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Margo Ramsey,  in Poughkeepsie, NY

I have a great listing, but for whatever reason, I just can't move this home. It is in great condition, in a

Asked by Margo Ramsey, Poughkeepsie, NY Sun Apr 13, 2008

great location AND /for a great price. Any ideas

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Hi Margo. I live right in this area (have for the last 42 years), so I'm very familiar with Dutchess county, especially southern Dutchess. I'm just a typical homeowner, not a real estate pro. I see a couple of great features in your listing. First is the size of the lot and the privacy. Second is convenience to I84 and the Taconic Parkway. You should really try to play up those aspects as much as possible. I'm thinking that the family in Westchester looking to move to a lower cost of living area would be a good target customer to market to.

I see a few of detractors in your listing, as well:

1. The curb appeal on this place (from the photo anyway) is just about zero.
2. That through-wall A/C unit is a bad thing to see in this price range. That means no central A/C. Yuck.
3. Way too much wall-to-wall carpeting.
4. The kitchen looks to be small and outdated.

I think your photos are working against you. I don't mean to sound overly critical, but I'm trying to tell you what I (as a potential buyer) am seeing when I look at this listing.

Photo #1: Widen this one to capture more of the breadth of the lot...pull the camera back a few dozen feet to get a wider shot over the overall home. I can't tell if we are sitting back 20' from the road or 200'.

Photo #2: You need more light. Bring in professional lighting if you need it. The photo is dark and grainy.

Photo #3: This one is a good picture. The room is very appealing.

Photo #4: If this kitchen is an eat-in, then stick a small table and four chairs in there. What's that white rectangular blob on the floor in front of the range? Get rid of it.

Photo #5: Drop this picture. Cheap furniture and cheesy wall hangings make this look like a shot inside a one bedroom condo.

Photo #6: See if you can crop that ugly ceiling beam out of this shot. Focus more on the fireplace, which is attractive. Maybe get rid of some of the junk on top of the mantle.

Photo #7 and #8: These shot are good.

Bottom line is that with all that carpeting and no central A/C you are probably about $15K too high on this house, for the market the way it is right now. I think if you fix the photos, and target to a more southern audience you should be able to get just under $400K for this place. If it's listed at $399K you'll get more search hits on people who cap their searches to a max price of $400K.

Hope this has been at least a little helpful...

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Hi Margo!

Respectfully I disagree with what Don said about targeting your marketing to the perfect family. (Familial status is a protected class and this a fair housing violation.) I had a listing that had 4 bedrooms in a subdivision. One might have thought a family with kids might have bought it. We had three bids and all three were couple with grown children who were no longer living with their parents. Point being, you never know and should not target your marketing to a narrow market.

If you want some feedback, email me the MLS number and I am happy to take a look.

All the best!
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If you are AGGRESSIVELY pricing it, then my question would be what is your Realtor doing to let the world know.

If it is being aggressively marketed, being shown and no offers, it is priced too high.
Web Reference: http://GailGladstone.com
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Heeeeeey...........I know what's wrong with this picture!! (winking...)

What happened to all the 2 hours worth of staging consultation that I came over and did for you guys? Did they take any advice? Funny, the gentleman that wrote above about the pics targeted a few things that I said when I was standing in the house..... Are these updated pictures? Did they do any of the ideas that I gave them? You're in a tough position, Margo! If I had a magic wand.... I'd have waved it over this house 6 months ago for you! :)

Miss you and still crossing my fingers for you to sell this house! :)

