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Shaw, Home Buyer in Lake County, IL

Anyone figthing property tax increase in lake county, IL?

Asked by Shaw, Lake County, IL Mon Feb 4, 2008

The real estate boom has been a windfall for local taxing authorities. Why is it that the base rate (of about 2.22% of the market value in my case) not adjusted downwards when the price of the home went up by almost 50%? We are not putting extra demands on the infrastructure, no new schools are built. Cost of living adjustment for the same period when the house valuation went up was only 9%. I think the county/townships just find a way to spend the money they collect. no incentive for them to refund/give break to home owners. I have appealed and the whole process is skewed in favor of the township assessor. I have used Freedom of Information act and is going to the township next week to find out stats - how many people have appealed (direct and through lawyers), how many apps rejected (direct/lawyer), how many went on to state and the disposition thereof. I am hoping that some citizens will join my fight. -Shaw

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Jpb in Hawthorn Woods,

I think you will be amazed at Lake County Appeal’s success in lowering our client’s property tax bills:

Market Value Reductions in 2009 & 2010: OVER $145,000,000!

Lake County Appeal Client Savings in 2009 & 2010: OVER $3,300,000!

Success Rate in 2009 & 2010: 98% & 94% or an average of 96%!

As Lake County’s largest and most successful property tax appeal firm we are very proud of our unprecedented success!

In addition to our amazing success, OUR FEES ARE THE LOWEST IN THE INDUSTRY! We only charge a small upfront fee of $65. (You can use the coupon code TRULIA for $10 OFF your sign-up too!) After a successful appeal, we only charge 25% of your savings in the first year. Our competitors charge much, much more and cannot claim the success we have achieved for our clients. In addition, you can sign up for our services directly from our website, It is very simple to begin the process and you can do it on your own time from the comfort of your home. We have already had over 500 clients sign up in the past few days so do not delay! We recommend signing up now so you do not chance missing the deadline when the assessment notices are mailed out later this year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us any time at 847-790-7400 or you can visit our website and click on “FAQ” for answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. All of us at Lake County Appeal look forward to helping you lower your property tax bill this year!

Yours truly,

Curtis Perlman
Lake County Appeal
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I also used Lake County Appeal (I convinced our homeowner's association to hire them based on past experience with them on my office building) and I still cannot say enough good things about them! A few of my neighbors wanted to appeal on their own and they argued with our rep from Lake County Appeal the entire process! Our rep did not let it deter him and he actually just spoke to us at our last HOA meeting to tell us that he expects our taxes to be about $2,200-$2,500 LESS per year per home based on the successful appeal! They usually issue a coupon to discount the review fee (which is only $50 anyways) so if I get one this year I will post it for you to use.
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I just got notice yesterday that the company I hired lowered my assessment by over $150,000! Their letter says that should be over $3,000 this year!!!! I only paid them $50 to see if they could save me money and I think I have to pay them 1/4 of my savings but I do not have a bill yet. The website is if you are interested. I hope that helps you Shaw.

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"Save Money":

Your answer is correct on many fronts but please let me correct a few points:

1) The Lake County Board of Review (BOR) will NOT accept a market analysis from a Realtor as evidence. Also, I don't know about you, but I would feel bad wasting a Realtor's time without compensating them in some way.

2) A lot of people do not have the time you discussed to do the research and attend appeal hearings. Also, it is very intimidating and scary to defend your "evidence" in front of the Assessor and the BOR when you are not exactly sure what they are looking for. I still remember my first time in front of the BOR...I was shaking and sweating trying to counter their arguments!

3) As I mentioned in point #2, the BOR is VERY strict on what they consider to be a comparable. This is probably the biggest problem when it comes to appealing with the BOR. A home that you or I would consider comparable is many times not accepted by the BOR due to their very strict guidelines. In my opinion this is the most difficult aspect of the process.

4) There are also multiple ways to appeal your assessment and the comparable sales method you mentioned is just one way. As experts in the field, we will look at all the options (even the more difficult ones) to see which method will achieve the largest reduction for our client.

