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____________…, Home Buyer in Texas

I am interested in getting access to TrendMLS. I am not a realtor, and don't really want to become one. If

Asked by __________________, Texas Wed Jan 21, 2009

I have to take a test to gain access, I would be willing to do so. My main reason for wanting it is that I follow the market very closely and often have many people ask me about homes listed for sale. Is it possible to get access to TREND without being a realtor? Or, if I must obtain a real estate license, is there some form of license that I can get for someone who is not actively listing and selling nor intends to actively list or sell?

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You can't, unless you're a realtor. This is the stranglehold that these people still have on the market. It was the same way with stocks and travel years ago. In order to get the best pricing on flights you had to go to a travel agent in most cases. In order to get live quotes, you used to have to go to a stockbroker. That has changed.

It's only a matter of time before we get rid of real estate agents as well. I for one have absolutely had it with them. Every experience that I've had wit them has been negative, including the house I'm living in. Sure, they're fine if you're going to do a straight retail purchase, but one curve ball and these folks are totally sandbagged. Which begs the question, why in the world are we forced to deal with these people?

Anyway, end of rant. You must depend upon the search skills of someone else if you're to find a home. In order to get them to do that work, they will more than likely want to handcuff you with an exclusive agent agreement as well. Otherwise, if you're looking for short sales and foreclosures, you'll have to hope they include things in the description on or Trulia like "Buyer responsible for U&O" or "Home is being sold as-is". If you're really lucky, you might see "bank owned". However the more sleazy shops will hide all of that from public view, because they don't want foreclosure hunters. They want a straight buyer that they can move to a foreclosure home. That keeps the price higher. So that info, as I'm sure you know, is only available via the agent fields in trendmls, which you will only see if an agent sends it to you.

So your last resort is to search bank sites, homepath, hud, etc. If you have the cash, then local sheriff sales are public as well. Otherwise, hire your local cheesy real estate agent, endure their idiotic questions, moronic advice, and lousy work ethic. One thing to remember about these folks is if they REALLY knew what they were talking about when it comes to real estate, they'd be investors, not agents. So when they give you that "professional advice", nod and smile, and do your own homework.
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Just quick response ...
To bad for you - you never met a real estate agent that you will remember in a way like a friend who helped you out with things you didn't know ...
if you only see bad real estate agents you don't know much about real estate business ....
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There is a 2 way street here. You get what you pay for. First I like to set the record straight regarding securities trading. You are still using a stock broker even if you do the job yourself. Market has become more volatile due to the do it your sellfers and the trade volume has increased. Yes it's cheaper per trade but how many unnecessary trades have you done and can you short a stock by yourself?

The same with MLS if you like to track the market you can log on to your local court house and look at all the recently sold records which are available to the public. If you're an investor that the number you like to have anyway. You can always take a job at a brokerage company as a part time admin and you will get access to the MLS. But printing out and providing that information to the public (friends and family) is a licensed activity and it is a felony to act as a broker or an agent without the proper licensing, same thing with stocks (except that is a federal crime)
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First let me clarify that the term REALTOR is not the same as 'real estate liscensee'. National Association of REALTORS is a trade organization. A REALTOR is an individual, who is liscensed as a real estate agent or broker by their state (or states), and has joined the National Association of Realtors thru their state and local Board. They also agree to subscribe to and abide by the REALTOR code of ethics, and meet all the terms of that organization. Most MLS systems are Realtor exclusive, and may even be owned by the Realtor Boards that make up their constituency, having agreed to share their information with one another for the benefit of their seller/clients.
You do not need to list or sell anything to be a Realtor--YOU DO need to BE a REALTOR, (having secured a liscense, have a broker who will agree to be responsible for you, under their authority and care),. If you achieve that status, you may then begin to invest in your business by paying the dues and fees associated with running a MLS system.
Having done all that, if you choose not to list or sell property for anyone other thatn yourself, that is your (and your brokers :)) choice.
Hope that helps
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Be very careful about providing professional services without a license. It is a punishable offense. Your best bet is to find a REALTOR you like and reffer any friends and family to them so that you know your contacts are getting good service. While you can not be paid there is at leist the satisfaction that you got a friend to somone that took very good care of thier needs.
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Hello again The Hob. I see you are an attorney, or learning to become one. I respect that. You may know now, through your research, that the Trend MLS system is one that is for members only. Those Realtors that have a Broker, and have their dues paid current with the local association of Realtors, as well as their MLS dues current, will have access to the system. It is one as you may understand, that provides all the public records, as well as those properties that have sold, are pending, and currently on the market. I think Frank's comments are good ones in his post. is a great resource for this, but as you so adequately pointed out, is only those that are on the market at this time. This is true.
If you are working with a Realtor, and you understand that as a buyer in PA in most cases, Realtor services are free, your realtor will be able to help you with information on sold properties. If you want additional information, you could contact the Trend service in King of Prussia, PA, and perhaps they would better answer your question.
I hope I was able to assist you with your question.
Don Bradbury
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Realtor services are free for buyers??
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Appraisers usually have access to the MLS too. You can get an appraisers license (not sure about licensing in PA) or a real estate license, at least in MI.