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How many homes, like this one , have sold during the time this property was on the market?
At a minimum you have a pricing issue.
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
Thanks for your comment from a buyer's point of view. Just to clarify...this home is located in what we used to call a neighborhood as opposed to a subdivision. There are no HOA or other fees. Everyone owns his/her own property. I think bubblegum pink could have a certain charm. I did go back to realtor.com to make sure there were no problems. I put in the zip code (12533) and then the range of 400-450K and it came right up. It is a showcase listing. Thanks and I wish you luck in your adventure.
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I'm not very familiar with Dutchess but the price/size does look like its priced reasonably. There aren't many bedroom pictures so can't tell if there is a master bath. The decor is a bit dated in the pictures IMO but when we look at houses, I don't consider that too much unless its a kitchen or bathroom since we're planning on painting anything we buy anyway. The Kitchen looks fine, not spectacular, but fine although from the picture, I can't tell if it goes very far back to the right. If it ends there, the counter space is a bit limited which could turn people off. The appliances are dated but personally I don't care much about that since appliances are cheap. I always find it funny that "top of the line appliance" and "granite countertops" are so hyped in most listings. Unless you have like a double door sub zero fridge or stuff like that, its all pretty cheap. And granite is < $50 per sq ft now so you can put in granite counter tops for like 3k. Yet people think if they have it, their house should get 20k more. Anyway, back on topic, I see there are some "community ammenties", is this in a community with common charges etc? For us, we're avoiding most HOAs and anything with fees since they'll only go up with time, and if I want to put bubblegum pink siding on my house (I don't) I don't want to have to deal with a HOA telling me what I can and can't do.

Finally, I had trouble finding this on realtor.com, I ended up just googling the MLS you sent and found it on weichert.com. That could be the biggest problem as everything I find is from the internet. Our realtor sends us listings also, but we get the same listings in email either a day before or after she sends them so being very accessible on the internet is really key. Especially for buyers that are mainly browsing but if they see the right house will get serious quickly.

Anyway, good luck. Hope this helps some.

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The house has a tricky floor plan which makes it challenging to describe on-line or in the MLS.

Check your email.

Best of luck.

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If it has all the elements that is required for a successful transaction Condition, Location,Floor Plan, Price and Great agent (which I am sure you are). Then my best suggestion would be review how easily the listing can be found on the internet. When you do this dont use the address or the street name. I would use the key elements of the home and try different searches. For instance if it is a four bedroom with two bathrooms in Anytown, USA. See if you can find the home based on those selling points that is what your buyers are going to search for on the internet the key points of this home. Also get the NAR report of where the buyer are moving from that are purchasing in your area and advertise this home in those areas.
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Thanks Tammy and Zack for responding so quickly. The MLS # for Mid Hudson is 263565. I would truly appreciate any insight here.
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If it really is as you say, great location, great condition, great price then it would move. Since its not moving, at least one of the greats you list is false. Usually this is the price. Want some honest feedback? What's the MLS ID?
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I don't know your area at all, so this is just a stab in the dark. But assuming it is in great condition, in a great location, and for a great price (which I'd define as priced at or below not only the current actives but also at or below recent sales)--and not knowing whether you've had many showings--I'd guess you need to reevaluate your marketing.

What you've said in your question, essentially (to rephrase it), is: If people knew about this great house in great condition in a great location for a great price, they'd buy it. And yes, that's generally the case. So, make sure that everyone knows about the great house in a great location in great condition for a great price.

There are tons of ways to market, as you know. You've probably used a handful of them very successfully. But what that means is that there are other techniques that you probably haven't used. Again, I don't know your area, and I don't know this particular property. One thing to focus on is: Imagine the most likely buyers for the house. (Now, I'm not getting into the whole issue of steering. But it's certainly OK to devote a portion of your marketing effort to targeted populations.) Envision the "perfect" family or individual for your listing. Children? If so, how many? Hobbies? Age? Interests? Where do they work? And so on. Then ask: How do I reach this family? What magazines and newspapers do they read? Where do they shop? Are they moving here from a particular community or city? Now, you're just imagining one family, the ideal family. Just focus on them. Don't worry that while the ideal family might have 4 children, who love water skiing, and live in Town A, it's possible that a family with 1 child, who like rock climbing, living in Town B might also buy. Market to the ideal family. You'll very likely realize there are a whole lot of marketing techniques you haven't yet tried to reach that ideal family.

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Burke, VA
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