Your post makes some very good points (about being respectful and such), but it also points out one of the big problems of the internet...taking advice from anonymous strangers! The process of appealing your assessment is not rocket science, the same way that filing you taxes is not rocket science. I know I pay an accountant good money every year to complete my taxes for the IRS (when I could do it myself) but I have to invest almost no time or effort and I know it is being done correctly. My accountant is also aware of loopholes and exemptions that I am not and I am a true believer that he pays for himself in what he saves me. That is no different than what Lake County Appeal does for our client's property tax appeals. Our upfront fee is very small and we only charge a percentage of what the client saves! There is very little, to no, out-of-pocket expense (you only pay a percentage of your savings) and our clients tell us it is well worth not having to spend the time and energy of going through the process not knowing if they are even doing it correctly. I guess it depends on the individual...if you have more than enough time (reading the 14 pages of rules, driving around to do research, calling Assessor's Offices, filing your appeal, driving to Waukegan to defend your appeal, etc.) you MAY be up for trying it on your own but I can assure you that we have thousands of satisfied client's that tell us everyday how much more successful we were than their friend that tried it on their own. My client’s get to be more productive making money instead of wasting their time doing all of this work not even knowing if they are doing it correctly. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

If you are interested in our services, please visit our website for more information and to contact us. Also, I would like to remind you of the coupon code TRULIA which will lower your up front Complete Assessment Review fee to only $55. I wish everyone the best of luck no matter which route you try!

Yours truly,

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Why are you so accusatory? I have received great service from and I was trying to help people save a few dollars on their taxes AND save a few dollars on the review. You may do a good job too but so do they. I like the fact that they consult with many different professions because I think it is great to have a few different views. Actually, someone different did our commercial appeal because Curtis thought they were better qualified to get us a larger reduction. That is a benefit to me, not a detriment. I also like how simple it is to do the entire review all on-line on my time. It makes my life easier.

I have to say I NEVER had any trouble reaching anyone. My e-mails are returned quickly and my phone calls are always returned. I also think you have to be very careful what you say. Curtis, our specialist is a real estate developer and custom home builder and has been in business for over thirty years. He is honest and hardworking and that is very immature and rude to say what you said about another professional. He is excellent at what he does and I know first hand that he is well liked by our assessor which I think is important.

I am very curious as to what your message said that you would not get a return call?
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I have heard good things regarding Lake county appeals.
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My husband said he would post a coupon code for, so if anyone is interested, I just received two coupons from them. We have successfully used their services for our personal home, our entire subdivision and our commercial property and I cannot say enough about Curtis, our specialist. He is always responsive and they make the entire process so simple! Their forms are automatically sent through the e-mail and they are simple to fill out too. To put it bluntly, CURTIS IS THE BEST BAR NONE!

The first coupon is FDyM4BaD1 but I don't know if it will work b/c it says you have to be a newsletter subscriber to use it, but it is for 20% off an assessment review. The second code says it is for friends and family so I cannot imagine there being a problem. That code is for 15% off and is WHyE5YFp. Maybe you can try and sign up for the newsletter and then use the 20% coupon.

Curtis' number is 847-790-7400 x12 and please tell him Liz and Tony referred you...maybe I can get a free appeal or something!?!

Good luck!
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I was tried fighting for property tax increase in lake county, IL for 2011!!! That was terrible situation, now :
1) A lot of extra steps by paperwork .(never before )2) Lake County Board of Review - that is complete false institute - nobody doesn't want to listen to yours arguments with what they wouldn't be logical and proved; 15 minutes which give - you anybody you don't listen also to you constantly interrupt, and after 12 minutes, to you speak - time has ended. Bad "circus "it, a rough sneer at you, your rights, time - as a result, I silently has risen and has left, having interrupted mockeries at self !!!!!!!
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What success have you had? How can i join your effort?
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Let me offer my input, first do not hire any tax consultant to file an assessment appeal on your behalf, I have been filing and appealing assessments for the last serveral years (about four years) for myself, friends and family members. I have a 100 percent success rate. Simply first get a market analysis from a real estate agent (no cost to you) and see if you are over assessed. Sometimes an appraisal for market value may be needed. (about $300.00 often not needed but you could save that much in taxes). If your assessment is 1/3 of the market value, you are most likely OK, The real estate agent will do their best to give you a fair analysis. I do the leg work myself. I use the Lake County assessment site to collect most of my information. I also look for sales within my neighborhood to find 3 comparable properties. (Sales currently are difficult to find) The instructions are very easy to follow using the web site. I do not charge anyone for getting them a reduction. OK a few have bought me dinner. If a tax consultant is really that good at getting you a reduction, they should not be charging for an application fee of any kind. As for saving you money, they recieve a percentage of what they save you on your first tax bill. (Most likely 25%. The money you save is worth the time you put in to get a reduction. After you have collected your information, visit the local asseessors office first to see if you can reach an agreement at the local level. Be polite, if you are not satisfied with the assessors office then file your appeal. Follow the easy instructions and good luck. Work for yourself and friends and family if you'd like and maybe get a few meals. You get 30 days to file after you assessment has been published, read the assessment notice to find you filing deadline.
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As the largest, most established and successful property tax appeal firm in Lake County, I find it disconcerting that you would claim Lake County Appeal did not exist prior to 2009. Seeing that this is your one and only post on Trulia I have to assume you have ulterior motives. For the record, we lowered fair market values for our client's by over $45,000,000.00 in 2009 alone! You read that correctly, 45 MILLION one can claim that type of success!

