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I am a doctor moving to Chattanooga in a few weeks. I'm approved for a 800K range home. Can someone help me?

Asked by 37401zip@gmail.com, Chattanooga, TN Fri May 16, 2008

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Here's the easiest way to do it. Go to that Realtor.com site and narrow your properties. Google the neighborhood to get a feel for it. Take the list of properties for sale and drive around. If you see one you like go door knock it and ask if you can see it. There's no law that says you have to call the agent on the yard sign! Once inside chat the homeowner up and then after they've relaxed a bit just ask them - straight out - what's the absolute lowest price you'll take for your home? Be sure to look them straight in the eye when you ask, and then don't say ANYTHING!! Let them answer. Then, take out a calculator and offer then 10% below that. But don't say the price! Have it written down on a contract. (Hot tip: Print a real estate contract out the Net and have it all filled out in advance except price.) Give them an opportunity to sell today! It really is THAT simple. Just think of it like buying a used car at curbside. The product is just a little bigger. I hope that helps.
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I disagree with the disagreer. Most real estate agents don't know what they're doing anyway and probably should be selling copiers or used cars. Just find the house you want and make a lowball offer. The seller willl meet you somewhere in the middle because all of them are desperate anyway.. You can represent yourself just fine.
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I strongly disagree with that...the agent you call from any sign in a yard is representing the SELLER...not you, the BUYER...you have the right and SHOULD seek out your own representation; otherwise, you have no one looking out for your best interest.
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Dear all,

Thank you for you kind responses, including those from individuals(s) who are not real estate agents.

For those of you who are real estate agents: I have taken it upon myself to carefully review information at your websites, as well as to review any records associated with your licenses maintained by the state of Tennessee.

I discovered that one agent who posted in to thread with an offer of assistance was assessed a $1,000 civil fine by the state of Tennessee state regulatory board for "failure to submit a timely offer." This same agent paid another $1,000 fine for an earlier and unrelated incident "when it was determined (that individual) paid commissions to an unlicensed firm in two transactions and for failing to properly make agency disclosure in two of five transactions reviewed by the auditor."

I'd like to hear from other agents if they think it is o.k. to seek the services of an agent with these sort of violations, and if so, why? Also, are these type violations common in the industry? Personally, I was shocked when I read this and could not understand how this individual managed to retain a real estate license.

I am still reviewing answers being posted here in this thread, and as well doing some more research on the housing market in your area. I appreciate all of your input.

Thank You Very Much,

"The Doctor"
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Part of the service a realtor provides to a seller is making sure buyers are qualified before viewing their home. The lock box and Centralized Showing Service also serves to give the homeowners notice before their property is shown so they are not caught off guard in the shower, or some other activity that needs to be finished before aloowing company in. When strangers knock on their door, my sellers give them my card to make an appointment.
Another service provided by realtors is negotiating. A "low ball" offer would need to be substantiated in order to be considered.
The real estate contract itself is of interest to me. Is the contract you are using approved by the State you are buying in?
Ever hear of someone inheriting a property, then when they try to sell it, finding out there is a cloud on the title? You may conduct transactions with illicit, or just incorrect, paperwork but it will eventually catch up with the property. Freeing the title so that the property can be legally sold can be time-consuming and costly.
Suppose the gentleman does as you suggest and drives around calling numbers off signs in front of houses he is drawn to. On the one hand, getting a feel for the neighborhoods is always good; on the other hand, could he spend his time more effectively by enlisting the aid of a professional?
Picture this:
The gentleman tells his Realtor what he needs in a house; how many bedrooms & bathrooms, style of house, garage spots, amenities, etc. He also tells his Realtor where he will be going daily and weekly.
To business and social activities, school and volunteer functions, etc. He also tells his Realtor what he likes to do in his spare time. (i.e. golf, fish, bowl, swim or bike) The Realtor puts this all together with his knowledge of the area and shows the man the five best homes in his price range that meet his criteria.
It takes perhaps 2 - 3 hours, including the initial conversation.
Many people find that their time is too valuable to spend finding a house your way.
Many people prefer to work with a professional when making large investments such as a house.
And yes, your "answer" did make me think of a used car salesman.
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You don't need an agent. Just drive around in whatever neighborhood you're interested in and call a couple of the for sale signs.
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Happy to. Please give me a call or shoot me an email and let me know what you are looking for. I will prepare a list of homes that meet that criteria and schedule showings to meet your schedule. We have worked with several doctors over the years and are also happy to provide references.

