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Replace vinyl flooring with Tile to sale?

Asked by Ashley Merritt, Knoxville, TN Tue Nov 25, 2008

I have nice vinyl down right now in the kitchen and 2 bathrooms. 2 years old.
Before selling, should I replace with tile flooring?
I'm hoping to do so and spend $1k or less. Which I know I can manage.
Trying to get TOP DOLLAR in this market....Opinions please.
Is my ROI going to be $1k or is my ROI going to be a little more than $1k?

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Hi Ashley,

Most of the Buyers I've shown homes to love to see tile flooring. It's not a must, but it does get noticed. You could do something standard (straight lines) or something more custom that will set you apart from the competition (a pattern design of some kind). Either way, you probably have less than 300 SF off space that needs to be tiled, so it shouldn't get expensive at all. The Home Depot and Lowes has excellent sales going on all the time on discontinued tile. We bought some for our new house at .68 cents per SF...it's a nice neutral color, but not boring. We are going to lay it in a pattern for a more custom look--it's just a tad more expensive, but gives it a nice look.

Something else to think about that will either add to your cost or take away from it is: what type of sub flooring do you have? If you're on a slab, then you can lay the tile on top of the slab. If you are on a crawlspace and the area can get wet or humid such as a bathroom and kitchen and laundry area, you need to have Bakerboard underneath the tile which will add a little cost (material + labor).

ROI: that is so hard to anticipate--in the price range you're in, I can't remember any of my Buyers ever saying to me: "I'm going to buy this house because it has tile." Ya know? I have had buyers purchase a house because it was more updated the others and showed better than the others. My buyers are looking at the condition of the interior and exterior of the house, the neighborhood it's in, the backyard, and the location. It's such a big combination of things.

For example, if you were going to tell a buyer that you would lay down tile for $1,000 or give them the $1,000 for closing costs--the majority of the buyers would choose to get $1,000 in closing costs in your price range. Tile floors are nice, and if you feel it would add real value to the home, you can do it. However, I would probably price it where I want to be and offer x amount in closing costs incentives for the Buyer. I think that would move your house more than anything. That's my two cents :)

Have a good one!

Adelina Rotar
Realty Executives Associates
Web Reference: http://www.RotarTeam.com
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Your ROI may be that your house sells while another doesn't. In this market you have to have to best house, buy buyers aren't willing to pay more.
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As a Realtor and an Investor, I would say NO to replacing the flooring. Buyers have their own ideas when purchasing your property. I've made the mistake of replacing flooring and seen it all ripped out immediately on close of escrow. If the tile is in good condition and clean...leave it!
Web Reference: http://www.cindihagley.com
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I agree, most people like to put their own flooring in. I know a lot of people that wouldn't even go through the effort and would be happy with the vinyl flooring. It will save you a lot of money. Make sure that you get it cleaned and that you leave it in good condition. http://www.completefloorservice.com.au/services
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The Hagley G…, Real Estate Pro in Pleasanton, CA
Right on.

What I would do is say $1,000 in closing costs to the buyer paid by the seller if closed by December 31, 2008, or something like that. That $1,000 in closing costs comes directly out of your profits, so you don't actually come up with that. The title company will just deduct it at closing. In your price range, closing cost incentives are highly sought after as many will be first time home buyers that would appreciate the help and would make your listing very desirable.
Web Reference: http://www.RotarTeam.com
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Ashley, I'd definately replace the vinyl. In todays market price & condition are the determining factors. If buyers were comparing your house to another with tile, which one do you think they'd chose? It's not only ROI but just plain beating out the competition!
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I don't think it's necessary to make this change. If it looks nice there's nothing wrong with vinyl flooring at all. When you make changes like this, you need to make sure that you'll make back all of the money you spend. There really isn't a guarantee that you will make the money back with something like this. I would suggest talking to a realtor about how much you could get from the sale if you make the change. If the number doesn't match well with the quotes you're getting for a replacement, you shouldn't make the change.
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I think it't important to get something that you will like. I don't think that different styles of flooring have as much of an impact as people might think. There is a possibility that having a specific type of flooring will make the home sell for more. There's no way to predict those numbers though. I think your best bet is to talk to a real estate agent about it. They will be able to tell you what you can expect to make off of every one of the flooring options that you have.
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You may not need to get it replaced. If you'd like to save some money, you could just get it cleaned. that's what I did before I sold my home last year. http://www.teddyclean.com.au/vinyl-floor-buffing-polishing-r…
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I would say replace it! Buyers notice vinyl flooring and consider it a lower end finish typically. You will probably at least break even on your investment but as mentioned earlier, you will sell more quickly.
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Anything in good condition sells, The ROI of upgrades today is hard as the appraisal may not give you an acceptable ROI. Use caution in upgrades for sale.
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I say if you flooring is nice and in good condition, spend that $1000 on making sure your curb appeal is good or you have a wow factor as soon as you walk in the front door. Maybe it is some new paint or some light fixtures in the bathrooms and other rooms.
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There is one very important aspect to remember,, when replacing flooring in a kitchen, you need to take into consideration the effect of the flooring on the your legs! Tile is very unforgiving when standing up cooking, washing, etc. If something drops on it, you run the risk of breaking/cracking the tile. If offers NO forgiveness.
Depending upon your demographic location, temperature is also a consideration... if you experience very cold winters, the flooring may be cold. Check out wood flooring or the laminate wood flooring, as another option. Try Lumber Liquidators,,, they have some awesome deals! Holds value very well, looks great, easy upkeep, adjusts to temperature better, and can be more forgiving on spills and drops. I've seen glasses bounce ! ( it hit just the right way;o) ) You can also check out the neighborhood. If the home is only 2 years old, what do the other homes have? Look at the present for sale competition, what condition/type of flooring do they have? Other considerations,,, are you putting the flooring in yourself or hiring out? These costs will need to be factored in to give you a better idea on ROI.
Sounds like you have your work cut out for you!! Good luck,
Tina Evans, Principal Broker
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I love stained concrete and poured concrete floors. My husband and I are really into that stuff.

Most buyers, however, would probably be turned off by it I think. I haven't had many buyers that prefer stained concrete instead of tile. I think there are unique buyers out there that would love it, but it might be too risky to do. You want your house to appeal to as many buyers as possible.
Web Reference: http://www.RotarTeam.com
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what about staining the concrete? it seems very modern and somewhat eco-friendly. anyone know if that would turn off MORE buyers than vinyl would?
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You would certainly want to present the best property to Buyers. In order to replace the floor, it would cost you cash upfront(even if you did the work on your own), and with longer days on market, that could be even longer before you see your return. You could use the possibility of reflooring if you are on the market a couple of months with no serious offers. The best key to a quick sale is a great price, especially these days!
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in the instance of trying to beat the competition and trying to ask a little more....is it not a good idea to do the tile?
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so i assume it would be even better...more of an incentive, if i did tile, AND offered $1k toward closing costs?
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As far as a return for your investment youmay not be increasing the value by more than the project costs but you are not hurtung the value either. Where it comes into play is helping a buyer decide between 1 or 2 other properties they are comparing yours to. Go ahead and get it done. it will help in the long run, good luck with your project and future sale.
Web Reference: http://www.ScottSellsNH.com
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Ashley, the best information on renovations and return on investment is on REALTOR.com. Go to the Home & Garden page and you can find lots of tools to help you. As far as my opinion, it really depends on what the vinyl looks like, If it has a pattern, it could make the space look smaller. Another problem may be the Buyer doesn't have the same taste, so you may want to include your Buyer in on the decision. I would be glad to come and take a look and discuss what would be the best way to get maximum price. I hope this was helpful.
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