I encourage everyone to research our company, call us any time to speak with us, read our testimonials from our past clients, check us out through the BBB, and even ask your assessor about us. I think you will find that there is a reason why Lake County Appeal is the best and the most successful firm.

I guess dealing with these matters is what the internet is all about. I would also like to encourage everyone to visit our website and read about avoiding property tax scams. A little research now could save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us any time at 847-790-7400. Additionally, I would like to provide an updated coupon for readers on Trulia. The coupon code to use is: TRULIA and it will save you $10 on a Complete Assessment Review! All of us at Lake County Appeal look forward to helping you lower your tax bill this year!

Yours truly,

Curtis Perlman
Lake County Appeal
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I feel that I have to respond to the inapropriate posts below by Don Yosef Marcus. I am pasting an exact copy of my e-mail to him here:


I just received a call and an e-mail from a client of mine that was very upset. She told me to go and look at what was being said on a blog on

I am very upset, and a little hurt, by what I read. I have worked long and hard for the reputation I have in the industry and I think your comments are totally out of line. We have worked very hard to make Lake County Appeal what it is and I am very proud of our reputation.

I can be reached any time by phone and/or e-mail and I think all of my clients would agree. I am sorry if you left a message and it went unanswered. I did go back and find an e-mail from you asking for a job and I am truly sorry if no one replied to you. We are a tight knit group of professionals that work together on our appeals and maybe we need to discuss how to properly handle solicitations for employment.

I think an apology is in order on and/or I would like you to look into having your inappropriate posts removed. I have never bashed you or your business and I am very upset to think that your off-base comments could possibly hurt my business and your business by their unprofessional nature.

I expect that your defamatory posts will be removed by Monday morning at the very latest.

Yours truly,



I would be more than happy to provide anyone with many glowing reviews of our company from many past and present clients. Feel free to click on our link below for more information about our wonderful service

Yours truly,
Curtis Perlman
(If you need any proof of my expertise in my profession, feel free to Google my name. (Note that "Perlman" does not have an "a" in the beginning)
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Dear Eryn,
Every good and honest lawyer &/ or individual that does this for a living ALWAYS charges an very small retainer fee or out of pocket expense fee. I can name a half a dozen right off of the top of my head. I always say you pay form you get. If someone can't aford $50-$100.00 up front than its not worth my effort or see whether or not they can can a refund &/ or reduction. You can e-mail me directly at I have help owners reduce their property tax's in many different county's across ILL and other states. The fundelmentals are the same if you haven taken any classes envolving property tax's. The principals are the same whether you live in Chicago,cook county,deerfield,lake county or any county in the USA. I HAVE REDUCED OVER ONE MILLION DIOLLARS IN PROPERTY TAX'S IN MY CAREER SO YOUR ADVISE ABOUT LAKE COUNTY IS NOT TRUE. I went to the assessor last year and this year HE WAS NOT ABLE TO HELP REDUCED MY PROPERTY ASSESSMENT, BUT THROOUGH MY KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE i WAS ABLE TO GET THE JOB DONE. I knew that he probably couldn't help me but he is our elected offical so who else should be able to get the job done ! Because of my backgound and being a REealtor I can be sucessful 90 % if not more save a home owner money on tax's if i help them file their case.
Lake county is not so different than cook county you just have to dot your i's and cross your t's more.
Sincerely yours,
Don Yosef Marcus GRI,ABR,CCREC
CENTURY 21 Agent for 22 years
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Dear Shaw,
I have worked for the COOK COUNTY ASSESSOR'S office for 8 yrs and helped 1,000's of home owners through out cook county.
I live in Highland Park and have meet with our officials complaining of these unfair / unequal tax burden that we have. I have sucussfully reduced my and other property tax's that I do on the side when I am not too busy with real estate. I am a realtor for 22 yrs. that KNOW'S HOW to BEAT the SYSTEM one way or another.
I do charge for my time and services. I have been sucessfull through both the board of Review and the & the state property review board. I do charge an up front fee that tis well worth it., becuase to do a good job it takes alot of research up front to see if you qualify for a a property tax reduction.
Call me any time at 847-361-7770.
You must know the in's & out's of this business to be sucessfull. One small detail can either make or break your case.I have been doing this for over 25 years on and off. FROM MY RESEARCH I have found that anyone that have brought a property in the last few years especially needs to contact me. I just started to make a list of properties that i know that i can reduce and will be sending out a mailer soon. Attorney's have hired me to do their homes in the past. My sucess rate since I have been doing this is about 90 %. I also can get refunds from past tax's paid also.
You don't ......................................... NEED TO HIRE A ATTORNEY to WIN
Sincerely yours,
Don Yosef Marcus GRI,ABR,CCREC
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I have some idea, that :1) lake County want get money from more rich and successful areas, instead poor and to compensate losses, re stacking them on steadier 2) lake County doesn't know other ways how to lift taxes (any) 3) lake County has no clever, talented professionals for change of an existing situation to the best (they as well as any government, have wallowed in laziness and routine).
Any lawyers or logic , or documents - will It is helpless, because they on the verge of a financial precipice and will be under any pretext - threats, unconfirmed refusals, lies and so forth to refuse to any body !!!!!!!!
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Aleks from Lake Zurich is absolutely correct. The Lake County Board of Review will not listen to anyone appealing taxes this year. My neighbors went through an appeal, and the BOR actually would not listen to their arguments with the information they provided with homes that were next door and across the street that were assessed at 20% and 22% below their home. The BOR refused to give them a reduction and ended up hanging up on them after 12 minutes of the allotted 15 minutes.