Joe Folsom
Keller Williams Realty
(770) 722-5098
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I'm also looking in this area and I'm wondering what company/agent you went with. I've had some bad experiences and am curious as to what yours was.
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Dear Doctor

You need an experienced professional agent who lives and knows the are in Chattanooga. Our nationwide relocation network (Coldwell Banker ) can find you just the person. We have helped thousands of people relocate in just about every state in the US.

Call me on 412 398 5204 or send me an email...

Jimmy Vandeck
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Have you found your home yet? I know of a beautiful home on Missionary Ridge with great views and priced at only $625K. FSBO now, could get you into see this before it lists with an agent.
Tim Knapp
Keller Williams
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Hello and welcome! I don't know exactly what you are looking for, but, if I don't have it I will find it! I actually am ranked #1 in the County and #10 in the state. That being said, I am unique, I stand apart from the others because I cover all of East Tn. and can let you know about all of your options and the market trends. I look at real estate as an investment as well as a place to live. I am direct, straightforward and casual in my approach. I will help you as much or as little as you desire. I am a Broker/Owner that stays on the cutting edge of technology as well as my market. I'd love to speak with you and get to know you and your family. You can learn more about me here: http://www.Lakespot.com and also on ActiveRain.com (Marinabroker) or you may phone me directly at 423-785-7768 I look forward to hearing from you. Gayle Balaban Broker/Owner The Best Spot Realty
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Well it looks like every realtor known to man likes to represent doctors.

With over 40 years of combined sales experiance, why just hire one when you can employ three affiliate broker and one broker for the same price. Ranked 45 out of over 2000 realtors in the Chattanooga, we can show whay hiring a team is the most efficient management of your time there is.

Check us our "Hire The Team" http://www.TheEdringtonTeam.com.
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Regarding the research on the Chattanooga market, you may find the following useful:

The latest National Market Report video is posted to my web site at: http://modernrusticliving.com/events/
You also may find “When to Invest In A Home " helpful http://modernrusticliving.com/when-to-invest-in-a-home/
Lastly, you may find the Right Time Right Market web site useful at: http://www.righttimerightmarket.com/

Call or email any time if we can be of further service.
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Doc: I would like the opportunity to earn your business. Toward that end, I have taken the liberty of creating a custom list of homes in the Chattanooga area in the $700K to $800K range. Currently there are 45 homes in that price range on the market. We will want to narrow our search down to determine which of these homes best meet your needs and desires. If you will give me call, shoot me an email or post some additional criteria, I will adjust the search to give us only those homes. To access this list of homes (all 45) please follow these instructions:

1. Go to this link: http://mlsarealistings.com/moddernrusticliving
2. Select "SEARCH" on the left hand menu
3. Click on the search I created just for you labeled: "Doctor $700K - $800K"

You will then have access to details & photos of all 45 homes. If you wish to create your own search, please go to this link and enter the criteria important to you: http://modernrusticliving.com/search/

I may also be reached at (423) 443-4638 if I can be of further service.

Joe Folsom
Realtor/Developer/Builder Broker
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Feel free to email us some more details, i.e. children, pets, are schools a consideration, construction preference and preference of land over city? wishmyer@realtycenter.com

The greater Chattanooga area offers a diverse selection of homes and locations in the $800k price range and the above information will help provide you with a relevant selection.

Know that Patrice and I are ready when you are and welcome the opportunity to serve your home needs.

-- Jeff & Patrice Wishmyer
Prudential RealtyCenter
wireless: 423-503-6953, 423-424-8749
home: 423-886-5894 fax: 423-598-7482
email: wishmyer@realtycenter.com
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Be sure to go to our website and view the testimonies from several satisfied clients. You will see from our site that we specialize in executive and corporate relocations. Our goal is to represent you our client and be sure that we find you and your family the perfect home. As top agents for the Chattanooga area we focus on you, your family, and your needs. Let us show you around the community, take you for a round of golf or dinner at the club and show you just how beautiful this area is. You will be within minutes from the hospital and we will be sure to introduce you around to make your move is a smooth one. Give us a call or go to our site and see what others have said about The Lawrence Team.
423-802-2014 Doug or 423-838-5011 Sherry