Of course, you would have dues to pay on top of that for access. It could be pricey to do all of this. My dues and mls fees are probably almost $2k a year.
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Maureen Fran…, Real Estate Pro in Birmingham, MI
I for one am interested in getting a nice blue uniform and a carry permit. Then I can go out looking for bad guys myself. So often the police don't try to bust the real criminals. If I could do that, I could arrest or even shoot anyone I think is a bad know, cut out the middle man. Police departments are only trying to hog all the reward money themselves. Just like those greedy criminal real estate agents
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TREND's MLS system, MLS Blue, empowers you with the solutions you need to deliver superior real estate information and marketing services to your clients. MLS Blue is a user-friendly, highly-customizable system with functionality that helps you reach your business objectives.
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If you want to have access but not go through the pain of becoming a real estate agent or realtor, make friends with a broker and ask them to make you a "Unlicensed Assistant", pay the fee to the broker, it's 2 payments for $36 a year. It is a completely legitimate way to go about it google their NEW MEMBER/SUBSCRIBER APPLICATION.

Yes, Realtors are scum of the earth. Real estate agents and Realtor are not the same thing. NAR is a union and a lobbying organisation that promotes itself as having outstanding members but really anyone that is willing to pay a fee and sign some papers is a member. Their code of ethics are interesting but EVERY SINGLE Realtor I met was an jerk that cheats people for every last penny. And I did my research and learned that you do NOT have to be a Realtor to be a member of Trend. I look for agents and brokers that are NOT Realtors to work with because I know those people have a significantly higher probability of actually being ethical.
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You must be licensed by the State, after attending the required number of hours education in the profession and successfully pass the State Examination. You will be required to practice under a licensed Real Estate Broker. Your Broker will authorize TREND to permit access after payment of the TREND dues. So start Real Estate School and begin your practice legally.
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You can not use TrendMLS unless you are an agent. although agents pay for it out of their own pockets you have to be licensed. It is strictly for professional agents.
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This is an old post but I am going to cut to the chase for there has been some misleading information provided and this post is still active for the public to view..

To start, you don't need to be a REALTOR to join the MLS. There are more licensees nationwide that are NOT REALTORS than are. REALTOR is a trade organization and has nothing to do with licensing.

Only a licensed Broker of Record of a licensed brokerage may initiate membership with the MLS, even agents must go via the Broker of Record to join. Exceptions are licensed appraisers and lenders whom also may have access.

What you have stated in your intentions may titer on illegal activity...that is why there is state licensing involved with real estate/professionals to preclude the type of activity you suggest. Your question is like asking if a non licensed attorney can join have internal access to the Bar Association for purposes of practicing law without going to court. Got it? Also, only licensees may legally accept referral fees.

