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How t find a reputable Realtor?

Asked by Todd, Frisco, TX Thu Nov 29, 2007

Ok, I have spoken to two different realtors. One, Eddie, was referred to us by a builder that we had visited. The fact that he was referred by the builder concerns me. He also seems like he really favors two particular builders. The other is a REMAX agent named Jerry that we originally contacted to inquire about a home listing and have been in contact with periodically since. I guess I just have trouble trusting "salesman types." I find it hard to trust Eddie completely because I have to wonder if he is getting extra money from the two builders he favors, and if he really has our best interest at heart. He even told us that the prices on new homes are not very negotiable. Jerry seems more trustworthy, but I just don't know. Should I just relax and pick one of them or maybe go with a different one? How trustworthy are realtors?

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Well, unfortunately no good answer for your question. Realtors, like any other professional, come in all types. I would probably trust the one that you feel would be more trustworthy. It seems to me that you feel Jerry is the type that will work hard for you. A good Realtor ISN'T a salesperson! They are a consultant that will help you navigate the pitfalls of homebuying and recommend ways to ensure that you will have a good amount of equity. Unfortunately this doesn't always hold true. Talk to the agents and perhaps interview a couple more agents as well.

In general many builders do not reduce their home prices much, if at all. However, after years of that being the case I am, in some cases, negotiating 5-10K off new homes. You need an agent that will go to bat for you to at least see if that builder will budge. One thing that I do with my clients is to pull up all the new builder homes by that builder on the MLS to see who did come down on prices, and what their average is. It gives me ammo to use in the negotiation process.

Good luck!
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I guess you are in a bit of a quandry. Truthfully, it's always how the client feels about that particular agent that I believe is the truest method to finding a Realtor you want to work with.

Being referred to by a home builder won't necessarily mean that they two are "in-bed" together as it may just mean that the agent being referred has sold a number of this builder's homes, is a good friend or family or is their primary listing agent for all of their spec homes that come on the market.

The bottomline: You already know who you feel you can trust or not "Jerry seems more trustworthy".... you've just got to feel comfortable with your decision and stop second guessing yourself. Doubt, especially un-warranted doubt can be the destruction of a possible great relationship and superb business deal.
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We will work to meet your needs. We'll give you our opinions but won't push you into working with one builder or another. Just like any profession, there are good and bad people everywhere. If you don't feel comfortable with either one, I wouldn't use them. Work with someone who fits your style. I'd be happy to meet with you and discuss your needs with no obligation to buy.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
Trust is a very important aspect of a relationship Todd, I will be glad to send you about myself that comes from my past clients. Many would be willing to talk with you directly if you wanted to. Just contact me and I will be glad to forward my information Todd
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Stop! Ask questions, lots of them and interview more realtors. Find out their credentials. Ask them exactly what are they going to do for you? How long have they been in the business? Do they specialize in Listing and Buyer representation? Your home is a huge investment and you want someone that is going to look out for your best interests and not just get a commission check.

You want someone that is really going to go the extra mile with you and you MUST be able to TRUST them. Ask them about their family? Find out what their work ethic is like? Get to know them a little more before you decide. After all, a good realtor can become a life time friend. I know that I have done babysitting for my client's, painted rooms, prayed and counselled with them. Find a Realtor who really wants to serve you and that you have things in common with. Hope this helps you.
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Hi Todd,

Interview a few more REALTORS. Take the time to meet them and ask them how they work with buyers. What do they provide you beyond a home search and writing a contract? How do they look at incentives that builders and individuals sometimes provide to agents? What is their current client load. If you don't like the answers, keep interviewing. You will spend a lot of time with your agent and you must be able to trust them completely. Once you choose an agent, be completely loyal to them. An agent spends days or weeks working for you with only your integrity as a guarantee of getting paid for their time. I give a client 110% if I know they are loyal to me.
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Walk into the agent's office and see who is the top name on the "Sales boards". That'll be one indcator of worthyness..
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My first thought this morning and my last thought this evening before I go to bed will be how I can make my clients experience when purchasing their dream home an outstanding experience! In my heart, I believe that most Realtors are very ethical, trustworthy and professional. I have had the pleasure of working side by side with some of the finest individuals. Most of us are leaders in our churches, community and civic organizations. If you do not see these traits in the Realtor you chose to represent you, then you might want to rethink your choice. Most of us are trying to earn an honest living just as you are and that does not make us untrustworthy.

If you want a realtor to represent your best interest in a purchase transaction, you want a buyer’s representative; knows as a buyers agency. My personal opinion is that everyone trying to purchase a home enters into a buyer’s agency with a Realtor of their choice. Once you create a buyer’s agency, your Realtor can only represent your best interest during the purchasing of your dream home. To establish a buyer’s agency between you and the agent, you have to have a buyer’s representative agreement between you and the other agent.

I read an article recently that stated there are on average 27 different people handling your file during the purchase transaction. One of many jobs is to manage all of those professionals so that we can insure that you will have an outstanding experience. Realtors do not start their work day at 8AM and end at 5PM. Most Realtors will have a huge number of man hours representing you in your transaction. All of those man hours are done behind the scene so you. I feel that is why we earn a fair wage for our services that we provide.

Please help me understand why you think that Jerry is a “Salesman Type”. If it is because he calls you periodically to check up, I think that he is just being professional. Realtors who never attempt to contact you after the initial meeting have already proved they do not place much emphasis on communication. One of the biggest assets that a Realtor can provide you is frequent communication. Also, if he is this persistent on trying to earn your business, he might be that persistent during the negotiations. I would not want any meek or timid Realtors representing me. Especially, when I am attempting to get the best price for the home that I want to purchase.

Most of the time but not all of the time when a builder recommends a Realtor, the Realtor has entered into a representation with the builder. Basically that Realtor has to represent the builder’s best interest not yours. That is why I recommend that you enter into a buyer’s agency with a Realtor so that you know who has your best interest from the beginning.

Realtors can provide you with a multitude of services to aid you in making an informed decision. One of the many services is providing you with data on homes that have not sold, sold or are currently for sale. This valuable information can be used to identify if builders are discounting their inventory. Use your Realtor’s services to benefit you!
Here is a quick tip for you. To make the experience of purchasing your home a beautiful experience, create an open line of communication. Your Realtor should communicate regularly and effectively with you. Now comes the hard part, you should do the same. Do not be afraid to ask your Realtor any question that you might have. Even if your questions is how the other agent is getting compensated. If your Realtor doesn’t know the answer when you ask they will go and find the correct answer for you.

Hopefully this has answered some of your questions. And, hopefully you will trust us, Realtors. If you need a referral of a honest and ethical Realtor in your area, please do not hesitate to contact me. I wish you the best on creating an awesome experience while purchasing your home!
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If you don't feel comfortable with these Realtors, talk to others, until you find someone you do feel comfortable with.
Honestly, though, I would not be cynical about the builder recommendation. Just because a builder refers a Realtor doesn't mean the Realtor and builder are in cahoots. If there is something else about the Realtor you don't feel comfortable with, then that's another matter. But don't dismiss this Realtor just because a builder referred him.
Good luck.

Best Regards,

Keith Strawn
Keller Williams Realty
Ballenger Associates
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I have been a Realtor since 1976 and work as a team with my husband. We strive to provide the service that is needed for our clients, whether new construction, resale or listing and selling a property. We have never received any under the table monies for our services. If we had clients who distrusted us, I would want them to find someone else to work with. Trust on both sides is all important to us.
We suggest that you interview potential Realtors to see if they are knowledgeable, competent and click with you and your needs. When you find a good fit, stick with them and be straight. If not, go find someone else.
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