We look forward to hearing from you.
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Are you interested in a country club, golf, mountain view, lake view, river view/front,maintenance services, existing home or new construction, gated community, airpark, private strip, seclusion, community, etc. Will you be on call and if so, how far from the hospital do you need to be located?
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We have some great waterfront homes in St. Pete. Beach Fl for under $800,000 but the question is could you afford the malpractice insurance. ;)
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Coldwell Banker has helped thousands of families relocate across the US. Drop me a line and Ill tell you all about our free, relocation service and how I can find you a hard-working, professional agen who knows the are you wish to move to...
Jimmy V

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Looks like I am getting in on this thread a little late in the game, but I just had to comment after reading some of the responses. You are going to find Real Estate Agents of all kinds, qualifications, talents and unfortunately, some that lack there of. My recommendations would be to lean toward an Agent with unquestionable integrity and with whom you find yourself connected. To accomplish that on line is going to be a challenge. Having said that, you can narrow your search for a good agent by first giving us more details on what you are looking for. The Agent that is the most responsive should get your attention. So, instead of waisting your time here reading my elevator pitch, how about you tell me what you want. If I can help, I will get right back to you. If not, I would be happy to refer you to someone that can.
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Doctor, I don't know if you have found your REALTOR or home yet. You are moving to a beautiful city with alot of things to offer. You have the Mountains, the lakes, all art district, and alot of areas that will be convenient to the hospital, whichever one that is. Your REALTOR can help your narrow down your search for areas by listening to you about your lifestyle and the activities that you like to do. I am sure with you working at the hospital that you probably want to be close so you don't spend your quality time in a car driving. If I can be of assistance please let me know, I would appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Please check out my website and call me at 423-774-7703. If you have already found your REALTOR then I wish you much luck and success.
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Hello Doctor!
You have had a lot of great responses from Realtors in our area. Have you found a Realtor to work with yet? I was wondering how your home search was going. It's good to get feedback from buyers on how they are treated in our market and how Realtors can better serve their customers

Best regards,
Becca Whitmire
Century 21 1st Choice Realtors
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Good afternoon to you and your family. Welcome to Chattanooga. I would be happy to schedule a time to meet with you to find out more about you and your family so that I may assist you better in your search for a new home. My contact information is available on my website.
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Certainly welcome the opportunity to serve your needs. My wife Patrice and I are Realtors with Prudential RealtyCenter here in Chattanooga. Please visit our website: http://www.homesearchchattanooga.com for up-to-date listings, reports, links of interest.

Do you have children and/or pets? Patrice and I specialize in relocations having moved many times ourselves. Let us be the first to say, welcome to Chattanooga... it is a wonderful area and please know that we would consider it a privilege to help you in your home search.
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North Chattanooga/Riverview- close to hospitals, beautiful homes and great schools....
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Good Morning Doctor!
Welcome to East Tennessee!
I am a realtor in Cleveland, just North of Chattanooga. If you are looking for a small town feel, close to Chattanooga, great schools, shopping and neighbors, I have a couple of great houses listed that just might fit your needs.
log on to http://www.3244ridgetopdrive.com to check out a beautiful custom home in Cleveland and then log on to http://www.2010partridgeroad.com for another great home in Cleveland.
Now, if these two are not what you are looking for, there are many more!
I would love to help you find that perfect home.
E mail me or call, I am at your service! I will work on your schedule.
Best regards,
Becca Whitmire
Century 21 1st Choice Realtors
Web Reference: http://www.beccaweb.com
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Lots of good feedback. Personally, I think you should ask your colleagues. I am sure there are several in your new office who have purchased homes. Once you ask around, decide on 2 or 3 agents, do the background checks, and then interview. There are several top notch agents out there, find the one you feel most comfortable. A referral says a lot about an agent.....more than anything you could read or anything they could tell you. Best of luck with your search for an agent and your new home.
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Dear "Doc": Well, you are to be commended for your research. I hope more prospective clients do the same with every profession when seeking informative and honest information. I agree with Julia, depending upon the specific circumstances of each instance, none of us need be quick to form a judgment. Further, I am in agreement that there are many, many professional realtors out there with zero blemishes. When the time comes you are ready to decide on a realtor, don'tforget to get referrals from colleagues in your new employment offices - -In the long run, I think you'll do just fine and find the perfect realtor for you! Best wishes!!
Tina Evans, Principal Broker
Web Reference: http://TinaEvans.net
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I'm impressed with your background check as well. I'd be hard pressed to say whether the civil penalties imposed would completely eliminate that licensee from my consideration. Sounds like the first penalty was probably a result of a consumer complaint (which would factor more into my decision). From the wording, the second appears to have been as a result of a TN Real Estate Commission audit. Without knowing the circumstances for either one I, personally, would withhold judgement.

