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Does anyone have experience with

Asked by Betina Foreman, Austin, TX Fri Sep 26, 2008

Does anyone have experience with Is it worth the money to be on their site? Please give mesome feedback. Thank you!

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Hello Betina,

I would be real careful when using which is owned by Move Inc. My company was sold some CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) leads and we were exact minimum numbers as to what we would expect. Needless to say we received about 35% of what we were told we would receive. We were sold this product as a company that was backed by the NAR and it has turned into a nightmare. Once we advised them about our problem, the gave us all kinds of excuses for not letting us out of our 1 year contract. We agreed to try the product because our sales rep told us if things didnt work out "We are backed by the NAR, we wont hold your feet to the fire." Our biggest problems was the fact we were sold something and did not receive what we thought we paid for. I'm extremely disappointed that Move Inc was not interested in helping us resolve our problem and even more disappointed at the fact they use our Professional Organization (NAR) to swindle my company out of money. I know many people come on here and complain about things so don't just take it from me, I will post some info from the Better Business Bureau where they have 49 complaints in the last 36 months. Please read for yourselves so you can see what type of company you are dealing with. Below is a link to the Better Business Bureau complaint section where you can review the complaints for yourself.…

Significant Complaint Details
30700 Russell Ranch Road
Westlake Village, CA 91362
Contact: Debbie Neuberger (Senior Vice President of Service Operations )
Phone: (805) 557-2300

Complaint Description - Posted 2/27/2008
Summary - Company misrepresented reach & frequency of its advertising vehicle, "Featured Community" on & refuses to refund or fulfill their promise.

Initial Complaint
Sales agent Mo Naim sold me Featured Community banner advertising for exclusive placement for Washington, DC. On 1-30-08, the day after my ad was prepared and went active; I noticed it was not the exclusive placement I agreed to. I spoke with the director of client services that day and she said she believed there were 4 or 5 slots divided among other advertisers with each getting 20% of the region and national retailers filling empty slots until agents purchase them. She referred me to Mr. Bill Sperry. I left a message that day and on 2-1. He did not return either call. On 2-4, I finally reached Mr. Sperry and he informed me I was only getting 10% of the rotation. He also has refused to tell me how many impressions or potential impressions that 10% garners. Throughout these past few weeks, Ms. Merkel has been responsive, polite and customer oriented--representing the company well and apologizing for unreturned calls. Mr. Sperry has failed to return phone calls, respond to emails or fully explain the reach and frequency of the product. His position is basically, we don't care if you're not satisfied or if our sales associate misrepresented the product. We have your money and you can cancel in 6 months. Pursue it with your credit card company.

Resolution Sought
I would like to fulfill it's original promise and give me 100% exclusive placement in the Washington, DC market area for my six month term. Or cancel the order and refund my money.

Additional Information

Date Problem First Occurred: 1/29/2008
Product or Service: Featured Community banner advertising
Model Name or Number: Featured Community
Date Purchased: 1/10/2008
Order Number: 2738784
Amount Paid: $4,903.00

Do your research before you get into any contract. I wish I had gone to the Better Business Bureau site before I decided to sign up with
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Hi Betina, is the worst, in my opinion. Yes, granted, they are the 800lb gorillas when it comes to interphasing the MLS listings and presenting them in a nice format, but that's about it. They've dropped the ball on everything else that has to do with real estate.

A couple of years ago, I thought that I absolutely had to have their enhanced services and paid close to a thousand dollars for the year of membership. I was able to enhance all of my listings, add extra photos, rank higher, etc. Guess what? I didn't get one call from 17 active listings during that time. Every ad had my direct cellphone number on it. Nothing, not even a wrong number from had the chance to be like Zillow and Trulia, but they missed the boat completely. As time goes on, more and more agents will spread the word as to their horrendous business practices.

Today, I subscribe through my broker instead, to the tune of $99/year. Big difference.


Scott Miller, Realtor®
Estate Specialist
Commercial RE
Business Broker
Realty Associates
561-716-4060 direct
561-451-9377 fax
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Our listings feed to and every other website imaginable. Realtor called me about the enhanced listing $60 a month!? Good grief, if I enhanced my listings on every website that offered it I'd go broke. I decided to spend an extra $60 a month on farming and reaching out to my sphere.
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My company pays for enhanced listings on and I think as a listing agent, it is an invaluable tool for my clients. When I compare the online viewings on to other websites, gets substantially more hits than any of the other websites. With the enhanced listing, I can put multiple photos on, banners, and my information. A home with multiple photos will get looked at much more than one with only a single photo.
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Yes--I've found that for me, Trulia and Zillow produce better results.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Mon Sep 16, 2013
We are paying members there. It not only generates business for us, it allows us to post up to 30 pictures of our listings instead of 4 for non paying members.