The MLS makes property information available on various public sites and you have all the access you want to deeds etc at your local courthouse which are available to the public. I question why 'so many" are asking you this type of info...I strongly caution you how you are putting yourself "out there"being a magnet for these types of questions..

On a last note, in Pennsylvania, only a licensed broker may use the term "consultant" pertaining to their own services...some get paid via consulting services/fees and don't actively list or represent purchasers. Perhaps you should be a economist specializing in the housing market. The info is out there in this digital age and you don't need the MLS just for for that. Leave the consulting and real estate advice to the licensed professionals. Same for medical and legal advice as licensed professionals.
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I think that you can get access to Trend just by paying the dues. Give their help desk a call (they really are helpful) and you can probably get set up.

If you are just interested in following a few select areas, your realtor would be glad to help you with setting that up.

Another option would be to go to my web site, and click on the line on the home page that says, CLICK HERE TO SEARCH ALL HOMES AVAILABLE, AND FIND THE ONE THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU.

That will take you to the search function on my web site where you can enter an unlimited number of searches for free. Data comes direct from Trend and you get it for free.
Web Reference:
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you can not only pay to get the TrendMLS. Even agents that go into referrals can not use the TrendMLS any more because their license is not active.
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Go to They automatically pull listing from TReND and are updated daily. You will be able to find out any information you should need from about a property.
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An alternative source to view local listings and market trends is available from my website, anywhere USA. Under "my external links" you will find links for Home & Market Trend Search as well as various foreclosed sites. From the Home & Market Trend Search link, enter your search criteria (ie. city/state or zip code, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, price range, etc.); view results; then click Stats & Trends tab above to view current list and sale prices for your area of interest. Happy trails.
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TREND is a members only system. Not only must you take the 2 courses to get licenses, pass the state exam, and find a broker to affiliate with but you must also then join your local realtor board (dues), the PA realtors (dues) and NAR (dues) to gain access. Period.

This question just begs the belief that most people think it is easy to get a license. It is. But maintaining it and paying your fees and dues are not cheap.
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NO. You do not HAVE to be a Realtor. You are told that to get you to pay dues. If you do not want to be a Realtor, you have to join a Broker that is not Realtor affiliated. If you join a brocker that is Realtor affiliated, you must join a Realtor organization Just because NAR are a-holes and Trent feed is fed into site. And for your listing to be fed to that site you must be a Realtor, the valve in the system is at the Broker level.
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I would also like access to TREND. My reply to the agents saying to "just use, Zillow or Trulia", they are NOT the same and you should know that! I often find listings on Zillow that are not on Trulia, etc, so I end up searching several sites to make sure I don't miss anything. I find has the most complete list of listings, but 90% of the time DOES NOT include the property description, so I must go to google and punch in the MLS number. Then, most of these sites do not have the taxes listed, so back to google with the MLS number and the word "taxes". has the rents for the multi-family units I am looking for, but does not tell me if they are rented or not. So often I'm looking at rent values that may be the dream rents of the sellers for a unit that actually needs rehab. So now I have to call my realtor and find out what the vacancy situation is like. There is NO database as complete or up-to-date as TREND. I am thinking about taking the courses and the test just to get access.
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@ Betty
You must be a licensee with a paid membership to access the Trend MLS or any MLS for that matter directly. Other usual requirements are you also be a member in good standing with NAR and a local board and affiliated with a broker. If you would like to get your real estate license in NJ go to Career Path Academy real estate school in Edison on Rt 27 across from Crowne Plaza Hotel. Real Estate Licensing course only $385 This especially applies to the author of this topic because if you're helping people with their real estate needs in exchange for compensation you need to be licensed.

There is also limited access memberships available to the MLS for licensed appraisers as well.

If you are just looking to purchase a home most of the information you seek is readily available online, for details you must contact a realtor. I would be glad to assist you if looking to purchase in New Jersey.