Having said that, I would be reticent to hire an agent knowing that they have been assessed penalties. There are lots of Realtors out there with no blemishes on their public record and without a personal recommendation you could certainly use worse criteria for narrowing your selection than that one.
Web Reference: http://www.juliaodom.com
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I can not speak for the agent's in question, and sadly, it is not uncommon to find unprofessional realtors but, I am sure that there are unprofessional's in the healthcare profession who are "questionable". Please do not let the few unprofessional realtors who make bad choices in our profession speak for all of us who are honest and forth coming. I will not speak negativity of the agent's in question; but, I commend you in your choice to a background search of our agents here in Tennessee, including myself. I do the same when it comes to a search of a healthcare professional for myself and my child. Again, I will be more than happy to help you in your search or answer any further questions that may help you in your search. Thank you for your time and consideration. Deborah Arace Century 21 Howe Realty & Auction.
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I have read through all responses to your request and I must say that Brenda is correct and gave you good advise. I am an agent in the area of Chattanooga and would be more than happy to help you. If would like, I could email you some listing's in the area of Chattanooga and then answer any questions you may have about our area. I would be more than happy to send you more information about Chattanooga and give a tour of our area. Feel free to contact me at 423-836-0295. Thank you for your time and consideration. Deborah Arace, Century 21 Howe Realty & Auction.
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Good Afternoon. I would be more than happy to assist you with your real estate needs here in Chattanooga.
Just give a call to 423 991-1671 and we can make arrangements for a consultation and get started.

Look forward to hearing from you,
Diane Evans
Re/Max Properties
Chattanooga, TN
423 991-1671 Direct
423 875-2255 Direct Office
Web Reference: http://Chattanoogahomes.com
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My friend has a few properties in Chattanooga that he would consider selling, but i am only licensed in Florida so it would be a personal referral to you or to a local Realtor of your choice. Please let me know if i may provide you with specific information. Best wishes in your new home, Vivian
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We would be honored to help you in your search to find a home in Chattanooga. We are currently ranked as top agents specializing in relocations. Once you arrive in Chattanooga we will give you a tour of our city to help you narrow down the area, we will then focus on finding the perfect home for you and your family. Just send me an email slawrence@realtycenter.com or visit my site and email me from there. You can reach us at 423-838-5011 (Sherry) or 423-802-2014 (Doug) or my office 423-308-7616, we look forward to helping you.
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Reviewing the answers previously posted, none are really answering your question. First, decide on what type of home you and your family would like. Second, if you have children that are school age, research the schools in the area you will be working in. This will help you select an area that will initially meet your needs/wants. Third - begin to interview some local realty agency/agents. Ask questions as to how they will represent your needs in a transaction, what qualifies them to represent you as a buyer, etc. Same process patients use when seeking the right physician for their specific needs....
Once you have done that, then it is up to you to decide which agent you feel will truly represent YOUR needs from start to fininsh and then hire that agent. While at times, knocking on the door of a house for sale works, if there is a realty sign in the yard - it's the seller's way of saying that they've hired a professional to handle their home sale and all buyer's - please contact the agent. In the price range you state you are approved for, I firmly believe it is in your best interest to hire a professional realtor to represent you, and only you. Best of luck.
Web Reference: http://TinaEvans.net
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Unless you are looking at waterfront, bluffview or high acreage property there isn't a real need to spend that much in Chattanooga. Having said that, I'd be happy to help whatever the eventual price range you settle on.

In response to the previous poster, even if a buyer deals directly with the seller on a property they find on realtor.com, the listing agent will still receive their full commission. You've done all the work and they'll still be paid. There are real benefits to using a buyer's agent.
Web Reference: http://www.juliaodom.com
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I would be happy to assist you in finding a house in the Chattanooga, area. I don't think that you will get the full spectrum of the city by just driving around yourself, nor will you get help in what areas may suit you the best for where you work and what you are looking for. Feel free to call me at 423-240-3729, or you can call my partner, Bonnie, at 423-593-0028.
Hope to hear from you soon.
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I have a feeling you'll receive several replies, but if not, I'd be happy to refer you to a great agent in Chattanooga. Feel free to contact me via email or my website if you'd like. Thanks!
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