With all of the people that use that site, I think it's worth it.

My two cents, and only because you asked!
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I just listed my house and has it listed as "not for sale"-how do I get rid of the wrong info?I have 0 showings on the house. Previously i was trying to sell the home by owner but due to cercustances in my life am not able to show it anymore and hired a realtor. Where do i turn now?
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You turn to your Realtor who can edit your listing.
Flag Mon Sep 16, 2013
Just read Jimmy's answer - fascinating. Thanks for the insight. Scary.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Thu Jun 9, 2011
I canceled this year. I don't see any difference in my business.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Thu Jun 9, 2011
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I am stuck paying $141/month for featured and showcase listings and for my information and picture to be out there for anyone to call and see. According to my listings have been viewed close to 400,000 times over the past 2 months alone. That is an extraordinary amount of hits. Guess how many calls have received? ZERO. I did receive, however, one email. ONE. If you have been in sales, you know that a number that high would have resulted in an ungodly amount of calls and emails. I am talking about gorgeous homes in a hot neighborhood, with professional pictures, priced low.

My #1 client who uses me a lot was thrilled I signed up for this, so that was good. But now that it doesn't work and her house is still on the market, she is like..what happened to She sees her house on there, sees that it is showcased and features, but it still doesn't work.

I tried to cancel but instead they blamed me and told me I should learn to market my properties better and give buyers more what they are looking for, and suggested I pay for some extra bells and whistles. Are you kidding me? Shameful!
1 vote Thank Flag Link Tue Jun 7, 2011
Regarding I want to add that if it weren't for us they wouldn't be in existance. They have a heck of a nerve asking for more money from us to ENHANCE their listings. I feel the same way about any other website that won't even put your contact info with your listings, but moreso about REALTOR, which lives off our DUES already.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Sun Nov 1, 2009

I highly recommend I have never had any one from contact me about buying leads. I don't buy leads anyway . It's a waste of money. I am not aware that contacted me to sell any other products other than featured listings.

I recommend showcase listings. is always the #1 internet search site, leaving all other sites in the dust. The link below is to an independent marketing firm that tracks the top 10 websites in many categories.…

Your MLS listing automatically gets one photo and a generic description with contact infomation for your Broker on Everybody knows buyer's want to see multiple photos so they skip over the one photo listings. Just ask your buyers, the majority will confirm this fact.

As a showcase listing all your photos in MLS are featured, You have a description area where you can use 2500 characters to describe the property. The best feature is that your photo, conatact information and access to all your listings are promently displayed with a direct link to contact you. (This is a big hit with Owners at your listing appts)

I have sold several homes because of My most recent home was sold site unseen from the listing. The buyer never saw the home in person until the day before closing.

Featured listings give you a reporting ability that your seller's will love. You can purchase the lowest priced zip code and your listing will still be featured everytime someone types in the city name without the zip. (this is the most economical way) Once again, you have to enter the MLS # of the homes you want featured. I change the featured home every other day. I don't have to buy so many featured zip codes this way and my lisitings get more exposure.

However, if you look through the site at showcased listings and featured listings you will see a lot of Realtors do not take the time to enhance their listings the way they should. Be prepared to separately enter the extra photos and data on to get the most bang for your $$

I have another program that tracks where the viewers of my listings are coming from. always sends more viewers than any other site.

Many agents that do showcase listings send listing referrals to you if you are a showcase Realtor. I just closed on listing Referral last Friday that was sent to me from another believer in Showcase lisitngs. The home sold in less than 30 days. Try it. You'll love it if you use it properly.

Contact me and I'll walk you through a few of my listings and send you some of the reporting features.
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1 vote Thank Flag Link Sun Sep 28, 2008® has many great features and excellent appearance for consumers. It is also fairly easy to use. I was a premium member for a few years, buying the showcase feature, animated rider feature and the cost was around $2K per year. I can honestly say, I had NO results from my investment.

I'm sure that there are MANY success stories and many great results- I guess it depends on the region and other things.
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Having a presence on comes automatically with our listings. However, pay the extra dollars ($10-16/mo depending on the number of listings you have a year) to showcase your listing. If you are very active in a certain zip code, it may be worth it to buy a featured home slot.

