of this depending on the package, but for negotiating, paperwork, etc. So just look at all of your options and decide if you really want to tackle this thing yourself.
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I thought they went out of business.
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I work for a discount firm.. we do $595 at the time of lising and 4% at closing.. that way the buyers agent still gets the same 3% they normally would.. and in this market the buyers agent is your best friend.. you need access to them.. But we do full representation, so we handle all scheduling of showings, open houses, paperwork, mls, inspections, closings etc.. with the clickit dont you have to do all the appts and showings yourself? I would think that would be a little tough..
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I used Clicket,out of Atlanta,my home was in Sarasota,fl. I paid the fee,talked with several people over a couple of weeks.Got my house listed,Zillow,Realtor.Com,etc,made a brochure. they also had a RE Broker in Miami,who was very helpful,list it per Fl law.I sold it in1 month !
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Don't DO IT! Yes, it's cheap but not worth it. I do not like dealing with real estate agents as much as everyone else but this group is really hit and run. I am dealing with them now and they tried to charge me for a sign that was to be included, and then the sign is a tiny little thing with their phone number on it. When I tested the number and left a message, no one returned my call. As well, a secretary who is rude runs the place...Michele does not seem to. After I sent in my info they had the info wrong on the MLS...they are just terrible and complain if you ask too many questions.
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Please don't use Clickit Realty out of Atlanta, GA. They are crooks! They'll take your $1000 to list your property and then tell you that you owe certain "penalties" because their contract they make you sign isn't clear...on purpose! Use a reputable FSBO broker, not these liars. Their customer service is terrible and they don't seem to be organized at all.
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Who then, would you recommend as a flat fee discount realtor in the Atlanta market? Thanks, N
Flag Sun Nov 29, 2015
YES. Do not hesitate to use them. I even had one of their competitors tell me they were legit. I checked out a number of FSBO sites by calling about a house. Clickit was the only one that answered the phone. They quickly gave me the name and number of the owner to call about the house. The other competitor called me back after two calls. I told the competitor of clickit that I was. Looking for a service that would actually answer the phone. He told me they do not answer the phone that is why it is so cheap. You will also find click it's employees to go above and beyond. They helped me with every question I had, talked to me like I was a real person and met every deadline that I needed them to. They use a tag team approach so whenever you call they can help you. I would use them again in a heartbeat. You can sell your home yourself. Give them a try. These outdated negative comments simply are not true. I have no affiliation to clickit I am just a homeowner trying to save some money.
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I am the broker / owner of both a flat fee anda full service brokerage. If it were me I would definiely go the flat fee route. You have to work a little harder but the savings are tremendous. With flat fee, you get all marketing power of the MLS for a low flat fee. If another broker brings you a buyer you owe them a predetermined commission. You still save the listing side approximately 50%. If you sell yourself you owe nothing. Your only expense was the small up front fee you already paid. Its a win win situation for most sellers.
Lori Sunshine Harrow Click4MLS.com
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We used Century 21 clickit twice. Sold twice at near full price offers. The agents were very professional, and despite what some comments here say were VERY helpful. They were always just a phone call away and assisted us in almost all aspects of the sales. They just couldn't be physically present. They definitely do more than just list your home. It was a great experience both times, and we had 2 different agents both times, and we sold in 2 different states. It helped that it was affiliated with Century 21 because it was not scaring off realtors that otherwise may not have shown the home (as FSBO often will). We sold when the market was better than it is now, so you may want to weigh your options anyway.
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Rachel, the stats are froma PDF you can download from the NAR website. It is 116 pages chocked full of info. I'll be happy to e-mail you a copy. Just send me your e-mail address.

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I have reviewing the statistics for 2008 on FSBO sells. Individuals can sell their home on their own without any assistance from a REALTOR. Here is the proof:

In 2008, 13% of all FSBO properties sold were true Owner Sales
In the same year, 84% were assisted by a REALTOR.
Of the 13% that sold, nearly half were sold to people the owner already knew. Over half of sales were to strangers.
The average sales price of a home sold with the assistance of a REALTOR was 2.9% higher than the average sales price of homes sold without the assistance of a REALTOR.