If anyone has any questions about Lake County, IL property taxes, they can contact me through my company at if they want a free consultation. Aleks, please contact me through my website and I will provide you with a free tax appeal with all paperwork done for you.

Thanks, Tim
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Some interesting facts on Lake County Taxes - In Cook County - there are a number of attny's that charge 50 bucks plus half the first year's tax savings. There are many fewer entities helping people in Lake County which is why Lake County Appeals has such a nice niche!
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Golden Lake Homes has been successful in reducing people's property taxes by up reducing some home's assessed valuatin by up to $800,000.00. has reduced Lake County Homes Owners tax bills by up to $13,000.00 for some homeowners.

Go to for a risk-free assessment of your homes. Most townships are in the process of closing so do it today!
Web Reference:
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It's a bit late to respond to your message, but I live in Barrington, Cuba Township, Lake County, and have recently filed my Reply Brief before the Appellate Court in Elgin. I am not a lawyer and had to decipher and scramble for procedures, etc. It has taken 6 years to get here.
Near the peak of market values in 2005, my assessment was increased by 58% and 500 others were also increased out of a mass appraisal where some 8000 other properties increased by only 4.34%.
The lake county board of Review (LCBOR) disregarded nearly all additional evidence (survey, pictures) and the assessor's admission that she altered my record card in error and increased the size. They also disregarded citation to Walsh v. PTAB in regard to using a different method on a minority. Needless to say, PTAB wholly supported LCBOR, the circuit court wholly supported PTAB...and it went "uphill" from there.
Phil Moll
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Is anyone interested in hiring someone to initiate a "class action" appeal? It seems it would have to be based on assessment principles as well as individual home assessments.
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The success rate has gone down this last year from 90 % to75 % due to the board of lake counties new arguments for property tax redcutions. They are now declaring that if you fall within a certain acceptable price that your appeal will be no good ! They have made up this acceptable price ranger $ per Sq Ft and should be challenged in a court of law some day soon. Even though Assessor's have been using this practice for many years, i don't believe that a $20.00 per sq ft price range is fair or convincing argument that they have used this last year. so i would further to go on to the State of IL to get their opinion on these new findings of the lake county board of review.
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Please Call or e-mail if i can be of any assitance to you for Property tax reduction & refund Services
thank you,
Don yosef Marcus
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Dear Curtis,
I am very surprised with all of your knowledge that you stated something incorrectly. CMA'S Are submissable to the BOARD OF REVIEW. LOOK it up you will be surprised !!!Matter of fact most Counties in IL will accept them. The problem is how much weight will they hold !! Thats the real issue.
For the most part you seem to know the system and practice it the best to your ability,but my talents exceed yours individually. I don't have to count on any of your 25 employee's from various backgrounds in order to be successful in a tax reduction appeal. Nobody & I mean nobody does the research that I do in ordr to get a reduction & or possible refund. I am very happy to hear that you reduced properties over 45 million worth last yr. That's impressive but when yo think that over 75 % of the State of IL is over assessed that's only a drop in the bucket. To get an expert opinion from anyone you have to pay upfront fee. The $50 -$55.00 is well worth it no matter which expert you go to. I am not getting as many appeals from people who tried to call you and never got a response back. I am happy to see that your communications have improved over the last year.
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Dear Other/Just Looking,
Do you have a name or are U too embarressed to give it. Besides possible ilegal implications that you might be doing ...I would suggest that your comments are way in left field. If it was as easy as you say it is then many attorneys/tax agents would be out of business. It is a very lengthy and time consuming practice from beginning to end unless you are like most jerks that say this . I actually get alot of my business from people who went to their assessor and got no where with them. So your theories are flawed from the Giving of comps from a realtor to using an apprasier who does not know how to give comps for property tax assessing purpose's. I have gotten also a few clients because their Realtor was stepping outside the boundaries of their expertise. I can go into many examples but its jerks like you that should be held accountable for such general incorrect,misleading statements. That's probably why you won't give your name out. All I have to say is Your Pay for what you get ! NObody and I will say it again Nobody does the research of the past ,present and future like I do. There are too many issues to look at when deciding what is the best route to take to get a reduction. If you are so sucessfull then you should do it for a living ? Not all individuals want to pay for any apprasial then what ? THEIR ARE SPECIFIC GUILDLINES that need to followed and I am curious that to amount of your bigest reduction ? What 10,000 maybe 50,000 ? LOL
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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make a few clarifications to my previous posting with the help of Curtis Perlman. Realtors at this time are a bit slow because of market conditions. Having the opportunity to meet future clients is a great way to get their name out there and meet people face to face. Possibly 100's of leads that could be a future benefit. I don't consider it a waste of time for them to meet and greet potential clients. You are correct about the (BOR) not accepting a markrt analysis. Some of the assessors will take a stong look at them. What I meant to imply was you take the market analysis and use the comparables and fill in the appeal form with the information. Not to turn in a market analysis as evidence.
As far as sitting in front of the Board of review and findind it intimidating or otherwise. I had scheduled a vacation to see my son and his wife and our granchildren in San Dieago California. The County set my hearing date for the Wednesday of the vacation week. I called the County to change my date and was told that was not possible. I informed the young lady that it was not possible for me to attend the hearing. She recommended a phone hearing. I was not real sure about that but had no choice. While in San Diego I called at the time and date of my hearing. The County said the Board of Review was busy and would call me back. After about 15 minutes the call came and we conducted the hearing. I was able to get a substantial reduction and went back to my morning coffee next to my wife while sitting poolside watching my grandchildren swim. Curtis, you may want to try this. I felt no intimidation at all. I understand you can do a hearing by letter, this i have not done. Curtis you seem to be very successful in your endeaver and I wish you continued success, I feel ther are times when we as Americans need to take the time to educate ourselves and learn the system. Us old timers have time on our hands and the is no price we can put on education as I'm you you will agree. I do not do commercial property but truly find the process quite simple if you can read and follow the instructions. And again a bit of education can save you money without an application fee and part of your savings.
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Hi Just thought I would add a little info. I was about to use but wanted to do some research first. I thought it was interesting that the first time they did any amount of business was at the end of 2009. Anytime before that there is no record of them, I think all these people stating they used them are either fake or friends of Before you use anyone I would definitely research the company. I know there are tons of lawyers that appeal I have seen them while waiting for my hearing. At least a lawyer has a license that the state controls!
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Dear Curtis P,