I can't imagine anyone with a listing not going the extra distance to get the showcase --- you can customize te description, have scrolling banner, load a visual tour, have a highlighter around your listing when grouped with others on a list of choices.

Because is a primary source for information picked up by other websites, what you put on REALTOR.,com matters --- your descriptions, your pictures, even your tours.

So yeah, I would recommend the showcase feature. Set yourself apart, and live up to your promise to your seller that you will do your best to promote your listing.
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WOW! Ken I am so sorry you had such a bad experience. I sincerely hope you are able to get some resolution with this problem. Thanks for warning other agents who might consider this avenue for advertising. In this economy its hard to throw away $3000 for less than stellar results.
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I think you have to do it to stay competitive. It's expensive, but somewhat of a standard for the industry--especially someplace high tech like Austin. You can wait to sign up when you get listings.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
If you have the extra money in your budget for marketing than yes, but if not your money can be better spent on other avenues to attract more clients.
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I spent alot and it did not lead to a sale. But others like it. If it was not so expensive I would still use it, if for nothing more than to be able to add more pictures and longer more accurate descriptions. The automatic upload from my MLS doesn't always do the home justice.
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I don't know but Trulia is NOT WORTH TRYING! Leads go to too many agents. I never got one to work out.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Feb 17, 2015
Yes--I've found that for me, Trulia and Zillow produce better results.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Sep 16, 2013
It never paid off for me. I have had much better success with Trulia and Zillow.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Sep 16, 2013 is a major player; I did at one time have the "Premium" package and can honestly say that it brought in little if any business. The presentation is fantastic and the ability to add additional images and text is also super. What works for some- will not necessarily work for others. With so many real estate portals available on-line- we really need to determine which suits our style and goals.

Follow Me! http://www.FFLW.Me/WTWY

Mott Marvin Kornicki ~ FLORIDA ~ REALTORS® via @SoBeLive | @WaterWayRealty
≈ @EmceeSLIM ≈ Media Relations ≈
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I find it interesting that several years after I asked for input I am still getting answers! I'm glad this question is still viable and important to other agents. If I can do something to help someone I am happy to do it. I cancelled my service with them and bear in mind it was not easy. They don't want to see you go. It was one of my best decisions. Good luck everybody!!
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I used to work at answer to you is NO. You may or will just simply waste your money. Yes as the saying goes, " you can't win the lottery unless you buy a ticket" is true but there are several sites that can compete with RDC. They have the most traffic going to their site however it's only 36 min a month on avg per person- not a lot of time if you're looking to buy/sell a home.
I spoke to several clients (who were big hitters-10k+ easy a year spent with RDC) they said they got "more leads in 1 month from Trulia and Zillow then they did in 10 years with RDC" --and spent thousands over the years with RDC as well. They only thing I can figure is the competitor websites are easier to use? It's baffling to me still especially with double the traffic.
I heard that phrase many times which is why I did not have conviction selling my product longer work there.
Buyer beware!
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Thanks for the tips Cathy - I'll be sure to look into them!!
I know has increased their "perks', and I do have to fine tune my options.

As I said way down towards the bottom of this thread - almost a year ago when I first responded to this queston- I wound up selling a listing of mine for over 1,5 million, due to - that commission would have easity paid for many years of membership, even if I still had to pay......

Tthere is always that unknown factor to doing business and driving business in your direction - even here on trulia - you never know who is watching and judging you , either by your words or your online presence.......
nor do you know what may make the difference in someone choosing you over someone else..

Everyone has to make choices as to where to spend their money - it's a personal decision........

Have a great weekend all.............
Debbie Rose
Prudential NJ Properties

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I also do not pay $3500. I don't think it was ever that much. It's a little more than the amount you paid. I also subscribe to Trulia Pro. Great value for the $$. I believe in both.

Many of the Realtors who have responded to this post, do not subscribe to Trulia Pro. They are missing valuable benefits. The rates are reasonable, payable monthly. Strange, many Realtors choose not to invest when the amount is relatively inexpensive. It can't hurt. My mentor said everything you do to promote your listings and yourself will affect your business. Do nothing expect nothing.. Perhaps we have survived the past few years because we believe in marketing our properties as well as ourselves. I have continued to achieve top producer awards throughout this recession.