So while it may be difficult selling a home unassisted can happen (or using a company such as Click-It), two thirds of home sellers found it to be a difficult undertaking. Some of the things that owners found most difficult were:

13% - Selling within the length of time planned. (Most went way over their allotted times)
12% - Pricing the home correctly
10% - Understanding the paperwork

And these are from those who were successful. In case you are wondering where these statistics came from, they were compiled by the National Association of REALTORS, our "exclusive" club where we voluntarily subject ourselves to the highest professional standards and ethics in representing individuals who desire and need our assistance. And for those who choose to undergo the home sales process alone, we bear no grudge or malice, and will most likely give free advice with no strings attached if asked.
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Hi Mb,

I recently had the opportunity to meet a homeowner in the neighborhood where I bought just last year. I spoke with them about listing there home and what they could expect to net on their sale. They told me they had always done the FSBO in the past and it worked well for them. My reply was great! But things have changed. Real Estate today is more about advising than product based sells. The days of riding around to find your next home is gone, it's now the internet highway that people are driving down. Once they find a home, they still need the advice of a professional. Often, interested parties are going to call the number on the listing, whoever it is, unless it is the owner. The owner becomes their opponent in this negotiation, if they pursue your home at all.

Yet I understand why some people want to try and do things on their own, SAVE MONEY! I get it! I offer the opportunity to get professional assistance on the sale and purchase of your home if I handle both transactions. in essence, the seller of the home you buy carries the bulk of the fees paid to my firm, yet you still get FULL SERVICE on the sale of your home. i would love to speak further with you, and if this is of interest to you can reach me through my Trulia profile or the website below.
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I know this thread is old, but i wanted to repsond for others that may stumble upon this question. I am careful what I say about others in the housing industry. there are times when criticism is deserved. With regards to the question, you get what you pay for. Its that simple. Keep in mind that there is no substitute for having a true local professional represent your interest in a real estate transaction. I am not a real estate agent, I am a mortgage professional of 20 years. I have seen more people waste or lose money because they tried to cut corners. Agent007 makes a very compelling point in the post below. Give it some thought and good luck!
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Disclaimer: I am an agent. If you need to sell and can afford to pay the upfront fees, it's an option, but with a strong caveat. I've taken over more than a few listings from discount and flat fee brokers simply because the house did not sell. In some cases, it was overpriced. In a few others, the companies simply did not deliver what they promised. There are pros and cons in using flat fee and discount brokers. It all depends on the lefvel of frustration you are willing to endure from unreasonable and/or unqualified buyers. Those sellers who relisted to me have stated, like prior posters, found flat rate and limited service to be quite time consuming on their part. They found that many of the supposed "buyers" had not been prequalified, and that visitors to open houses were simply there to view the house, sometimes for decorating ideas and sometimes for mere curiosity. That, coupled with the fact that most sellers tend to have an emotional attachment to their homes makes it difficult for them to give objective opinions when answering the questions of a buyers agent or prospective buyer. This results, more often than not, in a price reduction because the seller has given the buyer too much information... in other words, leverage to use against them in negotiations. The flat raters and discount brokers seem to have left our area of NY, possibly because they left such a sour taste with consumers.
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Mb, I am thinking about using ClickIt also. Advantage is that your dealing with a very well known company (Century 21),
Actually, no. You're dealing with a small company in Georgia that hires A (A as in ONE) licensed Realtor in other MLS areas so they can get listings on the MLS. The agent does nothing but input your house in the MLS. Each Century21 office is independantly owned and operated. So it is only as good as the owner of that particular franchise office. We have a very strong Century 21 agency in my area. However, it is no different from listing with any other small local agency, but this one that has a recognizable franchise name.
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I have a couple of suggestions.
First, if you want a professional assessment of your situation, then you need to consult with a Realtor that knows three things:
1. Your home
2. Your personal situation (when you are moving, how much you need to net...etc.
3. the local market and trends.

Even if you think that selling without professional representation is the way to go, sit down and talk with three Realtors anyway. Then you'll have some options, then do what is in your best interest.

86% of home sellers list with a Realtor, 5% sell to someone they know, 5% to someone they do not know. Realtors average selling properties for 16% more than owners on their own.,
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
What area is the home you are thinking of selling. You'll want to find a local realtor to give you this info because every area is different. An experienced Realtor would be able to guide you through the process and advise you what's best...
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Actually in my area they are going away. So I guess it depends on the area you are interested in . I am a bit old fashioned in that you get what you pay for.
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