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Anybody ever get a letter like this from a realtor

Asked by Dan, Pennsylvania Sun Feb 24, 2008

Here is the letter I received, minus a few names that are replaced with asterisks:

Dear ***** and Dan:

Are you even aware of the efforts that were made in your behalf regarding the real estate negotiations that you just chose to leave? Not only my efforts, which were extensive, but also those of the Sellers, their agents, **, and many others in the ** company. With each move you made it became increasingly clearer to all those involved that you were never negotiating in good faith at all. One example is that you offered a counter offer to the Seller and then requested your Handmoney be returned before you even heard his reponse. That was further confirmed this evening, **, when you hung up on me. Don't bother with real estate unless you are planning to bargain in good faith as we all work too hard to server you and we don't make a dime unless you close on a property.


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I would like to know the other side of the story before I answered this one. If you in fact did not negotiate in good faith, then perhaps it could be said that time was indeed wasted. Just looking at a one-sided letter is no indication of what truly went on here.
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Just remember one and all: There are always THREE sides to the story--your side, my side and the TRUTH!
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Times are very tough out there right now and there are a lot of Realtors who need to find another job. This letter has probably played in the head of almost every Realtor who is honest enough to admit it, but it should NEVER have been sent.

It is not your problem if the agent has kids at home who need new school clothes, or if he is about to have his home and car reposessed because he has not been paid in three months. If he is burnt out he needs to move on to a job where he gets paid for simply putting in the hours.

For your own mental health, have a little compassion on somebody who went over the edge. Then try to put this out of your mind and move on to another agent who will behave in a more professional manner.

Please accept another appology from those of us in the community who think that this was very bad judgement on the part of the agent, even if you HAD BEEN an unreasonable buyer.

Thanks for showing us all how hurtful this like of attitude can be! One good thing about the tougher market is that we might weed out some agents who just don't have the heart for it.
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Just an additional note on our situation. We told the realtor that our offer we made on sunday was final and she was to tell the sellers that, but never did. She pushed one more offer from me on thursday and after I said okay I called her to stop it because my wife didn't want to go any higher. We had already requested our handmoney back 3 times before this. She did present the offer to the seller and they countered which we wouldn't have accepted anyway. Also, she would have saved all this time and effort if she had just done as instructed. Also, we wanted to bid on a lower priced home but she would not put in the bid unless we bid within $5,000 of asking price and called us PREDATORS.
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Sounds like the realtor was desperate for a sale. Don't take it persoanlly. Good Luck
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I have had similiar experience in looking for homes in my area. There are some (including several just on this post with saying "there are two sides"...."I'd like to hear his side" ) that still just don't get it. There are no other sides!!!! The days of easy money, bidding up property values, and several offers on homes are OVER. The buyer is now in the driver seat!!! You will have to bend over backwards, change your way of thinking, and insist that your sellers lower their ridiculous prices in order to bring the well-informed, qualified buyer back to the table. The final sentence in that letter tells the story all too well. The agent was concerned about one thing and one thing only, THERE BOTTOM LINE!!! And for the agents out there, is telling a potential buyers "don't bother with real estate" really a good way to work through the mess housing is in nowadays? I know serveal of you will say "well that's just a few bad apples". Well, I'm here to tell you as a buyer who has been in the market for over a year, if there are good, caring, honest agents out there, THEY are the exception, not the rule.
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This is clearly an individual that does not understant the meaning of "professionalism."

It also comes as a reminder that any business, any societal group, or organization is truly an extension of our society bringing with it all sorts of issues, weaknesses, twisted views, limited understanding & knowledge etc. etc.

No, we haven't seen anything quite like this.

An important note is that this is NOT the way good real estate professionals behave but does cast a shadow over the profession that the rest of us have to deal with.
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It is totally unappropriate. Sounds like a massive mental breakdown of frustration. I can feel that sometimes but that is why we are professionals, it is part of the job, move on from this experience and next time You really should have a buyer broker who can assist you, in most cases you can negotiate it so it does not cost you anything extra as the agent will get paid from the fee offered from the listing agent in mls to your buyers agent. they can assist you in finding a great home at a great price.
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Wow Dan...That sounds like a fun realtor...would love to home shop with him / her.

Well, essentially you were "fired", but you should consider yourself lucky. You don't want to be represented by someone who has a different agenda than representing you.

Where are you looking? I am no realtor (I am actually a huge critic) but if you are looking in the suburban Philadelphia market (Bcks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties) I know a few really good realtors and can send you info if you want. I have worked with them before, so I am personally (not professionally as I am no realtor or employed whatsoever by the real estate business) referring them.

Good luck in your search!

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I'd say, move on. This realtor isn't worth your time or worry for another moment. Get a new one that's more respectful toward your goals. Get referrals from friends, co-workers, and family for a new realtor. Interview several realtors before you choose to work with one again.
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I am so sorry for your unpleasant experience. I guess the best way for me to sum up that letter is by saying....."Well, that's a DIFFERENT business model...."

Much to my chagrin, I have been contacted by several people/families in the past 18 months who have received similar letters and/or calls from their previous agents, which is incredible to me... Thankfully, we were able in each instance to work with these clients and assisted them through a professionally conducted real estate transaction, and they're now happily settled into their homes! In each instance, we found these people/families to be seriously looking for homes, but not having pleasant experiences, and we were delighted to help them through the process.

As in any industry, there are the fantastic, the mediocre, and the less-than-stellar. Please let me know if you'd like assistance in locating a professional Realtor in your area. I'd be happy to connect you with someone. I have agents throughout the state that I can recommend highly - who are tried and true, and work with you to ensure a smooth - and even enjoyable - experience throughout.

Again, I'm sorry for your experience thus far. Let me know if I can be of any assistance!

Happy home searching!
Jennifer in Lancaster Co., PA
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Sounds like the Real Estate person was venting in frustration. This letter never should have been mailed. I apologize for the poor choice that was made and encourage you to try a Realtor when you decide to do business in the future. Melissa
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wow, this is why I bacame a realtor. Too many agents out there like this. They feel they can intimidate you into your decision. Just remember - we work for you, not vice versus. I do everything I can to get what my client wants, not what I want. That is uncalled for. Put a letter or email in writing to this agent that you no longer wish to work with them and therefore terminate your business relationship with them. I am sorry you have been treated this way. Good luck, and if you need any further help, let me know. When you look for a new agent, make sure you give them your expectations upfront, but don't dwell on the way you were treated here, it can only get better. There are tons of great agents out there dying to help you and treat you with respect.
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Oh my! That is inappropriate. It sounds like perhaps that particular person is suffering from some burnout. Find a different agent and go on.
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I've never heard of a letter like this. Realtors build their business on good will and referrals, and while I doubt that you would have used her again, or recommended her, you now her "attitude" in writing, so that you can relive it over and over again, becoming increasingly angry until you overflow...

... by publishing it on a national web forum, like Trulia.

Sounds like a mistake to me... now, if you're still interested in looking for homes, go out and find an agent who's a better match. Don't overburden them with "horror stories" about your former Realtor (nobody likes to hear about the "EX"... just explain upfront what you expect from your agent.

Good luck.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
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