I just want to thank you for not answering your phone I gotten at least a half dozen callers because of that. I guess I now owe you a referrel fee ?
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Dear CurtisP.
Wow, Lighten need to chill out. I guess this one way of getting your attention for a call or e-mail back. My comment only reflect the trurth what actually happened and since when can't I write/e-mail the trurth ? I am not making up this stuff. I am sorry if I bursted anyone bubble or eggo. I have not personally attacked anyone especially you or your company . I really don't care about your company and have no grips with you either. Matter of fact we need many more tax reduction specialist ou there. The more the marrier. i only wish you much sucess. I always find it interesting about what the public says about the profession when they don't know the in's and out's about it and have interesting comments.
I am sorry if I got out of line.
I did try to find your company on yellow & White pages but I had no luck. I just do this on the side but lately with real estate being so slow it seems more full time. Come on Curtis let put this behind us , I will even give you a new case I just got tonight if you want. Maybe I would even let you do my home if you want. All that I was saying is that its very hard to judge how good or excellent a job or a company or a person does for you if you haven't had much experiences with tax reduction cases. Like you state in your web site each case is different and so are the results. My comments are for any person or company in business doing this line of work. These are some of the proceedures that I employ and should be not taken personally or reflect the quality of work that others do. The bottom line is if you are happy with the quality & service then that all that counts. My comments won't hurt anyones business only strength in it and you should go from strength to strength. If you ever need an extra helping hand please let me know. I do Cook County Assessor,Cook County Board of Review ,State of Il Property Tax Appeals Board & Lake County. If you ever want to get a cup of coffee its my treat. I love to share some great funny case results with you anytime.
May G-d Bless you.
Sincerely yours,
Donald Yosef Marcus GRI,ABR,CCREC,SRES
D.J.M. Property tax Reductions
P.O. Box 187
Highland Park,IL. 60035
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Dear Liz,
So when you stated previously that Curtis helped you on your commerical property ,you are now taking that back and telling the truth that he in fact didn't and couldn't get you a reduction that you deserved. Its really strange how the truth comes out !!! So you are being very misleading to the public about Curtis's qualifications to do property tax reductions. I am glad that you decided to tell the truth after being squeezed a little. Consulting with a few different professionals that have the same access to the same information only tells me that one person is not capable to understand this fairly easy process. Everything is in black in white and it doesn't take a rocket sciencetist to understand these principals if you are educated enough in this practice. I am very happy that Curtis was honest enough to tell you he was not qualified to handle your commerical property tax reduction complaint.
The internet can be user friendly or foe that's upto the clients needs I can do the same. Is Curtis licensed in the state of IL. ? Do you know how many foreclosures are out there ? Do you know how developers have or are going out of business ? Developers that have been inbusiness longer than 30 years have called it quits. Like by the assessor... has very little to do if anything with your tax reduction and I would be very carefull what you say about their relationship affecting the reduction of your complaints. I get along with everyone and matter of fact I have been offered a position in one the assessor's offices .
Everything that I have stated is the trurth , you can't stop the power of the press & or the internet just because you don't like what a person says or maybe you believe in communism !!!No Body is going to dictate to me what I can say no not say if it is the truth, Oh look at that I just got an e-mail from Curtis crying about my e-mails and trying to appologize that I never got a call back from them. I want to thank you for getting in touch with Curtis I think you got his attention because he is now threatening me to remove my remarks by Monday or he will contact Trulis about my offensive remarks that are all true. The ACLU will have a field day with this situation. My question still stands to you Liz , you state that he is excellent on what basis can you back that up. You state that I might be good but with Curtis you state he is excellent. How many times did he or any of his assocates come over to your home and if so what did they do ? There certain materials that is needed or to help your complaint did you send all of them over the internet example ;did you send a plat of survey to them ?Did you send any photographs to them over the internet? I am curious. The matter I called them on was that I was interested in their operations I was very curious to find out more information about them since I know alot of individuals who do this for a living and I never heard of them . I wanted to find out as much as I can about their services so I can offered my expert services if they were in ever need of them, but I never got a returned call. So it was and still is hard for me to understand how a so called well respected & professional company operates this way. I always like to give out referrals to people who do this for a living if I don't want to take on a case. By the Liz you have my e-mail adress & phone number oh look at that I just got a call from Curtis Perlman I guess he is still upset from the phone call you gave him. I will call him tomorrow to let him calm down after your calls. Liz you shouldn't get so upset because everyone has their own opinion and that's what makes America Great. You need to chill out. OK If it makes you feel better.... Curtis did a super fantastic job and your the best client anyone can ask for. See the difference is I know what it takes to be on that level and not too many people have that understanding of what it takes or what is envolved,but with your experiences that you had I think you are well on your way. Have a great evening and pat yourself on your back for helping all those tax-payers out there with your reviews.
sincerely yours,
Don Yosef Marcus
D.J. M Property Tax Reductions
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Dear Shaw,
I would be very curious on Mark K adress to verify some his statements of savings, $150,000 is outstanding but I have also done this when needed. I would definitely ask for that adress of the property and also clearify if this was asseed valueor market value since assessed value is 1/3 of market value. So he got about 50,000 in assessed value reduced then. When you get $100,000 in assessed value reduced then I will be impressed. Make sure that their contract also has at leastr a three day refund period or recinder period by consumer law. Then you know they are operatering on a consumer level of practice and experience.
Sincerely yours,
Don yosef Marcus GRI,ABR,CCREC,SRES
Realtor & Property Tax Reduction Advisor for over 22 years
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Dear Shaw,
I put a few calls into this so called service your last two bloggers boasted about and I am still waiting for a call back from them. They are very unprofessional and you can't reach anyone directly through e-mail or a simple phone call back. I am so happy that there are these kind of services out there but I still haven't found one that does everything that I do. So far this year i have been 100 % sucesfull and plan to take the Lake County Board Of Review examine so i can sit on the panel and see for myself why it is so difficult for the average tax payer to win. Hopefully I can make the difference for a more fair and equal panel. i do Cook& Lake County & the State of IL Property Tax Appeals Board Also
I will keep you posted on my success
sincerely yours,
D.J.M. Property Tax Reductions
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Well Shaw,
Just like your last e-mail, I also help a tax payers to reduce their home $150,000 in Market Value. My sucess rate is in the 90's % also. It would of probably been close to 100 % but I enjoy challenging case's that I should of passed it on,but it does keep me on my toes.
Feel free to call or e-mail anytime about Lake ,Cook or any of the other county's in IL. they are pretty much under the same guildlines.
Sincerely yours,

