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Why does Trulia want all the agents to answer consumer questions thereby building superb content on the site?

Asked by William M "Mack" Perry, Suwanee, GA Sun Feb 3, 2008

yet Trulia elects to nofollow the links to our websites. The no follow tag was initially implemented for paid links not the voluntary links in our answers. We are building your content shouldn't we have a dofollow link in our answers?

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Hi this is Pete from Trulia.
This is an interesting question and I’m intrigued by the answers.

The reason that we put nofollow tags in the links on the answers it to thwart the attempts of spammers. This is in fact the origins of the nofollow tag and we do carefully monitor this site for spam, that way we can deliver a great experience for consumers and agents. You can read more about the origins of nofollow here and here… . Including the nofollow tag on links is standard practice on almost all large user generated content sites (such as Wikipedia) and also on blog platforms as you can see from the google blog post.

However, we do understand that links and google juice are important to many agents and consequently we do remove the nofollow tags on links from the profile pages to give agents extra link juice. Because every answer you give has a link to the profile from all over, make sure you link to your blog from your profile and share as much information about yourself. Mack who asked this question, has done a great job here with these links and link text.

On the questions about our business model. Trulia Voices is free and we have no intention to change that, we do hear from many agents that they are getting new business Trulia Voices at no cost, other than their time – which is great to hear. We do provide optional premium advertising services, which we think are really great value for money and of course hope that agents and brokers purchase these, but they are completely optional.

Keep the comments and suggestions coming. We really value them and are always listening.


PS. Is no one watching the build up to superbowl!??
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Hi Pete and thanks for your comments. What about removing the nofollow tags after someone contributes 50 answers to consumer questions. Someone who is only here to spam the comments will not stay around that long nor will they put forth that much effort.
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Mack, Since I've started using Trulia Voices to answer consumer questions and to also learn how others in my profession are handling certain issues, I've seen the hits on my radio show web site shoot through the roof as well as my own web site. Like the lovely Sylvia (and that Mona Lisa smile of hers) stated, look below and there is the "Web References) where you type in your web site (sites). Since I have so many I answer certain subjects with my corresponding site. And so what if we're populating their site.What do you think your doing when you elect to pass your listing information to the web? Your MLS most likely sells it to as many takers as they can!
I suspect I've made money simply by using the links provided by the professionals who write regularly on this site. It's also made me a more nuturing individual as I've been called on the mat by a few folks here for my sometimes "over the top" answers. So just dive in and learn, contribute and have fun. Remember, the oldest way to become an old dog is to quit learning new tricks!! My web site is below!
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Mack, I'm with you there, but Trulia is so easily abused that they may have just not found a way to stop agents from spamming answers to questions. It can become out of hand. If you do some research on top answerers, you'll find a few agents who are already doing this - with answers like, "Great question."

To be cliche' it is what it is. Trulia and other sites are the preverbial double edged sword. By not being here, I may miss out on a strong movement to sites like this, by being a part of it, I knowingly support a movement whose ultimate goal is to minimize the role of average agents. (Actually a good thing, as we are all above average).
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Joshua Jarvis, Real Estate Pro in Duluth, GA
This is the same question professionals from other industries are grappling with as the internet penetrates deeper into all phases and aspects of business and life. Whether the sector is financial, medical, legal, educational, etc., the consumer now has more access to more information, including "how-tos", consumer reviews and insider insights.

The result is that a larger chunk of consumers are more empowered than ever--a situation which is clearly a challenge, and even a threat, to a number of the agents and firms out there. Some will flourish; others will not.

While the Trulia model may or may not succeed, easy access to once closely guarded industry information/trade secrets is here to stay--and it will only grow.

However, lots of market INFO does not necessarily make for smart or wise buyers/sellers of real estate. In my view, strong data analysis, market sense, negotiation and consultation skills become even more important.
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I agree with you Mack. We are giving of our time and our expertise for free. We are growing Trulia's name on the web. A win/ win would be for Trulia to allow dofollow links to our websites and/ or blogs. My guess is that Trulia's fear is that consumers would leave Trulia and ask questions directly to an agent and not on the Trulia Voices forum. I do not believe that would happen as consumers like to hear from more than one expert and other consumers alike. If comes back to people wanting answers until they hear the answer they like...the answer that validates their belief. I feel that most thumbs down from consumers are not because of bad answers but because it is not what the consumer wants to hear.