I just viewed your listings on . Check out your back office. There are a lot features to promote yourself and your listing. You are only using two of the many features offered. I am still getting a fair amount of contact from exposure . Perhaps you can increase the effectiveness of your exposure and receive more leads.. Take a look at one of my listings and compare to yours. See MLS 513050. You also have the option to show the first two lines of your custom text description on the search page, works well to drive the looker to see more details about the listing and to see your name & smiling face.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Aug 7, 2010
Who pays $3500 a year for Is it that much?

Actually, when I left off paying for it myself , the max was around $1000 for enhanced features - it depended on how many listings you had in the past 12 months.

Now, forutnately (for me) , my company pays for all 650 of us to enjoy those features.

As I mentioned on my earlier post when this queston was first asked a long time ago, I used to get a number of good leads from - those leads quieted down once addresses were offered - consumers didn't have a need to call and ask where the property was, so inquiries decreased.

As Cathy mentioned below - the biggest value, for me, is that my listings are enhanced, and the sellers like the high end exposrue they get........ makes the bare basic listings look paltry by comparison. It's part of my marketing plan - as is the paid trulia "Pro", which offers more bells and whistles for my listings, too.
The emailed charts and reports also make sellers happy, and shows them their "virtual" internet activity.

The old saying still applies, imo, it may not help, but it still can't hurt. If I am competing for a listing, and my marekting plan offers a few more benefits - who knows what can make the difference?

Have a great Saturday all!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Aug 7, 2010
Dear Kathy,
Why would you pay $3500 a year to do those things, when you can do all of it for FREE at or ABOR?!? I am still not a fan of I wish you luck!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Aug 7, 2010
I have used enhanced listings for years. My clients and I love the product. Not all Realtors who purchase this option takes advantage of all the features it offers you. ( lucky me) Take a look at one of my listings with all the features in use MLS 532473 (St Augustine, FL) As Cal Williams stated, you get up to 25 of your photos to automatically download from your local MLS. You can also re-arrange the photos on or add photos through the back office provided. Listing 532473 does not have a virtual tour due to the nature of the listing.

Your virtual tours are added for no additional charge. I believe there is a charge to add a virtual tour if you do not subscribe to enhanced listings. You have the opportunity to add 2500 words of text to describe and market the listing. You can also add a highlighted headline above the listing promoting yourself, the community etc. Another highlighted field is below the photos from the "more details" page with your photo and any message you wish to convey.

Once the looker chooses to see more details about your property the enhanced listing provides a personal add with your photo and contact information, to the right of the photos, inviting the looker to contact you via e-mail or phone (not your broker as the free add directs at the bottom of each listing)
This advertisement also allows the looker to go directly to your additional listings or website. Its a nice size promotional ad.

One of the best features is the back office that allows you to send reports in detail with a graph outlining the number of visitors who saw the listing each week. I send these reports out every few weeks. Seller's love the report. All I have to do is add their e-mail address and press send. Its a great marketing tool with Sellers. It also attracts buyers to contact you. I have actually had Owners call me to list their homes because they saw the superior presentation of my listings on

If an agent says they dont like the product maybe they havent taken advantage of all the features.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Aug 6, 2010
Our office just made the decision to sign up for Our MLS puts all our listings on for free ,but the increase in traffic we can get from paying for the upgrade seems like it will increase the traffic to our listings. With the free membership we only get 4 photos. MAny of our clients have called to ask why they only get 4 photos on ( they all seem to go there to check the marketing of their listings). with the upgrade we get up to 25 photos for each listing and much better placement of our listings . I think that alone is worth the expense.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Aug 6, 2010
We unfortunately placed a banner ad recently with They had indicated that the geographically targeted ad would get many exposures and would click through to our capture website. The banner was sold for lead generation.

In an attempt to get a better outcome, I communicated with my account executive and other parties involved in the misleading sale of the ad. No Response.

In the same email, I offered them an open floor to discuss the ad and it lack of performance and the reason that I never observed it on the site. No Response.

Now they say that I have a one year contract, will not speak to the placement or performance of the ad and will not reverse a charge to a credit card that I specifically told them weeks earlier not to charge again. They also say that the ad was for "image" and not lead generation!

Gee what was the "click here" on the ad for?

I have had an earlier experience with that was also costly, with dismal results.

WARNING: Unless you like to throw money away. Stay away from paid advertising of any type.