D.J.M. Property Tax Reductions
P.O. Box 187
Highland Park,IL.60035
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Dear Shaw,
You can use all the stats you like , it doesn't matter. What happened when you went to your township assessor's office ? I find it funny that the public use the assessor's office as a friendly adventure when its the assessor's job to submit comps to the board OR THE STATE to justify their increases Find your self a good lawyer or a property tax reduction specialist or go to school to become an appriasier . The whole system from beginning to end is flawed, if not the assessor then its the state multiplier or its YOUR LOCAL TAXING DISTRICTS. I am also waiting for my results this year i will kep you posted.
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I am in the process of an appeal. Have a hearing this Friday. They actually had the guts to raise my property tax assessment this year despite the fact that I have been trying to sell the property for 2 years with no offers. I have LISTED at over 200,000 less than they have assessed and expect to sell for less. It's easy for them to raise the amount when times are good, but when times are bad they have a one way street. We'll see what happens Friday.
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What I do for you or anyone else with property tax reduction of your property
There are four major ways to see if an home owner can get a property tax reduction.
1) By homes that are less in assessed value that is comparable to yours WITHIN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ASSIGNED BY THE LOCAL ASSESSOR
2) By looking at all of your information to make sure there are no factual errors I verify all the information To see If there is a possible error & then I come out and personally take photo's and make a record of it.
3) I look for recent sale comps WITHIN your neighborhood YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ASSIGNED BY YOUR ASSESSOR.
4) I talk to my appraiser after I find possible sales comps to use for a new appraisal IF YOUR PROPERTY IS OUTSIDE THE BOUNDRIES THAT YOUR ASSESSOR HAS DESIGNATED FOR YOU.
5) If I find major factual errors we can ALSO file for a CERTICATE OF ERROR FOR A refund.
I do all the research and evaluation AND WHICH is the best way to approach your property tax reduction &/or refund.
Per my written terms of agreement I get $100.00 up front for researching WHICH INCLUDES any out of pocket fee's. Then I get 1/3 or 33.3 % of your savings for the first year only and if you get a refund I get the same 33.3% of the refund.
Qfter working for CROOK I mean COOK County ASSESSOR's Ofice for too many years that I want to remember and helping hundred's if not thousands of home owners I find myself besides myself that not more home owners don't file appeals/complaints to reduce their property tax's. For many years I have seen that 60-80 % of homeowners should all be filing and they don't. I am Glad that people are starting to wake up this unjust, unfair system/society that only is getting worse with our tax dollars.