Trulia should allow dofollow links to our websites and blogs.
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Trulia puts no follow tags in place because they do not appreciate the contributions from lenders/realtors.

They want to build THEIR reputation.... not yours!!
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The more people answer questions on here, the more searchable by Google it is.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure of the exact implementation, but we are definitely working on ways to help generate more visibility to the most active Trulia Voices contributors. In the meantime, the more you contribute, the more links to your profile you will get and that will help your search rankings in google.
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I`ve been lucky I guess. I`ve had a few inquiries in which T was the reason a consumer located us.
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Laptops are great... one can watch the superbowl and conduct real estate at the same time! Thanks Pete for answering the question.... I knew that Trulia would speak up.
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I agree with you Mack and I think we all agree with you Michael or we would not be here on Trulia answering questions for consumers and learning from each other which make us all better agents.

I would love to hear from Trulia their reasoning for not allowing a dofollow link...perhaps they would be so kind to answer?
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Well Trulia would not allow the source code to be published in this forum. To view the source code go to your browser bar and click on View then scroll down and click on source in internet explorer or page source in firefox. This will bring up another screen and you can locate the rel="nofollow" tag associated with the various website URL's in the Web Reference area of each post.
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Michael I agree that we need to dive in and yes I see your website URL below. My question is why has Trulia elected to add the nofollow tag to the URL's of the agents who are contributing content and thereby building their site. Here is the source code from the Web Reference in your answer Web Reference: Do you notice the "nofollow" tag? This tells the search engines not to pass any page rank from any page that you comment on back to your site. As I stated in my question, the nofollow tag was implemented for paid links. It just seems as though Trulia is happy to have our comments but they want to keep all the page rank for themselves. Does this seem fair to you?
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NAR statistics show that the buyers who start their search on the internet and who use the internet to gather information have a higher level of education and have higher incomes. The fact that the majority of these buyers then choice to use an agent demonstrates that it is a smart decision to utilize an agent.

I agree with you Gerry that this poses a threat but I believe it only poses a threat to those that have made money in the buiness by default... and not because of skill or knowledge.

In my opinion, the internet has simply revealed the weaknesses within the industries as we now have the knowledge or can find the knowledge to know if we are being taken or not.

The problem that I see with Trulia and others alike goes back to the saying...Why buy the Cow when you can have the Milk for free? We are providing Trulia with wonderful experienced agents that are very knowledgeable within the industry to answer consumers questions for free to promote their website. I agree with Sylvia that we should be better linked with our listings. On top of it all then Trulia and other alikes reward us for answering questions for free by having us pay a lot of money to advertise or self promote.

The internet has captured the listings that we have worked so hard to obtain. Sites such as take our listings for free and then charge us to promote them. We all allow it to happen by answering the questions for free and by paying the fees.

This is a win for Trulia. I do this because it is my hope that these consumers will wise up and realize that agents are not robots trained by our companies... that there are huge difference among agents. They need to realize that majority of the agents within the marketplace do not compare to us here on Trulia.
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I am not sure if I understand the question.

Under our profiles on Trulia, we can include links to our website and blog. So, I am kind of lost as to why you say Trulia does not allow links to our site and/or blog?

My concern is that on our own listings on Trulia, there is no Link , there is no link form the listing to I do know that if I have a property, there is no links to my profile on Trulia voice. Since all property listings are fed thru our company's site and/or other sites such as Postlets, Vflyers; my assumption is Trulia has not establish our sites / blogs as fields to be passed from those sites to Trulia properties. I thought the least thing Trulia could do is matching up the listing agent with Trulia voice profiles. .

Thanks for posting the question. I have menat to mention mine for a long time :-)

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Sylvia Barry,…, Real Estate Pro in Marin, CA
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