@ Carl
Actually Trend MLS is a primary in many areas of south west and even of north west sections of NJ.
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Another odd question. Why don't you go one and see whatever TrendMLS has. The MLS is a tool for agents and appraisers not the public. If you are looking to see what is on the market, look at TrendMLS serves the greater Phil, PA area only. has everything in the USA andis fed by all the many MLS in the nation. It is just what you want. I am in Montlcair, NJ and use Garden State MLS. I can help you here- Northern NJ.
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I am looking to relocate in New Jersey.I am insterested in getting access to Trendmls to see what my options are.
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Call a Realtor
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Most of what you seek is not on any listings anyway. And if it were, why would you want tor use TrendMLS which is a type of highbred MLS maybe used by a fraction of the agents in an area?
You wrote- "active no showings, temporarily off market, pending, active-contingent with kickout, active-contingent with right of first refusal, active-contingent other, pending, settled, expired, and withdrawn" rather than simply active lisitngs". I know real estate is a hot topic at cocktail parties, but if your friends are asking you about these things and then you are actually talking about them, do they then excuse themselves or slowly drift away, maybe look for the bathroom? Tell us more about your exciting life.
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State of NJ is very regulated for Realestate Sales. One has to be a licensed real estate agent in order to make any sale or list any property in NJ. Without a license a sale of realestate property the individual is heavily fined by the NJ Realestate Commission. If you do become a real estate agent, you would have to belong to one of the local board of realtors as well as the National Association of Realtors. Again, the you have to pay the all the dues. Then you can belong to one of the MLS that you choose again, you also have to pay those dues. You can either work with a realestate agent or can view listings in, or even has valuable information. If you need any other info. outside of selling or listing which is public record you can personally go to the local township and they will assist you in obtaining those records you require. But it's highly advisable as you see by every broker, realtor, appraiser...etc.. Not to practice as a real estate agent without a license or sell any property without a license. It's against the law in NJ. Every state has their own Property/Real Estate laws governed by their local Real Estate Commission.
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I would also like to add that operating as a real estate salesperson without a license is illegal.
Real Estate is highly regulated and is more involved than just taking a test, if you are an attorney you should be able to get a waiver the for school time but can take the exam to get a real estate license but then MLS's have the additional requirement of being a Realtor so you will need to join the realtor association, take the ethics course and pay the dues plus must either register with the real estate commission as a broker if they grant you such a license or transfer your license to be held under a broker which is licensed, insured and hold escrow accounts for their clients before you can become a member of the mls to post listings.

You may be able to gain limited search access as an affiliate like appraisers do but I would contact trend directly as I'm sure you have by now to find out for sure.
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They only give access to active listings and not those that have other stati.
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Actually, site like Coldwell and my personal site give you direct links to the MLS. Other brokers/agents provide this service as well.
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Another negative comment from Ianna! Trend is not a club site. I think you have nothing better to do than start trouble on these sites. Get a life!
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I have taken the LSAT and am in law school at a top law school. How could I gain access?
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I am more interested in seeing listings with stati such as "active no showings, temporarily off market, pending, active-contingent with kickout, active-contingent with right of first refusal, active-contingent other, pending, settled, expired, and withdrawn" rather than simply active lisitngs.
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Your agent can provide you with that. If you're not interested in buying anything through a realtor why would you use their information? I don't get the point we're paying for a system and you just want to get on it and use our information.

Why don't you go to the nearest country club as a non member and ask them to play golf on their golf course. Do you think they would let you? Members only they would say and it's the same thing here. Members only,
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Find the website of a broker in the Trend MLS area. Go online and get the informaton you might need. There is information you will not able to get. That is why one needs a license and a subscription to the service. has all the listings that are active in the USA.
Web Reference:
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If you just become a real estate agent but do not become a REALTOR, can I still join Trend?
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You will find more statistical data and most of market MLS data on sites like Trulia or Zillow. Private data like names, phone numbers, etc, are guarded closely and are one reason you need to be licensed to have access to an MLS system.
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