Thank you,
Sincerely yours,
Don Yosef marcus GRI,ABR,CCREC
DJM Property Tax Reductions
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Dear Eryn,
Matter of fact when you go to an attorney for help they charge a retainer fee. Not knowing whether or not they can fully help you untill they all the information from you and they do their research.
Matter of fact the days of being a chaufer are long over for me. I Do charge buyers and now sellers who homes are needed of a short sale money up front. Maybe you can work 40 hours a week doing research and driving arouund I can't. I know what i give to my customers/ clients are second to none. Very few individuals have the experience and knowledge that I have and if they want to give it away G-d Bless them. I have help Thousands in my life time free of charge but that doesn't pay your bills.
I am like a property tax reduction Doctor , when was the last time to went to a doctor for a physical/ check up to see if anything was wrong and he ddn't charge you. No one examines to the degree that i do. I take on cases that no one else would even try to do.
My pin is 16-26-205-043.
Since we have an un just system with unfair lot size values , non reported true effective age of properties, neighborhood codes that are not designed properly lay out and a crazy state multiplier that is extremely flawed with its three year averaging & because I worked on it years ago I saw how it operated. The whole property tax sysem needs a completely over haul,but then you would be out of business like the many attroneys who do this for a living. .
You say thiis process doesn't take much time !!!
HA.Ha,Ha.Ha HA,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha
To do you job extremely well you have to look under every stone. Take NOTHING for granted, double and tripple check on every detail to see if it is correct. Obviuosly you don't go that far like most individuals in this industry. I DO !!!!!!!! THIS IS WHY I GET MY WELL DEServed Fee Up Front. Anyone can scratch the surface for free I go way below for fee. Time and Time again I have seen no reduction until I go way below the surface until I find something. This is what separates the men from the boys. Time and Time again I get calls from people who used an attorney but didn't really get the full reduction that they were intilled to becuase it would of been too time consuming or would of had to go out to their property to do the proper anaylsis needed. Can you see an attorney going out to 100 homes before they file a complaint ?They can't afford to do that but I can now with the up front fee.
I hope that makes you a liittle clearer on what a Realtor and a Property Taxx Reduction Specialist can charge. Matter of fact my office is thinking of charging for virtual tours for each listing taken if the owner wants one done. Do the maths A virtual tour is $250 times 25 listings that maybe be in todays market 5 sells in one one year. You are out $5,000 out of your pocket especially if the listing cancels or expires. I don't know too people that can handle those yearly losses.
Don Yosef Marcus
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Dear Eryn,
Why don't you see if you can reduce my home ? I would love to see what you come up with? Do you research and give me a call or e-mail anytime since you are the Lake county expert.
Sincerely yours,
Don Y. Marcus
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I am experienced in fighting Lake County's property taxes. I charge 25% of what I save you the first year only. So if I save you nothing, you owe me nothing. If I save you $1,000/year you only owe me a one time fee of 25% of your first year savings, which would be $250. E-mail me at if you are interested. There are no strings attached and I have done this time and time again. I work out of Vernon Hills and Long Grove. The "blue cards" for Ela Township (60047) will be out very soon and you have to act very fast (usually within 30 days) to file an appeal. Good luck and I hope I can help you.
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Shaw - please let me know what stats you collected.... You can see how the county spends it's money at the web reference noted below....
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Don't waste your time trying to fight the government. Spend your time figuring out how to make more money and legally shelter it from taxes. That's the only way to "win".
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I have heard and I live in Lake county that they are skewed in there favor and that fighting is usally a lost cause but would love to fight them, my taxes in long Grove are crazy also. Herb
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I hired an Atty. last year to help in my fight...but ended up doing all the research myself (yes, he did not get paid)!
In my case there were no properties that matched up to my I appealed on the fair market value. Get a real estate agent to give you a analysis of your property and everything that has sold in the area for at least the last 8 mos. I have won my appeal the last 2 years...and yes I went before the board...overwhelm them with research, newspaper articles and get a realtor to feed you info!!
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I am in the same situation with you, I live in Lake County, IL, and just got in the mail the tax assessment for 2008. It is absolutely ridiculous. My taxes went up a lot but properties went down in value.
Last year I 've appealed my taxes in front of a board of 4-5 people but of course with no success. There are no attorney I know of that will take on Lake County assessment office.
I really hope that somebody knows how to fight this!!! Any information on how to fight these bureaucrats is highly appreciated.
Thanks all,
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I too live in Lake county...over 8 years our taxes have gone up more than $1000. At this rate we will have to move out of state to afford to even own a home. Taxes are 1/3 of our mortgage payment!

