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Amybeth, Home Buyer in Lincoln, NE

My agent is helping my husband and I to find a home. He tells me I shouldn't make any calls to agents to

Asked by Amybeth, Lincoln, NE Thu Feb 5, 2009

find out the status of a home (active or under contract) and that even if he can't reach a listing agent and I am NOT allowed to call and try to reach the agent. Only HE can do that. Even though I told him I wouldn't be asking any specifics, only how he can get ahold of him. It is aggrevating because we submitted an offer without him even talking with the listing agent first. He says he tries to reach the agent but we don't know. The strict Don't talk to anyone comments bother me. Isn't this MY home I'm looking for. Is he hiding something or just controlling?

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Your agents instructions are correct and customary.

Ask a few consumers who have completed transactions in the past. especially if he can give you the names of clients he has served as buyers agent. How did they feel at the END of the transaction after they moved in.

Were they happy to have an working for them who wanted to tightly control the details of the search and the transaction?

My clients have always been happiest when I paid close attention to the details, including conducting property inquires.

You might contrast that with the answers from clients of a laid back, easy going agent who let things just take their course, conme what may. - Not that there is anything wrong with being easy going, as long as the easy goer is paying full attention to what goes on.

E-mail him with a link to this question, that is a sure way to let him know what your concerns are. I expect that he can give you a good explanation of why he (and most buyers agents) want to follow the custom of buyers agent contacts listing agent.

At this point you and the agent have to reconcile the doubts you have somehow, in order to proceed with a successful search, offer, negotiation, transaction, through to a closed escrow.
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Jim Walker, Real Estate Pro in Carmichael, CA
I understand what has been written however our dilema is that he doesn't seem to be doing much of anything. We would LOVE not to "butt in" if he would just be more diligent and DO HIS JOB! He doesn't call us back in a timely way, doesn't find out critical pieces of intormation. And we are not sure he is doing (calling) the listing agent when he says he does. He doesn't seem to know a lot about foreclosures or short sales either. We feel we are missing opportunities because he seems to think one email a day counts for contacting the listing agent or finding out info. He seems to be the type to just be too laid back but he acts as if he's really on top of things.? We're dissatisfied. The feelings between us have taken a nose dive. Can we swtich realtors at this point? For our sanity... please!!!
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I guess things vary from state to state. in Louisiana it is considered an ethics violation but maybe not elsewhere. We have to politely inform the caller that they have to go through their own agent,and ask them to get their agent to contact us with their concerns, We don't hang up on them,but are not allowed to advise them in any way.
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Oh, a correction on what Dana wrote. The listing agent can ethically talk to you if you call. If you contact the listing agent directly, yourself, then the listing agent is not violating any ethics by speaking to you. Answering the phone is polite, hanging up on you would be rude, and not in the service of his client, the seller.

The listing agent is only unethical if you declare that you are represented and then the listing agent tries to, or attempts to steal you away from your representative. This is very rare, but it has been known to happen. - Thus the prohibition against stealing clients or trying to steal clients.

The listing agent is ethical to give you publicly available information about the property such as the list price, the features, disclosure of defects, and tell you how your agent can submit an offer (facsimile, email etc.) He can also tell you what a great neighborhood it is in and say anything else truthful in service to his client the seller.
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Jim Walker, Real Estate Pro in Carmichael, CA
My market is two thousand miles away, but there are some bank listing agents in my market that dictate to buyers agents that multiple calls and emails will work to the agents clients dis-advantage. So being a squeaky wheel can actually backfire for an agent and his clients. Believe it or not some of these banks that we have bailed out with billions act like they are doing agents and buyers a huge favor by letting us make offers on their beat up broken down foreclosed houses.

The arrogance of bank asset managers is amazing. The bank listing agents are simply following their marching orders, the banks don't care that some buyer is anxious to know the status of an offer.They are on their own timetable, they expect buyers to wait days on end for a resonse, but then expect buyers to accept bank counter offers (when they finaly come) within hours. If anything, they will use the knowledge that you are persistent and want a particular property to extract a higher price and worse terms against you.

Having said all that. A Realtor needs to gain the confidence of their client. If you have made your concerns clear to him as you have made here, he should be able to explain what he is doing on your behalf to your satisfaction, or be prepared to set you free. - Unless you have contractual obligations with him. or for properties that he has already introduced to you, negotiated on or submitted an offfer regarding.

To paraphrase what silent J said, if you cannot get a release from the agent or satisfactory reconciliation, you will need to look over your contract with him carefully.
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Jim Walker, Real Estate Pro in Carmichael, CA
Hi Amybeth,

First, I'd suggest bringing up your frustration with your agent. This person will get a large chunk of change if you close on a place, regardless if he helps or not, so, at least, give him a solid prod before moving any further forward with your house search!

If your agent doesn't respond well, find another! I can't speak to the local laws about this, but I assume you can terminate the relationship. Check whatever contract you signed -- you may have to wait for it to expire before changing agents.

Working with an agent that you like is really the best way to ensure that you enjoy the experience.
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Thumbs up,Jim for a good helpful answer.
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He is correct. All contacts with listing agents are made by your agent. The other agent cannot ethically speak to you. And most of the time,offers are submitted without the agents talking first,except to alert the listing agent that a contract is coming in.
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NO is doing a GREAT job, example would you go into court speak with opposing attorney. You could disclose a critical issue without you realizing it kills deal, OR less reduction in list price.

EXAMPLE: I had a client Doctor, called agent stated he was Dr. XYZ he killed my ability to work reduction of list price listing agent stated me, he contacted her "he is a Doctor has lots of money... he can pay full price if he wants the property"....

Only a few examples. Realtors are professionals best allow us do our jobs represent you

Great Question
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