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I live in Pensacola, FL. Husband is in the military, and is relocating next month. We've had our house on the

Asked by Jaimee, 32526 Mon Jun 2, 2008

market for the past four months, our Realtor hasn't brought anyone to see our house. We've had one showing, and it was by another Realtor. Is this how Realtors work, or should we be looking for another Realtor? These last 4 months has been a huge loss for us, our house is as good as not being listed. HELP! We need advice!

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Jaimee - No, you're not expecting too much. You should be getting regular communication from your agent. One of the things I do with my clients is tell them up front how I work; how often they will hear from me and what I am doing on their behalf. I sometimes have to adjust the way I communicate (phone vs e-mail, etc.) - or the frequency - of my communications to meet their needs, but it's not rocket science, it's really just systems. I have another agent who works for me so there is always someone the client can reach. This is a 24/7 business, so that just makes sense.
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Your concerns are both understandable and valid. You have every right to be upset with the lack of communication that has taken place between you and your realtor. At this point, it sounds like you are on the right track with looking for another realtor because it seems as if the business relationship between you and your agent has been tarnished beyond repair.

I don't want to sound cliche, but I am an agent of honesty an integrity. For any property I've ever listed, I always give my clients the realities of the market, good or bad. It souds like you are an educated seller who has done her homework, so no one needs to tell you that our local real estate market is currently disappointing. Here are the facts, there are 4,875 active residential detached listings in the Pensacola MLS as of tonight. More importantly, there are 364 ACTIVE residential detached listings in the 32526 zip code alone. Additionally, there have only been 136 residential detached listing that have sold in this zip code since January 1st. Therefore, you are up against some very difficult odds to sell your home. I am not giving you this information to scare you, but I sense that you are very frustrated. I would rather give individuals all the FACTS so that they can make adequate preparations in case things don't work out like they hope. Some call my business style "negative," but I call it being "real.".

You know you've held up your end of the bargain by taking the necessary steps to keep your house in "show" condition, now you need to find an agent that is going to market and capitalize on the best qualities of your home (keeping in mind the realities of the market).

Everything will work out in the end....

Preston Murphy
Weeks Realty, Inc.
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It's a shame that you have had this experience with marketing your home. Before you hire another agent please check out my website. There is a section specifically for sellers, which may help you develop a list of questions to use when interviewing agents.

Lack of communication is the number one reason people say they aren't happy with their agent. It's so easy to keep in touch, especially with email, that there really is no excuse.

Good luck with your home and if I can ever help please let me know.

Milly Burleson
Coldwell Banker United, Realtors
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I want to stress that we have only had one showing in four months. I understand everyone's standpoint as far as appearance and price. Before we listed the house, I did some research on how to sell your house. We bought a storage unit to get rid of any clutter, and I took down all pictures to depersonalize the house. We've done a lot of other things as well that we felt needed to be done. We then contacted our current Realtor. He walked thru the house, said it looked great, and we signed a contract. It took him days to put up a sign, and to get our listing on MLS, even tho he said he'd have the sign up that evening that we signed the contract. We had to call him 3 times before we got the sign in our yard. That was warning sign ONE. He has rarely called us in the past 4 months, and this includes lack of returning our calls. We called him last Friday morning at 9am, and informed him that we will be taking the house off the market. He didn't even know who my husband was at first. He then told my husband that he'd be there to take the sign down that day, it is now Monday at almost 5 o'clock and we still have the sign up and no contact from Realtor. We have contacted the owner/broker of the business, and so far I'm not impressed with him either. Now do you see why I'm irritated with my Realtor? All I'm asking is for a good Realtor who will work with us, and this includes regular basis contact. Is that really too much to ask, or am I expecting too much. Correct me if I'm stepping out of line, because this is my first time selling a house. Maybe I'm misunderstood?

My second point is, with everything we've done to make the house marketable..what good is it when you have no one bringing potential buyers to the house?

Thanks to all who've responded. I'm not trying to come off mean, I guess I just expected more. I still believe that there are good Realtors out there, I just think I've gotten a bad one.
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Hi Jaimee!

As the other agents have already stated, the majority of the time the listing agent does not bring the buyer to the table. This doesn't necessarily mean that the listing agent isn't doing his/her job, it's really just a matter of probability that one of the other 1000+ agents in our area will have the right buyer.

When choosing a listing agent, you want someone who is going to give you the cold, hard facts about the prospective market, and to advertise your property to the most appropriate markets while using the most up-to-date advertising avenues. While pricing a home "CORRECTLY" is the most important advice an agent can probably give you, a number of other factors are playing an even greater role in the current market. With such a large variety of homes listed, you MUST ensure that your home is in TOP-NOTCH condition at ALL times. That means no interior clutter, a perfect lawn, no obtrusive interior fragrances, and the list goes on and on.

Keep your head up, things happen for a reason...Follow some simple steps, and you will see results.

Preston Murphy
Weeks Realty, Inc.
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Thank you everyone..and thank you Robin. I feel very comfortable with your answer. I like that you think that 4 months with no viewings is something that SHOULD be looked at. We are not looking to make money with our house, it is listed with the price as low as we can. If we go any lower, we will be coming out of pocket. In my opinion, the Realtor a person chooses should be pushing to sell your house more than any other..that is afterall what they are getting commissions for, right?

Well, we will not be signing a contract with any other Realtor unless we know they will be making an effort to show our house.

Thank you very much for the advice. :)
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Hi Jaimee - Our market is decidedly slow, but at the four month period with only one showing it's certainly time to sit down with your Realtor and figure out what is going on! In a slow market it is more important than ever that your house is in great shape , priced right and marketed as widely as possible. There is more inventory on the market now so buyers have a lot to choose from. You want yours to stand out! You should be looking at the sales on a regular basis with your Realtor. I, too, am a Navy wife and we were caught with a home that would not sell when we left Whidbey Island, Wa. I vividly remember the stress of that situation and would not wish it on anyone. Best of luck to you and call me when you decide it's time to look for another Realtor.
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Jaimee--the listing agent is frequently not the person who actually shows your home to a prospective buyer. By listing with a reputable agent, you are placing your house in the market to be shown by well over 1000 agents. What your agent should be doing for you is presenting an all out effort to market your home. Go look at realtor.com, trulia.com, emeraldcoasthomesonline.com to see if your property shows up. If it is a national franchise agency, go check their website to see what is there. If you are not happy with what you see, ask your agent about this. At the end of the day, houses sell houses, not people--we as agents market, help you with staging ideas, and help bring parties together. Most likely it is my GUESS that the house is not priced competitively. Using a good comparative market anaysis will help you determine the value of your home in the market right now. Be competitive, and your home will probably sell.
Web Reference: http://www.MykeTriebold.com
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Your agent's marketing functions are to market your home, to the public and other agents, to create interest and showings. It often happens that the listing agent doesn't have an opportunity to show the home, and 75% of the time another agent will bring the buyer to your home. It's important to ask your agent why they think your home is not being shown. Also, you should ask what your surrounding area is doing in terms of competition and recent sales. This information can help you determine what the problem is, whether it's pricing, condition, marketing, etc. Please let me know if you decide to interview new agents, I'd be happy to meet with you and show you the marketing I provide my customers.
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