But honestly, I do not see ho lawyers can help, they cost a fortune themselves. The best bet is to vote in people who have a platform of tax reform.
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Here is a solution get everyne to stop paying taxes until they meet standards showing actual value and need for there services. Require the city to return all funds paid for unlawfull execution of the law
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I've appealed on my own. There's info from others in the fight at . I've found no lawyer that'll take on Lake County property assessments, although it's possible to find them in Cook county, IL. I would recommend getting an appraisal done and appealing to the state, which I'm doing now. Unless it's blatantly obvious, the Lake County Board of Review will do what bureaucrats are best at - nothing.
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The long term challenge is our county governments are experiencing a short fall in revenues from building starts, impact fees, and real estate transfer stamp revenue. Being typical of our gov't instead of trimming the budget they will look for other ways of keeping their income up. Just look at Cook County's sales tax and increase in real estate transfer stamp fees.
Web Reference:
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Thanks Jory for your advise
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I have rescheduled my visit to lake county offices to obtain the stats - due to inclement weather. By next weekend I will have that information. I suspect (like you do) that only lawyers can wheel and deal with the township officials. Let us wait for the stats to prove that. When the increased assessments came in, I dutifully filed for a hearing by the lake county prop tax appeals board and went there the second week of december 07. The hearing was a joke. The township had used homes in a different subdivision far superior than where I live and tried to compare it against mine. I took another home in my subdivision and compared against it and proved that my assessments were higher. The answer I got from the hearing officers were that I need to provide more than one (at least three) comparables. In otherwords, they decided not to address the disparity I showed in the comparison but went on with the technicality and decided to reject the appeal. I told them, unlike them, property comparison is not my full time job. They told me if I don't like their decision to appeal to the state. What is the point in hiring a lawyer - they take half of what you save and you are back on square one again, when the taxes go up the next year. My personal email is - can you send me an email with your telephone number.? Would you have time to be at the Lake county office when I go there.

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I tried to find a lawyer who would appeal my recent 33% assessment increase in Lake Zurich to no avail. My personal experience in another IL county on tax assessment appeals was that without a lawyer I had no chance of an assessment reduction. I'd be interested in joining your fight if it could lead to a reduction of my absurd tax assessment increase. If you know of any lawyers who will appeal Lake County assessments please let me know. Hank
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