Don Cavin
Atlanta, Georgia
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Aug 6, 2010
I work with top producing agents across the country. These top agents rely very heavily on's services, and have for many years. It sounds like many of you are confused about how their services work. The enhanced listings are not designed to get you "leads". You are advertising your listings, thats it. If you get a call here and there its extra. Go to to compare traffic among websites, they always win hands down. The more sites your on, the better. If you can only be on one, invest where there is more traffic going than anywhere else. The NAR reports more buyers start their search on Realtor than anywhere else. You should contact them and they will walk you through a step by step marketing plan for Free. If someone wont help you, find someone that will. I have always had a great experience when dealing with them as they have been true marketing consultants, and not sales people.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Jun 29, 2010
The overwhelming concensus is does not do what they claim. Why are so many agents so happy about throwing their money away?
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Jun 16, 2010 would not be in existence if it were not for the National Association of Realtors which is what each one of us who pay dues have a stake in.
The have no regard for those of us that pay for their services. They are no longer a relevant website and is sinking faster than a sinking ship. The only thing that keeps them going is the very large contract they tied NAR into which disturbs me as an NAR member. In this regard NAR has done a disservice to its members.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Jan 14, 2010
Actually, we don't own; it was sold when we couldn't make a go of it - and neither can the new owners.
It isn't worth a (expletive which would violate community guidelines).
0 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Nov 3, 2009
I pay for the enhanced listings and have never gotten a lead from there but if it gets some listings some exposure....
0 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Nov 3, 2009
Why not get your own web site and post all the pictures you want?

Just like this broker has done; click the link below.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Nov 3, 2009
Hey Betina
I am a huge believer in the fact that you should use all the marketing avenues available to market yourself. When it comes to listing showcases it's something that'll make stand out above others.
However I'd like to also state the fact that who's owned by and WE REALTORS own NAR it is very unfair that they trick agents, charge us ridiculous fees and have sooo many complaints without even resolving them. They seem to be getting more complaints than even Comcast :-)
Warm Wishes
0 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Oct 31, 2009
Hi Betina
My MLS automatically feeds to, so do our virtual company pays for us to enhance our listings there, so it's all good!

I find that most buyers begin their search on, as it's extremely well known. I recently spoke at a first time buyer's seminar, and when I asked where they started looking on the internet, was the main site cited!

I make extensive use of their activity graphs, and have them sent to my sellers automatically (as I do with the reports Trulia offers).

I have gotten numerous leads over the years, and wound up selling a listing of mine for 1.575 million as a result of one lead.
As an aside, I also subscribe to Trulia Pro ............the internet is the place to be, so I am trying everythingI can!

You know the old might not help..but it sure can't hurt!

Hope this helps!
Debbie Rose
Prudential NJ Properties
0 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Oct 31, 2009
Hi Betina, My company pays for the enhanced listing and I have found it very useful...if for no other reason, it makes your sellers very happy to see their home with eye catching banners, etc! Someone previously mentioned Point2 may want to look into this as well. I have used it for many years and have had several leads from it PLUS it's free! Your listings are automatically syndicated to several other sites and you can upgrade to Professional Member for a small fee! Good Luck!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Nov 13, 2008
Our listings feed into but I also pay for the enhanced program. It probably doesn't get my listing too much more attention but it does allow me to load my virtual tour on the listing in for free each time instead of paying their $20 ish charge. I may opt out of doing that next year, we'll see. I love reading tips and experiences from other agents - thanks for the input everyone!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Nov 13, 2008
try point2agent. Much better results for myself and my clients.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Nov 13, 2008
As a company, our agents chose to opt in to and it has worked great. Having the tool at our disposal during a listing presentation is an eye opener for the seller when we discuss our commitment to marketing.

As an individual I would consider the price to high and sad to say,'s customer service line will give you different answers. There are a lot of inexpensive alternatives that I would explore first. Talk to your broker, perhaps the office as a whole could take advantage of the program.
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0 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Sep 30, 2008
Hello Again Betina,

I did unfortunately have a bad situation with and it happens. Truthfully, any type of advertisement is a risk, we all know this. There are no guarantees when you place advertisements, my gripe was more based on the fact misleading sales tactics were used to sell me their product and they did not deliver on their word. There are tons of people whom have success with and I wish them the best. Regardless of other people's success they fact still remains they have tons of complaints that have been submitted to the Better Business Bureau and I dare anyone to dispute this fact.

Cathy Sloan below makes great points. I too was never contacted by, I can totally agree with her on that. I contacted and asked for information on what they had to offer Real Estate companies in my area. Unfortunately, it really makes no difference whether you use or, they are owned by Move, INC. Yes, that's correct, is owned by Move INC and if you have a problem with as I did, you have to dispute it with Move INC, not
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0 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Sep 30, 2008
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